Monday, January 13, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Lucky Duffy needs some cheering up

 photo Duffy2013bear011_zpse4e9593f.jpg
Goodbye little Christmas decorations. You will be missed.
Hello fans of Duffy, stuffed bears, and overall cute things. Welcome to the year 2014. It is the time of year to start anew. Or get caught up on things you should have done last year. Mom has been busy running around doing lots of things so I decided to help out by taking down some Christmas ornaments. Mom does have a lot of them. While I was working I found not everyone is happy that it is the year 2014.
 photo Duffy2013bear012_zps6ab4513d.jpg
Into the tiny boxes you go.
 photo Duffy2013bear013_zpsabaa2445.jpg
This is going to take forever, I better go get some help.
 photo Duffy2013bear020_zps6d45a2e0.jpg
Hey guys want to help me take down.....hey wait a minute. Where is Lucky Duffy at? Where did he go?
 photo Duffy2013bear016_zps45eca873.jpg
Oh there he is. Why is he crying in the corner.....
 photo Duffy2013bear017_zps0f3e454a.jpg
Lucky Duffy is sad. :( He thinks that mom isn't going to like him anymore because he is the 2013 bear. That she is already talking about getting the new 2014 predressed bear.
 photo Duffy2013bear018_zps8a3151a7.jpg
Don't be sad Lucky Duffy. Mom loves all of us Duffys. While not everyone goes on trips we are special in different ways. You will be special because you are the first dated bear, in celebration of when she and dad first got annual passes. No other bear can say that. You represent an entire year of fun. Yay Lucky Duffy, the first annual pass bear!
 photo Duffy2013bear019_zps7ddd4bae.jpg
Feeling better Lucky Duffy? Lets play with some of the Cars figurines. I will always be around to play with you know. With so many Duffys in this family how can you ever be lonely?
 photo Duffy2013bear022_zpsc44ef88e.jpg
Time to watch some TV. Errr mom is watching zombie movies so I am not sure if that will make you feel better or not...
 photo Duffy2013bear015_zps0893270b.jpg
No more tears Lucky Duffy. I got you some comfort food to calm your nerves, served on a cute Mickey hand plate.
 photo Duffy2013bear014_zpsa2ff1526.jpg
Lets share some ice cream. Everything will be okay but ice cream is still a nice pick me up.
 photo Duffy2013bear021_zps3df59a71.jpg
There you go Lucky Duffy. Back where you go in the family. Hugs for you. No one will ever be forgotten. Because we are way too cute to be tossed aside!

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