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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 10

It's anime Sunday!!!! And the crowd goes wild!! Forget the Super Bowl. Every Sunday needs to be blog posting day. A day that I finish all these half finished posts I started in the beginning of the week and get them all ready to post. The day of anime. XD
 photo bluesteelepisode1012_zpsc9c21b4e.jpg
But...I'm supposed to be awesome!
6 lovely posts await you tonight. GO ME! And my ability to be distracted by many things. Lets start this off by finishing the very last bit of 2013 anime besides the one series that is still carrying on. Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 10 folks. Spoilers for nothing. XD Or that Gunzou is a cat with nine lives.
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Err you might want to fix that...
Episode Summary: Gunzou and Iona are tossed around as the ship is hit and slowly sinks. Gunzou wakes up injured and gets Iona up. She is a bit foggy, not able to process things as fast. She tries to repair the ship but is unable to. It turns out that 400 and 402 hacked some of her nanomaterials and she is unable to control them. Gunzou orders Iona to drop those sections to help head off more problems. Iona says one of those sections is the oxygen thingy. Gunzo says to do it anyway. They lose more of the ship and sink downwards. Takao has picked up Hyuuga but everyone is unable to find Iona and Gunzou. They have no idea what happened since Kongou was unable to catch up. Takao seems to be searching the hardest while thinks they sank. Takao tries to accuse Hyuuga of not caring about Iona but Hyuuga just wants to deliver the weapon as it was Iona's will. Takao is like let's go back to where we last had a signal instead of where we were supposed to meet. Kongou was having a pout (very angry pout) over Iona escaping. Damn you tea cup. Maya is like just follow the Code and it will be okay. 400 and 402 appear and tell Kongou they sank Iona. Kongou is mad since she didn't give the order and the submarines say they were carrying out the will of Fog. Kongou gets super pissed that she wasn't the one to do it and the submarine's note Kongou's changing behavior. Back on Iona Gunzou is doing very badly. He's hurt, the ship is cold, and he is running out of air. Iona goes to help in different ways but Gunzou doesn't want her wasting resources on him. He settles for a blanket but he is slowly dying. He comment that Iona is different from when they first met. She says she is exactly the same and Gunzou doesn't push the issue. Iona is watching him closely and tries to figure out the best course of action. Gunzou tries his best but he ends up laying on the ground looking dead. Iona concludes the most logical course of action would be to abandon Gunzou. Gunzou agrees but Iona thinks to herself how that is what she would have done, before she met Gunzou. That it was the logical thing to do. But now she needs him. Gunzou orders Iona to cut off all life support and passes out/dies. Iona is in shock, checking for vital signs. Then she becomes distraught, saying she doesn't want to be alone.
 photo bluesteelepisode106_zps734b5061.jpg
What do you mean we need a plan to save Gunzou and Iona? Gunzou is the one who makes the plans so clearly we will have no plan!
On the surface Takao's ship has made it to where Iona was last heard from. They can't find her at a depth of 2,000. It is concluded Iona was sunk by a sub and could be 9,000 feet down. Takao tries to dive but it is pointed out how dangerous that would be. She then borrows Hyuuga' thing to look for Gunzou despite everyone thinking Iona is probably the “alive” one. Iona's signal is eventually detected and down she goes. Takao comes across most of the 401 wreckage and is sad. Then she spots a tiny tube. It is big enough for Gunzou and snuggled next to him is Iona's core. Takao becomes distraught, saying there is no room for her. She then.....starts to glow. Hyuuga contacts her, saying that Iona sacrificed herself for Gunzou and now she was sacrificing herself for Iona for Gunzou. Hyuuga points out there is not enough nanomaterial to rebuild her. Takao says that's okay. She does what she wants. Slowly all of her ship is stripped away, leaving the humans and the weapon on a raft. Floating into the water Takao goes. Iona wakes up in her avatar and is happy to see Gunzou barely alive. During the longest pout ever Kongou receives news that Iona exists still, that she was given live by Takao. Kongou is like May I can blow up Iona now, all is right in the world. 400 and 402 are like um no. See you be crazy Kongou and you are no longer the Flagship for this region. You have not been following the Code and are compromised. Stand by. Kongou is like??!?! 400 and 402 then bind Kongou and strip her of her power. Kongou tries to fight back and calls to Maya for help. We can do this right Maya?! Maya agrees that Kongou is following the Code...over and over again. Kongou wants to know why Maya has lost it and 400 and 402 explain Maya is not a real mental model. More like a surveillance system. Kongou becomes distraught while 400/402 plan to find Iona and take her out themselves. THE END!
 photo bluesteelepisode1017_zps8e54c7d4.jpg
Yes everything is alright in the world. Kongou will have her revenge. Everyone take a deep breath and relax.
X__x Why did I get behind on this show again? I gladly gave up the crazy vampire brothers of evilness but this sorta got sorta left behind too. So sorry talking ships and super mature teenage boy.
 photo bluesteelepisode107_zps949b69f4.jpg
How dare you!!!!
So first off I take back my applause for Kongou. You did not have a trump card to take Iona out. More like you got punked card. The ocean is vast and Kongou is only in charge of a portion of it. She got over ruled by the Fog Queen. We will take out Iona for the good of Fog. I mean that is what Kongou as trying to do too. Maybe they thought Kongou was just going after Gunzou and not Iona. No redemption at Fog. Traitors must be eliminated.
 photo bluesteelepisode1014_zps0b8261b0.jpg
I'll never let go Jack. Never let go.
400 and 402 are no jokes. I wonder if there is a season 2 (since...we haven't delivered the good to the United States yet) if there will be more of the sister subs. The ocean has more Fog ships in them and by then Gunzou will have tons of ships of his own. So maybe we will have a showdown with Iona and her “sisters” then as I don't think a great resolution will happen this season. But they were pretty hardcore. Double team sneak attack with hacking bombs that will make it so Iona can't repair herself. Almost too perfect. Do they have humans on board too?
 photo bluesteelepisode103_zpsf7cf3533.jpg
Poor Gunzou got outsmarted.
The damage was extensive though. Iona had massive holes in her from the blasts. The special shields don't work when you are suddenly attacked at warp speed/ I am not sure how 400 and 402 hacked Iona but they did and now it's bad. Nanomaterials don't grow on trees ya'll. Um...I am not sure where they grow but there isn't a steady supply of them. Which means to keep Gunzou from drowning and Iona from blowing up Gunzou no longer had a steady supply of oxygen. Breathing is overrated. Here have a blanket instead of a warm hug.
 photo bluesteelepisode1010_zpsf91304ed.jpg
Oh I might need oxygen...
Gunzou was having a bad episode. All of his planing couldn't save him from submarines he didn't know about. How dare they have a plan! A sneak attack. Also plus he got hurt and was slowly dying and there was nothing he could do about it. That might be a good reason for Gunzou having a bad day. Still even with the prospect of slowly freezing to death while running out of oxygen at the bottom of the ocean Gunzou tried to keep on living. Maybe for Iona's sake, since he thought she had changed and might have formed a human connection. But Gunzou was still thinking of others before himself. Kill me and live on Iona. The ocean is pretty damn big. Rescue might be impossible especially with all the lasting weapon effects in the air.
 photo bluesteelepisode1013_zps45deddb5.jpg
Gunzou, I can only continue being your ship if...I leave you behind. That is my logic. Or my previous logic.
Iona...she is an odd duck. I am not sure how long they were in the water for but she sorta...just sat and stared at Gunzou. I am sure she was trying her hardest to fix the ship despite being hacked. Gunzou was telling her not to do things so she didn't. Trying to find a solution but all she had was leave Gunzou. She acknowledged that she would have been find with that before but she has changed. She just didn't realize it until Gunzou was laying there on the ground. It's hard to be Gunzou's ship without Gunzou you know? She would just be Iona. It was hard for her to go against logic and feel. But then she was feeling all over the place.
 photo bluesteelepisode109_zps7af4e87b.jpg
Well thanks for having hope ya'll!
Any victory Gunzou's fleet had had was gone. Sadness. Where is Iona? Kongou did not sink her. I's not like Iona is a submarine and there are other submarines that Takao herself had met. No no we must be dazed and confused. Where could they be? Takao and Hyuuga had a personality switch. Well maybe not. Hyuuga was just calm for once. Seeing the reality of the situation. Trying to carry out Iona's last wishes and maybe she sob about it later. Takao was like um bitches we are not giving up. We need to find my captain. Our captain. The captain. Quick someone make a giant fan and blow all the weapon material out of the air.
 photo bluesteelepisode1011_zpsd5448e9d.jpg
Well the last location of most of her pieces anyway.
Eventually someone comes up with the idea to search Iona's last location. I am starting to think Gunzou's human crew is a bit pointless. I can't remember the last time I referred to them by name. Plus Iona was carrying on just fine by herself with Kongo on her tail. More like unnecessary baggage. So harsh my words! But yes lets fine Iona and Gunzou. Zoom zoom. All that power and time to charge up the super thrusters and they didn't make it very far.
 photo bluesteelepisode102_zps5decbbc5.jpg
How about you priorities being alive first?
Upon learning Iona (and Gunzou) were deep in the ocean Takao dove right in. Well first she was going to take everyone on a magic carpet ride but hello someone sunk Iona and we don't know where they are. Onward to Hyuuga's little capsule travel thingy. Into the ocean we go. I am sure it will be a needle in a hay stack. That Takao will never find Iona. Or when she does she will have dried tear stains on her face and Gunzou will be long gone. We will continue on the mission for him. Come, construct a statue for him. Oh Takao found them? Never mind.
 photo bluesteelepisode1015_zps36ceebe2.jpg
There literally is no place for you. As in Iona is a tube and Gunzou doesn't know what is going on.
Only...It was not a lot to find. Instead of cutting off life support Iona cut off almost all of the ship. Just leaving a place for Gunzou to lay down and her core. Iona “died” for Gunzou. A bit dramatic since core Kirishima is still alive. Still Takao was overwhelmed. Like oh so this is what he wants?! No room for me?! Well no...Iona saved his life so...yeah that is what he needed right now? Probably deep down she knew it was end up like this anyway. If Gunzou ever gets interested in girls and if Iona gets to that point of not being just his ship.
 photo bluesteelepisode1016_zps84ebb277.jpg
Maybe we are more human than we thought.
Takao did the ultimate thing that humans do when they want to be dramatic. Okay that was mean. She really did something that shows how much one cares about another person. Putting another being before themselves. In a way that you permanent. For humans anyway. Takao used all of her nanomaterials to reconstruct Iona. To save Gunzo. To give him what he wanted. Hyuuga and Takao have a conversation making sure this is what Takao wants to do. Does she know they won't be able to remake her? Takao is okay with that. She just wanted to help Gunzo. That is her purpose in life now and she got to fulfill it rather fast. And sadly. All the other entities looked on as Takao poofed into the ocean and Iona woke up next to Gunzou. It will be okay guys!
 photo bluesteelepisode105_zpse623706d.jpg
It should have been me there in the first place. And the second place. Only I should sink 401 because I am not obsessed with her.
Or not. 400 and 402 got word that Iona was magically brought back by Takao I don't know. But they decided they were going to deal with it. Kongou of course thought SHE was going to deal with it but was talked to about how she is not acting very Fog like. Kongou can't see that her obsession has made it impossible to see straight. In fact she is going to be under house arrest now. Chains for you Kongou, because unplugging the computer would be silly. No no Kongou, you will stay here as you are infected by Gunzou and are a risk to Fog.
 photo bluesteelepisode1018_zps48be0d00.jpg
But...but...Maybe is my friend.
The episode ends with the biggest WTF/sadness moment in this show. Sorry Gunzou you almost being dead doesn't count. Kongou thought she could rely on Maya, that maybe the girl would release her and help her take out Iona. HAHA no. Maya started going on and on about the same gibberish she always talks about. She reminded me of when the android went crazy on Alien. She's a damn robot! Oh wait we are all computer programs? Maya just doesn't have free will or a personality. She has no conscious. She runs off...insanity apparently since all she talked about what a carnival. This moment was so shocking to Kongou as she thought Maya was her friend and actually supported Fog instead of being...a basic computer system. That was a low point for Kongou. Not low enough for her to embrace her humanity like I thought but still. Sad Kongou was sad. Now all Kongou has to do is break free and save Iona so she can ask the girl all about these feelings right? I thought not. Until next time. XD

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