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New Anime Series: Mahou Sensou episode 1: Episode Fail

I think I lost track of what post I was on tonight. XD Despite it being the Super Bowl there are tons of movies on TV. Good for trying to blog and clean my house. It's weird how tiny little chores can add up and how quickly you could have gotten them done quite a while ago but you didn't. Procrastination in the name of game at my house. XD
 photo magicalwarfareepisode15_zpsf7d67496.jpg
This actually...ends the way you expect it to with a little twist.
Which is that the title of this post. Procrastination by Tenchi. I watched Mahou Sensou episode 1 the week it came out. This post was supposed to be a warning to everyone not to watch this show. XD Now I fear I am much too late to warn anyone. So...I guess I will just post this since it is sitting in my folder. Mahou Sensou episode 1 here folks. Spoilers for it sucking.
 photo magicalwarfareepisode16_zpsbaaccae3.jpg
But I rescued you!!!!!
Episode Summary: Somewhere underground a young girl is crying for her brother to come back to her. The brother in question Tsuganashi says he is not her brother and things are about to get bad. Cut away to a normal looking house. A young man named Takeshi is getting ready for school when another boy (his brother Gekkou) walks by all snotty like. His mother is also standing in the hallway Takeshi thinks to himself how living in this house is worse than hell and he wishes he could go anywhere else. Anywhere will due. Takeshi starts walking to school because summer break means club practices and remedial classes. He meets up with his girlfriend Kurumi who seems nice enough. She wants Gekkou and Takeshi to talk again since it was only an accident. Takeshi doesn't think that is possible and Kurumi runs off to...get the club room ready? Takeshi takes his time walking and eventually finds a girl on the ground unconscious. We eventually learn her name is Mui and Takeshi takes her to the clinic that is void of nurses or adults. He thinks what he should do but doesn't really seem to notice the gun in her hand. Mui wakes up in a start and starts firing at Takeshi. He manages not to take a hit but some...sparkles get on him. Takeshi tells Mui that he just rescued her from outside and that he means no harm. Mui realizes that Takeshi knows no magic and apologizes for acting crazy. Takeshi is immediately taken in with her and needs to know her story. Mui says she is looking for her brother who has been taken by some bad people and they are the ones who chased her here and attacked her. Takeshi still isn't asking the obvious questions but that doesn't matter as the brother Tsuganashi walks in with three people, one with a giant weapon. Takeshi still doesn't really act the correct amount of scared and Mui is like come back to me brother!!!!!! One of the thugs, the one with the weapon starts attacking and Takeshi is like okay time to run. The weapon dude Takao starts swinging away so Takeshi picks up his kendo sword thing to fight the REAL METAL weapon and doesn't die. Everyone realizes that Takeshi is magical.
 photo magicalwarfareepisode18_zps08907d09.jpg
Can't be losing your magic or anything.
Before things get too crazy Takeshi manages to see how Takao is going to strike before he does and he gets Mui and himself outside and to temporary safety. Mui explains she is from another world, one of magic. That only kids are capable of learning magic and one can lose it if you use magic against another magical person. And that she accidentally exposed Takeshi to magic when she fired her gun. Takeshi is really not down for any of this. The lackeys are running around looking for Mui and Takeshi and they manage to run into Takeshi's friend. The girl lackey goes to attack the friend and it cuts back to Mui and Takeshi getting cornered by the two boy lackeys, including Takao. Kurumi arrives on the scene and is like why are you with another girl?! The lackeys attack and Kurumi is exposed to magic. The male friend shows up having....sorta beat the female lackey and he was exposed to magic. So when the unnamed (or I don't care) lackey attacks the group he “attacks” people with magic....and I guess dies. Or loses his power. Something super bad happens to him, like he wasn't even human. Oh and Kurumu's power is to either heal herself or make her boobies grow. Takeshi and his bamboo sword then take out Takao in a nonmagical way. The three now magical humans demand some answers from Mui. Basically the magical people live in hiding (...yeah right) but some people want to bring their powers to the public and they brainwashed her brother into believing this. Now to keep these guys safe Mui has to take them to HER school. Given up on making sense of this the three friends follow Mui to a mirror like world...only Japan is super torn up. Welcome to magical land bitches. THE END!
 photo magicalwarfareepisode112_zpsa66ada55.jpg
Ain't nobody care!
So...that was a giant fat no. I mean this is not the worse anime show I have ever seen. I don't think I have seen that many super awful shows as most of them are obvious and I don't bother wasting my time. I do remember a show about a girl who came out of a bottle of soda. She might have been a ramune fairy. Yeah that was drawn worse and was worse than this show. Still I do not think there will be a second episode for me in regards to this show. Definitely not a second episode blog post. Can't keep up with the good shows I have now you know?
 photo magicalwarfareepisode13_zpsfb93aeb8.jpg
Is that an invitation to move in with you?
But since I did watch this episode might as well warn people what I saw right? First things first the main character seems to have an awful homelife. Mom seems...very off and the younger (?) brother isn't much of a talker and is avoiding our main character Takeshi. Takeshi says that life in hell would be better than this. So....what has happened? Takeshi later states to his girlfriend that things are still bad. Something about an accident? I am going to assume it has to do with kendo. Perhaps one brother seriously wounded the other in practice and now that brother can't do kendo? Gekkou the injured one and Takeshi the attacker? I doubt it has to do with girlfriend stealing but you never know.
 photo magicalwarfareepisode12_zps1232a428.jpg
The point it we have to get to know our main character. Feel his pain. Well all I saw was a few mean looks from family members. Why exactly is life int this house hell? I mean obviously my mind went somewhere else when the brother walked by and the mom was standing in the doorway like that....I really doubt THAT was happening. So it could be anywhere from THAT to letting a little brother win a race and hurting his self esteem and everything is awful. Sometimes in animes the AWFUL event that makes life unbearable isn't that big of a deal so I guess we will wait and see. Oh I guess I won't.
 photo magicalwarfareepisode19_zps4eeea183.jpg
Forget the awesome girlfriend....what an awesome sword!
So Takeshi has an estranged brother and awful homelife with mom. He seems to have a nice enough girlfriend in Kurumi. I wonder how long she will remain the girlfriend with the new girl on the scene. But Kurumi seems to be helping Takeshi with his club activities, wants to help with his family situation, and doesn't take crap from others. When another girl appeared on the scene she didn't shy away and cry about life wasn't unfair. She was like you better get away from my man or else. Now that might have been a worth attribute in someone but the complete lack awareness brings that crashing back to Earth.
 photo magicalwarfareepisode14_zps92f5a354.jpg
Passed out girl? Gotta rescue you.
About 5 seconds into the show Takeshi runs into someone magical. The person who is going to change the course of Takeshi's life. Weee a magical encounter, passed out girl here we come. To the clinic we go and look no school nurse. I guess I can let that slide since this is break time and all. Maybe she hasn't arrived at school yet. Just Takeshi alone in this school with some passed out girl. Only passed out girl wakes up and oh hello she has a gun. This must be the anime season of inappropriate responses to serious situations. I get that he found a passed out girl but when said passed out girl starts sprouting crazy shit it is time to run. Or be alarmed. Not continue on talking to the crazy girl.
 photo magicalwarfareepisode17_zpsa049b0e3.jpg
You shot his nose off!
So who is this girl? In the first minute of the episode we see her ( Mui) in some subway system begging for her brother to come back to her. Only her brother Tsuganashi wasn't in a coming back mood. This somehow leads Mui to hiding in this school and being jumpy over every little thing. Thus firing some magical bullets at Takeshi who doesn't have the wherewithal to move his head or run. Just to go lala confused but who cares this is interesting. One would think a magic user would be careful to fire her weapon, especially since one can lose their powers so easily. Like oppies I am a newbie magician smile smile type deal. The entire thing was stupid.
 photo magicalwarfareepisode1_zpsf2921978.jpg
I am still going to try to save you later in the episode no matter how mean you are!
Due to Mui firing her weapon the people she was hiding from find her. Including her brother. With him are his lackeys or maybe Tsuganashi is the lackey. But there is a brainy looking guy (whom I don't believe is important), a hot headed girl Hotaru, and a sword wielding crazy person Takao. Say hello to the gang Takeshi. Now it looks like Mui wants her brother back and he has a new gang to hang with. Time for an epic battle of magic, Mui fighting for her brother's freedom because clearly he has been brainwashed! Are you ready for some magic?!
 photo magicalwarfareepisode115_zpsbbe64fdf.jpg
So what is the point to having magical powers then? What if you are simply defending yourself?!
Or...or not. Because in this show, about magical is against the rules to attack, aim to kill other magic people. Because that makes sense and will make for an interesting show right? SO MUCH INTERESTING! Only not. seems this show has to have magical users sorta using their powers to make their normal attributes better? Like I can see your attack so I can dodge it? Yeah that sounds MAGICAL! What is the point of magic then? And what about people who only have offensive magic? Sounds like a whole lot of uselessness there.
 photo magicalwarfareepisode113_zps59351281.jpg
Shouldn't there be tons of magicians then? Since you are all running around in the daylight firing weapons?
Don't worry though guys. Takeshi is going to be okay. Because in a world where magic users can't attack each other or use their magic against each other it is incredibly easy to give other people magical abilities. Being born into a magical family or studying magic for years is so lame. It is better to get these powers instantly by being exposed to magic. Just exposed, not hit. So Takeshi, the friend Kazumi, and the girlfriend Kurumi are all magicians now. It was like they were on Oprah. And you get magical powers and you get magical powers and you get magical powers!! I mean it was getting so ridiculous and easy to become magical I started to get bored. Like okay why isn't the entire world magical then? If something like bullet fragments can create a mage there should be tons of magicians. Tons. Lots of kids exposed to magic yet magicians are supposed to be rare and mysterious. Yeah okay.
 photo magicalwarfareepisode111_zpsbfc50d28.jpg
Um....did I just see that?
Especially when these mages are running around in daylight at a public place brandishing weapons. Like hello that is a HUGE sword thing. Mui has a gun. The other two weapons were small and compact but still. How are these mages living in the shadows like that? Oh you mean the people that Tsuganashi is with are part of an organization who wants mages to be more well known, not to live in the shadows? Well I guess this is a good first step. You know, to being put to death like with the examples shown later during Mui's speech. Maybe if magicians start off slow, introducing themselves to society in a manner that is friendly this could work. But running around with weapons out in the open doing magical things...I think not.
 photo magicalwarfareepisode110_zps988eb6cd.jpg
Have I talked about how bamboo is the most magical material on the planet? That was a giant sword. Of course maybe Takeshi was using his magic at that point to reenforce this weapon but still. It did eventually break in a way that it appeared to still be wood. So this is my face going...hmmm I see. Takeshi might be a great kendo or whatever person but come on. This is my disbelief face.
 photo magicalwarfareepisode114_zps8c16a1d0.jpg
This was totally normal too....magical growing boobies.
That was pretty much my face for the entire episode. Like oh okay...oh okay...hmm okay. That and I was trying to watch Helix while typing this so it is hard to focus. Just...way too much special. I understand anime isn't suppose to be realistic. Magic and stuff. Girls who are way too cute. Boys who are way too brave. But I would like some resemblance of normalness. Like...when people have weapons be scared. Don't yell at a girl for talking to your boyfriend when there is a dude with a giant sword. And why is everyone stopping to talk when a new person arrives on the scene? Like no let me stand still so we can get this person up to speed too.
 photo magicalwarfareepisode116_zps26528749.jpg
I can see why.....
The brainy dude with the glasses seems to have lost his magical powers and his life due to using magic against....the girlfriend who was not magical yet. Mr. Sword guy was temporarily beaten because Takeshi can see 5 seconds into the future TAKE THAT NICHOLAS CAGE! And now we got three friends who are now magical because they were near magic. So clearly that means it is time to take them to the magical world that looks like crap. It looks like there is a school there for magic kids but basically this mirror world has been put through the ringer. I thought magical people were like normal people too? Now they are from a different dimension? What the hell is going on? By looking at the art online for this show it looks like the brother is Gekkou is going to be in the magical world too. I don't even know folks. I don't even know. Mui was crying all over the place because she made this all happen, no one reacted normally to these magical situations that shouldn't be happening, people can't even use magic against other magic people but becoming magical is beyond easy, and the art was crap. I mean that was obvious from the PV but maybe people were fooled by the other art for this show. Yeah folks...can't really think of much in terms of redeeming qualities for this show. Doesn't seem to be that deep or make much sense. Yes it is a magical show but it still has to happen in a way that makes logical sense in that world. People who are not magical should be shocked by magic. Just...there was way too much special for my mind to comprehend. I can handle some things that are a bit off but when it is scene after scene of wtfness it is time to move on. Next.

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