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Noragami episode 5

 photo noragamiepisode5_zpsff08c115.jpg
Wants. Obviously. Because I don't have enough stuffed animals in my house.
Post 5 in animeness. Even though February is gone I still was busy attempting to catch up! XD You all were not forgotten. Up now is Noragami episode 5. Spoilers for Yuki being a super big brat....
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And then Yuki's teenage world exploded.
Episode Summary: After the appearance Nora the group has questions. Yato does not want to give answers. He decides instead to capture a tiny Phantom the next day in an effort to teach Yuki how to make a barrier. Yato barely explains the process but Yuki is able to make a strong barrier right away. Hmmmm all this random talent? But now Yuki has a way of protecting himself all is well. In light of that....Hiyori tries to kidnap him and take him home. Her thinking is that Yato is a pervert with this parade of woman under his belt and has no real place to call home. Yuki would be better off with her. Yato is obviously upset about all of this but Yuki starts to think how wonderful it could be for him. This causes perverted thoughts in Yuki which gives Yato the pains. Still Hiyori takes Yuki away leaving Yato alone. She leads Yuki to her grand house which causes Yuki to pause. When they enter the housekeeper does not see Yuki and Hiyori shows him around the house. Yuki thinks that he is staying in Hiyori's room but she gives him her older brother's room instead. Yuki tries to console himself in the fact he can take a bath after Hikari and that is just as sexy...but the parents have returned home and it is the father he is bathing after and whose shampoo he used. Traumatized. Much to Hiyori's disappointment Yato shows up and starts eating all the food in the fridge in front of her parents. Thankfully he goes unnoticed but she still takes him outside to yell at him. He says that Yuki is afraid of the dark so he should take care of the boy. Then he breaks it down seriously, that Phantoms are more active at night and that is why he sleeps at temples, it is safer. He wonders if Hiyori will be able to keep the boy safe. Hiyori goes back in the house as to say HMMM I can do this. Yuki ends up snuggling with Hiyori that night as the father turns all the lights out. Naughty thoughts start to happen so Yato appears to yell. The next day Hiyori takes Yuki out shopping, to get him what he wants. Yuki for whatever reason has decided to either impress Hiyori or take advantage of the situation and wants to steal a skateboard. He calls it borrowing and skates around the store entrance. Hiyori yells at him for stealing and puts it back. Yuki gets super upset at Hiyori and runs off. Hiyori is surprised that Yuki would do that and starts to look for him. Yato gets a pain in his neck, that Yuki is sinning and slowly starts to look for the boy too.
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You literally can't see me so I can do this.
Yuki has taken off and is running around, looking at the windows and wanting to do what he wants to do. He is a spirit so if he wants to steal he will. Not that anyone even notices him right? He sees a lot of families walking around and being all family like which eventually makes him sad. Hiyori continues to look for Yuki but is in the wrong place or doesn't really see him. She does run into Yato and tells him they need to find Yuki. Yato seems to do the I told you you couldn't watch over Yuki and it will be dark soon so the boy will freak out. Hiyori starts to question why Yato is acting the way he is when Yato says that gods have no morals. They really don't know right from wrong. The connection between Master and Treasure is one way, Yato can only feel what Yuki is doing as it is to teach Yato what sinning is. But eventually Yuki will cross the line one day and Yato will give him a divine punishment AKA kill him. Because that is what gods do. Hiyori is quite upset to hear this. Yuki is also quite upset as he was having a pout on the bench and didn't see that it had been growing dark. He starts to run to find some light when he sees a little girl crotched down at the end of the street alone. Yuki risks leaving the light to take the girl by the hand, just in time to save her from some Phantoms. He takes her into a better lit area and she is happy that he could see and notice her. Yuki realizes that she is dead, killed in that spot a few days ago. The little girl is waiting for her mother, unable to accept she is dead. Yuki waits with her for a while as she talks about the scary gods that keep chanting ONE OF US. She suggests that Yuki goes home with them. Yuki finally tells the girl her mom isn't coming to get her for a very good reason and the girl flips out. She runs into the darkness and Yuki summons his courage to pull her away and make a shield. Only when he looks back he sees the girl had been slowing changing into a Phantom too. He starts to freak out and all is horrible. She transforms into a gross Phantom and Yato and Hiyori appear on the scene. Yuki tries to explain the situation to Yato, that he wants to save the girl. Yato transforms Yuki into a sword and starts to go to work. Yuki realizes that Yato plans on killing the girl, not saving her and begs Yato to stop. Yato says it is much too late to “save” her in that way and this is the best he can do. Yuki screams the entire time but Yato does slay the Phantom. It is implied that Yuki is beyond upset and goes home with Hiyori, beyond upset at Yato. Elsewhere there is a woman taking a bath looking lovely. She had been seen earlier in the city slaying Phantoms and I guess she is taking a rest. But she is interrupted as she is told that Yato was in the city also killing Phantoms. She seems interested and...THE END!
 photo noragamiepisode511_zps7ea37d79.jpg
Only in anime folks....
Hmmmm. I guess we aren't going to learn about Ms. Mystery girl this episode. Well she was mentioned. Nora. But yeah. She was a drive by character, to be explained later. More like she is going to be in the back of our minds. Well Hiyori and Yuki's minds anyway.
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I am the best at everything weee!
Since Yato didn't want to talk about her, it was time for a distraction. Or practice. Yes we will call it practice. Yuki is new at this treasure weapon thing. It is time to teach Yuki a thing or two. Even though Yuki seems to be doing well without any training. Just be a sword and magically cut everything. Or cut ties between two people with no previous experience. You wonder treasure you. Let me teach you how to make a barrier now. You hold your fingers together and pretend like you are playing fruit ninja. Cut the fruit XO and TADA. Yuki made a powerful barrier without....really knowing what to do. Just pointed and did it. Does that count as teaching? More like he just knows it and explaining it would be silly. Yay Yuki. Also...the Phantom Yuki practiced his barrier on was cut. Wants. Well plushie anyway.
 photo noragamiepisode54_zps27539ad9.jpg
You can't take Yuki home because you have no home!
Once Yuki was done being a was time for him to go home. Only Yato's home consists of temple benches. So Hiyori did the logical thing and took Yuki home. I guess the real logical thing would have be to...oh I don't know, make Yato fix Hiyori. Even though he probably can't. Instead Hiyori just keeps involving herself more and more into this hot mess. Because then we wouldn't have a show you know. Also it probably would have made sense to invite Yato to live there too. You know, since he will be doing the saving and healing. But I guess Hiyori thinks Yato is a slacker and she won't encourage such behavior. As for Yuki...yeah him and his impure thought almost ran out of there and into Hiyori's arms.
 photo noragamiepisode56_zpsf62d0c10.jpg
Yuki goes from the street to the penthouse. Pretty Woman without the hookering.
Hiyori's house was slightly impressive. I must remember that this is Japan and mist people don't live in houses so that is a big deal. The inside of the house was nicer yes. Especially the bathroom. So much space. XD I have seen what some bathtubs in Japan look like, barely can fit my cat in them. I wonder if part of Yuki was trying to remember how he used to live or if this was a combination of awe/MOG I live with Hiyori....but yeah, the little treasure was overwhelmed.
 photo noragamiepisode55_zpse5d21391.jpg
I think perverted thoughts about Hiyori are normal. Does Hiyori not SEE the problem here? XD
I am not sure if Hiyori is “special” or not. I mean...this is a young boy. I am sure he is 13/14ish while Hiyori is 15/16ish. Not that big of a difference. And you know teenage boys....Oh Yuki. Or maybe I should have said poor Yato. All those thoughts. Sharing....feelings must be hard. Stick Yuki in Hiyori's brothers room and tada all is fine. Wonder if that older brother will ever show up. Probably not. For now it is bath time. Oh and avoiding the parents and housekeeper time. Good thing Yuki doesn't have much of a presence.....Or else he would have been caught..having a moment with what he thought was Hiyori's shampoo. Oh young boys. Their lives are so hard. No privacy. So hard.
 photo noragamiepisode59_zpsa9415740.jpg
Well thanks for that information NOW!
I think about two hours passed before Yato showed up. I really thought he followed them home and would make an appearance after 5 minutes so that was an amazing feat to me. I know that Yato and Yuki are going to be largely unnoticed by humans but...if Yato is carrying a buttload of food wouldn't that be noticeable? Like hello is this food floating in the air? Like if he was walking around with his own food that might not raise any eyebrows. But since you know...the food is being removed from their fridge.....Before the parents could get a clue Hiyori took him outside to yell at him. Like um you better bounce son, I am taking care of Yuki now. You are an unfit parents with all these..girls who “like/hate” you around. Judges orders. Yato had a serious moment and explained to Hiyori that Phantoms are more active at night and that entities such as himself and Yuki are more vulnerable thus Yato picks to sleep at holy places. Like temples. Since he doesn't have his own steps yet another will have to do. Maybe Yato should have said that earlier, you know instead of getting butthurt that Yuki picked Hiyori. Having a logical point beats an emotional one any day.
 photo noragamiepisode513_zps8eb926ad.jpg
Yato lacks being comforting....
Yato got a little...high and mighty about this little fact. Like oh can you take care of Yuki, now that I have told you the situation? HMMM? HMMMM?! Because obviously the answer is going to be no. I am sure Hiyori realizes now how dangerous the situation is and that she really doesn't posses the skills to protect Yuki....but she won't admit that. Despite....maybe being slightly (but deserving) arrogant about the situation Yato did protect Yuki. Sorta. I think their whole sleeping near a temple thing is true...but that Yuki has had trauma in his life. But since Yato only knows that because of shared memories he didn't tell Hiyori that. Instead it became almost a joke. Like oh the little boy is scared of the dark. Avoid the truth by making a joke. I am not sure if Yuki minds being viewed in that light (or lack of light) as it got him snuggles with Hiyori. Yay for Hiyori being oblivious and Yato suffering from turned on Yuki.
 photo noragamiepisode512_zps1a9123c5.jpg
Yuki really didn't think Hiyori was going to let him get away with this right?
There was a little snag in the sunshine express. Not sure if Hiyori should blame herself. I mean...did Yato blame her later? I guess he did a little but he was also being unnecessarily creepy. Bu back to Yuki. Hiyori was I guess trying to play mom/big sister. Take him to do some shopping. Offering to buy the boy what he wanted/needed. I am not sure what Yuki was doing when he was trying to “borrow” the skateboard. Was he trying to look cool in front of Hiyori? Or did he not want to burden Hiyori with his expenses and was trying to provide for himself. Yato...I don't think he steals to provide ...but now that we know “the truth” about gods that might not be a moral issue. Either way Yuki stole and that did not impress Hiyori. You put that back Yuki. Bad Yuki. Naughty Yuki!! So Yuki went off and had a tantrum while Hiyori had to chase down a kid that isn't hers.
 photo noragamiepisode514_zps908639b6.jpg
So....treasures being human still means they get punished for having said human emotions and feelings? I see.
During the search for Yuki Hiyori runs into Yato whom knows what Yuki has done and probably has a good idea of where the boy is. Them being connected and all. While Hiyori was off running looking for the boy Yato was doing an I told you so smirk. Like hmm you can't protect Yuki? More like Yuki had an attack of the teenagers and no one would have been able to “protect” him. But this opened the door for Yato to talk about the real connection between gods and treasure weapons. Yuki can't feel what Yato feels. But Yato feels what Yuki does in an effort to learn. The difference between right and wrong that is. Because these gods operate with a different value system. Or no value system. So when Yuki does something wrong it is like Yato gets a ping. Almost like he is his sponsor/responsible for him and that he is supposed to learn. Now that might have been interesting to Hiyori...if Yato hadn't said it in such a creepy way. Like yes Hiyori, we gods do WHATEVER we want. Whatever!! Piggy backing on what Kofuku said last time and Hiyori was all like oh shit god of war is really up in here. Thanks for being creepy Yato. Let me pretend to be brave and find Yuki now....
 photo noragamiepisode515_zps9ad1d31c.jpg
Well I was going to run like hell but then I decided to be brave....
So while Hiyori was worried and Yato was being creepy Yuki was having a pout. A long one. Stupid Hiyori, never letting me do what I want to do. You know, something a little kid would do to his parents. Which is odd since he should be acting like Hiyori is a possible love interest. Still he was walking around all RARW I was just going to borrow it. Sure you were. I think Yuki was going to have a moment about all the kids shopping with their parents. I know Yuki doesn't have any memories (or claims not to have any) but I am sure he knows he had some and seeing happy families makes hims sad. But this moment was very brief as Yuki realized it was getting dark outside. While Yato might have said it to be snarky Yuki really is afraid of the dark. I guess when he is with others or outside near a light pole it isn't so bad. But yeah...Yuki was not happy with the impending darkness and ran like hell.
 photo noragamiepisode516_zpsd75675f6.jpg
:( Please don't blame yourself Yuki.
Despite Yuki being portrayed as a brat/crybaby, that isn't all he is. Because most humans aren't one dimensional. So anime characters (any characters really) shouldn't be cardboard cut outs of certain “types”. Yuki can be a scared, bratty kid but a younger kid is crying on the ground about being alone/passed up by everyone....he notices. Probably because he feels unnoticed. Putting aside his fears of the dark he gets the girl to safety. Now I am not sure if she was just a lost soul or could be a treasure weapon later on. But little hommie was recently dead and the Phantoms were all around her. ONE OF US!! Yuki doesn't really get a lot of points in sympathy or comfort. He did try but he wasn't sugar coating it, that mom wasn't coming to get her. So it sorta hurt to watch the girl run into the darkness and towards the Phantoms. Like no stay with Yuki. Then BAM, girl turns into a Phantom. Well more like bam with one creepy eye and then she becomes a Phantom. Just...sadness. Yuki was trying to protect her with his new shields and she was offering to have her mother take him home too. :( Just so sad.
 photo noragamiepisode517_zps18b6d621.jpg
This isn't saving!!!
Yato and his magical self do arrive to “save” the day. Not much saving going on given the situation. I hope Yuki doesn't blame himself for the girl turning into a Phantom in the first place. Him telling her the truth..that didn't make her turn right? :( I hope he doesn't have the guilt. He might though since he asked Yato to save her. Yato's version of saving and everyone else's version of saving are different it seems. Because Yato said okay to Yuki's request to save the girl. Then he gets into position to squish her. Like hello I asked you to save her, does this look like saving? According to Yato this was the only thing that could be done. Does that mean the little girl can still go to heaven? Because I think that is what Yuki was asking or you know the girl being herself when she died. I think that is what happened. So Hiyori and Yuki were shown this episode that there is a reason that Yato acts the way he does and not everything is fun and games. Rest in peace little girl and hopefully Hiyori gets a nightlight for Yuki.
 photo noragamiepisode518_zps0bced0c9.jpg
Did someone say Yato?!
The episode ends with some blond bomb shell taking a bath at a fancy hot spring or something. We saw her earlier in the episode flying on a lion and killing off Phantoms so I am going out on a limb here and thinking she is a god. It was reported to her that Yato was spotted killing a Phantom and apparently this is big news. Is he that much of a slacker? I think not since he has killed a few so far this season. I mean I am sure he mainly takes odd/weird jobs but I don't think this was interrupting bath worthy news. Who knows how Ms. Blondie will take it though. Until next time!

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