Sunday, March 2, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Birthdays at Disney World Part 1

 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014010_zps79dcc06d.jpg
Happy Birthday Duffy! Has a Star Wars present. XD
Hello there!!! It is I the wonderful Duffy. Lately mom has been very busy watching wintery things on tv. :( I almost felt neglected. But then near the end of February Mom and Dad packed up the car, drove to Scruffy's house, and off we went to....Disney World!!!! Between all of those people there were three birthdays so it was decided that we needed some Disney magic. YAY!! I have have been in that house way too long, I need some adventure! Disney World is the best place for adventure so lets go!
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After working in the morning Mom and Scruffy's mom hopped in the car and Dad drove us to Disney World. We got to stay at another Disney World hotel. WEEE The All Stars hotel. I think Lightening McQueen is a star but he is at the other hotel......
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014013_zpsa57d1c3f.jpg
Scruffy's mom loves Star Wars so they were very happy.
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Most of the time we stay at a hotel we eat at a different place. But this hotel as a restaurant in it, like the Magic Kingdom. Time for noms.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014015_zps82db8c84.jpg
After eating it was time to see our hotel. XO We got to stay in the room with the giant Mickey hat.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014016_zpsb65c2d72.jpg
Dad really likes Sorcerer Mickey.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014019_zps470ed7b4.jpg
We unpacked our stuff and took a bus to DownTown Disney. Time for some shopping.
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I am a hardcore Duffy! Word.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014023_zps4574c752.jpg
:( Can I have...everything in the store that is Cars?
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014025_zps994eb0cd.jpg
For once the pin board was opened. Mom and Scruffy's mom were excited. Pin trading for us.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014026_zpsdcce33d1.jpg
We went to a lot of stores that night. Legos and pins and shirts. I even got a new outfit. Mom got a new doll she really wanted. But since we have to get up early tomorrow we went back to the hotel to sleep before Downtown Disney closed. We will have more fun tomorrow.

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