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Nagi no Asukara episode 15

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Welcome to the future...
Post three! Then off to the shower and getting the clothes laid out for tomorrow. Apparently it will be freezing with a chance of MOG TOO COLD! Seriously what is up with this weather? I live in Florida. DO NOT LIKE! So what is up now? Nagi no Asukara episode 15. Spoilers for Chisaki being the most important person ever. Hikari who?
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Just something in my eyes....
Episode Summary: Chisaki was chillin at home trying to not think about the cool event taking place outside and how she was missing it because of her feelings. She hears that Tsumugu has returned and she goes outside to see him looking....off. He says that Hikari has returned and Chisaki is all ;__;. Back at case de baby Akari has told Hikari to go right to bed. Only her 4 year old and Miuna can't stop staring at him. He reveals that he is awake and the little boy runs off a bit scared. Miuna tries to hold her ground and asks how Hikari is. He keeps rubbing his eyes and saying they hurt. Akari says the sunlight is what is bothering Hikari but really it is tears folks. After Hikari gets some rest he wakes up to a terror that is a 4 year old. Hikari seems to be on the same mental level with the butthole poke while Akari is amused. At Tsumugu's place he asks if Chisaki is going to visit Hikari. She starts talking about how she has a test or something and goes to the bus stop. Only when the bus gets there she starts crying and all is sad. Hikari barely has time to get his bearings when one of his friends from school arrives and gives him the biggest hug ever. Of course Hikari doesn't recognize the former bully but that's okay. He is going to take Hikari around town and show him off. Sayu and Miuna tag along and Miuna can barely keep the smile off her face that Hikari is back. Hikari and friend eventually make it to the old fishing company where everyone is happy to see Hikari and that his return means the rest of the sea folk will be waking up soon and they can have their drinking buddies again. The men give Hikari the flag he was waving on the day of the festival as it washed up on shore. Hikari starts to get a little sad/upset but brushes it off as not feeling well. The friend takes him home and Hikari has a lot to think about. Tsumugu and his lab person are doing some work as the currents were different last when Hikari appeared. They need some scissors and since there are only one pair of scissors in the house Tsumugu goes to Chisaki's room. Of course she has come back early and started to change and Tsumugu sees her in a bra. He quickly shuts the door and apologizes but Chisaki wants to know how she looked, if she looked different from before. Because she hates change and doesn't want to see Hikari all changed like. Tsumugu says she didn't see Chisaki like that before but he can tell she grew into a more beautiful person. Tsumugu leaves and Chisaki starts crying.
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You tell them Miuna!
The next day Hikari decides that he is going to take a walk because that is what people do when they are upset. Miuna quickly helps Akari with the chores so she can follow Hikari. Only she runs into Tsumugu on his boat. She yells at him and Chisaki for not visiting Hikari. Tsumugu says that Chisaki and Hikari have history and that they (Miuna and Tsumugu) shouldn't get involved. Miuna runs off all upset. It turns out that Hikari went for a swim in an attempt to find the village. The currents kept pushing him back and he was unable to find anything. He goes to try again when Tsumugu and his boat appear. Tsumugu is like you need to go see Chisaki and Hikari loses his tiny little mind, trying to manhandle the taller boy. Hikari starts crying, saying he is not okay with everything and that it is different. That no one knows how upset he is (about Manaka) and how hard it is to open his eyes and see this all. So he isn't going to see Chisaki, she should see him. Tsumugu is quiet while Miuna who was listening runs off. She yells at herself for thinking about wonderful this was that she and Hikari were the same age as he was going through so much. She goes home and finds another of the old flags from the ceremony and starts to work. As Hikari is walking off all upset he hears the going home song but it is different, that of the sea. He listens and follows the music and it leads him to Chisaki who was also listening and following the music. It is quiet for a few moments with Chisaki crying and apologizing for changing. Hikari is like what are you talking about, weren't you saying that just the other day? Chisaki realizes what Hikari is doing for her and she cries/punches him in the arm as he comments nothing has really changed. He goes home in better spirits to see Miuna waving the flag around, helping Hikari to find his way home, flowers and all. Chisaki arrives home and acts all guilty when she tells Tsumugu she saw Hikari. THE END!
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So...remember when I said Chisaki had all the reason in the world to be a sad panda? That she had just cause to have her woe is me moments? Well I take it all back. All of it. Begone my almost feelings of understanding. Clearly they were misplaced. CLEARLY!
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It's all about me!!!!
What exactly am I ranting about right out the gate? Chisaki is a selfish, selfish person. Beyond selfish. Want to stab her into tiny pieces so then she will have a real reason to complain. Now before anyone gets on my case about how Chisaki has it rough or that I am not getting Chisaki's point...I do. I do get why she stayed away from Hikari. I just don't agree with it. And I think she is a selfish person. But but the tears, Chisaki being lonely? What about her feelings?!
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This is all about Chisaki. Duh.
Nope. Do not care. The second she heard that Hikari was awake and on land she should have ran to him. Ran. Like crazy run and collapsed on him with a hug, even if nothing came from that hug. That is what she should have done. Has Chisaki gone through a lot in the past 5 years? Yes. So she should be the first person to understand Hikari. Maybe the only one to understand. She got left behind and he was forced forward, the exact opposite of what they wanted. Chisaki was all alone in her position and now Hikari is all alone in his. Chisaki had a chance to move with the world and is no longer out of place. Hikari has people but is now an outsider. It was really Chisaki's job to help Hikari. Akari and Chisaki. Instead we had a last minute friend that showed the most interest and Miuna. Real great Chisaki.
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No seriously I am mad. I mean not legit mad but like what the hell? Chisaki claims to love Hikari but only thinks of herself. Maybe she is a bad person. Only when she was going on and on about being a bad person she was irritating, almost like a pity party for one kinda way. Like I won't try to improve my life so I have something to complain about. I mean...asking Tsumugu if she had changed? What was up with that? Besides the sexual tension of course. But really Chisaki seems to be living in bizzaro world where the only thing that matters is her. Of course she changed. And yes I can see how people react badly to change. Believe me change is not something I react well too either. But of course Chisaki grew up a little. Physically because she seems still stuck in junior high with how the events turned out. I guess I could understand her not wanting to see Hikari because she was afraid that he would react poorly to her being different. That it would upset HIM to see her like that. But I think it was more about her, even if protecting Hikari was a tiny piece of it. She was scared on how he was going to react to her and how that would make her feel. Besides hello rocks for brains obviously Hikari is going to think something changed in you if you don't come and see him. You are his friend and he is going through a rough time and you don't come to see him? Yeah sounds like something changed in you, for the negative.
 photo nagiepisode1516_zps535e77d9.jpg
Tsumugu has stepped up to the plate to win the fair maiden's hand.
And Tsumugu....glad you helped Hikari when he first woke up but you should have stepped up too. I feel as if he and Hikari would have remained great friends had he stayed on lane while the former fighting kid might have stayed friends with Hikari or they could have drifted apart. But no Chisaki and Tsumugu were pulling a one two punch on not visiting their friend. I like when Miuna questioned this later (good job girl) that Tsumugu only answered to why Chisaki didn't see Hikari, not himself. I caught that you little bastard. Does this have something to do with the fact that Tsumugu now sees Chisaki as beautiful and he is jealous of Hikari? Like no no, I can't put myself in that situation? No I think not. Tsumugu doesn't strike me as that kinda guy. I think he was doing all this research to help Chisaki get back with Hikari even though there is this massive love pentagon going on that will prevent that. So Tsumugu not seeing Hikari was lame. I know that you need to give people space but come on. Do not like. Also Chisaki looks the same besides bigger boobies. But I guess Tsumugu has gotten a chance to know her over the years and has come to appreciate her and loves her. I doubt he will really say anything though.
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Let me put aside how selfish Chisaki and how off Tsumugu is to talk about Hikari. What the hell folks? I am surprised it took him that long to bust out the tears. I would have been crying on the sidewalk forever. Like I would still be there right now had this happened to me. At first it was odd though. Really odd. Everyone is acting odd today. Akari wasn't really...falling all over her brother like I thought she would have. More like oh get some rest, here is my baby, all is well. ODD! I really think no one was that worried about the 3 kids that fell into the ocean or that no one could reach the village. Hikari could have died. And now he is awake in a world that has changed. How about we stop hanging some laundry and help this poor kid out. XO I don't know, if I was told that I might not see my father or brother ever again and suddenly he appears in front of me I think there would be some crying and happy tears. She was acting like her brother came home from college, not waking up after 5 years that could have been way longer.
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How can we be the same age?
While Akari was giving Hikari “space” Hikari was slowly realizing how...different everything was. It was hard for him to understand that everyone looked older. I think he will have the most problems with Sayu and Miuna considering he thought of them as kids and now he is the same age as them. I know in Japan ages are a very big deal and it is how you know what to call people and what kind of relationship you will have with them. So all the people Hikari did go to school with are older than him and he will be stuck in a classroom with people he doesn't know. So who will be his friends and how will he maintain the ones he has now? Add in the fact that Manaka and Kaname aren't here, Chisaki confessed to him, and his sister has a new family leaving him to feel like the second wheel I think Hikari deserves a cry.
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At least someone cares...
He held it together for a bit though. Playing around with the little kid was cute. I can see how it would be odd given it was his sister and now poof she has a 4 year old but Hikari started bonding out of the gate. I think that is the kind of person Hikari is though. He allowed himself to be paraded around town, especially to the fishing company whom he started off having a bad relationship with. I like that those guys gave him the flag...even though it made him a little sad. Let him know that they cared about him unlike some people named Chisaki. It's the little things folks. Yes Hikari did eventually get overwhelmed but he was trying. Thrust into the future (well sorta) and having now lost his place in the world Hikari was trying to grin and bear it.
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Do you see this Hikari? More tears please.
Something that I think Hikari should have asked and something he should have been upset about was the obvious....failure of the ceremony. I guess he is under the assumption that Kaname is okay since he himself is okay. He does not think Manaka is okay but he is keeping that information to himself. However...does he not see all the ice? Now I guess...I guess...maybe the ceremony could have worked. That 5 seconds after Hikari fell in the water and Akari got knocked up an awful winter did come. That it was inevitable going to come and nothing could stop that. But how long it lasted was effected and slowly everything is starting to melt and this is just the leftover pieces. That soon everything will be bright and sun shiny again. However it seems more likely that since Hikari has been gone things have gotten worse, over time getting colder and colder. So why wouldn't Hikari be more upset about how things turned out? He tried so hard and in the end failed, even if it wasn't his fault. I would think that Hikari would have been more upset about that and it would have been shown him mentioning that or asking Akari what was going on.
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The currents shall not let you pass.
I am glad it was shown that Hikari went into the ocean to see what was up with things and to explain to the audience why Chisaki isn't there. It's not that the village has disappeared. It is that the currents are so strong no one can reach said village. Now you should be able to see the village from the water anyway but everything is so strong and out of whack no one is able to find it. Maybe to keep predators from eating out the eyeballs of people as they sleep. But I like that Hikari tried. Even if he was only trying to find Manaka whom we all know is not sleeping peacefully at the bottom of the ocean. Well she IS but Hikari doesn't know that.
 photo nagiepisode153_zps9273b0e0.jpg
How about you people care about ME?!
I was going to laugh if Tsumugu picked up Hikari in his net. Like ah yes there is my true love. I was jealous of Chisaki because I really want you for myself Hikari. But then I put my yaoi colored glasses away and wanted Hikari to punch Tsumugu for saying crap like Hikari should have visited Chisaki. Um no. There was some shirt grabbing (no actual punching :( ) but Hikari really just broke down in tears. Like really, don't you think I am going through a lot? Why can't anyone think about me and how lonely I must feel with all this change? Obviously I hate it and no one is giving me what I need because what is it that I really need? I think Tsumugu should have made some effort to comfort the boy instead of stand there and take it like his normal self. Poor Hikari, had to get everything off his chest in front of the person who shows the least emotion.
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Find your way home Hikari!
Miuna did hear this cry for help and it hurt her little heart too. And she actually realized that she was being selfish. Or that she was focusing on how this was all good for her without thinking oh wow it sucks to be Hikari. She wanted to be with the boy and now in her mind she can since they are the same age. But she realized...that Hikari is upset and this isn't some lovely fairytale ending for him. A lot has changed and Hikari lost the sea and the land. But Miuna wasn't as bad as Chisaki. Obviously. She was spending time with Hikari (even though she lived with him and would be default anyway), worried about him, and made sure he was adjusting well. And when he wasn't she made sure to decorate a flag with stickers to help him find his way back home since he was feeling lost. Good job Miuna.
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Tada! The friendship is mended!
Chisaki gets a bit of a happy ending in this episode herself due to no effort on her part. Hikari and her were both drawn to the going home song that has been changed since the sea village has been lost. You know, because Chisaki hasn't heard it over the past 5 years and this was the day to walk over and find Hikari. Hikari...didn't punch Chisaki in the face and yell at her because he was disappointed in the lack of homecoming. Instead he was just smiles and was happy that Chisaki herself hadn't changed much. Like big sigh of relief, Chisaki is my one constant in this changing world. That made Hikari feel better plus he knows that is what Chisaki would want to hear so now she feels better. Begone those feelings of misunderstanding, Chisaki and Hikari are okay, bonding and teasing each other. You got lucky Chisaki. Real lucky. I guess we will have to see how this all pans out, as Hikari is still in junior high and Chisaki is in college, how that will really effect their relationship. A happy first time meeting is one thing, life after...disaster is another. I think things will get better for Hikari when Kaname wakes up and worse for Chisaki. Although how much more upset can this girl get? Le sigh. Has fun going to school Hikari, I have a feeling the next episode you will be frustrated again....

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