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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 9

Post three of the night. Go me!!! But go away cold weather. It should be heading away from my area very soon but not soon enough. I know I know, many people have had it worse in the country than me. But me and fellow Floridians don't do 19 degrees. Like seriously what was that?! And how do you people do this layer thing? I looked like the kid from The Christmas Story at work. I dropped something on the ground..and just left it there because bending over was not an option. It needs to get warmer for everyone stat.
 photo bluesteelepisode97_zps4937e095.jpg
And then Iona was like um no.
Up now in my attempt to be rid of 2013 is Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 9. Spoilers for tea. A lot of tea. Too much tea even.
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I think Iona is his ship and you are his booty call but whatever makes you feel better...
Episode Summary: Kongou recaps how everyone defected from their Code. She has concluded that the point of contention in all this is Gunzou. So Kongou is only aiming at Gunzou. After Hyuuga's minor mishap she gets back to top condition. The only course of action is to runaway. Hyuuga says she can handle it alone and Iona needs to be safe. After fangirling over Iona, Hyuuga sets to work being amazing. Gunzou gathers all the Fog ships inside the hanger to discuss what to do. Haruna and Kirishima mainly comfort a scared Makie. They are going to abandon the base and go to the United States as planned. But now they need to come up with as strategy as how to get past all these other Fog ships. He asks Takao what her plans are and she gets all goobery and shy. She puts on a tough front, saying she will repay Gunzou's hospitality and maybe join him permanently. Gunzou welcomes her to the fleet and she goes back to blushing. He then asks her to do something important, something only she can do. Outside Kongou is going to town on attacking Hyuuga. She summons Hyuuga to “tea” to ask her again why she left Fog and broke away from the directive. Hyuuga says her new goal is to protect Iona as she loves her. Kongou says love is an emotion and emotions do not matter. Hyuuga says she is growing as a person and there is more to life than following the Code. She hopes Kongou can learn that one day and leaves. Kongou responds by firing an imposter super weapon. Hyuuga can barely defeat/keep up the shield. There are cracks in it but Hyuuga is like don't underestimate me chumps. Kongou orders Maya to start attacking and she joyfully does so. Kongou confirms Maya isn't leaving and orders her to focus on the now surfaced Takao. Let the battle begin. Bang bang explosions.
 photo bluesteelepisode913_zps8e2686be.jpg
And when you blow us up we don't really reach our potential....
During the fight Kongou summons Takao for tea, which Takao is like um I'm busy. Kongou again doesn't want to waste time and simply wants to know why Takao left. Because she wanted to. That's it. Kongou wants more of an answer. Takao says she also wanted to grow as a person, that there has to be more to life than this Code. She will live her life the way she wants to. The battle between Maya and Takao continues for a while but nothing major happens. Kongou realizes these are distractions and tells Maya to find Iona. Hyuuga was jamming the signal as Iona escaped. They are trying to make it to this “dangerous” area in hopes of losing Fog. Iona has to power up the super thrusters to really escape and Kongou finds her. She and Maya give chase, leaving Takao. A job well done. Gunzou and Iona need time to power up the super thrusters. She and Gunzou are traveling through Hyuuga's mine field of shield eateyness. They must move slowly but at the rate Kongou is moving she will catch up. Iona did not predict this. Kongou starts firing and suddenly there is a tea meeting between Iona and Kongou. Iona realizes that Kongou is going through the mines on purpose to catch up. She even dives underwater. Iona doesn't want Kongou to hurt herself but Kongou is like pain is irrelevant. Kongou says she will restore order to Fog with Gunzou's death. Iona doesn't want that, she wants to spend more time with him. She also wants Kongou to find her humanity, to start to feel. All Gunzou wants is peace. Kongou says she is feeling human emotions, hatred towards Iona and that she will take her out. Kongou powers up the super weapon again while Iona puts all power towards the thrusters. When Kongou fires she blows her engine or something as the weapon wasn't meant to fire twice in a row. Iona and Gunzou escape and Kongou resurfaces beyond pissed. Takao rubs salt in her wound, saying if Kongou had been thinking Fog like she would have sunk Takao and caught up to Iona without firing. It turns out Takao had ALL passengers besides Gunzou on board and the super weapon. Kongou frowns while Gunzou is like set a course to America. Then Iona is sunk to the bottom of the ocean. A sneak attack from submarines 400 and 402. THE END!!
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You might need to check that mirror for errors....
XO Gotta hurry up folks. This is a 2013 anime. So behind I nearly used all my free week. You know when companies in Japan take the days around New Year's Day off. My catch-up time is running out. Work fingers! I know it's cold at work but we must catch up.
 photo bluesteelepisode93_zps2214ea54.jpg
Because when I fight for Iona I can the strength of 10 Whos plus 3.
Hyuuga must have been caught off guard last episode. Because the other Fog ships had to help her when she wasn't fast enough to repair the shield. But now she is all ready to go. Leave this to me kids, I have a super fast processor. I have been waiting for battle for months. Forgot me not Iona. I am doing this all for you!! I wonder if being in the little...capsule white thing helps her focus better. Either way Hyuuga was ready to do this on her own while everyone else thought of a plan that didn't include BBQ and fun.
 photo bluesteelepisode95_zps32c892c4.jpg
And yet I still see it....
During all this chaos Hyuuga had tea time with Kongou. Well really Kongo had tea time with her. Kongou was a multitask-er and tea waster today. Why Kongou had to have another meeting with everyone is beyond me. She should have asked them again on the beach. I guess she just wanted to exhaust all options. Like since she is a computer program words like want and need and love are confusing so she can't help but ask again. Hyuuga is sticking to her story, that meeting Iona helped her see the light. It was like the Fog was lifted. And since love is hard to explain for a being used to it I can see why Hyuuga is like...I just do. Main objective love and protect Iona. She didn't leave Kongou upset though. Just wants Kongou to think about it, what this all really means. Really I think Kongou might be more subject to change if they questioned what she will do once the mission is over. Like oh crap, I have no goal now? No more people to kill?
 photo bluesteelepisode94_zpsf73eb3ea.jpg
Walk slowly towards the exit with you?
While Kongou was drinking tea Gunzou was organizing the slowest evacuation ever. Seriously I know Hyuuga was doing a great job defending the base but Gunzou and company could have moved a little faster. Gunzou seems to be always set to slow. Like casual I should say. I know the wheels are turning in his head and he has amazing strategy but he never seems to sweat. Well he was at the end of the episode but not when he had all these Fog ships on him. Doesn't matter, the plan was still the same, leave. But now that they have Takao they actually have a chance of living. Everything is a gamble. Unless Gunzou knows Takao has feelings for him. But without her none of this would have worked. Good plan. Also I am glad Takao has time to be all school girl on Gunzou. It's okay, it's not like we are in danger here or anything. Gunzou must have known she would have helped since she didn't leave with Kongou.
 photo bluesteelepisode99_zps620cc5cf.jpg
And I wear what I want!!!
Again during battle Kongou contacted Takao despite just having a meeting with them all. Why are you doing this? Come back to the collective. Only if Kongou didn't like Hyuuga's answer I am sure she thought Takao's was worse. Like a human? Okay so Takao didn't say that. She said she was doing it for herself. Which was probably worse. Like we are Fog. We do not think of ourselves let alone want anything. Takao was very sassy. Also confused with her new feelings so I don't think Kongou learn anything from this interaction. Well besides that everything is Gunzou's fault. Sass on Takao.
 photo bluesteelepisode910_zps15552eb6.jpg
Maya seems the least stable of all Fog...just saying.
I do like that Kongou was momentarily was worried. Not that she will see it that way. Like um Maya you are still on team Fog right? She is slowly running out of minions. Maya's answer should worry her if she was thinking straight. Sounds like the attachment made was FOR Kongou and that might be why Maya stays. Well part of the reason. The other part is Maya be crazy. I think she could go either way as long as she had fun.
 photo bluesteelepisode96_zps58cc9cad.jpg
Don't distract me with your love talk!
Kongou and her amazing deducing skills realized Iona slipped away when they were bombing Hyuuga and Takao. Iona is a submarine after all. Time to change tactics. Find Iona and kill Gunzou. Although that would probably require killing Iona too but details. Gunzou's plan this time around was slowly traveling through a mine field. A mini ocean? Anyway traveling through mines giving Iona the time to power up her thrusters and high tail it to the United States. You know since Gunzou already explained his plan to everyone. Just keep it steady.
 photo bluesteelepisode912_zpsbbd1fa4e.jpg
Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends?!
Gunzou's calculations may be close but I don't think the craziness of Kongou. The utter craziness of her rage. Kongou was supposed to move slowly, around the mines. Instead Kongou is upset at Iona and Gunzou and what she thinks they have done to Fog she was going full speed away. KABOOM!! Gunzou couldn't plan for that as he is logical. Or he tries to think like a Fog shop. I wonder if he learned this from Iona. How is Gunzou so awesome? His dad died young and Gunzou's training was cut short by...Iona. Is he just naturally awesome?
 photo bluesteelepisode914_zpsb8a6b1f9.jpg
Do ships hate? I think not Kongou.
Kongou and her love of tea summoned Iona. Because that is what she does. Iona was concerned about Kongou's well being with the mines and Gunzou since Kongou wants to kill him. Like please we shouldn't be fighting at all! I sorta liked how Kongou was slowly losing it. Like she has gradually become the most human. That the process was slow and believable. And she doesn't even know it. Instead of following the Code to a T she has gone on a revenge kick. Like I will destroy Iona no matter what, then justifies why she is so obsessed. Anger and obsession, two very human traits. Leaning over and telling Iona she hates her....welcome to humanity.
 photo bluesteelepisode917_zps01e2dca5.jpg
Eff you rain.
In the end Kongou lost the mind. Instead of pursuing Iona normally she want all out. Instead of firing normal weapons she used the super weapon again, way too soon after the first firing. She overloaded her systems and was unable to catch Iona at all. Off Iona swam. So many human qualities, such denial. Then Takao was all like haha I had passengers and the weapon the whole time. If you had been a proper Fog ship you would have sunk me first. The suffering of Kongou is great, she just doesn't know it.
 photo bluesteelepisode918_zpsa97f15d5.jpg
But...but...we won?!
The episode ends with Iona and Gunzou meeting up with the others and traveling safely to the United States. Have a super weapon! Or or it ends with Iona being bombed and sinking to the bottom of the ocean. X___X I thought they were safe. Oh it's Thing 1 and Thing 2 aka 400 and 402. Fog ships all over the place. Good job there Kongou, peace out Gunzou?

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