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Hamatora episode 2

Hello there my lovely readers. It is mid January and it has already been busy, busy, and busy. It is like people emptied out their entire closets and brought them to our store. And people want me to go out and have a social life with them? Insanity.
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I'm fabulous!!!!
But it is time to focus on anime posts again. Poor neglected anime posts. Up now is Hamatora episode 2. Spoilers for high school being full of crazy people.
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Well...we don't have any other jobs right now so isn't a bit of money better than no money?
Episode Summary: Birthday is near the water, attempting to impress some ladies with a magic trick. Now the magic trick itself was going to be lame but at the same time a huge explosion hits a nearby building. Birthday is taken into custody and Koneko informs the rest of the Hamatora crew what has happened. No one seems to care and the topics turns to Hajime eating food. Of course Nice is poor and has no money for anything and Ratio might miss his jailed partner. The owner of the bar tries to weigh in on what is going on when two teenagers walk in. Since they are holding a tiny piggy bank Murasaki assumes they are going to be poor and the case is worthless. Still Nice hears out the boy and girl team. The boy Theo explains that their beloved school teacher Kitazawa has been missing for three days and the cops won't do anything. Murasaki doesn't want to do anything either but Nice is like this teacher must be amazing, he is worth saving. Nice enrolls in the school as a student and Murasaki as a teacher. Nice seems rather genius like while Murasaki doesn't want to be there. During lunch break there is a mad rush for the cafeteria. Theo explains that there are super sammiches that are famous at this school but they only make 10 a day. Nice decides to join in on the race and sees the different ends and outs of how the school is shaped/escape routes. When a group cheats by using the trash chutes Nice uses his minimum to get to the cafeteria faster. Sadly he does not have enough money to buy said sammich. Woe is him. He goes back to the classroom and he sees Theo on a weird looking website. Theo must have told/explained it and Nice tells Murasaki about it. Murasaki pretends to need computer help so he can flirt with the girl who made the computer app. Murasaki learns more about this program and Nice ends up confronting Theo about his involvement. This site is for people to vent and say things they can't in real life. This site had mentions of Theo being bullied. Theo confirms this and the reason he is worried about Kitazawa teacher because he was the only person who helped him. He made the bullies stop. Nice is like are you worried Kitazawa won't return and you will have to defend yourself from now on? Theo is a bit upset and the crew gets a call from Art.
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We can only use the internet for porn, hateful things, and cat pictures. Nothing else.
Art and his team have found the body of Kitazawa. His brain has been taken out of his head, you know because brains could be somewhere else in the body. Art then explains that there has been a serial killer in this city that has been targeting minimum holders but they haven't solved the case. Add in the fact that there is a serial bomber and Art is not happy. Kitazawa's funeral is held. The girl in the duo is crying all over the casket while Theo stares on. Murasaki the case is closed but Nice wants to know more about Murasaki since he heard people talking about the teacher at the funeral. Murasaki is like waste of time but Nice is worried how Theo is going to deal with this all. After a bit of investigating. Nice call the girl and Theo up. Nice explains that Kitazawa was a minimum holder. That and add in that the pictures got from his informant about the bullying and the number of bullies posting on the website Nice has concluded that there was a 6th bully and it was Kitazawa. He reads what the boys did online and made the pictures with his ability to came across as a hero when really getting off on all this. He didn't do this out of the kindness of his heart. Theo is devastated but Nice tells everyone that he did this so Theo could grow as a person. Theo has some cry baby moments and doesn't know why his beloved teacher would do this. He eventually runs into the girl who was waiting on his sad self. Theo asks the girl to accompany him to the school. Back at the bat Birthday has reappeared from jail and is looking at the bully pictures. He notices that one of the pics is the place that blew up the other day. Upon further investigation all these places have been blown up. Only one place is left, the school. The girl and Theo have reached the school because Theo has something to tell Kitazawa. Suddenly there is a bomb in the middle of the sidewalk and a cackle heard. Up on the roof is one of the bullies and he placed the bombs in the place where the bullying took place. His life has been ruined because he followed the crowd and now he wants to blow up the areas to start over. Yay reality! Turns out that this bully is a minimum holder and he can make time go faster...bit by bit...with a stop watch. The girl and Theo panic but Murasaki and Nice appear, having figured this all out. Nice starts to run off with the bomb but he runs into someone. Murasaki ends up throwing the bomb in the air and no one is hurt. The bully panics and reveals the bomb strapped to his chest because that makes sense. He starts making the time go by faster and Nice tells Murasaki of the trash chute route and up he goes, stopping the bully from blowing himself up. Yay for solving the case. Inside Murasaki and Nice follow Theo and the girl who have gone to the memorial for Kitazawa. Nice hands Theo a baseball bat and goes to town destroying Kitazawa's picture. The kid will be alright. Back at police headquarters Art and his people learn that the two suspects arrested last episode weren't natural minimum holders. They gained the ability later in life. And this is only possible if you have a brain from a natural minimum holder. Oh no! The person Nice ran into with the bomb was taking a walk and has made it home. In his bag was...a brain. And in his huge library are shelves of other brains. I wonder what is going on SHOCKER! THE END!
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Here's looking at you kid.
Long summary is super long. Kind got away from me there folks. Plus I forgot something about Nice. X__X So it could have been longer. So brief my words.
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Ain't no one care about Birthday...unless it is their Birthday.
Birthday might be a bigger laughing stock than Nice is. And that's saying something. I don't think he minds though. Especially the way he goes about about teasing Nice. Like um you are the one doing lame tricks in an attempt to pick up chicks. I am sure he is a nice person though. Just a little special and slightly unfortunate. He gets hauled off to jail and everyone was like....meh. Well not you miss tail person. Is Koneko just cosplaying or something? Anyway buildings are being blown up. Birthday is in jail, and Koneko is trying to get her people to care but Hajime eating food is way more interesting. Duh.
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:( This piggie needs a sammich too.
I am not sure where Hamatora is advertising their services. Maybe they have a 2 for 1 deal going on with Yato. But after some antics involving food and Nice some very young clients walked in. Now their piggy bank was starving. I am not sure if that was to make fun of the fact that Theo had no cash or if in Japan the obesity epidemic has not hit and even their pigs are slender. Murasaki seems to be dedicated to his role of this is not my fault or my problem. Give me the cash or get out. Nice is all about helping people even if they can't afford a cheeseburger. I am sure later in the series it will show that Nice needed some help in life so he knows how it is to be desperate. Pay it forward.
 photo hamatoraepisode24_zps7bbca5c9.jpg
Our favorite teacher is missing. Sniff sniff...certainly something else is going on here.
The case this week involved a high school student being worried about his teacher. Now because of last week's episode I automatically assumed there was a love affair going on. Nope. Just a student worried about his teacher. Well that part was normal, not what was to follow. Remind me not to go missing in Japan. 3 days is a long time to be missing folks. Stupid police. Come on Nice, save the day. For some reason Murasaki decided to tag along too. As we saw last episode they don't have to work together all the time. So yeah....I think that Ratio would have been the more believable teacher anyway.
 photo hamatoraepisode26_zps4838e21a.jpg
The running of the sammich.
Time to investigate this school since no one can ever tell the truth when it comes to legal matters. Not sure how old Nice is but he fits in just fine. Even got caught up in the moment with the epic run to the sammiches. I know limited supply creates demand but 10 sammiches? 10? It looked like half the kids in the school were running for that food. It is a manly sammich folks. Those Japanese people and their limited edition things. Does anyone else notice when minimum users have their powers on? Like no fair, the new kid is cheating!? Or oh no we are scared of the new kid?! The point of this little scene was to show that Nice is poor (again) and that this school has lots of nook and crannies. File that away.
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Odd pick up line but I guess it works.
In between moments when Nice was trying to relive his childhood the case was attempting to be solved. For such a secret awesome app/website a lot of people were using it out in the open. Look at me weee! Also was this series sponsored by iphone? So Nice got in with the kids to learn about the app and Murasaki used his power of flirting to find out more. Oh you naughty man you. There is a lot of hate on the internet X__X. I can see how a place like Japan would have....websites like this. Having to keep things in because that is what society wants. I mean not that you should be sprouting off hatred any chance you get but I can see how letting out a bit of steam would be necessary.
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Your advice is o so helpful....
Whatever this website is/was it helped Murasaki and nice figured out that Theo is being bullied. It lead to Nice confronting Theo. And even through the boys were right I am not sure how they knew this had anything to do with the case. Find my teacher please. But you always have to ask for enemies and what not. Turns out Kitazawa was helping Theo through this bullying issue/ Now I am sure Nice filed that information into his head for later but if I was Theo I would be pissed. What is up with this lecture?! Asking me if I sought anyone out for help. And when I answer that I did act like I am a weakling and that I need to learn to take care of problems on my own? Like hello you don't know me son. I could have just gotten bullied during this one time period. The rest of my life I handled my own problems and part of growing up is learning your own limitations and asking for help when you need it. But I wouldn't want that logic to get in the way of man pride. Thanks for the lecture. Wouldn't want to find my teacher whom helped me out through a difficult time. Nope.
 photo hamatoraepisode211_zps2684939d.jpg
We found your teacher Theo. Pay up.
After that most lovely peptalk it was time to find Teach. I am guessing Art and the police didn't look very hard for him as Kitazawa was dead all three of those days. And it doesn't look like it was that far from his apartment. Good job polica. Also I don't think this show is called Hamatora. I think it's called Heroes. XD People missing brains. People only attacking other people with powers. Is that white haired man named Sylar? I think it is. XD I am glad Art and his pals were honest about the dead minimum holders though. That might have caused some problems later. Accusations of lying and withholding information. Like hmmm what a curious case we have here. Dead teacher who was a minimum holder and a bomber? Woe is the police force?
 photo hamatoraepisode214_zpsd79d8a16.jpg
Buck up Theo, it could be worse...I think...
Because Nice is mean....err super helpful and wanted Theo to get his money's worth he kept on investigating. I am sure it was just for this case and had nothing to do with Nice working with the police force in an attempt to find out why minimum holders are dropping like flies. Nice gathered up Theo and his friend to inform him that Kitazawa was an asshole. Apparently he went on a worse website than the one at school and took part in bad things. Turns out, according to Nice, that Kitazawa didn't save Theo out of the kindness of his heart. It was more so to torture the real bullies and helping Theo was a side product. I am not sure where Nice came up with this thinking. Maybe Kitazawa was using his powers for good. Like he went to this awful board to visualize these things and turn the evidence into the cops. Why are we automatically assuming that Kitazawa was a bad person? Perhaps it did go down the way Nice said it did but what did Kitazawa do that was so bad? Also what was the point of telling Theo? I know Nice doesn't want Theo to idolize Kitazawa and to grow up but this might have traumatized him. Like I can no longer trust anyone. Let me go cry many tears all alone in the world.
 photo hamatoraepisode27_zps52e970d1.jpg
We will solve this case in a snap!
After smashing the hopes and dreams of the boy the rest of Hamatora sorta sat around. Job well done. Then Birthday, newly sprung from jail, added his two cents to the situation. See it was pretty smart of Nice to go to his informant and learn that Kitazawa turned in incriminating pictures of the thugs. Only apparently there was no common sense on the police force unless they thought the camera was set up to take pictures (the website wasn't even needed at that point). But Birthday took one glance at the pictures and was like wasn't that the place that blew up the other day? Anime magic folks. Now since the crew has that extra tidbit they could quickly figure out the case since all the bombing had to be connected.
 photo hamatoraepisode215_zps6776d5e5.jpg
I think you blew up your brain...
For a split second I thought that maybe Theo was a minimum holder too. That maybe he had uncontrollable powers and he kept reacting to memories at the places of his abuse and poof things blew up. Alas this was not to be. It was one of the bullies. And of course he is a minimum holder. Because everyone is. Said bully is a bit unstable. He is like you ruined my life. Like um...you beat up Theo and got caught. Please be explaining your logic. I am going to go out on a wild limb and say there is no logic since Mr. Speed Up Time is attempting to fix his past by blowing up all the bullying places. Yeah I didn't think that was going to work or make sense. His ability seems...rather special. Click the stop watch as fast as possible and speed up time a little. So really like Heroes and X-Men with some super limitations.
 photo hamatoraepisode216_zpsf64901f1.jpg
Murasaki's ability is to harden certain parts of his body. Clearly.
The defeat of el crazy wasn't very interesting one. Basically Murasaki threw a bomb in the air and Nice guided Murasaki through the quickest way up to the roof. Bully kid didn't have a chance once the team figured out what was up. No the real meat was helping Theo move on. You know, once Nice smashed his hopes and dreams he decided to glue the kid back together. I am totally sure that was his plan all along too. Like I had to show you the awful truth so you could grief and move on, become a better person who can stand strong on his own. You're welcome. Oh and here is a baseball bat in case you still have some aggression issues. Surely no one will ask what the hell happened to the memorial.
 photo hamatoraepisode218_zps84eb547a.jpg
Forget the brains...what is up with the hair?!
So while Nice congratulates himself on another job well down and Murasaki counts the mere pennies they earned Art and his people were learning. Me thinks that Art is a minimum holder too given his conversation with Nice earlier. Still it odd that these police people are the ones learning about the science behind minimum holders and not...oh I guess other people, like doctors. Unless the doctors told the cops since so many minimum holders are dying. But yes folks. The reason why there seems to be so many minimum holders is because people can become them in artificial ways. All you need is a brain from a minimum holder TADA! Now we are losing a minimum holder during the initial brain obtaining but who knows how many artificial ones can be spawned from that one brain. If it's one for one that will equal out and clearly there are too many minimum holders for that to be the case. I think it is many from one brain....and I am going to assume because of that most minimum holders are criminals and all the cases that Hamatora will be connected to this one fact. To Sylar, keeper of the brains. Or maybe I should call him the Governor..since...you know...he has large glass case jars full of human body parts. Yay creepiness. Black market on super powers. I am sure he won't be discovered until way later on in the series. See ya later Governorator.
 photo hamatoraepisode212_zps656ccae0.jpg
What a boring looking gym....
I think that's about it. Oh except for the part I didn't mention in the summary. But it did happen in this episode and it looks like it will be mentioned in the next episode. It looks like some minimum holders were....recruited in some way. Given that this is only episode 2 we don't know much about how...people even know how to identify a minimum holder. It looks like Nice and some of the others were sent to a school because they had powers? But clearly nothing is done about that as Nice hasn't been forced to do anything else and the bully kid was going to regular school. Maybe that program just seems if one has the potential? Since these powers come up in very random ways it would be hard to figure out. Unless there is a blood test....Focus Christina, this was supposed to be a brief paragraph. So there was a school for minimum holders and some of the people in this organization have been there and don't have very fond memories of it. What is the purpose of said school? How are minimum users tracked/found out? Will Sylar run out of glass jars? I guess we will find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!

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