Saturday, March 29, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventure: Fluffy at the Flower and Garden Festival

 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014002_zpse2057905.jpg
The real Soarin was the flying we did to get from the beginning of the park to the ride. X___X
Hello there everyone! It's me...Fluffy! Yeah not Duffy but Fluffy. I am a duffy from the Flower and Garden festival last year. Mom has had a rough week but thankfully she and dad were still able to go away to their planned Disney trip. Sometimes you need a little fun to keep your mind of the sad. :( Can't have mom be sad all the time. So while mom rests and tries to catch up on anime posts I thought I share some photos of me and Duffy last weekend. I am up first as we went to the Flower and Garden festival first. I had such a great time. Especially since it didn't rain! Have fun looking at the pictures.
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After flying in the sky we took a deep in the big blue sea. Where is Nemo?
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014012_zps07296959.jpg
After riding some rides we went back to the front of the park to take pictures of flowers. The reason why we came to the park today.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014021_zpsdf5a3e46.jpg
Tinkerbell gave Epcot some pixie dust and brought lots of butterflies to the park.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014031_zps08ba7f01.jpg
We shall find them all.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014052_zps7a5cf855.jpg
When the park first opened everyone ran to Test Track, Soarin, or to wait in line for Anna and Elsa. So we got to take our time around look at the flowers.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014055_zps542d2caf.jpg
Did Mater turn into Wall-e? Making things out of junk?
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014056_zpsfe725916.jpg
I am under 12, can I play in the center?
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014058_zpsda678aea.jpg
Mater looks really rusty.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014059_zpsc866a163.jpg
Lightening McQueen is driving off the road.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014085_zps5709135d.jpg
Since we woke up early we all ate lunch early. Plus we had to wait for our Fast Passes for Test Track. That Mac and Cheese is very...soupy.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014089_zps9867de7e.jpg
It's too early for breaks, we need to keep exploring.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014092_zpsf84154fb.jpg
Something very big was here.....
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014099_zps5072a02f.jpg
Finally time for our Test Track Fast Pass. The line was out the door for the other people.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014134_zpsfd82d871.jpg
We walked around the whole world! Well all of Epcot. We stopped at France to get a snack. This looks yummy doesn't it?
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014162_zps71301d02.jpg
After we saw all the flowers we went to Hollywood Studios for a little fun. Mom and Dad wanted to sketch a Disney character so we waited in line.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014183_zpsb65b713f.jpg
Mom and Dad were taught how to draw Jimmy Cricket. I think they did okay for their first time.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014188_zps0b11c45d.jpg
We ended the night riding Toy Story Mania. Mom says that ride makes her arm tired. We had a fun day but I wonder how Duffy does this all the time. Going to theme parks is hard work.

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