Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Happy New Year!

 photo HappyNewYear2014025_zpsaf20f9a9.jpg
Happy New Year from me, Scruffy, and Betty Bunny.
Hello there from the world of stuffed animals. Today is New Year's Day! That means last night was New Year's Eve. A time of great fun and explosions and clinking of glasses. Did you have a great time? We did! Come see some of the pictures from last night and today as I am recovering from the fun.
 photo HappyNewYear2014024_zps4fc9ca0c.jpg
The people are busy getting their own food and they have forgotten about us. Fill our lovely dishes with noms please.
 photo HappyNewYear2014012_zpsc4a8ebf2.jpg
After we finally got fed it was time for games and fabulous prizes.
 photo HappyNewYear2014008_zps799b29a0.jpg
Some of the games were hard. X___X And the drawings were special.
 photo HappyNewYear2014022_zpsd8a1dc0e.jpg
Mom owns Walt Disney World. Funny yes?
 photo HappyNewYear2014026_zps32cc2c74.jpg
Whoa I think we partied too hard. So dizzy.
 photo HappyNewYear2014027_zpsb94c3ede.jpg
Go away sun....
 photo HappyNewYear2014028_zpscd43cde4.jpg
Thanks for giving me a hand up Holiday Stitch. Just a little woozy.
 photo HappyNewYear2014030_zps5939850f.jpg
Time to wake up and greet the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am ready to celebrate in Japanese style.
 photo HappyNewYear2014031_zpseae0d8d6.jpg
I think the holidays are all about parades in this house. This one is called the Rose parade.
 photo HappyNewYear2014032_zpsd6c35342.jpg
Happy New Year Kira. Want some pets?
 photo HappyNewYear2014033_zps5081afa4.jpg
More of the parade. It is full of flowers and plants. So pretty.
 photo HappyNewYear2014036_zpsa8a32138.jpg
Let's start off the new year looking at the new Build a Bear flyer.
 photo HappyNewYear2014037_zps01125f68.jpg
I think I need that shirt....
 photo HappyNewYear2014038_zps65c60e65.jpg
XO The Disney Blog has tons of new Duffy outfits and bears for the beginning of the new year.
 photo HappyNewYear2014039_zps612a58f8.jpg
Just so much cuteness!
 photo HappyNewYear2014040_zps0f4472bc.jpg
There is just too much for my tiny bear brain to comprehend.
 photo HappyNewYear2014041_zps5c85d671.jpg
Happy New Year indeed. What if mom makes me get a job to pay for all of this? WAIIII!

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