Sunday, February 2, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Happy Birthday at Disney World

More Happy Birthdays to me! I am a spoiled bear indeed.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014003_zps2438a2b9.jpg
It's my birthday and you are buying another stuffed animal...but I guess it's a Hello Kitty so it's okay.
Last week mom and dad decide to go to Disney World to celebrate my birthday. Gosh them having to wait for days off and stuff. Why can't we just go to Disney everyday. I guess we won't have much money. And it wouldn't be as special when we did go. XD But yes last weekend was super fun. Here are a few pictures from my birthday celebration. Enjoy all the fun and Hidden Mickeys!
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014004_zps25296e5b.jpg
XO By the time mom got me last year these were already out of the stores! Some nice lady at Build a Bear must have put these here for me.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014007_zpsce7459ee.jpg
After some shopping and driving we are finally at Disney World! Mom has this book where you can find all these Hidden Mickeys at the parks and hotels. Like hiding in things. XO I will help find some too.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014041_zpsc1c47d42.jpg
Most largest Duffy ever it is cold outside. See how warm I am? You need to be warm too.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014054_zps81b5c750.jpg
Time for dinner. It is cold outside so we need warm sammiches. And a brownie of course.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014055_zps108434dd.jpg
Look mom I found another Hidden Mickey.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014072_zps0602506d.jpg
Instead of vacationing at Disney we could live here?
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014086_zps32a3ce48.jpg
I really wanted all these cool food items but they were 12 dollars. No thank you, I can get a whole outfit for that price!
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014089_zpsfc80b4f1.jpg
Did I mention it was my birthday? Button time for me.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014091_zps7c404470.jpg
Mom was very happy to be rid of the ugly french fry figurine and got her beloved squid.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014100_zpsd8233c19.jpg
Wee!! After sleeping in my nice Cars pajamas it was the next day. Time to go in the park. We got to park close today!
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014102_zpsa904a6c8.jpg
Behold I am king of the Magic Kingdom.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014136_zpsa883acc7.jpg
Mom and Dad were waiting for something so I decided to take pictures.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014138_zpsafb1a9bd.jpg
Boo crane behind the castle!
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014140_zps219b7bb7.jpg
I like going on adventures.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014141_zps661cdbca.jpg
Celebrities? Is that who mom was waiting on?!
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014154_zpsf05443fc.jpg
I thought you said we were going to ride Pirates not push me in jail!
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014159_zps49c641ef.jpg
It is a little cluttery over here.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014161_zps52d91eb5.jpg
Spirits? Like ghosts?
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014162_zpsb6b9f645.jpg
Mom was very excited to see this opened.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014170_zps1b2c9b86.jpg
I was very excited to ride the horse weee!
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014186_zps07c4d8e7.jpg
I think these are a little too big.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014188_zps3420e714.jpg
It's a long line after all.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014255_zpsec31d016.jpg
Even the animals can sing!
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014272_zps724c8ae7.jpg
Under the sea with a talking bird!
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014275_zpsa2f813fe.jpg
Which way to the ship?
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014323_zps9b7aa1bb.jpg
This is a lot of luggage.
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014330_zps321ab388.jpg
Is the monkey going to fly the plane....
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014335_zpsdcef0a45.jpg
Just 5 more minutes please?!
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014338_zpsdcef2ca8.jpg
Is it almost our turn for Dumbo?
 photo DisneyTripJanuary2014344_zps459808ae.jpg
I don't think this one really flies mom. But that's okay. Come there are lots more rides to ride even though it is getting dark. Lets put the camera up and see how many we can ride weee!

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