Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New job, new ways for me to question humanity

Hello there my lovely readers. I write this at work, thinking I should have watched one more anime episode last night. I had no idea how cushy my coworker has it in the mornings here at the dry cleaners. At this moment I have had 14 customers in 3.5 hours. X___X Compares to the afternoon this is a piece of cake. Why is she always acting like she barely had time to keep up? No wonder she always has a book.

Putting that aside I forgot my Duffy and camera at home due to being awake at 6 am so.....I guess I will blog about work while at work. I have been here for about 6 months now (actually I wrote this at the two month mark but...you know slacked and never posted it...). Even though the pizza place is long gone there will still be awful customers. Instead of food its clothes. Come, read about them. Laugh at them. Laugh at me.

XD I had been working here for about 4 days when I had my first major customer suck. And I think she was the worst one yet. Like how angry can one person be? She walks in the store and says her name. I go fetch her clothes and read the price off the ticket. I am still not good with prices yet since I still got pizza prices in my head. She balks at the price. Why so much?! Um let me see. I have never worked in a dry cleaners before nor have I ever taken anything to be cleaned. I don't know if the prices are fair or not. But there are two signs that state all the prices before you drop off. I explain it was $X.XX for the dress and $1.00 for the belt. MOG folks $1.00. $1.00 and the life almost ended. You could have been blown up. The entire world. Well to not be fair it was everything. The X.XX was too much? She knows a place in town where it's $2.95. Well...I didn't know what to say. So I said NOTHING. I waited for my then two other coworkers to say something but not one peep. So I didn't know what to say and just stood there while she declared this highway robbery. She paid mind you and as she was leaving told another customer we were overpriced. Like what the hell? 

10 minutes later she came back. Of course she did. Why else would this be so epic? She apparently sat in her car for those ten minutes and thought of me. So she needed to come inside and express her rage directly into my face. She said I was the rudest person on the planet and it was her right as a customer to complain about the prices and scream at me. As the lowly employee I should have taken it and that I need to remember her name as she was going to call corporate and get me fired as she had never been treated so poorly in her life.*insert Gone with the Wind fabulous twirl* Again I said nothing. Neither did my coworkers but they did call the boss and told her I handled things like a pro. Which...you know..was a lie. I literally stood there and said nothing. Like a blank slate. Maybe my eyes are rude. But glad I was told I did the right thing because at my other job I would have been left out to be run over by the bus over and over again. Rudest person ever!!!!! 

That is what many sucks stem from. People get very upset about the prices. Very upset. I don't know why. The prices are stated two places in the store where the customer can see the. If we didn't have anyway of showing them beforehand I understand the sticker shock later. But people get pissed as I state the price to them BEFORE anything happens. Like MOG this is highway robbery, how can you sleep at night you wicked person! Then they leave their clothes with me. Like hello if we suck go away. If we aren't cheap leave us alone. Take your stuff and GTFO. Dry cleaning is a luxury, not a necessity. Calm it down. Does it say Walmart on our door? No? Then I don't care what the other guys charge!

Hangers. I hate them. I am not sure if people think they are being helpful but bringing in your clothes in a giant heap is better than on hangers.....still in the bags. Like rarw my poor trash can is filled with so many hangers. Actually the hangers aren't so bad. It's just awkward as people stand there while I take the clothes off the hangers, like they are willing me to go faster. Maybe if it wasn't for the hurry up eyes hangers wouldn't be so bad. But today a girl handed me a professional looking bag and waited for me to do all the work, all the while staring at me to hurry up. I assure you it would go much faster without all the zipping and such I have to do ma'am. Oh and you know taking off all the extra stuff that is still on your clothes and handing it back to you. 

What I do hate is buttons. Buttons, buttons who has the buttons?! Me. All over the place. Buttons that are still buttoned on unused pockets don't bother me but shirts? How can you bring in 12 shirts with every single button buttoned?! How did you get it off?! How is this possible?! Lazy people. Well I have to check every single pocket and unbutton every single button and while I do realize it is my job come on! So many buttons. 7 x 12 plus a million is way too many. 

We are not magical here at the dry cleaners. Sometimes you get something on your clothes and it's just so sad too bad. We will try but the more chemicals we work with the more likely it will just ruin the fabric if we immediately keep treating it over and over again. So please be understanding. We are not magical genies. We try. Refusing to pay means I will refuse to give you your clothes. We performed the service. We dry cleaned your clothes. We attempted to get the stains out. Please make your payments. Unlike Mike's Pizzeria we won't smile and take it up the butt. We will take the clothes and attempt to clean them again with your permission but you must PAY. If a vet couldn't save your pet you would still have to pay for the live saving procedures? Why is this any different? 

This one I don't mind so much. Really it's my coworker and I would like her to stop complaining. But pockets. Check them. You might have interesting things in there. I am mostly concerned about lighters and pens as that will ruin everyone's clothes. But condoms, bullets, broken toothpicks, cold hard cash, and pictures of Baby Jesus. Take them. I don't need your mailbox key or plane ticket stub. You might need your wedding rings and credit cards. We find so much stuff. XO Maybe if men had purses this wouldn't happen so often. 

I close at 5:30. 5:30. The store opens at 7:30 am. That is 10 hours for you to get your happy ass here. So the second the computer says 5:30 I go to the door to lock it and return to said computer to start printing out the nightly reports. The second I print those pages I cannot do any more transactions. So if you get to our store at 5:31 you are out of luck. No amount of banging on the door, pointing your watch, or cursing at me is going to make me open the door and ring you up. Because if you keep going on and on like that I am more likely to call the cops. The door is locked. Stop pulling on it. Stop....just stop. Go away and learn to read. Most businesses in the world are not open 24 hours a day. I would like to go home (well fight traffic and then go home) too. So if you get off your job at 5:30 how do you think you can make it to me on time? You're not. Don't assume to know how our job works. For all you know if I get a minute overtime I could be in trouble. I might have to do some night work at a certain time. If you don't make it on time it's on you. Relax and better manage your time. I have missed out on things in life because of my poor time management and I don't blame it on other people. Then again I am not one of those people who when they are running late they proceed to run every single red light causing “accidents”. So maybe personal responsibility needs to be given out as well as high school diplomas. 

I think that is about it for the OLD customer sucks for now. As long as there are customers there be lots of stories of woe and WTF from me. Just close your eyes and chant...new outfits for Duffy. New Disney pins. Oh and food and shelter. I guess that is important too...XD

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