Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nagi no Asukara episode 20

 photo nagiepisode205_zps6ac107f3.jpg
Somehow....what? Oh that dreamer.
I watched these episodes I am about to post like three weeks ago! I am so behind on everything. Need to get myself out of this funk and get back on track. So what is up first? I need to brush the dust off these posts and see. Oh Nagi no Asukara episode 20. I see. Spoilers for fairy tales and Miuna thinking impure thoughts.
 photo nagiepisode202_zps3d3baff3.jpg
Oh Kaname. I wish you could always be the sensible one.
Episode Summary: Miuna watches over Manaka who is still asleep after being out of the ocean for one week. Hikari is like there is no reason to worry, things will be okay. The second class is over Hikari is like hurry Kaname, lets do our chores so we can jump in the ocean, find Uroko, and beat the truth out of him about Manaka's condition. Sayu is surprised that Hikari is so upbeat about everything as Miuna watches on. Hikari and Kaname resurface after another round of looking for Uroko. Kaname notes that things have gotten colder since they took Manaka from the water and Hikari refuses to consider that possibility. H wants to go back in the water right away while Kaname worries Hikari is working too hard. They look and see Chisaki's stuff nearby and wonder where she is. She appears at a different ice hole having a Baywatch moment and the boys blush. Miuna and Sayu walk home from school. Sayu wonders if they breech the circle of the sea kids, since they are the same age. Miuna decides that they need to help the kids wake Miuna up and they decide music might be the key. Chisaki and the boys emerge from the sea, saying they will venture out further tomorrow. The going home song starts playing, the one that was changed to match the Boat ceremony thingy. Hikari then has a great idea. He goes to The Husband AKA the Former Boyfriend to ask for a favor. He wants to gather up all those who sang at the ceremony and maybe Manaka will wake up, remembering the day. The Husband points out that a lot of those people moved away but he will try. Chisaki and Kaname make their way home and Tsumugu decides at that moment to leave with his Colleague. The Colleague notes how complicated everything seems here while Tsumugu brushes it off. Miuna is worried about Hikari being home so late but Akari is like he will be fine.
 photo nagiepisode209_zps0b3fde76.jpg
Creepy nightmares are creepy....
Miuna pretends to be doing her homework but she is working on something for Manaka via music. That is when Akari talks about Hikari's idea for the music with makes Miuna all sad panda. Hikari finally comes home and Miuna is like yay lets spend time together I mean do homework. Hikari agrees then comments there is never enough time to do all the things that need to be done. He thinks taking a break from school would be a great idea which makes Miuna upset as that is something she and Hikari share. She tries to use Akari as an excuse but is like hello what if Manaka never wakes up? Hikari gets enraged and stomps to his room while Miuna feels beyond guilty. Hikari has a nightmare about Manaka telling him he wrecked everything by taking her out of the ocean, that she was okay with being there to save everyone. He wakes up startled but ends up going to school. He sleeps through most of class and Miuna feels guilty. After school she and Sayu go to the library to research things for Manaka. Sayu apparently has given up and gone for fairy tales. But she points out to Miuna that in these stories a kiss from a true love breaks the spell and everyone can see how Hikari feels about Manaka. Miuna is like um and tries to list why this is all a bad idea. Sayu is you even want Manaka to wake up? The scene switches to Hikari playing the song for Manaka with no effect. His little nephew comes in and they accidentally mess with the tape recording as they play with each other. Later that night Miuna emerges from her bathroom rituals feeling guilty from not wanting Manaka back hard enough. Hikari thinks that Miuna is Manaka and collapses from exhaustion. He stays home from school the next day and Miuna plays sick so she can stay home too. Akari sees through her lies but allows it. Sayu informs Kaname of the two sickies and hopes that Kaname won't be next since he keeps diving into the water that's freezing too. Kaname says he is fine and decides to help Sayu take notes when she reveals she is trying to help Manaka too. The second that Akari and her son leave the house Miuna rushes out to play nurse to Hikari. Oh and Manaka too. She accidentally plays the song that Hikari and her brother rerecorded over. She hears the desperation in Hikari's voice and knows he will work beyond hard to wake her up. Tsumugu calls Miuna and explains that some rare event caused Miuna's survival instinct kicked in and caused her ena to grow. These words cause Miuna to cry and instead of bringing Miuna in for research Tsumugu goes to her. While this is happening Hikari wakes up to Akari taking care of him and lecturing him to care about the people who are still here and supporting him and Manaka. Miuna makes it to the meeting with Tsumugu and they end up talking about how the people from the sea have such strong emotions and how they can't be like them. Miuna thought having ena would make her like Hikari but instead she doubts her wanting Manaka to wake up. Tsumugu confesses he also had doubts about everyone waking up, that it would ruin things with him and Chisaki. Tsumugu decides that in the end Miuna and him are good people and will be/are happy they are waking up. Miuna returns home and finds Hikari with Manaka. She takes a deep breath and tells Hikari the kiss scenario that could wake Manaka up. Hikari freaks out and starts yelling when Manaka says stop yelling at girls. Wait Manaka? THE END!
 photo nagiepisode206_zps06e3911f.jpg
Newsflash: Everyone is complicated!
So I think at this point Hikari should just move away. Maybe take Teach and The Husband with him. This is such a dysfunctional group. It's almost incest like and yet....almost all these people I want to stab for being martyr AND they are all starting to say some messed up shit. I didn't think it was possible for so many characters to be different sides of the same coin at once.
 photo nagiepisode2012_zps93b1fbeb.jpg
Everyone sucks but Hikari. We get this.
Hikari just seems to be super genuine though. The only one who actually has no hatred in his heart. Or maybe I should say he is honest. Of course I do like that people aren't....pushovers. You know, oh their happiness is more important than mine. That they will maybe make their point know and try. Maybe. Then cry about it some more. Everyone else seems to be under the school of thought of confessing to moving on with their life....then not moving on. Hikari on the other hand was never really going to confess. He was going to bring Tsumugu and Manaka together and watch them be happy. I truly feel that Hikari would have actually been happy with Manaka being happy while the others would say that and then drown their tears in Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I really believe Hikari is focused on bringing Manaka back for Manaka. Not so he can be with her. Not so he can make other people happy. Because Manaka should be awake for her, not to solve problems or be another notch on this love orgy, so people can move on.
 photo nagiepisode204_zps571bbe12.jpg
NOOOO! I said no!!!!!
I did almost jab my eyes out when Kaname and Hikari were looking at Chisaki all little horny boy like. I almost forgot to roll my eyes at the notion of Chisaki actually helping for once. Kaname I guess can stare. But not Hikari. He needs to keep his little eyes and all this hormones inside his tiny body because hello this chart is big enough as it is. We can't have two people actually liking the same person who likes them back. That would be insane. So more Bay Watch moments okay?!
 photo nagiepisode208_zpsf0e94ceb.jpg
Err......Miuna was just trying to help....
So while Hikari is busy trying to kill himself in the freezing waters. Miuna is taking the time to feel bad for herself. I guess if Hikari had room when he was leaving he could maybe take Sayu who almost seems reasonable. Sometimes anyway. Maybe she is just flat out brutally honest at unnecessary times. Like...I am sure Miuna didn't need to have it pointed out that Hikari was totally devoted to finding Manaka. Seems obvious. It just gave Miuna something to pout about when she thought it was homework time with Miuna and instead it was finding Manaka time. Or finding Manaka a cure time I should say. You know, which will in fact help the whole world because of that ice problem....Thanks Sayu. We totally needed a sad Miuna panda. You lose your seat on the bus now.
 photo nagiepisode207_zpse76b7a58.jpg
These are things to consider Hikari....
Now with that all said....Miuna did make good points. Curse this show having people be right and wrong. Having multiple sides of their personality. Except Chisaki since I hate her so much. But yes Miuna....even though she is trying to get Hikari to spend time with her and might be a tiny bit selfish for saying what she did....I can't really blame her. Hikari is very dedicated to saving Manaka. However as Chisaki and Tsumugu have demonstrated life does move on. Just like when people die. So Hikari will move on in life if Manaka doesn't wake up or takes a while to wake up. He serves to take care of himself. Have a little joy. Take care of himself. I don't think he would want to rely on his sister forever. You can't get paid to look for a cure for Manaka. So dropping out or taking a break from junior high is not an option. Miuna was right to say what she said. She wasn't harsh, just said the reality of the situation that everyone is thinking. Hikari didn't want to hear it and stomped off, leaving Miuna to feel guilty about being honest and realistic about the situation.
 photo nagiepisode203_zps84eb993c.jpg
This seems to be the bigger issue here...
The fallout over Hikari and Miuna's situations took two different paths. Hikari had a creepy nightmare about Manaka falling to pieces and blaming him for bring about more problems for the land and sea. Since dreams might be part of your subconscious that makes me sad that Hikari thinks that way. He seems to be the one who cares the most. I mean now it is mainly Manaka and then saving the world. But before Hikari was really caring about the surface for the ceremony. Plus hello Manaka was losing her ena in the water. If Hikari hadn't saved her it would have ended badly anyway. Poor guilty conscious Hikari. He went straight to work through....after school. So Miuna got her way and Hikari did his thing. Hikari might have sadness in his life but he is not continuously wallowing in it. Like okay working through the tears, lets get this song of the Boat Ceremony for Manaka.
 photo nagiepisode2010_zps4ffc856a.jpg
Sayu is tired of all these bitches.
Miuna felt a little sorry for herself after the issue. All she wanted to do was build a sno...I mean do some homework. Oh and I tell Hikari her idea about the music. She got to do neither. So she put her sadface on and got to work with Sayu to find some more Manaka wake up methods. While Sayu is trying to help I can understand her frustration. Like hello do I look like I am from the sea? Does it look like I can logically solve this problem? Since all of this ena and sea god stuff sounds magical anyway lets have her be Snow White and have Hikari be the Prince with a kiss. Sayu.....again is a little rough with pointing out how Miuna not being down with that plan might mean that she (Miuna) doesn't really want Manaka to wake up. Does Sayu know that Hikari likes Manaka? We know Miuna knows and they are best friends.....If not Sayu might just assume this crazy love orgy is happening and Miuna has not so pure motives for Manaka not waking up.
 photo nagiepisode2017_zps7724b92e.jpg
This is Miuna being the "bigger" person.
Either way...I think Miuna can have not so pure thoughts and still be a good person. Or maybe I am just a bad person and shouldn't sympathize with crazies. See 50 percent of the time I can't stand my co-worker. Like hate her. But obviously if something bad happened to her and I could help I would. In my mind I might be thinking man...if I just did nothing....yeah I would be thinking that. The what ifs. But that would just be me mouthing off. Like when I think about all these worthless/stupid people in the world that should be killed off in the zombie apocalypse. But do I honestly want that to happen? Well besides to obviously evil people? No. So...yeah. Miuna is less than me in that regards. She just has fleeting moments of Manaka not waking up....NOW! She doesn't want the girl dead, just away for a little longer so she can have Hikari to herself. And really Miuna is actually trying hard to make Hikari happy by waking up Manaka. She just has tiny moments of damn it, life's not fair before she does the right thing. So endth the paragraph that makes me sound insane.
 photo nagiepisode2013_zps31ffe7fb.jpg
It's like no one else seems to think Miuna getting ena is a major and potentially game changing deal...
Miuna and Hikari's little issue didn't even last that long anyway. Like okay let's play the Boat Ceremony song and hear how much he cares about her. Although Hikari passing out probably helped. Like I was going to be angry and disappointed a little while longer but now I am going to put things in perspective. Hikari will stop worrying and working so hard and Miuna...well will skip school to take care of Hikari. You know, because she didn't just yell at Hikari for the same thing. I like how Akari is acting like this wise old lady at 25. Like yes Miuna skip school and hey Hikari other care too. It might make Manaka sad if she wakes up and Hikari is dead from exhaustion.
 photo nagiepisode2015_zps6b448d97.jpg
I don't think you should be talking to Tsumugu about this....
Before Miuna could have her magical make-up moment with Hikari she had to go talk to Tsumugu. Well he called first and then they met up. I like how Tsumugu and his Colleagues are trying to figure out what happened to Miuna in terms of her gaining ena. Like they are going to scientifically figure at this magical thing. I am sure Miuna has been in danger before and didn't magically adapt to the situation. Growing ena is not the same as becoming super strong for 10 seconds to pull a car off your kids. I bet if Tsumugu got in the water he gain some ena too via Manaka. Yet this all makes Miuna cry so she and Tsumugu have to get together to talk about how horrible they are in regards to the sea people. They want to be like them, so open with their feelings...yet...don't want all of them awake. Yeah. Tsumugu apparently can join the part of I Have Bad Thoughts and I'm Mean Club. Apparently all these kids waking up ruined his chances with Chisaki. Even though he knew that she liked Hikari and now Kaname likes Chisaki and he still hasn't confessed himself yet. Yeah it's the sea kids ruining things for him and Chisaki. That they might have been frozen in time too with the kids being asleep and now them waking up might mean Tsumugu doesn't get his girl. Eventually Tsumugu and Miuna decide to let people be who they want to be with. That they won't stop fighting per say but will step aside at the same time because that makes no sense. In the end they decide they are good people worthy of oxygen and just need to let it go. And no I won't stop with Frozen.
 photo nagiepisode2018_zps33da40c1.jpg
Is the scary picture looking at me?
So having successfully talked to someone in the same boat as her Miuna goes back to Hikari, ready to indeed let it go. Take a deep breath and tell him the secret to waking Miuna up. True love's first kiss. You know since the music didn't work. Good job Miuna, being the bigger person at 14. The kids are so dramatic at times I forget I am not watching an adult soap opera. Not that Miuna's tip matters because Manaka woke herself up. Maybe she was tired of looking at that creepy picture the little boy drew. Like wake me up from this nightmare, my voice actress needs to get paid. So now that every single kid is awake what will happen next? At one point it looked like Manaka was going to tell Tsumugu she was going to be with Hikari. Because Manaka thought she and Tsumugu were in love. Hahaha no. Manaka picked Hikari...but probably because she felt bad for him or it was the logical thing to do. Because if she flip flopped that easily...well...that makes her a Disney Princess. I guess we will have to see if Hikari really is this one. Then the other kids can “settle” in their romances too. Well besides one left out girl. Oh and maybe SAVE THE WORLD?! Just a silly idea I know....crazies.....


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