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Noragami episode 3 the sun is out and shining. I guess we could have gone to St. Augustine today. Oh the weather in Florida. So wonderful. So random. One day it is freezing, the next day it is 70 degrees, and then it rains all day. Sunshine State my butt. XD Yes I know it was much colder in other states but as Atlanta, Georgia has shown us the southern states in the United States are not made for cold. Bundle up and stay indoors unless you want to be in traffic for 18 hours. Seriously folks. X___X What a nightmare. I hope people have recovered.
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Putting my random ramblings is time for post number 3!!! Up now is Noragami episode 3. Spoilers for Yato getting a read job! XO
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Episode Summary: Yuki is having the best life ever being Yato's treasure weapon. Or not. Yato is currently digging for food and clothes out of a trash can while all Yuki has is his robe and Hiyori's scarf to keep him warm. He tuns his nose at some of the clothes and the fact Yato is trying to feed him sardines that a random cat is trying to eat. Yato tries to build up how awesome he will be one day but Yuki is like you are homeless dude. So to fix their problem temporary Yato calls up Hiyori to give them an offering of food. They eat like pigs as Hiyori looks on in disgust. She tries to get the topic back on to her situation when she notices that some people are ignoring Yato and Yuki. Yato explains the difference between them and humans, that their presence goes widely unknown unless someone is really looking for them and how Phantoms are totally different. Then it is on to more eating. Yuki sorta gives back the scarf to Hiyori is a cute/shy way and she is all smiles. Yuki tries to speak about his disdain for Yato but that brings out another bought of I AM AWESOME via Yato. As Yato stays inside to steal all the free candy Hiyori attempts to make small talk with Yuki. They can bond over Yato being a slacker. Hiyori almost asks Yuki how he died but finds that might be offense. Yuki starts to get all blushy and Yato runs out, explaining he and Yuki are one and now they share thoughts/feelings. Embarrassed much? Yato then gets a phone call for another job and he attempts to take Yuki to it. Hiyori is like um no my job first and hops on. At least her soul does, leaving her body at the cafe. They arrive at a wonder temple belonging to a god that Yato knows. They are greeted by many shrine girls that turn out to be treasure weapons later. They finally are greeted by the god of this temple Tenjin. He is super amazing and impressive so Hiyori and Yuki start worshiping him. Yato feels put out and demands to know why he is here. Tenjin explains that he is the one who is going to hire Yato. Nearby at the train station some Phantom has been stalking and luring people to their deaths. Several people have left prayers at Tenjin's temple and he wants Yato to go investigate. He can't do it because...he is above that and flaunts his power in Yato's face. Yato wants to say no but a paying job is a paying job. Tenjin goes to send one of his treasure weapons along for the ride but it turns out to be Tomone. This causing some anger between Yato and Tomone while Hiyori and Yuki want the exes fight. Tomone is kind of enough to tell Yuki not to disrespect Yato again by worshiping another.
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Everyone walks to the train tracks where Tomone explains how it is exam season and kids are depressed and two people have committed suicide here recently due to be influenced by Phantoms. Yato gets kinda quiet and then pissed off. He decides he doesn't want to help despite being paid already. Tomone gets upset but Yato is like if these people want to throw their lives away why should I help their stupid selves out. Hiyori gets really upset that Yato isn't doing the right thing and decides she is going to help herself. She goes to a nearby station and sees a student being harassed by tiny Phantoms. She thinks she can handle it and shoos them away with her ninja moves. Only the tiny Phantoms overpower her and she is pushed on the train tracks. Right before a train can run over her tail Yato appears and rescues her. He yells at her for being so impulsive. Hiyori just wanted to help though. They ride the train and soon reach the crossing where all the suicides have taken place. At that moment another student is ready to take the jump and Yato decides he won't let THEM see this again. He transforms Yuki into his sword and slices the giant Phantom which was a hand. Yuki ends up killing the Phantom AND a lot of the station but at least everyone is protected. They get off the train and see Tomone nodding in the distance, then returning to Tenjin. Hiyori realizes that these treasure weapons are souls of people who didn't want to die and fought to stay conscious in any form while these humans were killing themselves for no reason. That is why Yato was originally upset but decided to take the case so Yuki and Tomone wouldn't get upset. Hiyori starts crying because it is all so beautiful and tragic. Yuki and Yato fight over who made Hiyori upset and then Yato yells some more because Yuki is thinking naughty thoughts about Hiyori. That night Yato and Yuki take their homeless selves back to another temple and Yato gives Yuki a little kid's jacket to keep warm. Yuki reluctantly takes it but feels as if something is watching them. What could it be? THE END!
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These are my lovely rags! How dare you mock them?!
Once again a simple little episode but one that tugs at the heart strings. Or purse strings. Or strings that lure cats closer to you because we all know that cars are awesome and would never attack a human being like they did Yato. All lies.
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Although....requests like that are pretty....outrageous.
I would like to point out to Yuki that before Yato rescued him Yuki was living on the streets. In the form of a fluff ball. With no food to eat or a place to stay. So complaining about his lot in life now makes no sense. I mean yes when you think about it eating cat scrapes and sleeping at someone else's temple does sound pathetic. But when you had less than that to begin are moving on up kid. Moving on up. I might be halfway kidding on this. I think I would have rather Yato stole me some clothes though. Not quite sure about clothes in the trash. Although this is Japan, place where hand me downs aren't common (you know second hand stores) so maybe you wear it and then trash it. Either way Yuki wasn't stuck wearing Grandpa clothes.
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Stop being ungrateful!
Yato is never wavering in his quest to be amazing. Even when all the odds are against him. Like no Yuki, you shall not talk to me this way. I am your master, obey me. Almost went all mom on him. I brought you into this world and I can take you out. This food is fit for a king. Look at these perfectly good clothes in this trash. How can you turn them down? Yato knows he has to work hard to become an actual god so he is okay with scraping by. And if he's not he isn't saying it out loud. Just sucking it up and dealing with it. His subordinate....not so much.
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So much food....also I want to go back to Japan now. :(
Still Yato will...acknowledge in some ways he needs help. But he will word it in a way that is not charity. Hiyori is giving them an offering. An offering. Duh!! This is not pity food. I am a god and I am helping her out so of course she would give me an offering. Eat up on Hiyori's yen. Goodbye pocket money for a month. I was going to say something snippy about how kids in Japan have outrageous allowances but I guess they do more about the house than American kids. Like I had chores but I never stopped at the store to pick up food or actually make said food. Carry on hungry spirits.
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Blending in the background.
While Yuki and Yato were chowing down Hiyori looked exasperated. But at least she learned a few things. Hopefully one was that she is never getting cured. Haha kidding...not really. No she learned a bit about gods and spirits. Of course it is odd they need to sleep....feel cold...need to eat. But they are still different from humans. They don't have a huge presences. They are just there and if you weren't looking for them you wouldn't see them. Can explain why Hiyori could see him when her friends could not. The Phantoms must have even less of a presence. I am sure if Yuki or Yato did the real world people would see the results, just not them. XO Dust in the wind ya'll.
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I can have all the pervy thoughts I want.
Hiyori wasn't very impressed by this. Yuki is not impressed with Yato. XO They have something in common. While Yato was trying to score all the free candy ever. Hiyori was trying to learn about Yuki. Okay she didn't want to hurt his feelings since....he is obviously dead. Yuki clearly wasn't thinking that way as Yato points out later. They share thoughts. How fun is that?! Can't even have a crush on anyone now without Yato knowing. Hiyori seemed a little oblivious of this fact but meh. It was more about establishing a bit of who Yuki is. I would have thought he would have been more bothered by the fact he can't remember anything about himself but Hiyori is pretty and loaned him a scarf. That is more important.
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:( Disgusting blobey Phantoms.
New job for Yato, time to go. Only Hiyori was like um no what about MY job?! So she tagged along too. I think that was a little special but meh, her body and soul do separate a lot now so maybe it is possible. So what is this new job? Why rescuing students from killing themselves via possession. Exam season is very serious folks. X___X Nasty little Phantoms coming and landing on your shoulder, whispering things in your ear. Now if I listen to the little demon on my shoulder...well it wouldn't be good for a lot of people. This sounds like a perfect case for Yato. What a steal at 5 yen.
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A real one!
Only...Yato may not be happy with who is paying for his service. He has been summoned by a legit god who is concerned about these suicides near his temple. know...people are leaving little plaques behind at the temple being all sad and crap. Enter Tenjin, an actual god with a temple, followers, and many treasure weapons. Clearly he is just too busy to go and do the task himself. That is work for lesser Yato. I am saving some work for you. Be happy with leftovers. Can you break my giant bill that my followers left me? No oh too bad. Sucks to be you.
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I dropped that name when I dropped you buddy.
So while Hiyori and Yuki were being brats and worshiping a real god Yato was getting from both sides. Here is Tenjin the successful god, everything Yato wants to be. And in this corner is Tomone. You know, the treasure weapon that left Yato high and dry after only a month of service. Yeah she is serving Tenjin under a new name and the blood between the two (Yato and Tomone) of them is bad. Yuki and Hiyori were eating popcorn and watching the whole thing go down. Basically Tomone left him for a rich dude. So..she sucks? Have fun eating your food and living inside. I got me a new treasure weapon now...who is off bowing to Tenjin come on!!
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Tell us how you really feel Yato.
I don't think Yato should have taken this job if he was going to be so judgey. I mean it's not like people want to be possessed by Phantoms and kill themselves. I understand it's the darkness that lives in their hearts and all that crap that helps make the situation worse, causing more Phantoms. Still it's not like these people are asking for problems. Yato made it sound like these people needed to buck up and he wasn't going to help someone who wasted their lives. I you know what I mean? People commit suicide in real life all the time. Sometimes the pain is too much. Yes there are other ways out for some (like bullying at 12 years old) just is life. Yes it is selfish to those you leave behind but it's your life. I understand Yato's point later on but it's not like those who commit suicide stole life from those who wish they could/can live longer. They didn't steal from them, they just used theirs in a different way. I don't know, it was just funny that a god of “war” would feel this way. Someone can cut you down in battle but you can't kill yourself. Okay then.
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You could stop this you know.
Hiyori was not happy with Yato's bleh behavior. I wouldn't be either. Like hello if suicide makes you so unhappy/angry help take out the Phantom causing it. That way people would be less likely to do it. Just don't walk away and let more victims happen. So Hiyori is going to do something about it. See last time she got involved it was to get Yato a weapon so he could help her. This time she got involved because she is a person who can't stand by and watch things happen. But last time...Hiyori put herself in danger and had to be rescued. On the plus side both of these instances forced Yato into action and it ended up working out for the best you know?
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Stop trying to be a hero!
Seeing that Hiyori doesn't have the hang of this half Phantom thing yet Yato will just have to save the day. Again. So reluctant. I think he is a nice guy at heart. Just...the topic of suicide wasn't a good one for him. That was his I don't give a damn trigger I suppose. But he arrived rather fast to save Hiyori from losing her tail and if he so happened to save someone's life in the process....well that was just icing on the cake, not his true intention. The battle was rather brief this week. Like Yuki turned into a sword, BAM Mr. Grabby hands is dead. Well and some of the train station. For being a first time weapon Yuki did really great.
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Look at me being awesome.
I think Yato should have yelled at Hiyori some more. Like hello stop risking your life with things you don't understand. Then again she could have put it back on him, saying he wasn't doing the right thing so she had to step up. Instead (after looking at the destruction Yuki made and a nod at Tomone) Hiyori has a cry and the boys got uncomfortable and blamed each other for her woman tears. Hiyori just realized how sad the situation was. That Yato is (sorta) caring for these treasure weapons, souls of people who wanted to live and this case was about people “throwing” their lives away. So...I guess Yato isn't super terrible. But Hiyori does need to watch herself a little more. A lot more really. Almost squished by a train there cat lady.
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See? Best friends forever.
And I think that's about it for this episode. Yato got put in his place a bit by a more...season god. Tomone and her leaver self made an appearance. Hiyori is super impulsive which I am sure is being looked at as a positive thing. Yuki is a bit...well teenage like. They can be sorta jerky when they are alive so why would being dead make a difference? I might not be in the best of moods either if some...less than amazing god basically said I was his servant and we live in the streets and dig our clothes out of trash cans. So while Yuki might come off a bit rough...well I am sure he has been through a lot despite not remembering it. And by the end of the episode he seemed more okay with homeless Yato. I am sure it will work out. Or they can have a great time being insane, who knows. Until next time!

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