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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 8

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I do what I want!
Post number 2 of the night!! I was gunho on posting a lot tonight but Brave got in the way of my plans. How dare Disney play movies I want to watch on TV gosh don't they know I can't do three things at once. But now Brave is over so time for more posts on this cold night. Up now is Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 8. Poor forgot ship show. Spoilers for hot things being hot and wet things being wet.
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Stop asking questions!
Episode Summary: Everyone is preparing for battle. Sorta. Gunzou's human forces go to 401 to get ready for things to go bad. All systems ready. Before Gunzou leaves his crew everyone talks about how they are seriously outnumbered. Gunzou thinks they have a good chance and Haruna explains why all the ships are girls. Hyuuga and her weird smile smirk at the level of prepareness Kongou has taken. 6 other Fog ships besides her and Maya. Gunzou asks Hyuuga to contact Kongou. Kongou answers the transmission which is Hyuuga asking Maya and Kongou to come ashore to speak directly to Gunzou. Kongou mentions all the traitors but agrees. Kongou and Maya walk across the water while Iona and Takao watch in their bathing suits. Iona asks Takao to wait inside but Takao does what she wants. Iona commends Kongou on getting to their hideout so fast as she did not predict that. Kongou explains Maya was excited about the meeting. Kongou wants to know how Iona is so great at predicting the future and if Iona knows what will happen next. Iona nods so Kongou attacks. Iona uses a shield while Takao gets ready to help...someone and Maya plains in the sand. Gunzou appears and tells the girls to power down. Everyone listens and follows Gunzou inside. Kongou wants to get down to business but Hyuuga suggests having real tea. Gunzou tells everyone to get comfy and Maya does. Kongou isn't human so she doesn't need comfort. She is fascinated with tea being warm though. She asks what this meeting is about.
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Do I look like a ship that wants to be comfortable?
Gunzou explains what everyone already knows. They are taking the amazing weapon to the United States, that it will be a super weapon against Fog. Gunzou wants to know why Kongou is still pursuing the battle when humans are at the brink of extinction. Kongou says that is their directive. Gunzou wants to know more about this Admiral Code. Kongou says it is not meant to be question but it is the rules they came to understand when they came into existence. Directives to get the humans out of the ocean. Do not question. Further more Kongou wants to know how the other Fog ships were able to go against this Code. Everyone gets very quiet and can't really answer. Because they want to? Kongou starts to feel as if this meeting is pointless. She says she is going to destroy them and just wanted to tell them to their faces. She asks what Gunzou wants and he says...dinner. Makie, Haruna, and Kirishima join them outfit for a BBQ. Kirishima almost drowns in the ocean, Haruna is frozen by Makie stealing her jacket. Takao and Hyuuga fight over food. Iona tries to include Kongou in this fun. Kongou just looks on and wants to know what is so special about Iona. She must have a different directive then the others. Why are all the Fog ships changing when they meet her? Iona hesitates so Kongou gets...upset I suppose. She walks over to Gunzou and basically says this has failed. She says she and Maya came prepared. Their cores are actually still back on the ship and these are “fake” bodies. She and Maya slowly start to float back to the ship. She tells Gunzou she knows what his plan was, to make her question Fog's existence by introducing fun to her. She won't go against her programing. When she and Maya get back to their ships they start firing away. Hyuuga creates a shield for the entire island, as she has prepared for this day. Kongou plans on wearing Hyuuga out. When Hyuuga falters the other Fog ships help her. Takao tells Gunzou she will aid him...maybe. Gunzou I guess starts thinking of a plan when Iona looks over and sees Kongou did take a bite of food. THE END!!
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I wonder if we will ever see your face!
X__x Well then...this was odd. A show about “talking ships” and a teenage Captain...can't be weird at all right? But yeah. Fog came in to town and tried to blow up the world. But now they are taking their time and making meetings with the enemy? Yes odd indeed.
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Silly humans, can't even remember what you refer to things as.
First things first. Fog ships are girls. And there is actually a reason for this. Not because cute girls sell lots of DVDs and merchandise. Which is a surprise. The answer is logical and simple. When learning about humans Fog's data found that ships are usually is not always referred to as girls. That's all there is to it. I think Gunzou's crew thought there was going to be more of an answer. It is odd though...why are all vehicles girls?
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Correct. They will eventually blow ya'll up.
Despite there being several battles so far Gunzou is a talker, not a fighter. Since his plan is to use this weapon as leverage to stop the war.....well he is going to keep on with this plan. Have a meeting. Perhaps do something that hasn't been done before. Maybe no one has really talked to Fog. Just Gunzou and his slowly forming half not interested harem. Since Gunzou and his people were going to be blown out of the water anyway why not try and see what is going on? Gunzou's no chump though. Get that crew ready for battle. I'm surprised no one has...well left him yet. His plans are iffy and full of hopes and luck. Some strategy too. Guess I think it's odd everyone is as like minded as him and are willing to take these chances.
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Also this was special too. Real tea, hot? Who knew!
This is not the special part of the episode. No no, the special part was Kongou's reaction to this. Which actually go to the meeting. X___X Odd yes? I thought so. I think Kongou will eventually find her Disney side....I mean humanity but had the others been stead fast in their Fogness she was going to be solid as a rock. It's only their cracks in the system that have allowed this to happen. Them leaving has caused Kongou to be curious and not logical. Because one would thinking blowing up the humans, traitors, and the super weapon with no notice would make the most tactical sense.
 photo bluesteelepisode84_zps0b8cffec.jpg
Because....going made sense somehow in Kongou's head.
Instead Kongou and Maya put on their Jesus saddles and walked to the island. Hyuuga called them with Gunzou's message and off they went. Now I am just going to say...Maya seems rather off without human interaction. I don't know what would happen if she got curious too. Like yay going to blow people up, yay sand, yay food, yay playing a “game” with Haruna. So...Kongou's top and possibly only reliable banana left has a screw loose. Add in Iona and Takao greeting them in swimsuits and I am surprised Kongou's circuit board hasn't exploded due to things not commuting.
 photo bluesteelepisode87_zpse0a230ba.jpg
So much restraint. 5 whole seconds ya'll.
Now I will give Kongou a bit of credit. She did come to shore and only allowed a bit of small talk before she decided it was termination time. Like what do you want? Why are you doing this? Put some clothes on traitor Takao. Then it was attacking time. She probably should have kept going, especially since she and Maya weren't really there. But she was curious about Gunzou. Le sigh. Or the situation that has caused lots of Fog ships to defect. I guess she could have reasoned with the situation. Like oh I am not developing human qualities. I am merely trying to understand the enemy better. Yes that's it. It's not curiosity but strategy. Trying to stop other Fog ships from defecting. It's not like Gunzou said stop and she did or anything.
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How dare you make me feel anger!!!!
I think tea time with Gunzou was funny. least Kongou's reactions. I think from a logical point of view she was making sense and everyone else was crazy. They are the enemy. You don't invite the enemy for tea, no matter how warm it is and odd tasting. Human bodies...warm tea...focus!! You all left Fog and now want me to put my plans for your destruction on hold. Start talking and stop distracting. If the outcome is obvious why are we wasting time? Kongou does think Iona is special, beyond her first defection from Fog. Or maybe it is Gunzou is the one who is awesome, can see moves ahead of time and can counter act them. Hmmm so she was just saying that to Iona to fish for answers. Iona's uniqueness in part is having humans on board to form tactics. Point and shoot isn't that difficult.
 photo bluesteelepisode812_zps530d281b.jpg
We already know what, why forth this meeting?!
Gunzou wasn't that forth coming with information. If I were Kongou I would have hit someone's head against the wall. Everyone already knows about the super weapon and how it can take out Fog by using simple terms that make my head explode. Klein fields better hold up. Now Gunzou was fishing for info with his questions too. He knows why Kongou is continuing her battle despite humans looking more and more helpless everyday. Because that is what she was ordered to do. Whose orders? Explain this Code. Why do you follow it? Kongou spoke like the true robot or brainwashed person. Propaganda is what Hyuuga said. Kongou doesn't ask why or question who has started this. Gunzou was trying to get her to start up her critical thinking skills. Increase her curiosity. Also change the subject which was blowing humans up.
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Must follow the Code!
Kongou was about as happy as Mrs. Travelers from Saving Mr. Banks. Like do you see the look on my face? Because I am not pleased. This is nonsense. She tried to get out why everyone else was able to go against the Code. Even if they went all Red Queen and interpreted the mission totally different there is no explaining the majority of their behavior. I don't think Kongou got the answers she was looking for. Or any really. Hyuuga wanted to be with Iona. Does not compute and it won't. Sometimes humans don't make sense to me so why should they make sense to an alien computer system. Start talking Gunzou. Tell me what you want or I start firing.
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Come to me ocean, bridge the gap between us.
To the dismay of Kongou and Gunzou's human crew he wanted...a BBQ on the beach. Oh Gunzou. You and your strange plans. The rest of the Fog ships and Makie had fun. Well as much fun as they can have. Maybe fun is a strong word. Kirishima being scared of the water was hilarious. Haruna is like me and needs a jacket at all times. Maya....was just tottering all over the place. Takao and Hyuuga fighting over food. Yes Gunzou said. This is the future. When Fog and humans can come together as one to have weird times together.
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Fun does not compute!
Kongou was basically in the corner staring into the ocean. I am sure she was thinking the computer variation of is this real life? Iona tried to make small talk with her but Kongou knew what was up. Gunzou was trying to make her have fun, the cruelest thing on the entire planet. By adding fun into her life as well as BBQ food would cause her to question Fog more, why this is all happening. Well it wasn't working. She wanted to know why Iona was so different from the,. There has to be a reason. Different Code? What? For now I don't think Iona is special. I think a human caught her and reprogrammed her to listen/interact with Gunzou. Not that she magically overrode everything and deleted it. Kongou wanted to know though why Fog was leaving because of her.
 photo bluesteelepisode8_zps9359dcc1.jpg
Things are super serious right now so let me take the time to act all coy and such.
What Kongou fails to realize it is ANY human interaction is changing Fog. Not just Gunzo or Iona in human form. So Kongou and Maya stomp off because they aren't part of this system. Even if Maya had fun and Kongou took a bite of food. No no, back into the ship and attack. Back to where things make sense. Your plan didn't work Gunzou. With Maya and Kongou little core back on the ships trick they were able to start firing right away. Good thing Hyuuga was prepared and there are tons more Fog ships to help. Now that Kongou has thrown away fun what will Gunzou do? What is plan B? I hope it doesn't involve Maya because...well. She might flip because humans are fun. But not because she is feeling or anything. No no, because Gunzou got to her or anything. I don't see her being...stable enough to matter. But maybe if Kongou loses Maya for whatever reason that will be enough for her to crack? Who knows. I guess til next time.

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