Wednesday, June 30, 2010

K-On!! Season Two Episode 13


Azusa has it right. No......

…Well then. :(

Yeah that about sums up how I’m feeling. To cheering myself up I am watching the Best Birthday Ever on the Price is Right. Watch it. It will cheer you up no matter how crummy your day has been.

Now to be fair this episode wasn’t as boring as the It’s Hot episode. There were some cute moments so I can’t be all :( about the episode. Plus it’s not fair to compare this week’s episode to last week’s episode. Or at least I don’t think it’s fair. XO Anyway on with the show.


I'm embarrassed for her....

Episode Summary: Azusa is lying around the house bored out of her mind. Also she is trying to send Yui a text but the task is much too hard for her. Lucky for Azusa Yui sends her a text and shocks her when she reveals she is STUDYING! There is a sequence of Azusa going to give Ui and Yui a watermelon and the apparent drama with mixing foods but since that was only a DREAM it doesn’t count. Ui does go over to visit with Azusa but doesn’t recognize the tan kitten. Being that these girls are apparently bored out of their mind they decide to bring Jun some snacks at school. But it turns out Jun and her club have the day off because it is holiday (a holiday for summer or what not). Jun and Ui decide to eat their snacks in the club room because they are that pathetic. They decide to go see a movie instead of being even more pathetic. There is a sequence of Ui and Azusa going to see a scary movie and Mio shows up to conquer her fears of scary things BUT IT’S ONLY A DREAM. Azusa wakes up and decides to go the safer movie instead. But there is time to kill before the safe movie so the girls walk around town a bit. Azusa decides she needs to get a job as her funds are low. Ui tries to help Azusa find the perfect job when they see a sign about running a lottery booth. There is a really cute scene with Ui and Azusa running such a booth when Mugi comes up and loses a trip to Finland BUT HAHA it is a dream. Azusa wakes up and she has missed her movie.


Did I say fun times? I mean jealous times.

But fun times are on the way as Ui, Jun, and Azusa go to the swimming pool. Jun starts to show some signs of jealously when the topic of fun Light Music antics comes out. Also Azusa is sun burnt in funny places so we must mock her. She chooses to go tan herself even ignoring the logic she would just get burnt and more burnt. She has another DREAM involving Ritsu and eating food on a slide. After she wakes up Jun and Ui join her with summer treats. Jun is really jealous of the Light Music club the more Azusa talks. Coming back from the pool the girls run into the senior Light Club members…hopefully anyway. Maybe it is all a dream. But it is decided that they are going to go to a festival. Mugi finally gets her summer treat, Yui feeds Azusa like a two year old, and Mio is scared of Turtle-chan eating goldfish. While running to catch the fireworks Azusa gets caught up in how awesome it is to be friends with everyone and how she doesn’t want to be left behind and what not. Walking back from the festival Jun says that she will join the Light Music club if no one else does which comes out weird. Azusa takes a bath and Yui gets food poisoning from mixing foods or some jazz. THE END OF SUMMER!

X_X See what I mean people? Discussion time.

This show is about fun right? We don’t really see a lot of actual learning going on and it is light hearted and fluffy right? So why is it when it’s summer time in the series…..our characters are having LESS fun that usual? Really I want to know this people. Summer time is when high school kids are actually allowed to be lazy. It’s a time when people go on trips and the malls are packed with teenagers screaming about Jacob and Edward Oh God make it stop!!!


Summer vacation: Doing it seriously wrong!!!

Err putting that aside Japanese high school students why so serious!? Don’t you study like 579 months for your college entrance exams anyway? Why not enjoy your last fun summer as a kid while you can and study when you get back to school? Of course with fail students like Yui maybe she does need to do a little extra studying but why all my girls? WHY?! :( It has already been stated that it is hard for Azusa and her band of secondary characters to carry the story. Add in the fact that it is summer time and this episode has so much wasted potential.


A girl obviously not having fun....

Okay so the older girls are studying. Surely Azusa is living up summer right because she is only a junior (2nd yearer) right? Only she’s not. Her idea of living in up large is staying up late to watch TV. Um I do that every day my short guitar playing friend. Moping around the house is not a productive way to spend your summer. Lounging around the house yes being bored no!


Why does Azusa's skirt so long....

Another thing one should not do when on summer vacation is go to school. This is like the last thing one should do on break. This is especially sad since Azusa and Ui had to put on their school uniforms to do so. I guess in Japan they might view their uniforms a little differently that someone who has never had to wear a uniform but it makes me sad. They finally get a break of these clothes and they willingly put them back on? I would be like YO JUN after practice come to my place for some weird looking dessert. No. Not going to school unless I have to people.


I love all of Mugi's dreams. All of them.

I am not really impressed with all the dream sequences. The first one was funny. The second one was meh. Towards the end of the episode I too was like Azusa and wondering if this was all a dream. I guess Azusa was truly being that boring and she had to imagine some fun and amazing times. I just wish Azusa got to have real fun and amazing times. But if there had only been ONE dream scene I would have loved the lottery one. XD The water park one was too over the top and Mio’s was a dead giveaway. Also the lottery one had Mugi so you know…

Watching K-On!! makes me wish that I could get that excited about food though. I am such a picky eater I tend to eat the same things all the time. It must be nice to go WOOHOO it is this time of year I can’t wait to eat this. The closest thing I got to that is turkey at Christmas/Thanksgiving time. Japan: The land of eating!


Text messages shouldn't take 5 minutes to send.

Part of me feels bad for Azusa. Or maybe the whole system of junior/senior. Just send a text message, it shouldn’t be that hard. I feel bad that Azusa felt so pressures. Most of the text messages I receive don’t even have punctuation and she is worried about being too formal. That also makes me wonder about friendships between younger and older classmates. When I was in school I was simply friends with people, none of this I am above/below you stuff. Well perhaps there was a little of that…but not to that extent. In any event SEND A TEST MESSAGE!


Don't leave me behind!!!

Of course Azusa being so bored and having a mediocre summer is exaggerated to make us think OH NO Azusa is going to be alone soon and it will be sad and pathetic and poor Azusa!!!! On one hand I am happy that Azusa feels that close to the older girls and that things aren’t as fun without her friends. But on the other hand she shouldn’t put all her fun eggs in one basket. If there this hierarchy among friends she needs to start making more friendships with people who are going to be around next year. Or at least plotting ways to get new club members so she can be top dog.


Even Azusa doesn't believe her....

Is Jun seriously going to join the Light Music Club NOW?! After 12 episodes of MOG no new members, Azusa is going to be all alone, Jun saying no to joining the club a year ago she is going to join NOW?! Unacceptable. She is not allowed to join. Also wouldn’t that make her look bad, quitting her other club? In any event…NO! Jun should join because she either wanted to help Azusa out or because she liked Light Music. Not because of tea parties and trips to crazy land and pet turtles. No. That is not what the Music Club is all about!


Finally together. XD

It was nice that at the end of the day everyone got to go to the festival together. No studying, no school uniforms, and no boredom. Just simple fun with friends. Azusa was feeling a little sad about being left behind but she was able to enjoy the moment and her friends. She spends a lot of time yelling at Yui for not being serious but deep down she really likes the person Yui is. She may want to practice and be all proper and such but she is just one of the silly girls. So if anything this episode was semi successful in making Azusa loosen up. Thank goodness.


It could be worse my little kitten...

DEAR LORD PEOPLE! I might have to take back anything bad I said about this episode when looking at the preview for next week. XO See it is always easier to judge something when you have something to compare it to it. Prove me wrong episode 14 for you look….X_X. X_X is a word now.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LOST series finale: So many unanswered questions, so little time to vent

Yes I know the series finale was over a month ago. But I live in the past people. I run things over and over in my head and drive myself crazy. And since I watched 3 seasons in like 5 days I wasn’t up for posting right away. The pain was too great. Also I might be slightly overdramatic.

But here I am a month later still thinking about LOST and even comparing it to the anime show Angel Beats!. Clearly I have issues. I think my expectations for the show were so high nothing would have made me happy. That and I went years without watching half the show so I really built up how awesome it was going to be in my head. So I have something to get off my chest. That and I feel like having a non anime related post.

LOST SPOILERS HERE! Like a ton of spoilers and complaints people. Do not read if you love the show and thought it ended perfectly or if you haven’t seen the entire show. THIS IS YOUR WARNING!

Edited because I forgot the most important point EVER!

Why was Walt so important? They built up his character to be unique/frightening and WHOOSH they shipped him off because the writers realized that a 10 year old might age on a 6 year long show. So….yeah. Walt was never resolved at all, even if the 3 year the future sucks flash forwards. Truly this is one of the biggest disappointments of the show. Not that I miss his father yelling WALT every 5 minutes but still I wanted to know more about this deranged/mystical little kid.

What was up with the polar bears?! I know the DHARMA Initiative brought them to the Island but WHY?! The dolphins make sense to study as they are intelligent creatures but polar bears?! It just seems like season 1 was trying to be random with the polar bears and it was easy to write it off as a DHARMA Initiative crazy thing because they could.

Okay walk with me on this one. Jacob was trying to bring people to the Island so one of them could replace him. There were a ton of names in the cave so it is safe to assume that some of the Others were once eligible so it makes sense that they are on the Island. My question is why wouldn’t Jacob tell Ben to become FRIENDS with Flight 815 so his possible candidates weren’t killed or scared needlessly. Unless it was part of Jacob’s plans to weed out the obviously weak ones who did not take kindly to be shot at. Also this raises the question why didn’t Jacob talk to Ben at all but you know…

Why didn’t everyone wait until everyone from Flight 815 was ready to move on? They waited for Hurley even though he might have ruled the Island for hundreds of years. It makes no sense that they didn’t wait for people like Miles, Anna, and Ben to be ready. They were all waiting to leave together but that seems to only apply to people who were main cast or appeared in the first few seasons. Left a bad taste in my mouth that people like Penny who has never SEEN the Island was in the Church but Daniel wasn’t.

Can someone explain to me why someone like Michael is stuck haunting the Island forever because of his crimes but Ben has been forgiven? How many people did Ben kill? HE KILLED THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON ON THE ISLAND! He made Michael go insane causing him to kill the two minor characters that were killed off due to their drunken behavior in real life. But Ben gets to wait in the afterlife for the daughter he kidnapped all nice and happy like while Michael is a ghost forever. THIS IS SUPER FAIR!

Why was Aaron so important? I get that no one on the Island could sustain a pregnancy beyond the second trimester (after the bomb went off). But Clair was going to pop at any given time. She had her second and most of her third trimester off the Island. Maybe the fact that she lived was magical but then what? Clair got Aaron back and Aaron was no long special. The end. All that wasted time spent on him for nothing. Like Walt.

The Temple was the biggest waste of time on the show. Almost like the writers were stalling for time. That and they had run out of Others and needed an excuse to round some more up. They random Temple Others were never mentioned until Ben lost most of his troops. Whatever the case was I was not very impressed with the random Asian leader and his random life giving drowning pool. I was almost glad the Smoke Monster took them out because it made no sense at all.

I totally believe that Bernard and Rose were able to hide from the DHARMA Initiative for three years. I believe it forever and forever. Only I don’t. Jin was out there patrolling the Island every single day and he never found them and the dog? I don’t see how that is remotely possible. The DHARMA Initiative knew when people were taking a piss in the woods. They surely would have been able to outsmart a retired couple and a poor dog who had like 1578 owners throughout the show.

How many people were on flight 815? Like seriously I think 48976 people died on this show. I know some of them were the Others and what not but in the last few seasons the survivors got dwindled down to…nobody really. But when someone dangerous was going around there was always a non important survivor to die in place of a main cast member. So I am going to go with…there were 386 people that survived the crash. That is a huge plane. XO

What the hell did Charles Widmore want? Really people I want to know. He wanted to get back to the island OKAY. But why? What were the rules he and Ben spoke of? How was he able to communicate off Island? And why after all that effort was put into him getting back on the Island he goes and gets killed by Ben? It makes everything about Charles useless and stupid and makes my head hurt.

THE NUMBERS!!! How could I forgot the numbers?!?!?! Apparently LOST has fried my brain. Now technically the numbers WERE explained (AKA they meant nothing) but that truly, truly pisses me off. The numbers were everything for this show for like 4 seasons and suddenly Jacob was like oh yeah, I gave you all numbers when you were 6 years old. Which makes no sense when you think about how many candidates there were. Like Kate was a candidate up until she left the island with Aaron. So why wasn't her number part of the digits? OH BECAUSE THE WRITERS FORGOT ABOUT THE NUMBERS! They were like DAMN we got to include the numbers somehow or people are going to kill us. Only I think Hurley should have blown the island up when he got that lame explanation.

Those are just a few things that have been on my mind and make me rage when I think about LOST. Or that things I still don’t understand. There are other things that make me mad (like the constantly killing of main characters) but they were understandable. These issues and storylines were made up to be super important and fans continuously watched the show in hopes that one day their questions would be answered.

However the writers and the powers that be decided that HAHA let’s just have everyone be dead in the finale and not focus on Walt or Aaron or any other issue that was SO important in earlier seasons but later turned out to be nothing. Let this be a lesson to you popular TV shows. Don’t get so caught up in your own popularity that you forget to make your audience feel satisfied. Also don’t keep on adding more layers to your show if you have no idea where you are going and if you can explain anything.

I am still feeling LOST. But I will miss Sawyer, Jin, and Hurley. And maybe Jack.


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Monday, June 28, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitte Iru Episode 12

Monday already? Time sure is flying by fast for me. Good on days I work and bad on my days off. Also good because I am one week closer to Japan but bad because I will wake up one day soon and wonder where my life went.


Even the episode title implies yaoi XO

Putting that aside it is another exciting episode of Shuusei is kidnapped. Err I mean Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru. The plot is slowly but surely chugging along and we are along for the ride. But I heard this ride has a few half naked boys so all is good.

If you are into yaoi undertones, sparkly boys, and overdramatic screaming scenes you have come to the right place. Come, be amazed.


Don't mess with my boyfriend!

Episode Summary: Hotsuma and Yuki run towards the unconscious Shuusei but is stopped by Ashley and her poofy dress. Yuki runs to free Shuusei while Hotsuma takes on Ashley. She mocks him a bit by telling him Shuusei is sleeping forever. Yuki injuries himself freeing Shuusei and finds out Ashley was telling the truth, that Shuusei really is unable to wake up. Ashley and Hotsuma fight for a while but then Ashley grows her hair like a freak and binds him. She goes on and on about how Shuusei chose to go to sleep and leave Hotsuma behind. Hotsuma gets a little emotional and thinks back to the times when Shuusei was there for him. Hotsuma is slightly broken both from her words and actions. Elsewhere Luka is SLOWLY making his way to the castle. Seeing that Hotsuma is down for the count Yuki steps in and tries to be brave. Yuki shields Hotsuma from a blow which pisses Ashley off. Hotsuma is done being unconscious while Yuki is making his I love my friends speech and once again tries taking out Ashley. Ashley manages to capture both boys and fun times are not had. There is more hurting of Hotsuma and messing with his mind. He starts yelling at Shuusei to not leave him behind and wake up.


So romantic.

Before Hotsuma can be squished Ashley has a sword in her. Shuusei has woken up from the sound of Hotsuma’s beautiful voice and tried to splat Ashley. The boys have a moment (that isn’t a hug so it doesn’t count) and the two boys show Yuki how Zweilt Guardians fight as pairs. They do a great job kicking her butt and are about to finish her off when Shuusei is injuried from another direction. The Reiga minion twins have showed up and mock the boys as they fight as two as well. Hotsuma doesn’t go a great job fighting on both boys and things look pretty bad. Ashley almost splats Hotsuma and Yuki but Luka FINALLY shows up and kills her in a storm of petals. Since Luka is there everyone is magically able to fight (as Yuki heals Shuusei) and one of the twins loses his arm and the other is severely injuried. Luka tries to be all cool about the situation but suddenly the room turns into ice before they can kill the twins. Luka is like oh that’s Reiga as Mr. Reiga himself walks all dramatically down the stairs. The imaginary wind blows away his cloak and SURPRISE it is Kanata. Yuki being the only one who didn’t know this is shocked and THE END!


Hotsuma was pretty cute too...

XO Shuusei finally has been rescued! It has only taken like 4 episodes or something but the lovely has been saved. We don’t know how Tsukumo is doing but one thing at a time. And I guess Shuusei really isn’t totally rescued yet….but he is conscious and moving around. Success people success.


I'm going to slice your face off!

Hotsuma was kickin’ a lot of butt this episode. Of course he had to try harder because he could see his “partner” (I kinda love that was put in quotations for the episode title) so it is understandable that Hotsuma keeps getting up despite he is getting his face pounded into the ground. Hotsuma is fighting for love.


I hate you Ashely. You and your stupid dresses.

XO Ashley was evil. I mean….we already knew she was evil what with the kidnapping people and putting them to sleep. But to make Hotsuma doubt Shuusei’s feelings was low down. You are already beating the crap out of him why do you have to mess with his mind? Also I forgive Hotsuma for having a moment of doubt. He was in pain, he couldn’t think straight, and sometimes Shuusei acts a little emo so maybe it was try. But instead of giving up Hotsuma screamed at Shuusei not to leave him behind.


This is like 15 times more helpful that Chizuru already. XO

Yuki was actually helpful this episode. XO He was running around healing people left and right. He tried to protect Hotsuma from being squished and was only “kidnapped” once. He’s done good people. Although I think he needs a weapon so he can be more useful. Or at least not as vulnerable. Good job Yuki. Your name is not Chizuru.


I must be dramatic too!

Hotsuma’s voice was able to wake Shuusei up. I wish more of that was shown and not BAM Shuusei threw a sword into Ashley. But I will forgive the lack of mushy reunion since they were still in danger. The in sync fighting was slightly over the top but Shuusei and Hotsuma needed some bonding time, even if the overall message WORKING IS PAIRS TOGETHERNESS theme was really coming on strong. Also Shuusei gots a sword people XO For some reason I thought he was more of the defensive person but he can fight too. Yay for Shuusei kicking butt.


Clearly this show is not about the hugs.

But I do think that Shuusei should have said more in this episode. Granted Shuusei doesn’t know how much Hotsuma has suffered from him being gone Shuusei should have said something. They have issues to work out (Yuki healing Hotsuma’s heart and Hotsuma thinking Shuusei left him). Both boys were playing it too cool, acting like everything is okay now. But deep down they need to have a heart to heart. I guess it is possible they will have one later, when the demon aren’t trying to kill them.


I'm too sexy for a watch too sexy for a watch.

LUKA! You were super late. My boys Hotsuma and Shuusei did most of the work and you show up at the end to take the credit. Shame on you for overshadowing the love birds with your awesomeness. But I guess since you apologized for being late you have been forgiven. This time anyway. Although I am sure next episode he is going to be fawning over Yuki after the battle and I will be happy again.


Is she being deleted or dying? X_X

I am not sure how I feel about Ashley dying into a million flower petals. I mean mocking her scream after she blew up is a given. But death should be messy or at the least…instant. Not this slow beautiful process of dissolving into flower petals. Heck I would take the blue sparkles of POOFNESS over this. Not sure why I don’t like the flower petals but I don’t.


Okay so I think they are cute and that might be clouding my judgment.

When the twins were nearly killed I went XO. Surely Reiga wasn’t going to lose all his minions in one episode right? But for now he has like 1.5 minions so things aren’t looking good for his crew. Can demons grow back their arms?


This is absolutely shocking people!

Reiga is Kanata! This is earth shattering news according to Yuki. Do you see the size of his eyeballs? Oh and ReigaKanata is actually an ice prince. I think it is unfair he gets such a cool power. So maybe him losing some of his minions really doesn’t matter as he is going to kick all their asses single handedly. But in any event poor Yuki. The (not surprising news) has shocked him and I predict he will spend most of the next episode being in denial and begging people not to hurt Kanata. Of course this will lead to Luka somehow getting hurt and Yuki feels guilty and it is emo time. Awesome.


I predict Yuki will not handle this well.

So on the upside Shuusei got rescued. Meh side is that we didn’t see a proper Hotsuma and Shuusei reunion and Shuusei magically wakes up because he hears Hotsuma’s voice. And the downside Shuusei technically isn’t rescued as the big baddie has arrived on scene and Yuki will probably be useless now and most of the episode will be dedicated to protecting his butt. XO Why must I wait another week to see the next episode? Patience, I has none.


Two boys are always better than one, especially when they like each other.


Behold the nonexistent wind!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan episode 12 Season Finale

This post is like a week late but hey….I don’t care. XD Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan is done and over with….at least until the Fall when we will get season 2. It feels like I have been watching (and snarking) this series forever. At one point I was about ready to give up on this series but I stuck around because I like cute boys and hate stupid weak girls.


What? We get a season two?!

Being that there is going to be a season 2 right around the corner I am not going to go all out to talk about the series as a whole. I can save that for when the series actually ends and since that will be sooner rather than later I am sure all my thoughts will be fresh in my mind. For now this post will mostly be about episode 12 and all it’s glory.

Spoilers, Chizuru bashing, and a complete disregard for the historical aspect of this show await you. Enjoy despite how late this post is.


Thanks for clearing up that confusion.

Episode Summary: So for the first 8 minutes of the show I have no idea what is going on. Seriously there are people fighting and dying all over the place. Like I guess the Shogun’s old men are turn coats now or something? Factions this and clans that. Seriously do not have any idea what is going on. But the Shinsengumi are the good guys and they wear blue coats so that is easy enough to follow right? Various members are heading teams of nonimportant Shinsengumi to battle. But since their enemies have guns this really doesn’t go too well. While everyone is dying Toshizo get cut on his hand and Chizuru is all boo hooing. The main Shinsengumi get together (well the ones who aren’t zombies or injuried anyway) to discuss what to do. Chizuru has the bright idea that she will run to some place and get reinforcements. BY HERSELF. Because besides the gun totting baddies there aren’t people out there who want Chizuru for the sole purpose of breeding oni babies. But somehow this plan sounds good to everyone else if Chizuru goes with someone else. I don’t know his name and I don’t think I should but they all acted like he was important.


Here is a random picture of Saito because my post needs more hotness.

Anyway Chizuru and this plan go underway and they reach the castle like area. Only HAHAHA people are shooting at them. Chizuru and her dumbass self start trying to reason with the people SHOOTING AT THEM and the random dude has to pull her away. She is upset that they didn’t get reinforcements because she is a DUMBASS. So while running back to headquarters (really if reinforcements were in running distance don’t you think they would HEAR the battle) they are attacked. The dude DIES to protect Chizuru and she doesn’t even run away. She pretends like she is going to fight this new group of baddies but Chikage appears out of nowhere and kills them. And instead of running away from the guy who is constantly trying to kidnap her SHE TALKS TO HIM. BECAUSE SHE IS A DUMBASS! Chikage starts talking about how all humans suck and the Shinsengumi are no better. Actually Chikage almost starts making a lot of sense minus the Shinsengumi being evil. So after Chikage explains what the hell is going on Toshizo shows up and thinks that Chikage killed that random dude. For some reason Chizuru is like DON’T KILL Chikage…like dude he has done other bad things before it’s okay to kill him.


This would be the correct way to protect your friend.

The two boys fight for a while as Chikage is all screaming. Chikage has to change into his oni form (which is white WITH HORNS) and starts kicking Toshizo’s ass. Toshizo totally loses his mind and takes the medicine so he can be an oni too. There is some more fighting and they are about to land death blows on the other but Amagiri and Yamazaki save them. Only Yamazaki uses HIS BODY! So Chikage and Amagiri run away because what is the point of winning a battle while everyone boo hoos over Yamazaki. Oh and they bury that random guy and Toshizo blames himself. So they make it to the place where their injuried were resting and it turns out the people ahead of the national army or what not LEFT and that is why there are no reinforcements. Oh and the entire Oni Army except our main characters are dead. Fun times. Toshizo decides that they have to retreat to Edo to get reinforcements. While on the boat Chizuru tends to Yamazaki. He tells her to take care of the others….AND DIED!!!! DIES PEOPLE! Everyone attends his “funeral” where they shove his body into the ocean and it is sad. But we see that Okita is still alive (but now sick AND injuried) so it’s fine. Chizuru gets depressed and wonders if people have died in vain. Toshizo says they haven’t and said the war has just begun. THE END…until Fall!


Cue the this is only the beginning pose!

Oh okay. So instead of ending the series and making people mad we are just not going to have any ending at all. I see your plan. Oh we didn’t wrap anything up because we were planning a part two all along HAHAHA. Good job, good job. Only next time let’s not be so dramatic and show the entire series together.


This is the incorrect way to save someone my little ninja. If you have time to throw yourself in front of a sword you have time to throw a knife from a tree.

I knew that the cast was rather large coming into this show so I figured some people were going to die. Even though they have the power to turn into zombies I figured someone was going to bite the dust eventually. This is a show about fighting and battles and confusion. However I was hoping that the first causality (besides these nonimportant people) would either be Sannan or Kondou. Sannan because I hate him emo self or Kondou because…face it he isn’t hot.


:( My poor little ninja.

But deep down I knew it was going to be Yamazaki. He already was dramatic about giving Chizuru his medical notes and what have you. He already said his goodbyes. So we should have already known he wasn’t going to make it to the end of the series. But I am still sad. Sad that he couldn’t you know…killed or injuried Chikage instead. Or not to throw yourself in front of a blade but simply move your friend away from the blade. Bleh. Bleh I say. I was all NO he got hurt and I was like oh okay he can be a zombie too. Only that never occurred to anyone or Yamazaki didn’t want to go out that way. No no, the medicine can save Sannan but Yamazaki has to die. :( I am a sad little Tenchi.


Sure he looks like crap but he is still alive and that's all that matters!

But Okita is still alive ya’ll! He is all injuried and sick still but he made it to the throw the body out to sea funeral. I am not sure how much of him we are going to see in the next season. He isn’t getting any better but he is still stubborn. He might be the first one to run off to save a friend and die for them. Maybe he will defy the odds and Chizuru’s dad can save him with the new and improved zombie medicine. But I doubt it. :( My poor Okita. Why does Sannan WHO IS KILLING PEOPLE get to be okay and Kondou magically has recovered but he has to suffer still? RARW!!!

Again I have no idea what was going on in terms of baddies and factions. Just one huge mess in my head. Everyone sucks the end!


People are dead but Chizuru has her priorities straight people.

So it’s episode 12 and now Toshizo has decided to be a main character. That or everyone else was either busy being a zombie, injuried, or ACTUALLY FIGHTING. But finally we have an actual scene where Chizuru cares about Toshizo. People are losing their limbs and lives but Toshizo gets a tiny cut and she is all like I MUST TAKE CARE OF YOU. Also when people are dying we must be concerned that Toshizo has to pull the troops back. Something about man pride I think.


Why not just send the dude who was going to protect Chizuru alone?! WTF?!

Chizuru was 15 kinds of dumb in this episode. She is usually dumb but since this was the last episode of the season she went all out. And her dumb is contagious people. There are people out there with guns and you want her to go deliver a message? How about you should already have a plan in place to handle such situations. But I guess if you are depending on her you really are in a desperate situation.


Right Chizuru. How silly of us not to ask the people shooting at us what is going on. His bad.

But then Chizuru gets to this magical place of reinforcements and they get shot at. Now I am not expert on who is who in this series but it safe to say if someone is shooting at me chances are they aren’t on my side. Just saying. So when she was all failing about when she was being dragged away from the danger I was rolling my eyes. I rolled them so hard I almost lost consciousness. Yes you were sent to get reinforcements. However people are SHOOTING AT YOU at the reinforcement pick up spot. Stop acting like you can go back and fix the situation. It is time for running dummy.


You do realize he is the enemy too right?

Then to top off Chizuru journey into fail land she decides that she is best friends with Chikage. When exactly did this happen? I mean I know she is really, really dumb but why was she actually TALKING to him? Why was she telling Toshizo not to fight him? Why was she sitting around having a tea party during war time WITH AN ENEMY?! I have no words. Seriously no words.


I quiver in fear people.

The true face of an Oni is horrifying people. Really white hair and horns? I have no idea how I am going to sleep through the night! XD Sad to say it reminds me of the Walmart episode on South Park. LOOK UPON MY TRUE FORM BITCHES!


More dramatics I say!

Toshizo is now a zombie too. Which is good because the opening song showed him being one and it would be lame if that happened during season 2 instead. But I totally believe that everyone is carrying around that medicine at all times. It is so practical when your job is fighting, to carry around a tiny glass bottle. Toshizo was dramatic and now he is an zombie too. Which is a good thing because I heard the Oni Army got totally destroyed in battle.


Why is Sannan still alive?! -_-

The season ends with our remaining heroes getting on a boat to go to Edo. Not sure why people are still trusting Sannan as he is EATING people but whatever. Did I mention my boy Okita is still alive? That makes me happy. I am not sure how much longer anyone is going to remain alive as they are fighting with swords and their enemies are fighting with guns. But most of the cast is still together and that’s all that matters people.

So basically Chizuru came to find her father and she is no closure to her goal since episode 1. She is good at screaming when people are in danger and being around when drama happens. 4 of the main characters are now zombies, one is dead, and they lost a great deal of their nonimportant people. I can tell that season 2 is going to be uplifting for real! XD But as much as I mock this show the ride has been mostly enjoyable so far. I will blog the next season two provided my favorites are picked off right away.

But I will be praying that Chizuru stops being so damn annoying. -_-


Chizuru: In the running for the most useless female ever in an anime series.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kobato Drop 21c

CLAMP. I love you. Seriously I do. I would say I am your biggest fan but I am sure there is someone out there who has their entire wall plastered in CLAMP merchandise, have every single figurine known to mankind, and would spend thousands of dollars to meet the ladies. So I will just say I love you and that I am a fan.


Please make me smile CLAMP.

With that said…why do you torture me?! (Yes angry anon, it’s going to be one of THOSE posts. Deal with it) Have I not been loyal to you? Do I not go around singing your praises to all I know? Have I not stuck by you through the debacle that is X/1999 “hiatus”? Have I not devoted myself to FaixKurogane? I have loved you and supported you for so long…and then you do THIS.

What exactly am I talking about? The fail that is Kobato Drop 21c. Come. Be mad with me. Be warned that it will be brief.

Why is it going to be brief? Because this chapter is 11 pages long people. 11 pages. Just wow. I know that CLAMP is limited by the magazine they are currently being published in. So maybe part of this post should be directed at Newtype Japan. Newtype Japan, has CLAMP not paid their dues? Are they not famous enough to deserve a few more pages in your publication? Is there a reason you are treating them like a 2 rate manga group? Explain to me why you are limiting quite possibily the most famous manga artists in the world to 11 damn pages. WHY!!! -_-

11 pages is a joke. Especially when you factor in that we only get 11 pages A MONTH. If it was per week it wouldn’t be as horrible but a month? Driving me crazy is the name of the game apparently.

So putting aside the fact that we only got 11 pages…the 11 page weren’t even that good! Maybe if we got 11 pages of AMAZINGNESS I would be less bitter about the quanity but both sucked people. No amount of CLAMP loving can change that fact.
Why did the 11 whole pages suck? Because we learned NOTHING new. Oh Kobato and the angel look exactly the same? WE KNEW THAT. Kobato and the angel share the same soul/different universe connection? DUH THIS IS CLAMP. Ginsei is sad about the situation and Mr. Bear makes everything sound so doom and gloom. NEVER SAW IT COMING.

Really I am so disappointed. We have to wait another 30 days to get anything new. Oh I guess we got one page of SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED TO KOBATO and that is dramatic. But considering we know Kobato went to see Okita it isn’t earth-shatter. So really our surprise is not surprising and we are going to see Okita treat Kobato like scum. Breaking it down we might have to wait a while to see something new XO Now I am really bummed.


Ioryogi could be mad at Kobato for ruining his future but instead he feels bad for her.

I do think that Ioryogi caring about Kobato is sweet. He has a lot riding on her making her wish. If she doesn’t he doesn’t get his angel back. But if Kobato grants her wish she will be separated from her love, the issue that Ioryogi is going through. So congratulations Ioryogi. You have a heart. You see the situation for what it truly is: sucky. But since you are in CLAMP land you can always pray that Yuko made it so everyone can be happy. Because the alternative is half of you die. It’s all or nothing with CLAMP.


Nope. No angels at all in CLAMP land.

This page makes absolutely no sense. Well I guess if Mr. Bear is talking about how inhabitants of the Other World not knowing what angels look like that is a bit more understandable. But not really since all the worlds are connected and OH HI Ioryogi had to meet her somehow. I guess I read that more as NO ONE knows the true forms of ALL the angels. Bleh I am so disappointed I have no idea what I am typing about.


Me thinks that Ioryogi needs to break that plan out soon.

I am not sure what Ginsei and Mr. Bear are implying about Ioryogi’s plan. Does he want to die to save his love because he can’t be with her? They are speaking as if there is going to be failure regardless (which at this point we can assume so as Kobato has like 7 pieces of candy) and Ioryogi has a plan to make sure his girl lives even if that means he is plushie man forever.



XO Okay now he is scary.

Mr. Bear has a moment of I HATE YOU IORYOGI but Ginsei leaves to go comfort his “friend”. I think out of all the animals trapped in these weird bodies Mr. Bear has handled the change the best. He probably has the most reason to be mad so I will allow him to have his moment of anger. He is very observant on the issues but doesn’t get involved. Interesting fellow.


Finishing your sentence would make too much sense!

And then the “chapter” ends with Fujimoto being freaked out because the kids are freaked out. Thanks for being misleading children. So special is our future. I love this manga but at times it completely frustrates me. I want more, I wanted to be wowed, and I want more than 11 pages.

I guess I should still be scrapping myself off the floor with the huge XXXholic chapter though…

Upon more reflection (or a big case of DUH) I realize that one should read drop 21 all it was meant to be. Durp Tenchi. That is one chapter or at least what CLAMP tried to make a chapter. The whole a, b, and c is just a way to break the chapter up because the magazine hates us. So...yeah. Nothing was supposed to be revealing as we were suppose to read it all at once.

That being said...I am still disappointed. :( I want more. I don't want the same piece of the pie for 3 months. I want new pieces that are exciting and lovely. And possibly chocolaty.

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