Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nagi no Asukara episode 16

Good morning! Or really right now good afternoon. We originally had plans to go to St. Augustine today since none of my friends cares about football. I don't think any of us even know who is IN the Super Bowl. But it is looking really rainy outside today. :( I guess it is better than cold but St. Augustine is all outside so....I think we shall stay inside today. Which means anime time right? Oh and Pokemon time. Been on a huge Pokemon kick lately. Caught all the Pokemon possible in my game besides the Runner (Flyer) so onward to breeding and wonder trades weee!
 photo nagiepisode1612_zps250e1a70.jpg
Just got something in my eye that's all....for a long time...
So are you ready for some football?!...Me neither. Anime weeee! Up now is Nagi no Asukara episode 16. Spoilers for Miuna and Sayu making everything about them. I kid I kid...maybe.
 photo nagiepisode16_zps7a175682.jpg
Well....he has existed longer anyway...
Episode Summary: Hikari is introduced to his new classmates by his old teacher. Hikari seems to take this in stride, saying he is now their superior WOOHOO! Everyone else seems okay with this as well. During break Hikari is approached by his new classmates as he is a shiny new toy. Miuna seems odd about this situation, as Hikari is being his normal self. So she has decided to be her normal self. Sayu decides to be her mature self and makes sure that Hikari is not overwhelmed during class. There is some talk about how Hikari is basically Miuna's Uncle but Miuna ignores that. Miuna and Hikari walk home from school together where Miuna is all lost in her romantic thoughts about Hikari while remembering he is a sad little panda. Could a relationship work between them? At that moment the boy who confessed to Miuna bikes by and in a panic Miuna runs up to him as he has figured out that Hikari is the one. Hikari looks on as the boy is a bit depressed. Said boy also points out that Miuna can't marry her relative. Miuna gets all frazzled and Hikari walks up to join her. Hikari thinks the boy and Miuna have something going on and Miuna gets embarrassed instead of denying it. They chase each other home and find Tsumugu there with his old junior high uniform. Hikari's was lost on the day of the festival and he thought Hikari would need it. Off Tsumugu goes before he spends too much time with his friend. Hikari tries on the uniform and it is way too big. Akari offers to mend it but after Hikari rants about Tsumugu being a giant he says he doesn't need this uniform or any other uniform. Akari insists and decides they will go to the BIG city tomorrow as everyone has off. The little boy is beyond happy while Hikari is like meh. Akari and her man find themselves with a moment of quiet. They talk about how it was nice of Husband to let Hikari live here and how they will get to spend some quality time together tomorrow. Well tomorrow comes and the little boy has the plague. Seriously he looked gross. So Hikari and Husband take the little boy to the hospital while leaving money for Hikari and Miuna to go to the city. Hikari really doesn't want to go and decides to make fun of the event by calling it a date. This freaks Miuna out and she decides to call Sayu for a safety bumper. Sayu waits for these two at the bus station. Well it turns out that Miuna doesn't want to think of this as a date but is wearing her fancy clothes and shoes. These new shoes make...well unpleasant noises and Hikari wastes no time in teasing the girl. The teasing reaches the station where Sayu is almost ignored and feels like the third wheel. Miuna tries to include Sayu but clearly it is too late.
 photo nagiepisode1610_zpsee4ad5cd.jpg
Trying to be strong, trying to be happy for my friend.
They take a ride to the city where Hikari is sad to see it has changed as well. After more pig farting shoe jokes they make it to the tailor who talks about junior high schools closing and what not. Hikari really doesn't want the uniform but then Miuna loses her mind and tells the man to make Hikari his old under the sea uniform. Sayu stomps out upset and Miuna eventually makes her way outside. Sayu declares that she is leaving since she never should have come on this date anyway. Miuna is like it isn't a date and we aren't flirting. Sayu makes several jabs at Miuna, reminding the girl that Hikari is now her Uncle. Then Sayu reveals that she thinks Miuna is flaunting this happiness in her face and that Sayu doesn't have her love as he is in the sea. Miuna tries to defend herself and Hikari emerges from the store, deciding having a new uniform is too much for him to handle. Miuna runs off crying and Sayu slumps on the ground crying. Hikari is like what the hell?! He manages to drag Sayu to a phone booth so he can call and see if Miuna made it home. Akari doesn't seem that worried and Hikari is like RARW have to wait for the next train. Luckily Hikari's friend drives up and gives them a ride home. Hikari stops the ride short as he thinks he knows where Miuna is, the old fishing cannery thingy. He finds Miuna sitting and looking at the sea. She feels bad about the fight and Hikari says well all you girls are crazy, Manaka and Chisaki used to fight all the time. Miuna looks more at peace but really can't tell Hikari what the fight was about. She does decide that she needs to make up with Sayu and put aside her feelings for Hikari at this moment. Suddenly one of the old cranes crashes down and Miuna is pushed into the water. Apparently this girl lives 4 feet from the ocean and still can't swim. She starts to panic but then...she thinks she can swim and breath underwater. She starts to swim and sees the old sea city when Hikari appears and pulls her up. He starts to yell at her for being so careless when Miuna starts going on about the magical thing that just happened. Before Hikari can understand the situation Sayu appears crying as she thought something bad happened to her friend. All is forgiven! Elsewhere in town a naked Kaname is seen asking what day it is. THE END!
 photo nagiepisode1617_zpsf1da6679.jpg
But I can breath? Doesn't anyone care that I can breath underwater?
So...I am just going to hate Chisaki forever. Maybe Tsumugu too. But mostly Chisaki. Definitely Chisaki. All that sympathy for her has gone out the window. Even though I think I already said that....
 photo nagiepisode1611_zps998c6c82.jpg
Since there was no picture of Chisaki this episode...this sums up how I might feel.
The thing is Chisaki wasn't even in this episode. One might ask why I am hating so hard on her if she wasn't even around to tick me off. Well that's the point. Where was Chisaki this episode? Hikari just woke up from the sea. 5 years have gone by. Things are changing. Rearranging. Cue a song. I know she and Hikari had a moment on the hill. Like oh thank goodness Chisaki hasn't changed. Apparently that was enough for Chisaki. She doesn't need to show up every day for Hikari. I mean....I guess she is just super busy. You know, visiting her not Gramps in the hospital and taking her nursing classes. She is much too busy to call Hikari. This is me poking my eyes out. I mean logically I know Chisaki is having her feelings too and she does have a life now whereas Hikari has been put on pause. Just....Chisaki liked Hikari the best and she is treating him this shabby. What will happen to poor Kaname? Chisaki is going through a lot and I guess I just can't put aside that she should be there for Hikari since she is the only one who might understand.
 photo nagiepisode163_zps80de3cc8.jpg
The list of worries never ends!
So...on to the episode. As stated by the Boyfriend (now The Husband) later Hikari is putting on a brave face. Pretending everything is okay. Because that is what boys do. Everything is okay because I am a manly man. I wear shorts during Snowegedeon and crack beer cans on my head. Things like being left all alone at the bottom of the ocean doesn't bother me. Call me sensei, you new potential friends. Hahaha , all is well. Yeah poor Hikari. I wonder if he will make friends with the new kids in his class besides Miuna and Sayu. He must feel older than the other new kids but his old friends are older than him. That's a big deal in Japan so...Hikari could have a lot of friends or none? How will the two groups get along?
 photo nagiepisode162_zps027e28a2.jpg
So Miuna is the niece to an octopus?
I like how Sayu was trying to keep things real with Hikari. Normal if you would. Like hello octopus head. And she was trying to help her good intentioned classmates away from Hikari. I can see how this is all totally overwhelming and she is telling them to back off in a way that is gentle (for Sayu) while making sure Hikari doesn't look like the baddie. I think Miuna wants to help more but due to her crush on Hikari it's hard for her to be objective? Or really she doesn't want to get all embarrassed. Or worse....put in the friend zone! Hikari seems blissfully unaware that Miuna has a crush on him. Like unbelievably unaware. Which makes sense because Hikari was caught up in his own love pentagon. 5 years ago and wouldn't have thought to consider Miuna in that way. Now that they are the same age he might become aware of it...later. But for now he is “Uncle” and their classmate riding along on the bike is more of a match than Hikari is. If I was Miuna I would have cried if Hikari assumed that. Not this mock teasing crap.
 photo nagiepisode168_zps2232cac0.jpg
Add uniforms to the list of things that make Hikari sad but he has to push through. Japan do they not sell the actual uniforms at said school? Because...that doesn't make much sense to all. Like go to the school store since they have to be specific. Anyway Hikari needs a uniform and Tsumugu's doesn't fit. Thanks for the drive by appearance by the way. Couldn't stick around to talk to your friend? For some reason Akari was not given Hikari's belongings after the day of sadness. You know, so they could have a memory box for him. Anyway this not having a uniform turned into a deal. Surprise he was allowed to go to school without one. Actually I am surprised Hikari is going to school so fast. Maybe he wants to get back to “normal”. Of course his classmates aren't there and his teacher sounds different....
 photo nagiepisode166_zpsf535abdb.jpg
For nothing!
Anyway it is time for a family outing. Hikari needs new clothes. That he doesn't want because it brings back memories. Again I think Akari could be doing a better job at helping Hikari adjust. F for everyone. But at least...she is trying. Maybe Akari assumes she was never going to see Hikari again so she already said goodbye to him. That this entire situation is weird for her. Well I think it's weird that she thanked her husband for allowing Hikari to say. Like um it's automatic crazy. Still..I guess this is a big adjustment for their family and finances. And privacy. Family outing here we come.
 photo nagiepisode169_zpsdaf0aeae.jpg
But the omelet!
Or or...Akari's little boy got sick and had to go to the doctors. I thought little hommie had the chicken pocs. He was so looking forward to going. :( Guess they don't make it to the city often due to work. :( No omelet for them. He is so disappointed. So while Poppa and Akari take the little germ machine to the doctor. Miuna and Hikari are supposed to go to the city and buy said uniform. But because this is a soap opera we can't just go. No no, it has to be dramatic. We can't go out together alone because it's a date?! Craziness. More drama just to get Sayu involved.
 photo nagiepisode1614_zps87cc969a.jpg
Did you forget that I am not happy?!
I think...Sayu handled things well. Considering. I do think she was slightly sensitive to the entire situation. I wouldn't call what Miuna and Hikari were doing flirting. Maybe being playing. They are “family” and Hikari deserves to have some laughs. But....flirting? No. Sayu is just...upset because Kaname is not here. Almost like Miuna is rubbing the situation in her face. Which I don't think Miuna did on purpose. She was just happy and trying to make things normal for Hikari. Was Miuna being selfish? I don't know. I really didn't think Sayu liked Kaname as much as Miuna liked Hikari. But still...I think I see Sayu's point. Both of them missed “their boys” and now that Hikari is back Miuna forgot about chicks before dicks. Miuna is so caught up in everything else she forgot that Sayu didn't get her happy ending.'s a hard situation to get mad at Miuna with but Sayu had good points.
 photo nagiepisode1613_zpsf192af7c.jpg
Oh snap, you really are a teenager. X___X
These good points might have been lost though when Sayu made some pot shots at Miuna. Like um, isn't he your Uncle?! Kinda hard to see if Sayu was really happy for Miuna if she is capable of saying something like that. Which...isn't true. More like step Uncle, no blood. Is it creepy? I don't know but I have read some creepy things in Japan so this doesn't see like a big deal to me. Anyway the 14 year old girls were acting like 14 year old girls, crying and being dramatic. Hikari was also slightly dramatic too with his whole I don't want a uniform bit. But he walks out of the store to escape the drama to find more drama. Hikari must not be a good runner as he doesn't go after the person high tailing it out of there. Like um what is going on here?
 photo nagiepisode1615_zpsc99d7385.jpg
Err...girl is to handle this...
After dragging Sayu off the ground and having a super not caring conversation with Akari (like oh Miuna is missing.....) Hikari slowly made it out of the city. With a little help from old time school friend Sayu and Hikari made it back to their little town with a pit stop when Hikari thought he knew where Miuna was. This town isn't that big and the teenage girls like to stop at the defunked cannery place. Something to do with fish. Miuna and her fart shoes were sitting down and having a cry. Of course when Hikari rolled up Miuna couldn't just tell Hikari what was wrong without outing herself so she had to speak in circles. Be vague. Which I think was fine with Hikari as he is a boy and doesn't really want to find himself in this mess anyway. Like um why so angry sorta deal. At least he was trying, talking about how girls often get mad and forgive each other just as fast. Not sure who he was talking about. I think boys are less likely to hold grudges. Still Hikari was able to help Miuna see the light and that she needs to mend things with Sayu without knowing he was the problem.
 photo nagiepisode1616_zpscede97f4.jpg
Too bad Kaname isn't here to help now...OH WAIT 5 MINUTES!
Just as Miuna was ready to make things right with Sayu a piece of leftover equipment falls and knocks Miuna into the ocean. Given the current situation I am surprised it didn't hit her. We need one less kid in this love triangle or no one is going to be happy. I kid I kid...I think. Anyway Miuna falls into the water and since it takes Hikari about 2 minutes to find her....because it is so hard...Miuna has time to freak out. Like MOG I live so close to the ocean and both my moms are from the sea and I never learned to swim I am going to die....Only she didn't. She didn't drown or anything. Suddenly she could breath under water and swim. X___X And she was okay with that. Not freaking out the other way. Instead of going to the surface Miuna was like woohoo look at me swim!!!! I can do it, I can do it! Don't take me out of the water Hikari, this is where I want to be.
 photo nagiepisode1618_zps57c04811.jpg
Err...hello naked Kaname?
So when Hikari does finally fish Miuna out of the water what happens? Miuna tries to tell Hikari about this major and miraculous event and....he acts like it doesn't matter. Like um hello this is a big deal. Miuna was breathing underwater. Didn't drown. Act like this matters. But I guess Hikari and Sayu (who never went home) were too busy crying over the fact that Miuna did not drown. Still I hope that this important topic is discussed like 5 minutes later, after Miuna and Sayu mend their tiny cracked friendship. But since a naked Kaname has been spotted walking around the town I am guessing he is going to be more of the focus...just a thought. Until next time!


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