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Nagi no Asukara episode 17

Post number 2 of the day. XD Hopefully more to come. It just seems like there is so much to do and instead of doing...any of it I get overwhelmed and do other things. Like MOG what to do first I need to do it all.....too much I will just sit on the couch and do nothing. Does that happen to anyone else? No...never mind then. XD
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Well there isn't much cheer but I guess I can try....
Anyway moving on to anime and not excuses. Up now is Nagi no Asukara episode 17. Spoilers for Kaname getting in on the feeling department.
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What about me?! Aren't I cool?!
Episode Summary: Hikari and Miuna return home from their non shopping adventure to find Akari freaking out. Kaname is alive...and naked!!! They turn and run back the exact way they came. Once being found Kaname is taken to the working fish place and given some clothes. Chisaki has decided she cares once again and runs to see Kaname. At first he is excited to see her but when Tsumugu appears behind her Kaname has jealous face on for 5 seconds, then pretends everything is okay. Tsumugu's colleague then starts asking Kaname a lot of questions, like if he could see the underwater city. Kaname woke up being taken by the current and doesn't remember much, only that he heard something odd. Miuna is like oh I heard that today too when I almost didn't drown in the ocean. While Akari is like MOG you almost died everyone else picks up on the fact that Miuna could swim AND breath underwater. Thanks for that detail Hikari. As Tsumugu's colleague focuses on the obvious, that the weather must be affected by the sea god and not being able to find the city Kaname focuses on the fact that Hikari wants to find Manaka and Chisaki is focused on Hikari wanting to find Manaka. Because there is officially no more room in the inn Kaname is taken to Tsumugu's house. Kaname pretends like Chisaki living at Tsumugu's is something nice and that he is jumped to the wrong conclusion when they both showed up. But watching the two interact in the kitchen makes Kaname think the two have grown close. Tsumugu tries to ask Chisaki if she is okay but she doesn't get the point or she is lying. The next day at the teacher announces that Kaname has woken up and the entire class is buzzing with excitement. Hikari pretends to be mad because he is not the center of attention while Sayu looks bummed. So bummed Miuna does not mention her breathing under water adventures. During break Sayu talks about how she had grand plans to be alone all her life and now Kaname came back and she doesn't know how to feel. Drinking their triangle juices Miuna decides that they should give it their all since they are the same age now. Both girls are happy and promise not to give up. While Hikari and Miuna bid Sayu goodbye as they walk home Kaname was on the other side, near the bridge where the pole should have squished him. He is thinking about Chisaki giving Tsumugu and Hikari all the attention. Their old friend from school goes to greet Kaname and Sayu hears Kaname but runs away all embarrassed. Before Kaname can run after her Chisaki appears so Kaname walks home with her. He asks her has she changed. Chisaki blushes, saying she has grown but hasn't changed AKA still loves Hikari. She asks if Kaname has changed and he replies he hasn't, that he has a thing for older woman.
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Miuna has ena? Lets talk about boys.
Back where things matter Mr. Colleague has determined that Miuna has a thin layer of ena now. This is news to everyone and Miuna is SO HAPPY that she and Hikari have something in common. The Colleague wants to examine the little boy and thinks that this has something to do with the weather and what not. Miuna wants to tell Sayu about this new development and visit with Kaname but Sayu doesn't want to. Miuna is worried about the girl and skips walking home with Hikari to find Sayu. Hikari and Kaname go to their old watering pit that Tsumugu made. Kaname confesses everything is different and Hikari nods, saying it is overwhelming. But now that Kaname has woken up that means Manaka will wake up soon and he is sure her feelings for Tsumugu have not changed. Yet he will willing to help her out because he loves her. Miuna hears this confession in her efforts to find Sayu and is heartbroken. Miuna walks to the broken down fish place again because apparently drowning is fun and finds Sayu having a pity party. Miuna puts on her party hat and talks about how she thought she had a chance with Hikari but apparently not. Sayu decides that they are sick for holding onto crushes since they were kids and that they need to let it go. Because Sayu can break into song Miuna decides she is not sick and will keep on trying. Sayu and Miuna get into a little fight, mainly because their hearts are hurting and they need someone to take it out on. On the way home Sayu runs into Kaname who tries treating her like a kid but stops when he realizes they are the same age. Sayu is like damn I am sick too. Miuna arrives home to finding Hikari running out the door and she joins him. Turns out that Tsumugu and Colleague have found out that there is a new underwater current that might take them to the city and they think the sound Kaname and Miuna heard is connected. They boys are asked to explore but Kaname isn't sure he can find the noise again. Miuna volunteers to help, even if that means finding Manaka. For some reason Chisaki is asked not to go on this trip under the sea. The trio dive in the water with Tsumugu and colleague waiting top side for them. Miuna is able to hear the noise and leads the boys to the mysterious sound, amazed by the world Hikari came from. THE END!
 photo nagiepisode1715_zps9ee090c3.jpg
Also we couldn't talk about this all when Hikari came back? Maybe because Hikari was unconscious?
Oh oh I see how it is. Hikari appears passed out before people and no one wants to pay attention to him and make sure he is okay. But Kaname is walking around naked in public and suddenly everyone has feelings and wants to care. Maybe Chisaki will be the most excited to see Manaka if this continues, despite Manaka being the source of much unhappiness in her life. Unwillingly of course.
 photo nagiepisode172_zps17ee75db.jpg
Why doesn't anyone have a cellphone so we can call and inform people of things? Is this show in the past?
Kaname was up and running after emerging from the ocean. No nap for him. Not that he would have been able to take one given all the commotion. I like that Hikari ran to see him though. Like please Akari, can't hold this kid back. I thought Miuna would have stayed behind and called Sayu right then and there but that would mean leaving Hikari's side so that won't due. Onward to places that have spare clothes on hand in case naked people from the sea emerge. Where do all their clothes go? I mean...the entire place is full of water so are they all going to be naked? Or were Manaka, Hikari, and Kaname really exposed to the elements. And sharks ate their clothes? Who cares Kaname is back!!! Rejoice Hikari!!!
 photo nagiepisode173_zps99b047e7.jpg
Just...there are no words for this....
Generally speaking Kaname has always been the stable member of this motley crew. Manaka was the flip flopper cry baby, Hikari was the pig headed passionate one, and Chisaki was 5 steps away from being emo and writing her Twilight diary about how life is so unfair in the corner. Kaname was more the cool and calm kid. Like yeah I like Chisaki but I know she likes someone else. Not going to cut myself over it. So when Kaname was thrown into the ocean because he was paying attention to Tsumugu and Chisaki...I was a bit thrown myself. Like hello why are you focusing on this? Maybe he was afraid that Manaka's flip floppin ability was contagious and that Chisaki was falling for Tsumugu despite being pissed off at him being honest (THE NERVE). It just me a lame way to make Kaname fall into the ocean as well, leaving Chisaki alone. Had he not paused he would probably have been in the boat and Chisaki would have no pity party. It just seems out of character that Kaname would automatically assume things just because Tsumugu and Chisaki walked in at the same time. Like why can't girls and boys be friends without there being something romantic going on? Doesn't Kaname have enough to worry about with Hikari and Chisaki that he doesn't need to make up things with Chisaki and Tsumugu? Of course if he turns out to be right...I will still assume he was overacting. Or could see into the future and was getting upset in advanced.
 photo nagiepisode176_zpsca7c918e.jpg
We need a flow chart for all the loves.
There is a lot going on in Kaname's head right now folks. He has just woken up 5 years in the future naked and he sees Chisaki and Tsumugu acting all close. So clearly this was the time to interrogate him. Maybe one day I will remember what the Colleague's name is but for now I want to call him butthead. Can't the boy get some hot soup and rest before questioning him? Why not the questions for Hikari? Because he was unconscious? Kaname was more focused on Hikari worrying about Manaka and Chisaki worrying about Hikari worrying about Manaka to really care about the “sound” he heard. These people be on crack though. In clearly sounded like something breaking. Sand moving...I guess, like the current was dragging it along. Still it sounded like little tiny pieces of glass were breaking. For some reason, because maybe now everyone is psychic 5 years in the future the colleague focused on that.
 photo nagiepisode174_zpsaf4fad97.jpg
You know....not a big deal or anything....
Oh and Miuna just let it slide right in that she heard the noise too. Look at me, look at me I can be important to Hikari too. What do you mean you heard the noise? What do you mean you were in the ocean today? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU FELL IN?! ….What do you mean you could swim and breath underwater? Like I predicted last episode Kaname coming back was going to overshadow this amazing event and almost be forgotten. Like oh didn't I tell you I bought this shirt last week kinda deal. Only it is a super big deal. SUPER!!!! Ms. I can't even swim this close to the ocean. How can this be?! This is what you should be investigating Mr. Colleague, not glass breaking. I like how later it was brought up that Akari's little boy might have the same issue but never Tsumugu. Doesn't work on Grandpas from the sea?
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Sugar? Yes it must be love.
Once everyone was over this initial shock it was finally time for Kaname to get some rest. So where will the boy stay? Well clearly not at that Sayama's house. That is his name right? The kid whose dad owns the Market? Yeah he can't stay there. No no to fully get the soap opera affecting Kaname must stay at Tsumugu's house. He is like adopting people and putting people up left and right. Where does the money come from? Gramps seems down for the count (and probably wasn't making that much money anyway) Tsumugu is a college student as is Chisaki, and Kaname is 14. So...we won't think about that or how every part of this town needs a fresh coat of paint. Instead we will watch Kaname look on as Tsumugu and Chisaki act like an old married couple. Poor Kaname. To Tsumugu's credit he didn't rub it in Kaname's face...although I don't know if he knows to be jealous. I think Tsumugu likes Chisaki that way but Tsumugu doesn't feel that way. She better not because if she has three different choices of guys (even if Hikari was never really possible) I will pull my hair out. No she seems more distracted about the fact Manaka is coming back soon and that means bye bye Hikari. Guess you should have spent more time with him yes? Poor Kaname.
 photo nagiepisode179_zps914472bc.jpg
How dare you come back! Don't you know how that will affect my life?!
As the teacher tells the class that another student has woken up from the sea Miuna was excited. Finally things were going right. Even if Hikari (and his uniform....) were slightly put out he was no longer the shiny new toy in the room. Sayu being jealous over Kaname would have to end now that he was back and oh yeah Miuna can swim and breath underwater meaning she and Hikari can bond! How can this get any better? Well..I guess Sayu could be more excited so Miuna could share the good news. I mean....while drinking their strangely shaped drinks (those must be fun to stack) you could tell Sayu was having a hard time. She built up this store that she was going to go to the big city and have a career there alone because...Kaname wasn't there and why settle for any other guy? She didn't want to be like Miuna pinning away for some guy but then grew jealous when Miuna got her guy back. So Sayu was full of emotions. Eventually it was decided that she and Miuna were not going to give up because..Manaka isn't there and Chisaki is an old lady. XD They have a chance now.
 photo nagiepisode175_zps8884648f.jpg
Ain't no one listening to you!
Because this show is 90 percent about feelings and 10 percent the supernatural Sayu and Kaname did meet briefly on the walk home. Sayu had just gotten done having her peptalk with Miuna whereas Kaname was busy having a walk down memory lane. Stupid bridge that almost squished him. Can I say that Sayama is a pretty nice. Started off as a jerk but he seems to be really helping out the family business and is genuinely friends with all the sea kids and is happy to see them. Yeah I like him more than Chisaki. So anyway Kaname was getting attention while wanting to be alone with his thoughts when he saw Sayu across the street. Suddenly all the yes we can moments she and Miuna had meant nothing. Time to get embarrassed and run. Can't say that I blame her. In her head he was always older than her and it was a little crush. Now that things could actually happen and he is really back Sayu is overwhelmed. MOG it could happen kind of overwhelming. Plus the girls in this show like to run away at the slightest thing anyway so you know...
 photo nagiepisode1710_zps04fc09b3.jpg
Trying to be serious here!
After Chisaki chased Sayu away it was time for Kaname and Chisaki to have embarrassing moments. Or some truthful ones. Everyone is tip toeing around the subjects. Have you changed? Have I changed? What does change really mean? Everyone is talking about their hearts because obviously the land people have changed physically. I am not sure what answer Kaname was looking for. But Chisaki gave him the she hasn't changed one which means she has love for Hikari. I guess that is good for Kaname since...he thinks Tsumugu has worked his way in. Given that Kaname has been asleep for the past 5 years he didn't have time to change so he is still team Chisaki. Older woman my butt. XD I really do wonder how this is going to play out. I is a little eyeball rolling that no one likes the person that likes them. A bit...more than eyeball rolling I mean. How is this even statistically possible? Broken hearts for everyone.
 photo nagiepisode1711_zpsd7514460.jpg
We shall spend 1 minute on this and then go back to feelings.
Oh by the way Miuna has ena now folks. Not a big deal. We need to focus on the feelings and what not more than the fact that Miuna magically gained ena. I am sure it has something to do with her parents and not everyone on land is getting ena. Or maybe that is the case and half children are getting them first. I really thought this was going to be a big deal. Like test my little boy out too and get Tsumugu up in this place. I am sure there are others who just haven't come forward. While Colleague was trying to focus on the science Miuna was focused on how she and Hikari really could become one now. We have so much in common...including a brother/nephew. But yeah instead of being started at these new changes in her life Miuna was like YAY HIKARI!!!
 photo nagiepisode1714_zpsfe22382c.jpg
Eff you and your dreams!
Since there was one moment of happiness we needed to bring the show down on multiple levels. Sayu was in no mood to hear about the ena. In an attempt to find Sayu Miuna heard things she shouldn't have. Kaname and Hikari were trying to have a moment, two boys going through similar things, girls that don't love them loving other people and waking up to a world changed. Still no matter what Hikari wants to save Manaka even if she loves Tsumugu who loves Chisaki who loves Hikari. That is just the kind of person Hikari is. I guess the other times that Hikari has talked about this Miuna didn't hear. She was rather young at the time and was caught up in liking Hikari, not focusing on who he liked. So she had to run off upset about this fact and found Sayu in her go to crying spot. Despite knowing all of this Miuna still wants to try for Hikari while Sayu has decided that they are sick. That wordage was a bit dramatic. I mean....I guess technically they are sick if they expect different results while knowing the truth. But Sayu was slowly having a Chisaki moment there with her pity party. Miuna was busy being determined to get Hikari which means she was acting like Hikari? I don't know so much drama in 5 minutes of anime time. Oh did I mention that Chisaki ran into Kaname 4 seconds after her fight with Miuna and her crush resurfaced? Stop lying to yourselves...and maybe get some new blood in this town. We need new people to like.
 photo nagiepisode17_zps41fd6993.jpg
Onward to save my love's love...who doesn't love him.
Wow all my posts are getting so long. Guess I better wrap it up. The episode ends with the colleague and Tsumugu discovering that a new current has formed, maybe creating the sound that Kaname and Miuna heard. Maybe they can reach the town and find out the secret behind this weather. Now that Miuna and better hearing that Hikari and Kaname apparently she is going on this magical trip too. I guess there are no adults to help them but I think it is really odd that Chisaki didn't go. I know the boys told her not to go but that is her home too and she is from the sea. What right do they have to tell her not to go? Why wouldn't she insist on going? It is almost like Chisaki is allowing things to happen to her and around her without any input. I really don't know what is going on in this crazy girl's head. Miuna was over the moon to help Hikari but she realized that by helping Hikari she might find Manaka and she will lose him forever. That is love folks. A bunch of crazy teenage love. Crash into that ocean and find the source of the GLASS BREAKING. Onward to the water!

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