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New Anime Series: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei episode 1: And...that's a no

Is this post number 4 today? I think it is. And I think it might be the oldest one in my little folder. XD Got so behind on things that the stuff I knew wasn't going to make the cut got left behind in order for the stuff I was going to watch to get attention. That makes sense yes? I tend to leave the yucky stuff for last....and then regret it later. Not that this anime is yucky per say....just not my cup of tea.
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode19_zpsa7a5a57c.jpg
Saddest thing ever!
So what anime am I talking about? Mikakunin de Shinkoukei. You know, the classic tale of people having arranged marriages in the year 2014? Yeah it was special. Spoilers for a birthday ruined by a boy with no personality.
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode1_zps01cfb0c7.jpg
Forgotten memories......
Episode Summary: There is a dream/memory being shown. A time in the not so distance past, some grass and a shadow. Kobeni our main character wakes up and wonders what that dream was all about. She has no time to think about that as she opens the window on this the day of her birth. She thinks to herself nothing interesting has happened yet ( just woke up) but surely something will even if nothing really special happens to her. It is her 16th birthday and since that is the age girls can get married surely she is an adult now. She goes downstairs where her creepy sister Benio hands her a cake to eat for breakfast. Benio fawns all over Kobeni for a while, lovely sister this and that. Their mother walks by and Kobeni is weirdly formal. As if an afterthought the mom goes oh by the way your grandfather arranged a marriage for you Kobeni and he will be staying here starting today. Oh and he is standing right behind you. After freaking out that this kid is basically a ghost Kobeni voices her opinion that his is the worse idea in the history of ideas. The mother explains the grandfather had this planned since Kobeni was young and they first met the family. Kobeni is like but I don't want to get married, who does arrange marriages anymore. Benio also freaks out that her beloved sister is going to leave her despite all the plans of them being together forever. Hakuya and his nonpersonality self seems fine with the arrangement. Suddenly there is a little girl at the door and she is not delivering girl scout cookies. She is Mashiro, Hakuya's little sister and she is here to help out with his needs. The mother does not seem bothered by another strange kid is in the house and goes to make beds. Mashiro explains they are from the mountains while being from a well to do family and since brides are hard to come by....yeah Kobeni is not impressed and neither is Benio as Hakuya has the personality of a rock. Mashiro tries to act all prim and proper, saying she is going to make Kobeni into a bride. But then she starts acting her age as she is a little kid.
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode115_zps5116a517.jpg
A sisterly transformation?
Kobeni sets to work making dinner so she can think to herself how insane this all is. How can she be getting married?! Mashiro adds her two cents on what should be for dinner but curry proves to be too spicy for her. Kobeni asks Mashiro and Hakuya for their likes and dislikes for food since she has to go to the store now and feed more people. Mashiro is weird about it and Hakuya seems to be okay with anything as long as Kobeni makes it. Kobeni attempts to walk to the store to think about this insanity when she nearly dies on some snow slush and Hakuya comes from behind to save her. After making some sense Kobeni allows Hakuya to come with her to the store so he can be the pack mule. She asks why he is okay with this arranged marriage and he explains they played together as kids and he had been told of this marriage at a very young age. Kobeni apologizes she was in an accident when she was young and lost a lot of memories. She is still not find with this and find Hakuya odd. The next morning Mashiro wishes them well at school as she must run off and fill out her own paperwork. While walking Kobeni's friend Mayura walks up and Hakuya announces they are engaged. Kobeni tells him to tell no one else at school. Obviously Hakuya is put in the same class as Kobeni but to her shock so is Mahiro. Isn't she a little kid? Mahiro smiles mischievous about it and Kobeni wonders what kind of weird family she is marrying into. During one of the breaks Benio comes by along with her fan club of admirers. Mahiro does not react well to Benio as Benio has become...shall we say slightly obsessed with Mahiro. Kobeni explains that at school Benio is a model student, beautiful, and great at anything she tries so at home she likes to wind down. Mahiro decides her life is in danger and runs. Kobeni takes a minute to think how special her sister is and then goes looking for the lost girl Mahiro. Up and down the stairs until she needs a break. She sighs a bit, thinking she is nothing like Benio when Hakuya appears behind her and says she is fine the way she is. He shows her that he has found Mahiro who still lives in fear of Benio. Kobeni is touched by the kind words and thinks to herself that life is going to be interesting from now on. THE END!
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode112_zpsb13c6bf3.jpg
Or I could call him goodbye stranger?
Hmmm I am not sure about this show. And given that I am already behind on 2014 anime I am not sure how many other shows I need to be watching. Especially if I am not sure about them. I guess I could try to do MINI posts. You know, because I possess the ability to be brief and all. But since I did take the time to watch episode one of this show I guess I can go about blogging this episode. Who knows what the future will hold for this series though. Well in regards to me.
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode14_zps9d678264.jpg
Um....cake first thing in the morning would be the best thing ever!
Happy Birthday Kobeni! Ah to be 16 again. Did I have my 16th birthday party at Aladdin Castle or was that my 15th? I think it was 16th. What does Kobeni get her for her 16th birthday? A whole lot of drama. At least the girl didn't have to go to school on that day. Maybe it would have been a relaxing day full of cake for all three meals and dotting sister all over the place. Kobeni started the series off by saying it was her birthday and how she didn't know what was going to be in store for her. That is clearly a sign of things to come. Look at me, I am ordinary and such. Surely something amazing/unexpected is about to happen.
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode111_zps6f7fa47a.jpg
If you hurt her I will gut you and throw your body in the river.
Kobeni and Benio? Very interesting names for sisters. Benio seems to have way more personality than her sister. She has so much in fact when she is at school she as a slightly different one. Look at me I get to be two people. Kobeni might a little boring if it were not for her sister and her over the top antics. I am not sure how I feel about siblings in animes dotting on each other like that. I never wanted my brothers to end up with hookers or anything but I wasn't like gushing about them being amazing all the time either. This seems to be a common troupe in animes though. My lovely little sister, my amazing older brother. Let me decorate my wall with posters of your awesomeness. I know it is supposed to be funny and over the top but I guess I just find it disturbing, like giant boobies that should defy the laws of logic, nature, and gravity.
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode16_zpsdd3b2bdc.jpg
What a lousy birthday present.
Before Benio can prove how insane she is she is given a reason to be overprotective. Hello mom. It's my birthday. What do I get as a present? Oh a fiancee. How nice put it in the stack with the other gifts...wait a fiancee? And he is here? Right now? In the living room? And I am expected to be okay with this. Yeah this is silly folks. Animes can be silly though, a way to watch something and let off a little steam from the day. So we will ignore the fact that this is the year 2014 and arranged marriages are not that common in Japan anymore. Oh and we will ignore the fact that the mother has known about this for a long time and has said nothing up until the point said boy gets to the house to STAY with your underage daughter for an unknown period of time. I guess we should just focus on the fact that Kobeni's mother ruined her birthday. Losers. This grandfather sounds like a winner too. What I say goes. Okay grandpa, eat your baby food and we will totally listen to you. DOWN THE STAIRS YOU GO!
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode15_zps808f27a3.jpg
Pay no attention to the boring boy behind the curtain.
While Kobeni was having the proper reaction to a random arranged marriage she was not told of Hakuya the boy we say boring? Like if I thought Kobeni was a little boring Hakuya was a coma. Snooze city. I am sure this will be a running theme in this show. No presence at all. I think it would have been funnier though had we seen him the entire time in the background while Kobeni was having her moment and then when the mother pointed him out she freaked. No presence is an understatement. Then he opened his mouth and it got worse. Like I am not sure how the voice actor pulled off being uninterested, uninterestING, and slow at the same time. He was as close to a robot as one human could possible sound. Now if he was a real person that would be mean of me to say and maybe he has a lovely soul and just...takes his time getting each and every word out. But for now he looks and sounds like a mouth breathing stalker that probably took a hit to the head as a child and never recovered.
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode18_zpsf8554852.jpg
How is this my life?!
YAY MEAN TENCHI! Kobeni was not impressed with...well anyone that was her new fiance and certainly Benio was not having this either. This man cannot possibly take away my little sister. I have dreams of being with her forever that will not be shattered. We will live in the same house and I will take care of her until the end of time. What? What do you mean there is some odd looking little girl in the house too? Mom! Take care of this. MOM! Don't bring out another bed for the girl, tell her to leave!
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode17_zps8baf3785.jpg
Apparently Kobeni needs some work too....
The tiny girl with the most unfortunate haircut ever is named Mashiro. And she is Hakuya's sister. Seriously that hair folks, I can't. So why is this pint size kid here? Well to take care of Hakuya of course. See they are from DEEP in the mountains, where all the crazies from Wrong Turn live and Hakuya has never seen a traffic light, let alone lived in a house with a bunch of girls who aren't related to him. So clearly she needs to help through this process despite being from the same tiny mountain village with not enough people to marry. Oh and she is here to get Kobeni into bridal shape. Because she is 16 now and that means you can get married in Japan. You can't drive, drink, smoke, vote, know graduate from high school but you can get married so you are an adult! Hurry Kobeni, you are way behind the curve when it comes to being a bride. What is wrong with you?
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode113_zps90c63c8c.jpg
Bears don't need traffic lights in the woods!
While I question how great and powerful this family can be that they need to get Kobeni into proper bridal shape (the mountains?!) Mashiro seems to be here to stay. It is always weird seeing a younger sibling taking care of the older one. The way older one while you are all still children, not a 40 verses 47 year old. Mashiro seems to be completely different than her brother. He he was raised in the actual forest and wasn't taught much of anything while Mashiro is all manners and plans and properness. Lecturing people that she does not need milk, she can have coffee or tea....but then rather have milk. That she is trying to act all grown up but can't handle spicy curry. WEE a TV. So I think that Mashiro will bounce back and forth with this I am a mature adult oh a piece of candy bit.
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode110_zps91ba5b8d.jpg
Oh snap. Here it is. The sparkly moment that changes everything in Kobeni's life.
I think that Kobeni could have protested more. Way more. I would have screamed and cussed. Not made them dinner and asked what their food preferences were so I could go out and do some grocery shopping. But if she didn't go out how could she have slipped on some slush and Hakuya saved her? Because girls need saving. Personally I think she would be more creeped out that Hakuya was behind her and she didn't notice nor did her sister try to stop him. But this moment folks is the one that Kobeni will look back on and blush. A boy touched me. How romantic. Now go back in the house because I don't want you around. Oh you will carry the bags for me? Go right ahead. XD
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode12_zps605f1db0.jpg
Can I go back to celebrating my birthday please? With the cake?
Plus if Hakuya came with Kobeni she could ask why he was okay with all of this nonsense. Like hello protest this too! You got shipped to a place for a away from your mountains, one that has stop lights and running water. And you are okay with marrying someone you don't even know? Well it turns out that Hakuya and Kobeni have met before. It isn't like Kobeni's grandfather went up to the mountains on vacation once and picked the first kid he saw. They used to play together as kids. Knowing anime probably for a week. But Kobeni had an injury and has forgotten a lot of what happened when she was younger. But apparently she made an impression on Hakuya as he is A OKAY about marrying this girl. Like YES this is the girl for me. Well knowing him more like...yes this is the girl for me. I tried to type that in a monotone way and I don't think it came through. XD But yes Hakuya probably liked Kobeni then and is okay with this now and is lala I will listen to you and everything you say okay with me. Kobeni might have a problem with his direct he is but I am sure he will get his feelings hurt by her words sooner rather than later.
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode114_zpsf7bff948.jpg
How about you feel bad for me!?
This new family unit seems to have survived the night and now it is time to go to school. What a great birthday Kobeni. Obviously Hakuya is going to school with Kobeni so he follows her like a little puppy dog. They pick up Kobeni's friend Mayura on the way and since Hakuya has no filter he says I am the fiancee. Just one in an anime I would like the friend to freak out. Like super freak out. Not just point out that this is the year 2014 but to lose their minds and threaten kill random stranger and or kidnap the friend away from the insanity. But Mayura was like oh how interesting lovely dovey face. Just help keep the secret.
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode116_zpsdaae7796.jpg
I get great and powerful families...but this is a bit...stupid.
The fact that Mahiro is in the same class as Kobeni and Hakuya is dumb. Super dumb. There could have been enough antics at home without the girl being in the same room as them. Unless Mahiro really is that age and she looks super young and pretends to be young since you know looking 7 and being 16 is really uncool. In the event she is 7 and not a super genius...this is dumb. Powerful family my butt. At least Mahiro has enough brains to note the way Benio acts at school is way different than the way she acts at home. Not a little Kobeni A LOT. I stay away from her if I were you too. Weirdos.
 photo MikakunindeShinkoukeiepisode117_zpsf59e6507.jpg
Because you're amazing. Just the way you are.
And that is about it I guess. Kobeni had a special birthday and noted about 39483 times in the anime that things are going to be interesting around here. Fiancee and future sister in law in the same class. Popular sister is looking popular. And Hakuya might have scored some brownie points by saying Kobeni is fine the way she is. Maybe it would have meant more had he waited 24 hours after knowing her but still. Seems like there is going to be a lot of antics with this show. Over the top sister with a loli complex, a guy who has zero personality, and an ordinary girl who seems to under react to a very upsetting situation. Hmm not sure about this show, not sure at all.

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