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Nagi no Asukara episode 14

Post 2 of the night. I needs to hurry though. Tomorrow I have to work all day alone. :( The co-worker needed the day off and since the main store rather set themselves on fire than send anyone to fill in I get to work all by myself. I get Friday off in exchange which means three day weekend at Disney World for the family but still. Bleh. Gotta go to bed in less than an hour since I am not a...morning person to say the least.
 photo nagiepisode1414_zpsd6e77808.jpg
Well I hope so or this would be a seriously downer series.
So what is up now? The only anime left over from the 2013 season. Nagi no Asukara episode 14 ya'll. Spoilers for Chisaki...being the main character....ugh.
 photo nagiepisode14_zpsea357a3f.jpg
Thus begins the sadness of Chisaki.
Episode Summary: (err since I suck and can't remember the order of when things happened so...I will just type this how I typed the rest of my post, in chronologically order). Right after Kaname, Hikari, and Manaka went into the sea things got really bad. Everyone pulled back into shore and going into the sea was not an option. Chisaki sorta cowered in the corner all shocked and the adults were talking about what to do with her. Akari goes to take her in when Tsumugu's grandfather says he will take her as he is from the sea too. Everyone is shocked but onward Chisaki goes. Akari is pretty...upset to say the least on how things went down but Miuna is there to keep her together. There might be some slight wondering if Akari should go join them but clearly that is not an issue after Akari becomes pregnant. She goes out into the ocean every once and while to find the village but she cannot find it at all. Miuna is happy to hear about the baby and that her mom is making her a big sister. 5 years have passed since that day, with Tsumugu and Chisaki going to and graduating high school. Tsumugu now is into something...oceany in the main city while Chisaki is studying to a be nurse. There was a slight setback in their family when Chisaki found Gramps passed out outside. He is still in the hospital and she still visits him all the time. After one said visit her old school friend takes her home and jokes that another one of their friends has knocked up a girl and is getting married. He then asks if Chisaki is a lonely housewife to Tsumugu yet. She gets all embarrassed and avoids talking about. She especially avoids talking about it when Tsumugu brings home one of his colleagues who asks about Chisaki. She walks away but Tsumugu is heard saying she is in love with someone from the ocean. Akari still works at the same little store and her 4 year old is a menace who likes playing the butthole game thing on people. The only person he seems to listen to is big sister Miuna who is now in junior high. She and Sayu don't have boyfriends, Sayu saying she is going to be an independent woman and doesn't need a man. Miuna on the other hand always looks out towards the ocean and thinks of a certain someone.
 photo nagiepisode142_zps1a3c45c0.jpg
Too many memories!
Despite there being ice on the water and it looking cold everyone is happy and it is not doom and gloom. Everyone is also under the impression that all the kids are simply sleeping under the water and nothing bad has happened. Still certain people are waiting for those kids to return. On a certain day Sayu and Miuna's teacher (same one) states that the weather phenomenon that was once so beautiful underwater will be seen on land given all the ice and that they are taking a trip to go see it. MEMORIES! Chisaki decides she will not take part in this walk down memory land as Tsumugu and his colleague go to study it as they think they will get answers this way. Said colleague talks about how all 12 of the sea villages around Japan have disappeared since that day and they need evidence on what happened. At the event Sayu alerts Miuna that someone is going to ask her out and to be prepared. Miuna of course turns him down because she is in love with Hikari. The event happens and it is all pretty and sparkly and what not. But Miuna and Tsumugu notices something more. They take off in different spots but end up together as they find...Hikari?! He is naked and 14 but alive. They slowly wake him up and he is like MANAKA!! Where is she?! Once he looks at Miuna and Tsumugu he realizes that time has passed and things are very different now. THE END!
 photo nagiepisode146_zps3b3919e1.jpg
Once again with confidence!
X___X So I watched this episode Monday and it has been plaguing my little heart since then. Like damn this isn't Queerats but it's pretty bad. Sad really. How do I go about blogging all this sad? Also do I go in order in which things happened in the episode or chronologically? Damn all this sadness, can't think straight.
 photo nagiepisode144_zps5ea6be2b.jpg
For Chisaki it's like 5 dog years. CHANGE!
I think I will attempt to chronologically since I can probably remember things better that way. To recap the ceremony went not so well. Chisaki helped pull Akari out of the ocean but Kaname fell in or part of the bridge landed on him. Manaka took Akari's “place” as sacrifice and Hikari went after her. Neither surfaced. Now...I don't know what happened but Chisaki did not go back into the water. Akari did several times at different points in...time. But what did Akari see? Could she even make it to the village or is there some force protecting the village from the surface and you can only swim on the top now?
 photo nagiepisode1412_zps77c0efaf.jpg
Does Tsumugu actually care?
I am guessing something did happen. More than the ice that was seen later. Given Tsumugu's lab person was talking about how people were doubting the 12 villages were still there. So had all the kids been on the surface when this happened they would have all be screwed. But nope. Only Chisaki. All alone Chisaki. While clearly Chisaki is not my favorite character nor hearing her woe is me tales is the highlight of my day...damn. X___X I mean I guess homegirl has a reason to complain now right? Only she isn't? All traumatized from her friends falling in the ocean and she can never return. She cared the least about what would happen to the surface people and now she is stuck here. HA! But yeah X__X. This kinda...is almost too sad to mock.
 photo nagiepisode1413_zps5b86b62d.jpg
Behold the scarring.
I like that Akari immediately stepped up and said she would take the ring...err I mean take care of Chisaki. Akari was going through a lot too (hello wedding day from hell!) but Chisaki had no one else. Oh wait Tsumugu's Gramps is from the sea? Well obviously he should take her in since she helped build the float boat on his property. Chisaki had to go somewhere and Tsumugu was in a weird place with her (even if he didn't know it) so clearly this tension was needed. Yes go live with Tsumugu and be scarred for life. Now you can have a woe is me moment. Permanently you know since this is a never ending suck.
 photo nagiepisode147_zps06bfc65c.jpg
Experience the tragedy.
While Chisaki is young and all alone in the world...Akari is...odd. Her case is probably more tragic than Chisaki's. Her wedding was ruined. Completely. Little brother lost in the ocean, another girl lost taking her place, and Kaname is smashed trying to save her. How do you spell guilt? A K A R I? Not that it's her fault. She might think that though. It was mentioned that Akari went looking for people, into the ocean. But...yeah a no go right? A very rocky way to start off a marriage. Not too rocky as she got pregnant 5 seconds after the fact but still. So much sadness. Akari was leaving the ocean but not in this way.
 photo nagiepisode1410_zpscd606b2f.jpg
So...did the ocean eat the village?
I guess what made this episode odd or sadder was how...everyone was okay with it. Like not super okay but dealing. Yes I know 5 years had passed but still. Chisaki wasn't rocking in the corner all alone and Akari wasn't an alcoholic wrecking her new family since she blames them. No no, everyone was just...going about their lives. Maybe because they are ALL insane and think things are okay. Well Tsumugu has a screw loose if he thinks he can study and figure this out. But everyone was operating under the impression that all was well. Um...how do they know that? The sea was awfully pissed off then and that was just on the surface. So why is everyone assuming that Manaka, Hikari, and Kaname are okay? Did they see the second opening song and were like oh everyone will be okay so why worry? Because yeah. No one can get to the ocean now to see what happened to the village. Like maybe it exploded with all that insanity. Or maybe everyone is okay in the houses but hello those three kids were left in the elements. Some shark could have eaten them. Or you know....Kaname could have gotten flatten by that pillar. Manaka could be a sexual play thing to the sea god. Worms could have eaten out their eyeballs. So many things and yet everyone is like oh I am sure they are okay. We will just live our lives up here okay and they will be down there okay. Hmmmmm.
 photo nagiepisode148_zpsd23ca3be.jpg
Rations? What is this word? Are we already running out of food?
So putting aside that I don't think there was adequate caring about the situation....5 years. X___X Such a long time. Everyone Chisaki went to school with is grown up and knocking chicks up. Miuna and Sayu are now in junior high. Akari's sorrow baby is now 4 and poking people in their buttholes. Oh and the world is freezing. I was under the impression that this freezing thing would take many years. Like 50. Because no one looked too upset when the kids first explained it, because it wouldn't affect them. But now it is 5 years later and ice is all on the ocean with no real panic. Things are happening fast. X__X
 photo nagiepisode145_zpse641aca2.jpg
No buddy. Just no. If you are testing the waters just no.
Well world wise. Relationship wise....I guess only Tsumugu and Chisaki could have anything. Which they don't. Chisaki's tiny heart does not need three people in it. Kaname confessed and poofed. Hikari will never confess and poofed. Stay away from Chisaki if you don't want to poof. But yeah....I am not sure how a Tsumugu and Chisaki pairing would go over even though it looks like that is how things are going (being the same age and all). Chisaki was all RARW with him one moment then instantly felt his “pain”. Kaname had a lot more time invested in her. If that makes sense. The gentle friend she wasn't expecting. But I guess he hasn't really...tried for Chisaki. It doesn't look like Tsumugu has either. He did make the comment that Chisaki's heart is in the ocean but I don't know if that was just a statement or jealously. Hard to tell with Tsumugu. I don't know, I don't want Chisaki and Tsumugu together just because their other options were eaten by Queerats you know? Besides they are more like “family”, especially with Gramps holding them together. Once Kaname comes back I am sure he will be like :( I know you love Tsumugu and Chisaki will see that too.
 photo nagiepisode149_zps3d4a8e53.jpg
I don't need no man...because Kaname is gone so no man compares!
What is even more...interesting is the fact that Sayu and Miuna are viable love interests now. Creepy. And hopefully won't happen. Me thinks Sayu and Kaname are not going to happen no matter what. I bet Kaname is either the lonely bachelor and Chisaki ends up with Tsumugu or Tsumugu and Kaname switch places. But not Kaname and Sayu. No it seems that Miuna's feelings towards Hikari were more...substantial. Even now because Sayu is going to be a single lady and Miuna is always looking at the sea. But I guess this pairing would be the most awkward given their relations now. Calling the dad Gramps while loving his son. Hikari I think was the most in love out of all the kids. Like he really, really loved Manaka. Chisaki and Kaname had strong feelings too while Miuna, Sayu, and Manaka were...pretty fast with their loves. Still Manaka isn't looking too featured in the second opening song. Hikari might wait for her and Miuna can be even more miserable for all I know.
 photo nagiepisode1411_zps483a16f2.jpg
Wasn't it obvious? Ms. Fall in Love with an older boy. XO
So how are Sayu and Miuna doing? Well apparently Sayu wasn't too caught up in Kaname as Miuna was in Hikari. That or Sayu has given up hope and her single lady comment is because no one will compare to Kaname whom she thinks is never coming back. Miuna is a bit more sad panda about the situation without breaking into tears every 5 seconds. She seems to have a happy home life though. Everything is normal and peaceful. I actually don't think she spent that much time with Hikari to develop such lasting feelings for him. Like well for a few months when I was young I knew this older boy and now he is gone. It's like Titanic up in here. You know, 48 hours, 48 days. Same thing.
 photo nagiepisode1415_zpsdecc793e.jpg
The sea god heard our prayers....sorta?
So it's been 5 years since the magical phenomenon happened under the sea. With the salt and water and light coming together to create sparkly swirls. But now that all is frozen this event will happen where everyone on land can see it. XO Cue Chisaki not wanting to see it and Tsumugu going to “study” the event with his lab person. Also school trip ya'll. I can see why Chisaki doesn't want to attend the event. They have to see it together....even though she doesn't know they already have. But yes. Onward to lights and prettiness and studying the ocean. Because the answer is going to come to us scientifically, not magically. We can make sense of this if we try. Or follow our hearts leading us to a place that just felt right. Magic, heartfelt lights in the sea.
 photo nagiepisode1416_zps0da681f0.jpg
So uplifting...
Our episode ends with Miuna and Tsumugu following the same light...to Hikari. Oh the puns the Japanese people have. Naked, breathing, and still 14 Hikari is here. XO What is going oh? After waking up Hikari...the boy seems to want to jump back in the water to save Manaka. :( Yeah kid....that was 5 years ago. The look on his little devastated face was too sad. Very heartbreaking. Miuna and Tsumugu are older, Manaka and Kaname are still in the sea, and Hikari has no idea what to do. :( Someone needs a hug stat. Like right now. Poor Hikari. What a way to end an episode.

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