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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 11

Do you know how long it takes to take down 9 Christmas trees? Not as long as it takes to put them up but a really, really long time. 10 hours on Saturday. X__X That is why this Saturday was not an anime posting day too. It was a Christmas is done and gone and if I don't take the trees down now they will still be up in March. Makes me a little sad because I love my trees but...the time for them to shine is gone and will return near the end of November. Goodbye my lovely trees.
 photo bluesteelepisode118_zps0e647833.jpg
Gunzou and his thinking face, always has a plan.
Christmas decorations yesterday and anime posts today. Up now for post two is Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 11. Spoilers for family drama. Even alien ships who have a hard time understanding human concepts can have sisters. Duh.
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Whatever your name is...don't say that. Now only bad things can happen. RARW!
Episode Summary: Kongou is still a very sad panda. See 400 and 402 are so mean they left Maya bouncing around on the ship while Kongou was “tied” up. Kongou doesn't want to use the word friend but she is certainly thinking it while Maya goes on and on about nothing. On land Kamikage is seen talking about how bleak the situation is and how trusting Gunzou's untrustable self might have been a risky move. All he wants is a big, beautiful tomorrow ya'll. Another important man (the army dude maybe?) is also seen talking about how Kamikage is a master planner. By giving Gunzou the super weapon and trying to take out the super weapon maker (Makie) Kamikage really is in control of what happens. Elsewhere Iona has be rebuilt with Takao's nanomaterials and Gunzou only have a broken arm and bandage to show from his near death experience 5 minutes ago. They are traveling along towards the United States and sense a lot of ships near them. They talk strategy for a moment, on how losing Takao was a real blow to their operation. Everyone takes a moment to mourn for her when Takao shows up on all the computer screens talking about how she isn't dead yet and it was only a flesh wound. Her core is still operational, she just has no body. She lives in cyber space. Still she cannot really help with the actual fighting. You can do it Iona! The first set of enemies they come across are...well numerous non avatar ones. Iona looks a lot different now and is pretty speedy on the water surface. Gunzou orders that Iona do this amazing spin thing and fire the super gravity cannon thing while spinning. That way it is only fired once and they can hit them all. Then normal weapons are fired at them. YAY FOR WINNING! Everyone congratulates themselves but the real enemy is closing in. 400 and 402 are coming from them. It is pointed out that they really need to get to the United States as soon as possible and refuel/restock in Hawaii. Gunzou doesn't want to do that, he wants to fight them before reaching American soil. Despite losing last time Gunzou is confident they can win against the enemy submarines and everyone agrees to help. Iona is told to dive to get ready for combat but that will alert her position better. 400 and 402 talk to each other about how to go about taking out Iona. They worry that contact with her will infect them with the deadly humanity virus and they decide they will watch out for each other since recognizing the crazy within themselves is impossible. They prepare to win this battle.
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Ain't no one care about your pity party!
Iona senses her sisters are near and wants to talk to them as she doesn't want this to end in tears. The rest of the crew gets ready for combat. Hyuuga and Haruna/Kirishima control fake Iona like subs to throw off 400/402. Iona calls forth a tea meeting where 400/402 are suspicious that the room looks different and that this is Iona's doing. They start to question Iona on what she is doing and why she left Fog. They want to know what Gunzou's goal is. Iona says she doesn't know but she knows that since the moment Gunzou touched her she knew she would be his ship forever. One of the sisters goes to touch Iona but that is deemed too dangerous and they leave. Battle stations for everyone. The shipless Fog allies are given decoy submarines with Iona's signature to confuse 400 and 402. It seems to work and it becomes an underwater battle. Shooting and dodging and strategy. All the while Iona is getting more and more upset. She asks Takao to take the wheel and goes to talk to her sisters again. All the while Gunzou and his super planing self is making sure that the battle will be won this time. Hyuuga sorta helps too. Iona begs her sisters to stop fighting so they can live together. The sisters do not budge. Gunzou fires and is going to hit 400. 402 takes the critical hit for her sister. When asked why 402 says she didn't want her sister hurt. 400 takes that as a sign that 402 is now infected and carries on alone. That lasts about 5 seconds and she soon is blasted and poof. Iona cries and 402 asks why since she is a winner. Then 402 blows up. Iona is all alone but she puts on a brave face when Gunzou asks if she is okay. Their victory is also about 5 seconds long when they realize they are so close to America that all the fleets surrounding those waters have arrived. So many ships. Everyone begins to panic. Back..wherever she is Kongou is trying to reach out to dancing Maya still and is getting nowhere. Kongou suddenly breaks free from her chains and merges with Maya so they can take out Iona together like it should be. Only Kongou is a flying ship and is beyond huge. So she is heading their way too, Kongou in the back and the rest of the ships in the front. What will Gonzou's crew do now? THE END!
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No ships for you!
Well so much for season 2 ya'll. I guess there could be a season two...but we aren't having the sub sisters in them are we? Unless they are at the bottom of the ocean barely alive and make a dramatic comeback. It wasn't like Iona cried enough tears for it. Yeah I guess that could happen. But season two happening? I am not so sure now.
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Would you like to build a snowman?
Kongou is having the worst day ever. Since I think it is the same day (maybe it's not...hopefully it's not) that really takes away from Gunzou having the worst day. But it might be true. Kongou really....really is close to losing her mind and she doesn't even know it. She was following the Code to a T and everyone all around her started to lose their minds. All because of Gunzou. And Iona. She tried to find out what was going on but then she turned into a certain detective from a certain show that was about criminal potential and not necessarily crime. Like Kongou got so obsessed being the best Fog ship and taking out those who weren't following orders she became the worse Fog ship. Kinda sad when you think about it. Lost her position, most of her crew, and the one person she thought she could depend on isn't even a person. Weird how they are different levels of programs in this show. Like Kongou has a personality whereas Maya is just artificial intelligence and that makes them not the same entity. Kongou feels betrayed and alone. SO ALONE!
 photo bluesteelepisode117_zpse67a4342.jpg
Look at me, instantly better weee!
You know who is not feeling alone? Gunzou. He has recovered folks. All better. Nothing was ever wrong with him at all. Almost froze, broke his arm, maybe had a concussion, and oh yeah STOPPED BREATHING! So hopefully this is not the same day or even the next day because Gunzou might have a stronger recovery time than insane Raishin over in pervy doll land. And that's really saying something. He is ready for action folks! Iona is looking pretty good too although she is a Fog ship made of magical nanomaterials. I wonder if when all is explained that is why the real enemy is on Earth. You know since that has not been explained at all. I guess that could be the premise behind season 2. Yes Iona is better, Gunzou is better. Everyone is reunited and it feels so good.
 photo bluesteelepisode116_zps74d5b990.jpg
Shhh, we are mourning you!
But we do need to take a moment of silence to think of the one that was lost in the great battle. Takao. Her swirly hair and blue clothes are no more. Sure she never really got a handle on being honest with other people but she was honest with herself. She did what she wanted to do. Went out into the world to be the best Fog ship. Which was actually a good reason to leave Fog, as she was a ship not reaching her potential. HMMM but yes she is gone now. Gone forever. Thank you for saving Iona, you will be missed. Now if you could just pipe down so we could mourn you this would go a lot faster. Stop popping up on the computer screens and saying you are alive. Clearly you are not. Just because Hyuuga, Kirishima, and Haruna exist with their ships and only with their cores doesn't mean you can! Gosh I guess you aren't dead. I take back all the tears I shed for you.
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BAM I am so awesome!!!!
Besides there isn't any time for tears. It is more ship blowing up time. Since the Fog plan now is to take out Iona 400 and 402 got to have plans. 20 ships ought to do it. Now I wonder if these ships COULD have avatars running them or only certain ships can have them. Because Iona and company seem to be okay with taking out these kinds of ships. Like is the potential there or no, they are just point and shoot weapons? Either way Team Gunzou took them out rather fast. Like bam I am going to pull some kind of awesome move and shoot you all at once. Like a Die Hard movie. Or what I think a Die Hard movie would be since I have never seen them....20 ships, no problem. We got this.
 photo bluesteelepisode119_zps88e0ee80.jpg
Thanks for keeping it real Haruna.
The real issue is the two little submarines closing in on us. That was the real worry of this situation. Like oh no what are we going to do about them? Because you know they sank you last time Iona in case you don't remember. It was so long ago. Why not just keep on going to America. Why we can stop and refuel in Hawaii and then take them on. You know, maybe after we can reconstruct Takao since I don't know what nanomaterials are. Why the hell is Hawaii still around? I mean it is a little special that Japan is still around given all the bombings and it being an island and all. I know that Fog wasn't supposed to attack the land, just ships and bases but Hawaii is not that big. Not that big at all. So....if you bomb just a little of it I can see it being gone forever. Or not having that much in terms of supply anyway since they would have to produce it themselves. WHY IS THERE STILL HAWAII?! In any event Gunzou wants to take out the submarine sisters before he gets to American soil which is very nice of him. Thanks for looking out for us Gunzou, as you blow up and die again.
 photo bluesteelepisode1110_zpsb2fdfd0b.jpg
She mist have cooties!
400 and 402 have a plan for taking out Iona again. It is called....point and shoot I believe. They don't have the advantage of a sneak attack so I am not really sure what the plan was. Gunzou's plan was to create false submarines and have Iona share a signature with them while piloted by the others. Because decoy ships just aren't working and that split second of hesitation might save their lives. Iona's plan is to invite her sisters to tea. TEA! How much more tea is there going to be in this series? Does it stand for something? Look at us whacky ships shooting things and drinking tea. I like how the sisters were very....apprehensive about the meeting while making me laugh. Everyone who talks to Iona turns against Fog, we need to be extra careful. I guess it would have been more funny had they showed up in plastic suits or something.
 photo bluesteelepisode1111_zpsc007965a.jpg
No contact! Do not be infected!
Iona's first tea meeting what not all that interesting. know we are sisters because Fog has the ability to understand human family bonding. Or they are referring to how ships that are similar in a fleet are called sisters which means there should be sister ships to everyone or a few others yes? But Iona was like I don't want to fight you. I think she could have done a better job in talking to them the first time around. They asked her what she was doing and why she turned against Fog and all the same other questions. They wanted to know what Gunzou wanted and she said she didn't know. I don't think Iona is capable of lying or understands the concept so why did she say I don't know? do know? Gunzou is trying to stop the war and have everyone live together in peace. Because this is a Disney movie and it will end in rainbows despite the fact Fog came down here and started blasting us away. But Iona said she didn't know despite Gunzou having said this before. Does she not believe that is the real reason or does the reason not matter because she will follow him anyway?
 photo bluesteelepisode1113_zpsdec13cc4.jpg
We got back up now, surely we can do this!
In any event the meeting doesn't work and it is battle time. A lot of terms being thrown away, maneuvers and what not. Hyuuga trying to steal the show. Takao helping to navigate things when Iona wants to have tea. The humans running around pretending to do things when we all know Iona is capable of so much. Yay team work. Since the fake subs are actually manned this time they last a lot longer and it soon becomes clear...that the subs really don't have much of a plan. Obviously they have some fire power but not as much as the cruisers. The battle was just so so.
 photo bluesteelepisode1117_zpsad493aca.jpg sisters....BAW!!!!
And maybe it was meant to be that way. Because the real action was going on in Iona's head. Not heart because I don't know if she has one. But she wanted to talk to her sisters one more time, before letting the humans take out her sisters. Not that she told them to stop or anything. This meeting would have had to been a quick one. I am sorta surprised that the sisters even took the second meeting since the first one or ANY meetings involving tea have gone anywhere. But they did. Fighting going on in real life, not drinking tea in the tea room. I am not sure what Iona thought was going to happen but given she kept repeating herself and wasn't giving them really good reasons they didn't see her side.
 photo bluesteelepisode1116_zps7c429dea.jpg
How dare you protect me!!!!
However something interesting did happen. Gunzou and company were firing away and since it is basically 4 Fog ships (Takao and Kirishima make one) against 2 I don't think the submarines ever had a chance. Super weapons on board, humans making the decisions, and Gunzou leading the way. What were they worried about again? But when things were getting really bad one of the sisters made a decision. 402 took a blast for 400 simply because she didn't want anything bad to happen to her. And instead of being grateful 400 is like you are infected now! I guess that is correct thinking for her but tragic and hilarious at the same time. If the subs weren't winning when it was 4 against 2 than 4 against 1 was going to end fast. So 402 got hit for 400 and 400 ended up peacing out before her. Iona was all sadness and tears and 402 still didn't get it. You won and winning is good? So given more time I wonder if the sisters would have gotten their humanity. 402 might have but now we will never know. Ka-boom Ka-boom. There goes your sisters Iona. But wipe away those tears you still have Gunzou.
 photo bluesteelepisode1118_zpsabd748a3.jpg
....And this folks is the definition of overkill.
Or not. See while all of this was going down Kongou and her epic meltdown was reaching a peak. She was trying to convince herself Maya was still there. Even if she was never there to begin with. So Kongou did the sensible thing and broke through the chains and merged with Maya. NOW YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE ME! For good measure she merged with the other Fog ships around her in case anyone else wants to arrest her. So...a giant flying Kongou blob is after Gunzou and company. This is bad. Also bad is the fact that they are almost to America and apparently forgot there are different factions of Fog and the entire fleet that guards the United States has come to pay them a visit. Um...I think you are going to need more ammo. You might want to scrape 400 and 402 off the ground and remake all your Fog allies because this looks really bad.

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