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Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 12 FINAL EPISODE

Hello there my lovely readers! It is the year 2014 already. I know I know it is the 8th already. X__X How was it New Year's Day just a week ago and Christmas 2 weeks ago? Crazy. Goodbye holidays hello January, time of the cold.
 photo machinedollepisode12_zps548a6d28.jpg
So...there is a difference?
As I huddle under a blanket and try to find some hot cocoa it is time to post some anime episodes. You know, the ones left over from last year. XD I guess there is still some 2013 left in me. Up now is Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 12. The last episode from this....special series. Spoilers for everything just...being so happy and skippy and not really covering much of anything.
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Err what danger?! We have more important things to talk about obviously.
Episode Summary: Raishin and Charlotte wait for an explanation on what a machine doll is. Shin and his inability to explain things says...a machine doll is a machine doll. He doesn't need a puppeteer to move. Apparently this makes sense to Raishin and Charlotte who look in shock. Shin refers to himself as perfect and what not and the fight continues. Frey was in charge of watching Henri so she falls asleep. When she wakes up she stops Henri from killing herself and that they have to work on not being burdens to Raishin. The girls then decide to go find Raishin to be burdens. Back outside the battle is not going so well. Charlotte and Raishin are at their limit. Suddenly Raishin knows how to beat Shin. He sets himself up to be potentially be hurt but Shin predicts wrong. This allows Yaya to finally hit Shin which reveals he is physically weak. She goes to work beating him as we see Shouko having a picnic with the other two dolls. She thinks back to when she found Raishin in the snow. She said he could either die in the snow or die killing Magnus. She says she will help him and Raishin asks why. She briefly explains that she is creating something amazing and needs specific blood...his. Well I am sure his or his brothers so either way she wins and isn't done with Raishin. She watches the battle all quiet like. Despite Yaya and Sigmund kicking his ass Shin escapes and hurts Raishin. This really pisses Yaya off and she transforms into something, something red and beats Shin up. Eventually after powering down almost and a few close calls Yaya wins. Raishin sends out Frey's dog and it locates Cedric who appeared as Shin was running out of mana. Raishin demands answers and Cedric just cackles. Charlotte tries to act big and bad and Cedric realizes that he is outnumbered. Shin flies off into the sky with Cedric riding him. Cedric then changes into a girl named Alice and she cackles about how she will make the Evening Party super fun now and that she didn't really lose, just she is giving her toys a chance to rest.
 photo machinedollepisode1213_zpsf60e0f45.jpg
Or your organization can stop things from getting out of control?
Back outside Raishin is dying so Charlotte and Henri take the time to bond and be all sisterly. That lasts about 5 seconds as Charlotte cries because Henri has bigger boobies and Raishin is a boobie pervert. Eventually Raishin is taken to the clinic. Kimberly finds Magnus on the roof, having stayed up watching the whole batter. They exchange small talk and then Kimberly starts mentioning a man in Asia using a live girl to try to make a machine doll. Does Magnus know this person? When Magnus is quiet Kimberly says she and Nectar are watching. In the clinic Henri is taking care of Raishin. Charlotte shows up and is again jealous of Henri's boobies. Frey is there and since her boobies are bigger she sucks. The girls start to bicker and insult Raishin at the same time. Raishin tries to defend himself but Loki appears to tell Raishin to shut this down. Yaya and her nurse outfit is pissed. Kimberly appears to calm people down. She tells Charlotte the government is paying for the new tower, meaning Charlotte has been set from from charges. Henri is here illegal but now Kimberly has made her a maid. All is happy and joyful. Of course Kimberly is happy since more people owe her. She tells Raishin that things aren't finished yet and good luck. Later Yaya is perving all on Raishin alone. In between she wonders how they are going to be able to fight their new friends. Raishin has no idea but will meet his goals. Yaya smiles and the perving on him continues. THE END!
 photo machinedollepisode1216_zpsa5d32e3f.jpg
Everything ended perfectly....or not really at all.
Well that was special. Like really special. Almost like the writers/creators forgot that they broke this series into two seasons and that there need to be something in terms of closure. Some to be continued stuff while wrapping other things up. But to do that in the middle of an arc? Just seemed super rushed. Very rushed. Almost like the New Year snuck up on them too.
 photo machinedollepisode128_zpse0b6a8cf.jpg
Yeah we get dolls and machines...but machine dolls?! Insanity! Cannot comprehend!
So...what was special about Shin? Or Sin it seems. I wish everyone could agree on names. I get confused enough as it is right Saya from Nagi no Asukara? Doesn't Shin look better anyway? So yes episode 11 with a big cliff hanger. Shin is something special. Something marvelous. Something beyond the average doll. What could it be? I am waiting on pins and needles.
 photo machinedollepisode122_zps6b977b92.jpg
MOG NO WAY! What an explanation!
Well it wasn't that amazing folks. Almost yawn city. Shin is....a machine doll. Just like he said. And what is a machine doll? Um...I really don't know or it doesn't seem to be important enough to have a special term. It's a robot and a doll. Since I have been calling them robots the whole time....who cares?! Basically everyone is a doll (Yaya is a BAN doll) but Shin is a machine doll. Aren't all these...creations made of machine parts? Metal and circuits? Perhaps Shin's robot parts makes his own mana? I don't know. Maybe the source material explains it better. It seems like a big deal bit then it wasn't.
 photo machinedollepisode125_zpsb40b13fb.jpg
We won't fight either. We will just watch Shin kick around.
Poof no one cares anymore. Time for battling. Sigmund and Yaya got their asses kicked. A lot. Poor giant Sigmund. Raishin was attempting his best, since he was powered up by his girl power speech. He did okay but he was no match for Shin and his kicks. I was sorta disappointed that Shin's weakness or big reveal didn't have to do with why his arms were/are always behind his back. Like he had no upper body strength. Or maybe his important circuits were in his back. Nope. Just....that is how he fought. Like that was just his proper stance. In any event the battle didn't seem to last very long. Pokemon battles are more interesting. Much more. Raishin and his same two attacks. Sigmund is huge but limited for sure. Like a one hit wonder. And Shin is just too strong.
 photo machinedollepisode126_zps58710d84.jpg
Hitting Shin will take him out? SO SHOCKING!
Or what he? Really this episode was special and fast when it came to the “plot”. Raishin and Charlotte were discussing how awful things were while Frey and Henri were...standing. Because Frey's speech about not being a burden to Raishin meant go to a battle and not help and be a potential target. But suddenly Raishin knew what to do. Beat up Shin. MOG why didn't anyone else thin of that? What a marvel ideal. I mean...beat up your opponent so they will be hurt? What the heck, why was this so amazingly awesome? Yaya is super strong anyway. I mean..maybe Shin is more fragile than the other dolls because he is a machine? I don't know, it was another big AHHHHH moment that didn't really seem like a big deal.
 photo machinedollepisode129_zps93c9242a.jpg
Err....what is this? Explain please? Oh in season two? I see.
And besides Raishin's idea really didn't work. It wasn't until Raishin got hurt that Yaya transformed into a unicorn and kicked some ass. Raishin has been pretty hurt before so I am not sure why Yaya got all crazy now. But yes Yaya is a unicorn and beat the shit out of Shin. And since Shin ran out of mana Cedric was forced to supply power thus Frey was finally useful and tracked down the actual puppeteer. Rejoice for now Cedric will reveal his master plan and there will be an epic fight!
 photo machinedollepisode1210_zps0d3ca301.jpg
Simply fabulous!
Or...or...Shin can turn into a magic carpet and Cedric can turn into a girl named Alice and fly away. Well then. Clearly this is not going to get resolved today.....Cedric/Alice still isn't that bent out of shape about not helping out Felix's family or hurting Charlotte. Next time my toys!! Yeah this chick is a new level of crazy for this show. The kind that have no plan usually are. Is this school run by morons? Nope just kids. I mean Felix was a Round which I guess means a super strong/important kid. And Alice is IN CHARGE of the Evening Party. Or at least helps. Background checks anyone? How about a physiological evaluations? No? It's just best to let the crazies in and be upset when Henri's paperwork doesn't check out? Well then okay. Carry on Alice with your “god” doll. Shin has doubts these toys will last long. Toys meaning these people. She is torturing for fun. Motives are so 90's duh.
 photo machinedollepisode124_zps45a2a82d.jpg
How rotten of that kid to try and live for himself!
So with the danger all's time to hurry up and finish this series. Well season. While the entire battle is going on Shouko and her other two dolls are having a picnic. Because helping Raishin is out of the question. No no, how will he learn to fly is Shouko guards him along the clouds? She is done with him anyway. Despite the fact that Shouko actually wants Raishin. Dead of course. A flashback down memory lane shows us that Shouko wasn't helping Raishin out of the goodness of her heart. Sounds like she wants to make a machine doll too. She needs some special blood to do it though and of course Raishin is the one. I guess she isn't all bad. She could have just killed Raishin in the snow. But since his options were die in the snow or be killed by Magnus you would think she wouldn't care so much about what else he does. Dead is dead you know?
 photo machinedollepisode1212_zpse4ae767a.jpg
Sound familiar?
Kimberly and Magnus stayed up all night watching the fight as well. Not helping because Raishin is the Chosen one and if the Chosen one needs help he isn't very Choseny is he? Kimberly and Magnus had a nice little talk. Not really. More like Kimberly falsely congratulating Magnus on his new position as official body guard for the Headmaster. Oh and the little matter that Kimberly knows who Magnus is and that he used a real girl to make a machine doll. Which is different than other ban dolls. A big no no. Magnus doesn't confess and Kimberly is like we are watching you. Always watching. Not doing mind you. That apparently requires a boatload of evidence and Magnus standing over the dead body. The way Magnus is acting I wouldn't be surprised if their sister was dying and Magnus killed her in an attempt to bring her back healthy. Kimberly says this is a bad idea which is true. These types of plans never end well. But I have a feeling Magnus will be redeemed. Ah brotherly love will conquer all.
 photo machinedollepisode1215_zpsab8056a9.jpg
And yet you keep rescuing them.....
After Kimberly had her lovely conversation with Magnus she had to go over and see how the kids were doing. Probably a good thing she did. Chaos all over the place. Right after the battle Charlotte confessed her love for her sister...and jealously over boobie size. Despite Raishin being injured this fight has continued on into the clinic. Henri is playing a naughty nurse, Charlotte is crying about boobies, and Frey is groping herself while calling Raishin a pervert. Good thing this show was labeled ecchi yes? Loki isn't super human so he is still resting too. Not very well since there is a gaggle of girls all over Raishin. Add in Yaya who is super jealous and the clinic is void of sane people.
 photo machinedollepisode1214_zps6f8829ea.jpg
Ahh calling in all these favors will be fun.
Kimberly shows up to calm these kids down and to end things on a positive note. Charlotte you are totally not in trouble for trying to kill the Headmaster. Oh I see, so special how that went down. Henri, you are a fraud student but come and be my assistant/slave so you can live with Charlotte. Cookies and good news for all. Frey has her dogs and brother and Loki is able to learn about the magic he needs for his family and all is well.
 photo machinedollepisode1217_zpsbea6f754.jpg
Good to see that Yaya made no character development at all....
Yeah that is how this series ends. Yaya talking to Raishin about how they made all these friends and eventually they will have to beat them to meet their goal. Technically the goal is to kill Magnus so really as long as they all fight one hour a day and no one loses Raishin doesn't have to beat anyone. But since this show has done a poor job in setting up the rules and layout of the's hard to care. Raishin basically made a lot of “friends”, almost died 15 times, and tons of concepts and secrets were introduced and never really explained. Dead sister who? I am not sure if I will watch season 2 is there is one. Needs more...substance I suppose. Until next time!

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