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Toaru Hikushi e no Koiuta episode 2

So I am pretty sure my neighbors bought this condo just so they could sit outside. They spend more time on the porch than inside their house. HELLO IT WAS COLD OUTSIDE! And the view isn't even that nice. it is so odd, so odd to me folks. And annoying. Among other things Kira is afraid of outside and all that dwell out there. Voices outside are a big no no. :( Poor little Kira.
 photo pilotepisode2_zpsca06f7c9.jpg
Well good thing the synopsis kept us in the dark so this won't be spoilery.
When my neighbors aren't scaring the crap out of my cat I attempt to blog anime. Up now is Toaru Hikushi e no Koiuta episode 2. Spoilers for Carl being the bringer together of two people?
 photo pilotepisode24_zpse431f3a0.jpg
So much hope this trip I see.
Episode Summary: Carl and Ariel get ready for their first day of school. There are even cherry blossoms ya'll. Because this is a Japanese animation. Carl doesn't care about the cherry blossoms as he thinks he sees Claire. Turns out it is another student and Carl looks like a freak. As the kids walk to the opening ceremony elsewhere a bunch of adults are seen talking about going to the edge of the world. Nina and the council of 4 talk about how this is a one way trip. Not much else is discussed since there are only 3 of the 4 present. Where is the 4th? Well Mr. Luis has gone to greet the new recruits. After being a bit pervy he talks about the three countries that make up their world and how they are going to the newly discovered Holy Spring. Two other adults (the teachers for both classes of pilots) add in their commentary and how this trip is going to happen. Every once in a while a giant rock will fly back towards this End of the Sky place and tada that is what they are doing now. Mr. Luis thanks all the students for going on this journey and making this possible. Afterwords Carl and Ariel get dinner supplies as each section is charge of meals with different pairings for different days. Carl is off thinking about Claire again when two members of their housing section come up to be friendly. Sharon and Benjamin seem nice enough. They are interrupted by another member of their section, Noriaki, accidentally bumping into Fausto. Fausto is from the noble class and is all oh you low class commoners. Fausto is super pissed at Noriaki but a HUGE kid named Wolfgang comes and cleans the ice cream mess up, causing Fausto to lose steam and walk away. Wolfgang is deemed a hero yay! Everyone and a few others from their section make it back to their dorm and start making dinner as a big happy family. The girls are cooking a lot and Ariel asks why Ignacio the jerk is not with them. He apparently does not believe in team work or dinner, eating bread outside alone. Still there enough people inside eating to make it nice and friendly. Other students in their section are Chiharu, Mitsuo, and Nanako. Everyone talks about their reason for being here which vary from helping out family to wanting to go on adventures.
 photo pilotepisode28_zps4626f679.jpg
I ain't got time for friends.
The next day the commoner kids go to class to see the flashy guy in the background, named Juan, as their teacher. He is going to teach all the kids who flew the other to fly. He talks for a bit then tells the kids the noble kids have left for the hanger a long time ago. The commoner kids run and still are late arriving. Their teacher Ms. Sonia greets Juan with a lovely punch to the gut. Back at the noble side of the island Claire is trying to head to class but the headmistress/dorm room lead won't let Claire go. Eventually Mr. Luis comes and flaunts around his power and connection as a family member to let Claire go to class. As Claire bikes off to the hanger the rest of the students are told about the three different curriculum offered and how they will eventually pilot these amazing...gunner planes. One student asks why the weaponry, are they expecting combat? That question is dismissed by Juan and Sonia. Silly questions. All the students go outside where they are told they are going to start practicing soon and they need to pair up. Apparently being paired up with the opposite sex makes for better partnering so...that is how most of the groups go. Wolfgang is paired with another boy named Marco while Ariel ends up with Ignacio. Carl is looking all alone when Claire finally runs up making a scene. Fausto assumes that Claire will be his partner as he is class president and a noble. Carl is like none of that matters here and makes his own grand gesture in asking Claire to be his partner. After that drama the kids take to the sky where Claire has never flown...anything ever. Carl guides her around and watches as Claire's face lights up at the fact that they are in the sky. But as Claire thanks Carl for his kindness he thinks back to his own childhood. How he told his mother he was going to be a pilot one day and she hugged him, crying and saying don't let them kill your dream. After flying around a bit the group lands and greets Claire as hello she is nobility and they are not. Ignacio is in the corner, muttering to himself that Carl has decided to go THIS route with his life, a lie. You know, since Carl is called Kal-el and all.....THE END!
 photo pilotepisode215_zps45bfeff0.jpg
Poor rich kids just growing up around adults and no fun.
X___X This is my mind after this episode. Like hello do I have room in my head for all these new names? Especially since so many new anime shows came out. It is hard to make one memorial and long lasting character. Who is supposed to stand out in this cast of millions? Okay hundreds. Okay...20. Still that's a lot.
 photo pilotepisode23_zps54017e32.jpg
5 months and never coming back? I hope that lake is full of fish forever.
So...when we last saw our characters they were sailing out to the great unknown. An unknown that they don't even know is there. I guess that is might why it is called the unknown. Despite having airships not much of this world has been explored. Barely anything beyond these three kingdoms. Maybe these maps aren't drawn to scale....Still since there is a massive...fissure if you would in the middle of the ocean surely something must be up. Yes definitely. I am not sure I would be on board this potential flight of fail. First off they are on an island that just...seems to know the way. Doesn't that seem weird? Also the fact that this is a ONE WAY TRIP. Like err do the kids know that? So what will happen if they do find out something is going on over here? How will they get the information back to their people? They won't because the first minute of the opening episode had an all out war? Well carry on then council members.
 photo pilotepisode26_zps443e2282.jpg
We shall explore this totally uncharted world with a bunch of teenagers. Surely nothing will go wrong.
But since this is a special journey..or an admit to colonize this area once they land they must teach the future generation how to act. Because taking a whole bunch of young adults on this trip would be silly. No no we need to take kids so we can train them up to be how we want/need them to be. Part of the council Mr. Luis has gone to the opening ceremony for the kids. Welcome welcome tributes...I mean students. Let me tell you about our journey while someone from the peanut gallery (Juan the pilot teacher) weighs in on the topic. I wonder how much info these kids were given before signing up for this journey. Because as I said earlier it was talked about this looking for the End of the Sky, Holy Spring business was a one way ticket. Some of these kids signed up for adventure but others are trying to support their families. So they must think some of this money is going to make it home. I guess more on that later. For now...yes have a little history lesson. And thank you for your noble sacrifice.
 photo pilotepisode22_zps01f21756.jpg
Yes an island of limited resources has cherry blossoms. Deal with it.
After this yay for us speech it was time for Carl and Ariel to go shopping for grocery ingredients. For the record I do know that Carl is going by a fake name and this is his Prince name know...his fake name is so hard for me to type. I think it literally hurts my brain. Anyway onward to shopping. Because not only is this a Japanese anime that has kids cooking for their family and doing chores at a school....this is an anime that has kids doing the cooking for entire DORMS and shopping for the ingredients by the lake. How much more responsible can these kids get? Maybe I was just not responsible at all when I was a child. So sheltered. So yes this is a full fledged little town isn't it? Riches over there, common people over here. Here buy some food and supplies. So when they get to the new land they will be all ready for the new world. I wonder how long it took to get this all ready and what kind of special defenses this flying island because hello a bunch of kids protecting everyone? Yeah okay.
 photo pilotepisode27_zpsf8facd61.jpg
Learn to control your ice cream!
Because this anime is very subtle we had another instance of class warfare. Well more like how the class system is unfair and breeding little punks that need to have their teeth knocked out. Everyone is out exploring their new place and buying groceries when a slight bump of the ice cream happens. A moment of silence while we mourn even the slightly amount of ice cream. One of the commoner kids Noriaki bumped one of the noble kids (super noble is sounds like) Fausto and apparently life as we know it was almost over. Like really? I think people are looking for a reason to be angry. Yes accidents happen but it looked like Fausto and his crew were going to beat in Noriaki for this small infraction. Make the kid clean or pay for the damages, no need to be busting noses. I think that Carl would have stepped in to help if fighting actually occurred. But then an anime staple showed up. A giant kid came and was the gentle giant. Thanks Wolfgang if you can hear me up there. Wonder what his momma fed him. Ariel and Carl might need to go back and get some more groceries if he is in their dorm room.
 photo pilotepisode29_zps120090b4.jpg
We are blend of adventure, family obligations, and a big payout weee.
Oh and he is. And so are any of the other kids that had any significance in the market place. For now none of them stick out as they had one or two lines each. Wolfgang is certainly the biggest despite being the same age as everyone. Benjamin seems like a know it all. There are some others but they blend together in my head, especially when I am this far behind on blogging the show. What did stick out is that Ignacio is not at the table with them. Yay for him being in our group....not. There were no yays for him. Just everyone getting to know each other while Ignacio was outside with his bread all alone. Everyone is coming together as a unit. So when some of them die in the upcoming battle it will be all the sadder.
 photo pilotepisode210_zps747e1ebf.jpg
So that thing they were doing earlier was falling with style?
After an evening full of ice cream drama and friendship it is time to start class. Oh look Mr. Interrupter is their teacher. Mr. Juan who ….is going to teach the kids how to fly. Now correct me if I am wrong...but didn't almost all the kids...already fly?! I am not dreaming this right? Because both Ignacio and Carl had trouble sticking the landing but were both up in the air for the ceremony. As were half the other kids as the other half were in the gunner position. So....what is this about teaching the kids how to fly? Don't they already know how to fly?! Am I missing something here? I know I questioned if the kids had training at home and were really mini soldiers for this mission but basics about the planes were covered! I guess it could be that not all the kids have had the same training and I am taking this out of proportion but...yeah this all seems very odd and off to me. Oh by the way kids you are late. The noble kids already made it to the hanger. Now you either have to run to the plane or practice flying in trash cans.
 photo pilotepisode212_zpsc5074324.jpg
Then why does she have a uniform? This is all dumb.
So while I am questioning the necessity of this school....I am also questioning why Claire is there at all. The person in charge of the dorms or what not wasn't going to let Claire go to school. Why?! I mean if she is supposed to be pretty and marry well that's fine. I guess. But why place her in the dorm area or let her think she is going to school if that was never the plan? I don't know, it seemed like a lot of unnecessary drama. Like oh no poor rich girl wants to do her own thing but is being kept down by the man and society and what not. All she wants to do is fly in the sky and chase her own dreams. Good think Claire is related to Mr. Luis. I am in charge lady and if Claire wants to put herself in danger that is what she is going to do. Claire is so happy but I bet it has more to do with seeing Carl than actually flying.
 photo pilotepisode213_zps83158317.jpg
Sing it out Michael Jackson.
As Claire bikes as fast as she can to the hanger the rest of the students are being taught the basics about the plane. There are two groups with two teachers each. Because we can't forgot that there are common kids and noble kids. Juan is for the commoner kids and Sonia is for the noble kids. After the very basic lesson it was time for the kids to team up. I am not sure if these teams were supposed to be permanent or temporary. I mean why would you pick someone permanently without seeing their abilities first? Or getting to know them better? All the kids treated it like this was the be all end all situation. The likely pairs of kids got together...well Wolfgang is with a boy despite it “being better” for boys and girls to pair up. I think Ariel assumed that Carl would be with her and I would have assumed that too given the situation. Yet Ariel ends up with Ignacio. OH I AM SHOCKED! Surely they will become a couple.
 photo pilotepisode214_zps62b115bc.jpg
Of course I will marry you...I mean pilot a ship with you.
So who does Carl pair up with? I think that is kinda obvious yes? Claire bikes up being all late and attention grabby (not really but I like to snark) and the angry ice cream kid Fausto is like I am great and powerful. Well at least his family is. So that means he deserves to be with someone as high class as Claire. Only Carl gets on one knee and brings the dramatics. It doesn't matter who you are, where your from...what you long as you pilot this plane with me. Claire was obviously hoping that Carl was going to be her partner anyway so she wasn't too put out that Fausto was denied. Fausto is overly jerky and confident and since I think Ignacio is going to be the redeemed one I think Fausto is history.
 photo pilotepisode216_zps5f920595.jpg
The real Carl and his mother having a moment. I mean this is Carl too but you know.
So why is Carl leading the way on the equality front and why is Ignacio looking all weird at Carl? Well surprise Carl is really named...okay Carl (remember the earlier confusion) and he is the Prince of some country. I am guessing things did not go well for his family as a flashback of his mom crying over her son's dream seemed a bit over dramatic for the conversation. I thought all three of the countries that were known and spoken of in this anime got along but maybe I am wrong. Or there was a 4th and poof it went? Or maybe I need to pay more attention to details? Does Ignacio know the truth because he is from the same country? A displaced noble too? He doesn't seem to support Carl supporting the working class despite him (Ignacio) being there himself. Still Carl was a Prince and now is a commoner and doesn't see class. He just sees people. And everyone should work together to create a big, beautiful tomorrow. Except if Nina is involved. Because he hates her. And he seems to think he was sent here to does his family now know who he is or is everything one big lie? Nothing matters because Carl got to fly in the sky with Claire duh! Until next time...if there is a next time for this show and me.

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