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Hamatora episode 3

Long time no write!!! X__X Has it been almost two weeks already? Yeah this job schedule is still not want I am used to. I get up in the mornings saying okay I will get some blogging done today. Well it doesn't happen so after work I am like okay now I can get things done. Then I sit on the couch and POOF it is time for bed. X___X Is this what it is like to be adult? How do people with kids do it?
 photo Hamatoraepisode313_zps16c72921.jpg
Do it or else!
Since I only have a fur baby and bear with more clothes than me I guess I will never know. Well time to get something posted before bed anyway. Up now is Hamatora episode 3. Had to make sure I already posted 2 that is how far behind I am. Spoilers for Nice always having the right thing to say.
 photo Hamatoraepisode32_zpsf8bd1ce2.jpg
Our old school? Sure if the money is good we will take the job!
Episode Summary: Art and his partner are driving around, talking about the Minimum serial killer. While it is good they have a motive it doesn't make it any less creepy. Still the partner talks about how Minimum Holders have it good in life now, that being born with one automatically makes you successful and up for good jobs. Especially when places like the Facultas Academy is backing you up. How fair is that for the other people in the world? Art doesn't believe that and the two keep driving. The next day Hamatora is approached for a job by a woman named Shouko. She works for...well an organization with a super long name. Basically it is to protect our youth. POY. You know, the people trying to censor anime and mangas? Anyway she is paying the company money to go in and find some scandalous things about about the Facultas Academy as she is sure they are up to no good. Like the cop partner said earlier the Facultas Academy cranks out and “helps” Minimum holders get a handle on their powers and eventually post of them rise to the top of society. Since Shouko is in charge of ALL THE CHILDRENS it is unfair that only a few get this treatment and surely this Academy is a bad thing. So she wants the boys to go in and find out some dirt as the long arm of the government kiss ass law won't allow her to do so. She thinks that Nice in particular hates the Academy to which he is like weeeeeeell. It sounds like he doesn't want to take the job but hello money so Murasaki is there. On the car ride home Shouko tells her associates all went well now that they have Murasaki on board. Apparently he was ranked 2nd out of the entire Academy. All information on the person who ranks 1st is unknown. Shouko then tries to call her son but he doesn't answer which gets some shifty face from her driver/colleague. Murasaki is spying on top people in the Facultas Academy but is finding nothing. Nice has decided to stay back and help clean the cafe. He decides later on to go investigate why Shouko is so extreme.
 photo Hamatoraepisode310_zps93c87b80.jpg
Yes because things are crazy enough as it is.
Art and his partner are researching POY and it seems they are...well kill joys in many senses of the word. Art finds something interesting and leaves. Shouko is then seen getting a phone call as the police has gone to POY to see...Professor Moral. You know, the pointy teeth guy with a brain fetish? Not that Art knows that. Art has researched the POY and found that they (POY) have purchased a large quantity of a drug called Nemcrois. Now when investigating the crimes in episode 1 both suspects have large amounts of Nemcrois in their system. And since you can't get this drug in Japan all suspects point to the person who has the drug on record, Professor Moral. He is a graduate from the Facultas and looks shady. Moral says that only one member of POY purchased to drug and gave it to him but Art is more concerned on what research Moral is doing that would need said drug. Moral eventually explains he is researching innate Minimum powers as he is believes in equality and the poor people out there that have no abilities. They tiptoe around the issue of the brainless Minimum Holders but Moral thinks it would take a brave man to kill someone as a weak person is stopped by society's pressure. That one day Moral will create a world where everyone can be brave and equal. Art is upset by this but Moral points out that his research will actually help Art, a man who went to Facultas but couldn't produce an ability. Art decides strangling Moral would be a positive use of his time but stops when he gets a phone call because apparently he has his own death wish. He is called away on urgent matters but promises Moral this isn't over yet.
 photo Hamatoraepisode316_zpsf3e55b42.jpg
What a creepy, creepy power.
Meanwhile Nice was watching POY Shouko make another announcement about harmful things to youth when a manhole cover explodes up into the air. People aren't really alarm at first as this has been happening often. But when a giant monster person emerges from it people begin to panic. Shouko calls Murasaki and tells him to pin this on Facultas even if they didn't do it. Murasaki appears as he was down the street and while he doesn't approve of POY's tactics he will still battle the creature to protect people. Murasaki starts going ham on the monster and asks Nice, who is RIGHT THERE, to help. Nice seems to think the creature is having fun and Shouko starts losing her mind as the police are coming and will cover this up to protect Facultas. The monster turns to her and says momma before running away into the sewers. Shouko is like nooo that is my son because he had a whistle and no one else in the world has one! Art and Moral then have a phone call in which Moral admits to giving the boy powers. TADA look at all the happiness. Art is not happy with this fun and Shouko is sobbing her eyes out because she never made her son feel unhappy. Nice and his judgey self says that Shouko going after Minimum Holders made her son feel inferior and she should have just focused on him. When Nice uses the same wordage as Moral Art freaks out and asks the boys to let the police handle the situation. They determine that the boy (Takahiro) is harmed by sunlight because of his eyes but is drawn to large crowds so he can be seen. They create a fake crowd situation to lure the boy in. Back at the cafe Birthday and Ratio were trying to scam customers when they are pulled back inside and told of Nice and Murasaki's situation. They claim the boys will be fine whereas Hajime thinks she sees something familiar in the video tape. Once capturing Takahiro fails Nice breaks into action. He thinks that Takahiro is cool for getting powers and leading his own life as he beats the crud out of the boy. While the beating is going down Moral is burning down his place of business and talking to himself how he wants to surpass Nice, the top ranking student from Facultas. Art looks on as Nice has solved the problem while Moral gets a phone call from Shouko's assistant. Apparently he paid Moral to do that to Takahiro and Moral is like why so angry I helped? Assistant hangs up and Moral is like MEH other people will support me. THE END!
 photo Hamatoraepisode3_zps848a531c.jpg
Well I guess he has white hair and he hasn't been bad guyey yet.
Is this show done by the same people who did Amnesia? I am getting that feeling ya'll. That creepin up feeling. Especially when I look at Murasaki's techno colored jacket. And the baddie has long white hair. Although now that I think about it a lot of shows have baddies with white hair. Which usually symbolizes purity. Or being albino. In Japan it is the opposite of black hair which is the normal. I guess that makes sense. Techno color mess.
 photo Hamatoraepisode39_zps721a9bff.jpg
Just envy all up in this place.
In a world where the X-Men don't live in hiding and go on to have normal, awesome jobs envy has grown. I don't think Art's partner was advocating the death of Minimum Holders. I mean we shouldn't go around killing rich people because they have what we want. I think he was merely talking about how unfair the system is and how people who lack these powers find themselves resentful. I think without listing examples everyone out there can think of how...something things are automatically slanted to certain select groups in society. It just is how it is. And some people will always want that and try to one up people, even if this brainage has to occur. Maybe the people receiving the powers don't even know that deaths are occurring. But that is happening is people are upset and talking. Not enough to do anything about it. Because they are Japanese. Accepting things is a way of life. Art seems to think hard work and determination still help ordinary people achieve their dreams. I am sure he was laughed at later.
 photo Hamatoraepisode34_zpsd61d7b82.jpg
Perhaps if you used a little less eye shadow you could pay us more?
Back at work/cafe de slackers another job has rolled in. For some reason Birthday and Ratio were not asked to help out. I know they are not the main characters but hello they can't complain about Nice taking all the cheap jobs when they don't take any jobs at all. Slackers. This time the client can actually pay. Since they are an adult. An important adult. Enter Shouko, the crusher of hopes and dreams. She is ahead of the youth whatever whatever society in Japan. To safe guard kids and what not. I remember a while back people were all pissed off about censorship and crap in real life. Personally I think a lot of this stuff should be 18 and up but that is what I am used to. Violence too. I mean if boobs are harmful to kids so are blowing up heads. I am an equal opportunity dream killer.
 photo Hamatoraepisode35_zpsa245d33d.jpg
Wait...where is his live on easy street?
Anyway Shouko has called upon our main characters to take down Facultas Academy. Take it down folks!!! I like how Shouko acknowledged that these people (or at least Murasaki) came from the Academy. Wouldn't that mean they would be more likely to support it? That is what I think anyway. So Shouko wants to take down Xaiver's School for Gifted Youngsters because everyone is afraid of violent mutants.'s not fair. See in this world it is known who has powers (well born with powers, not the criminals) and they are treated special. Not feared. They get the best job positions, almost like their daddy was in charge. So Shouko's point is that kids without powers will always be at a disadvantage because of something they can't control. I am sure that rings a bell, sounds familiar with most society's right? So while Shouko's YOP might...over the top and maybe slightly underhanded I can see how she would want things to be equal for people. Especially being a woman and things never being equal for a woman. Would she have been this passionate if her son was born a Minimum Holder? Hard to tell, people usually focus on the issues that hit close to home and not those who affect other people. Since Shouko and YOP can't go after the Facultas for political reasons it is time to employ Murasaki, 2nd top graduate from the school and his second banana Nice. Because you know how Murasaki is having a great job thanks to this school. Maybe Murasaki not having a good job is why he would turn against the school despite being ranked number 2? Hmmm something isn't adding up here as I type this out...
 photo Hamatoraepisode37_zps7a7f991c.jpg
Someone wants to give me money? Clearly something must be wrong.
Either way Nice wasn't really down for this mission so onward Murasaki went. For the record neither Nice or Murasaki really solved anything. The answer/conclusion sorta just fell into their laps. So if someone says oh Murasaki was the one who did all the work..I might have to argue on that. Nice was know...suspicious about the whole thing and appears to not want to talk about the Academy that much. HMMMM I wonder why. Eventually Nice goes go out and investigates...just the person behind paying them Shouko. I thought her reasons were obvious: she and other people don't have powers thus it is unfair. Not that hard to figure out in my book. 

Now for some reason Art was also going to investigate Shouko and the YOP. Did I miss why? They were off trying to find the serial killer of Minimums, not help out Nice and Murasaki on their mission right? You know how there is a friend or topic of the week and everyone just seems to talk about it? Yeah I think that is what is happening. Or you know Art and his partner were looking into the drug and it just so happened to link to YOP the second she contacts Murasaki and friends. Because that is knowledge any police officer can have. Like oh yeah this organization that is still running bought a huge quantity of a dream not available in our country. Let me figure out Blue's Clues like no one else has tried to do and see what is going on here.
 photo Hamatoraepisode33_zpse39004e6.jpg
Wait weren't we just talking about the medicine? Why is Moral spilling the beans?
So off Art went with his new acquired and questionable information. Maybe I did miss something but everything got put together very fast. Maybe because Art is just o so smart. Or a drug that is not allowed/sold in Japan is monitored but no illegal. What does this Nemcrois drug do? Well that might have been important information. Information that I think was not said at all, not just I wasn't paying attention. Art walked into Mr. Brains in Jars/Moral's creepy office and was like the YOP bought you tons of Nemcrois why? Never explained why. I mean...why is this drug not allowed in Japan? What do it do? Why you would need large batches of it? Since we know Mr. Moral is the one running around taking brains and what not from Minimum Holders I guess this drug is to help non Minimum Holders transition or something. But it wasn't explained. Like Art found his foot in the door and went with the questions he already had. Like aha this must be the serial killer yet I will not explain to the viewers why I think so.
 photo Hamatoraepisode38_zps8a0a4674.jpg
I mean I guess you could take people's powers away...
Moral and his creepy room are hard core. X___X Yeah what was up with all the lights constantly changing colors and what not? Was that done for our affect or did Art see that happening too? I think that was grounds for arrest right there. Giving my eyes a seizure. But yes Art throws around a few accusations and mentions Nemcrois a bit and Moral just spills the beans. Almost all the beans. Like get back in the bag so I can have some for dinner beans. Moral didn't flat out say what he was doing but...implied and suggested and did everything possible to let Art know he was the one...investigating how someone not born with powers could obtain them. Did Moral think this through or is he slightly crazy? I assume anyone who has a jar full of brains is a little unstable but explaining almost your entire plan, making yourself sound totally guilty to a police officer...a no go.
 photo Hamatoraepisode311_zpsa1d8ed64.jpg
Am I crossing the line enough yet?
Deep down I hope Moral is telling the truth. That he wants people to become equal. I don't think that is the case though. I really do believe he has a tiny bit of the crazies. That or he likes seeing people get mad. Insane like him. He really knew what buttons to pushed with Art. Life is unfair, wouldn't it be better if everyone was equal and everyone could do what they wanted without consequences? Yeah I am not following that logic. A strong person does not kill a weak person and people envy that. More like someone evil is killed and people might applaud that. Like yes goodbye child molester. But running around killing people and being free from society's rule is not what I think is strong. Which is the point, to show how different Moral and Art are. Oh these names, these names. Even Art was at his wits end dealing with this insane moron. Let me strangle the live out of you. Art seems especially upset since he went to school to try to develop a Minimum and never did. Moral is like oh poor Art, I am doing this for people like you. Um...yeah strangle on Art.
 photo Hamatoraepisode312_zps762718a0.jpg
Err.....if you put it like that...
Art taking a phone call in the middle of the mood lighting and insanity...yeah odd. But duty calls. Ms. Shouko was off doing another SOY speech and poof a large, terribly drawn monster appeared. Clearly we need to blame the Academy for this. I mean...I guess this is a possibility. Anyone can take a gun or knife and hurt people. But now there are individuals that can do amazing feats with their bodies and their minds. Of course people are going to be apprehensive and jealous. I can see how Shouko would want to pin this on the Academy. Very wrong and highly unethical. Would make people not want to trust her in the future. And Murasaki wasn't too pleased about the lying either. Perhaps Should should be pushing for more reform, to make all people with powers register? I don't know, this is a very grey issue. People want to be born with powers while those born with them had no choice.
 photo Hamatoraepisode315_zps56d28417.jpg
Clearly it is all your fault.
To make this a circle of suck complete this badly drawn monster turns out to be her son. The one Shouko was trying to call and reach earlier. Yeah him and his whistle are the monster. While Murasaki was the one kicking the monster's ass Nice was looking on, thinking the human thingy was having fun and was carefree. Not sure what the heck he was watching but Art is concerned as Moral was sounding very similar a little while later. I think Nice's thing is going to be to talk down to people in their hour of need. Last week a kid being bullied need to suck it up, this week a grieving mother needed to be told it was her fault. I mean...I guess Nice is right to a certain point. Shouko pushing the issue so must have made her son feel a certain way. Like mom is more focused with those who have powers. What about me? Am I not important? Do you think I can't do it without powers? In reality Shouko might have thought that of her son but maybe she really did want things to be fair. Nice just hits below the belt with truthness and maybe unnecessariness.
 photo Hamatoraepisode314_zps7805cce6.jpg
I am sure this made all his dreams come true.
Since Moral wasn't done messing with Art he calls the police officer to let him know he did this to the boy. Like really? Really Mr. Crazy Pants? You really want to get the chair or something? Wait does Japan have the death penalty? Anyway yeah Moral is off calling Art while he is busy burning down his place and the evidence. Because he didn't just confess or anything. Art is losing his mind and wants to handle the capture of the boy himself. Because who can he trust now, since Nice is sounding like Moral. Only these are just normal police and not Minimum holders. It has to be Nice who takes down the boy, acting more like this is a game and that the boy is happy to be like this. I am not sure what reality he is subscribing to but yeah. That monster boy didn't look like he was having that much fun. More like help me mom, I can't see, everyone look at me I am amazing all into one. I think he wanted powers, not....this.
 photo Hamatoraepisode317_zps144a7d5f.jpg
Because I am sure this is what the kid had in mind...
The episode ends with Nice winning against the monster boy, Shouko crying her eyes out, and Shouko's assistant calling Moral because HELLO that was not part of the deal. Guess Mr. assistant felt bad for the boy and just wanted to help out. But Moral was all like um I did help didn't you see how happy I made everyone? Not really. But despite Moral saying he wants things to be fair....he is trying to surpass the greatest Minimum Holder from the Academy. Sounds like he will need a lot more brains for that. And who is that individual you might ask? Oh it's just Nice and his ability to move in sound waves. How do you like those apples Murasaki? Mr. Poor boy has the top spot...and has no money or nice job. Okay maybe this Academy is a hack....

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