Saturday, February 8, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Olympic Fun!

This week something very special happened. Mom says it only happens about twice a year. It is when the whole world comes together to celebrate all different kinds of sports. Every 4 years it is the summer sports and every 4 years it is the winter ones. This year it is the winter ones. These events are called the Olympics.
 photo DuffyOlympics002_zps3bc0f80a.jpg
XO I am all dressed up and ready to support the United States.
This is a very big deal as mom never gets excited about sports. XD I want to see this amazing stuff. Hurry mom, make the Olympics happen faster!
 photo DuffyOlympics007_zps9aa68996.jpg
From what I can see there are a lot of ads for these Olympics.
 photo DuffyOlympics001_zpsa2c822e8.jpg
Even though the opening ceremony ( a big party mom says) starts on Friday a few sports happened on Thursday night. These ladies were going down a large mountain on boards. X___X Covered in snow. Don't get hurt!
 photo DuffyOlympics009_zpsd9296cbc.jpg
Here is the website for the Olympics. Mom says the mascots are super cute. They are little animals that help spread the joy of the game. No one can replace me though right?
 photo DuffyOlympics010_zpse488465b.jpg
What is this? Work? But you said the Olympics official started today. Why do we have to work?
 photo DuffyOlympics011_zps4e775752.jpg
This is no fun. I was promised fun. I don't want to help today. :( I want to watch the Olympics.
 photo DuffyOlympics012_zpsc5e5781d.jpg
How about I help by training more Pokemon for you? Won't that be helpful?
 photo d9562e3f-9517-45e0-912b-a84fd890f9d0_zps1d675db9.jpg
SO BORED! Can we go home now?
 photo DuffyOlympics015_zps505d42cd.jpg
Wee! Time to lock the door and finally go home!
 photo DuffyOlympics016_zps09f77de4.jpg
After dodging a lot of crazies on the road mom finally made it home and got us dinner ready. Since dad was out doing something else fun tonight...this was dinner. Mom is a great cook.
 photo DuffyOlympics017_zps733200e6.jpg
Woohoo! The Olympics are about to start. Also dad came home early from his other fun to watch this Opening Ceremony party.
 photo DuffyOlympics018_zps9e799b5d.jpg
D14 is the official Duffy of the year 2014. So I think he should watch the Olympics 2014 with me yes? Also mom called Build a Bear seeing if they had anything Olympicy to wear. :( This year they did not. She was very sad and decided to make this work instead. Go team USA! Mom is silly...but I do like getting new clothes.
 photo DuffyOlympics020_zps334c1e9f.jpg
Mom was also very sad this man won't actually be in the games this year. She was muttering about someone named Bob being the devil too....
 photo DuffyOlympics021_zps9b030707.jpg
Little girl, the Olympics are about to start. Time to wake up!
 photo DuffyOlympics023_zpsda03e381.jpg
The Olympics are being held in a country called Russia this year. So for the Opening Ceremony party we are learning about their history in interesting ways.
 photo DuffyOlympics025_zps530da646.jpg
People wearing light suits and creating a waving flag.
 photo DuffyOlympics026_zps7a7bad50.jpg
There were lots of pretty events going on. Very grand. Like a Disney show but with way more screens! Even on the floor.
 photo DuffyOlympics027_zpsbb17de80.jpg
After some dancing and party balloons and other things it was time to meet all the people who are going to be in the Olympics. The soon to be famous athletics. This is called the parade of nations. The people are going to emerge from the stage from their country on the TV screens that are on the floor. Pretty cool yes?
 photo DuffyOlympics028_zpsdcfa0723.jpg
Some countries, like where some of mom's family is from,...only have a few or ONE person in the Olympics. I am sure they will try their best.
 photo DuffyOlympics031_zps72aad3b0.jpg
Here is the United States! Go team USA and their amazing sweaters made by their grandmothers.
 photo DuffyOlympics033_zps431e30fb.jpg
And here is Japan. They are going to have the summer Olympics in 2020. Sounds like fun!
 photo DuffyOlympics036_zpse9d3a06e.jpg
Here is Russia, the people putting on the Olympics. They have the most people in the events. Does that mean they will win the most?
 photo DuffyOlympics039_zps51329df2.jpg
Time for more show. We are all stars!
 photo DuffyOlympics041_zps8603cdc7.jpg
Even outside things are going on.
 photo DuffyOlympics042_zps3e5eb8b3.jpg
Stay with me D14! I am sure it is almost over. The dance of the jellyfish fairies is on.
 photo DuffyOlympics043_zpsb216dade.jpg
As D14 falls asleep the Olympic flag is brought into the huge stadium.
 photo DuffyOlympics046_zps2a33de50.jpg
The lightening of the Olympic torch. The moment we are all waiting for.
 photo DuffyOlympics048_zps120cbbc9.jpg
When the torch was lit the entire sky was filled with fireworks. Ka-boom ka-boom! Time for celebrations!
 photo DuffyOlympics049_zps0e6e2b49.jpg
How wonderful is this? Every nation in the world has problems, often with other countries. I don't know much about their problems but it seems like a good thing that everyone can put them aside so this wonderful event can happen. That people can have fun and try to win at sports that other people love. Yay Olympics! I can't wait to watch more!

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