Sunday, January 5, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Epcot and Downtown Disney oh my!

 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney272_zpsb52bb466.jpg
Muffy's mom wanted to go to Splitsville for one meal. Yummy yes?
Hello there all who love Duffys and bears who have more clothes than many humans. Or maybe those just sticking around to see how crazy mom can be. Are you ready to read all about my recent adventures? Mom and a group of people went to Disney World recently. We had fun exploring the Art of Animation hotel. We spent an entire day at the Magic Kingdom. But then we spent one more day doing lots of random things. With so many things to do at Disney World will we ever see it all?
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney288_zpsf42f656a.jpg
Apparently after midnight at Splitsville they only serve pizza. Which is fine since mom likes pizza and has been having withdrawals lately. XD The girl she shared with (the maybe Duffy hater) shared with her but mom insisted on light sauce. The pizza was yummy. Dad and Muffy's mom had a meaty pizza. Yummy.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney118_zpscedc61f0.jpg
After we checked into the hotel and grabbed some noms we went to play minigolf. Does Disney World have everything?!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney121_zps274939dc.jpg
Mom says that Fantasia is a really old Disney movie. I have never seen it. Dad says it is one of his favorites though. Are they the buckets from the show at Magic Kingdom?
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney123_zps36b076f6.jpg
We haven't even play this course yet! Give us time. We were given a time to start, to help make it not get all bunched up with people. However mom was so bad people were stuck behind us the whole time!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney144_zps6993d2ed.jpg
Here is what the signs look like. All the courses were par 3. Mom got a lot of 6's. 6's were the max!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney158_zps456ad32b.jpg
That cute little mushroom dude would rise up and down, blocking the hole and making the ball go somewhere else on the course. No one got the ball in the mushroom man hole.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney180_zpsc038bf97.jpg
We enter this cave and this was hiding inside. Who is this scary creature?!!?!?
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney204_zps89b7b5cd.jpg
I think the alligator is going to get smushed. Also no one got it in the alligator's mouth.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney228_zpsdd200416.jpg
These brooms threw water at Muffy's mom! Actually dad set the effect off accidentally but still. Bad little bucket people.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney708_zps54e256aa.jpg
Dad and the Duffy Hater went to Downtown Disney. She doesn't have an annual pass. :( She should learn to love me and Disney more. Mom and Muffy's mom needed more Princess pictures so we went to Epcot. We got our spot on the tram instead of being smushed. But I think they could have walked to the front faster....
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney709_zps4561a80c.jpg
Princess pictures are nice but Duffy is at Epcot! We need to go see him!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney710_zps4ee32135.jpg
This meet and greet needs more shade. Mom's face got so red. But there is my lovely story to read in line while you wait for Human Size Duffy.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney714_zps48caecd7.jpg
Wait where is Human Size Duffy going?! COME BACK!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney716_zpsdc99f880.jpg
OHHH! He must have needed a snack. There are lots of tasty things to eat at Epcot. Speaking at tasty things I heard mom say something about wanting the Food and Wine Duffy this year?
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney737_zps390c37d6.jpg
Mom and Muffy's owner were getting tired already and we just got here. It was rather hot outside. They decided to ride the boat to the other side of the World Showcase.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney738_zpsc157b2de.jpg
Last time I came here I did 5 outfit changes in one day. Or 6. I lost track!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney767_zps5e234c37.jpg
So much walking at this part. Mom and Muffy's owner are melting!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney770_zps79fe57fb.jpg
After taking some princess pictures and shopping at the Japan store mom and Muffy's owner hopped back on the boat. They thought sitting outside would give them a nice breeze.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney771_zps621e3ebd.jpg
Boats. That is where Duffy's should be right? Glad mom took pictures of me this trip.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney792_zps073b243f.jpg
Mom realized when she got home most of the Dino Cafe pictures had her friends in the pic. But I look so cute mom!!! I guess I will just look at the meteor destroying all the dinosaurs.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney793_zpsf6d17db6.jpg
Oh look our food has arrived!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney794_zps3b260ac0.jpg
Hey! Mom said she share with you! You don't get it all!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney795_zps8771c666.jpg
Swim little jellyfish swim. Just don't sting me.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney799_zps89c6d93c.jpg
Mom didn't get to spend much time in Downtown Disney this trip. But she did stop to have my picture taken with GIANT Duffy. Don't you like my outfit? XD We had a great time this adventure. I can't wait to go back. Hopefully soon!

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