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Tokyo Ghoul episode 9

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Spoiler alert: Amon is insane.
SO SLEEPY! But I said Tokyo Ghoul episodes 8 and 9 today and I shall get it done. Then pass out straight away. That is the end of the almost done/sorta done anime posts. Tomorrow will be a brand new day. I wonder how many episodes I am really behind on....Guess I will find out tomorrow as today needs to end. XD So up now is Tokyo Ghoul episode 9. Spoilers for this episode having tons of side plots and conversations.
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Toka expressing her love for Kaneki.
Episode Summary: It is flashback time woohoo! Amon has recently graduated from the academy and has taken a job at the main office. He gives his polite introductions to his seniors and they tease him a bit because that is what men do. He is assigned a partner named Mado which makes everyone feel sad for Amon a bit. Amon finds Mado a bit..out there and is shocked to hear that Mado thinks a major Ghoul in town is a little old lady. They eventually visit the old lady at the park where it is revealed that Mado had her medical records the entire time and they reveal she is not a Ghoul. He apologizes for the misunderstanding while introducing Amon to her. As they walk back Amon voices how upset he is that Mado accused that lady while knowing she was human. Mado was like…dude she is totally a Ghoul, this is all part of my crazy plan. Amon then has an angry moment when Mado asks to see his weapon and stomps off. He goes back to help the old lady with her suitcase as a sorry for earlier. Well it turns out the suitcase has a dead body in it and the old lady Ghoul attacks him. She breaks his suitcase and he is nearly killed when Mado comes out of nowhere and kills the Ghoul. Amon apologizes for being a dumbass and apparently that was part of Mado’s plan all along. From that moment on Amon took everything Mado and said as gold. Fast forward to the present and Amon is leaving work to visit Mado’s grave. He is briefly stopped by an old colleague from the main branch but the man lets him go attend to grave duty and promises to catch up later. Before they part they both speaking highly of Mado, the man saying that Mado really liked Amon. At the café Kaneki runs into Hinami in the hallway. She has disguises at the moment and is going out with Yomo to buy a bird cage for this bird she found. Kaneki explains that it took Hinami a while to come around after her parents were decapitated but living with Toka and finding this random bird has made her smile more. Toka is in a lovely mood as always as she hates the bird and Kaneki for existing. Kaneki thinks things are getting back to normal but as Hinami and Yomo walk by the alley where mom died…it is clear the sorrow is still there.
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LALA this is me taking Kaneki's wallet. Will this be important later?
In the café Nishiki and Toka are getting along splendidly. Or not. Ever. The other guy who works there tries talking but haha who you be not important character? Amon goes to visit Mado’s grave and vows to kill the Rabbit (Toka) personally. As Amon leaves there is someone else walking towards the graves being all suspicious. Kaneki goes to visit Itori at her bar. He explains how Rize took control of him (after he let her) and how it has happened before. Since Itori mentioned Rize before Kaneki assumed she had info on Rize herself. Apparently Rize came from the 11th ward and was one day in the 20th so he should look for clues there. As Kaneki walks home he passes an odd looking person who bumps him on purpose. This person looks like the one Amon saw earlier and they took Kaneki’s wallet in the process. Kaneki talks about this with Hide the next day with Nishiki talking about what a dumbass Kaneki is as background noise. As they talk there is a news report going on about how Doves are dying in ward 11 and security is going to be increased there and ward 20. Suddenly Hide starts acting really shady. He starts talking about how 11 seems rather peaceful, as if there is some magical organization of Ghouls that are keeping the bad Ghouls in line. Kaneki keeps listening to Hide’s super correct theory. Kaneki pales up and Hide is like YEAH I totally am on a Ghoul kick because of this book HAHA! Hide leaves and it is clear he knows Kaneki is a Ghoul and part of said organization. At WeHateGhouls Amon is wondering who his new team will be and what not. He meets up with his friend that we saw yesterday and sees who the new people in ward 20 are going to be. Turns out to be someone Amon already knew and a young kid who LOOOOOVES Amon. THEN it turns out none of this even matters as Amon is getting transferred to the main branch for a super secret mission. Why the hell did we have to meet this other people then?! Kaneki, Nishiki, and that other random dude talk more about what they have been hearing on the news, that they think Ghouls in ward 11 are ganging up to kill Doves. WELL DUH! Kaneki goes upstairs to check on Toka because I think that’s part of his job description at this point. Despite not liking the bird Toka seems to be hanging out with it a lot and thinking. She is actually thinking about how she killed Mado and he had a family and this bird must have a family out there or something. Kaneki says his parents died before he could really remember them. Toka has a walk down memory lane about her own family which included her little brother, mom, and dad. Toka finds an injured bird and they beg their dad to let them take care of it. There is worm hunting and family time. Hinami comes in with a cute new haircut that Toka actually did. Kaneki tries to compliment Toka and she threatens him. It is lovely. Hide is busy drinking coffee outside when Jason and Shu walk by talking about hunting down Rize and not letting her get away. This makes Hide super scared. Some Power Ranger looking rejects appear from the 11th ward apparently looking for Rize. And in the 20th ward some Ghouls get done killing some Doves talking about the group that went to find Rize and the leader of this group is Toka’s brother who thinks Toka and her coffee loving friends are a bunch of wimps. THE END!
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No battle but a lot of new characters running around.
There was literally no battle at all in this episode. Well I guess there were some…at the end. Okay maybe I lied. There were battles but either in the past or done by people we don’t know yet. The coffee crew is taking a break for having a super awful life. I guess they deserve it. Some of them, not all.
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Thanks for having no faith in me and saving my life.
This episode starts with a flashback with a super shiny Amon joining the Head Office. Fresh from the academy. I guess if you go straight through to the academy you get a job at the head office while everyone else just applies at their normal ward area. Amon got a little bit of newbie flack on his first day. Not really hazing but a little bit of ribbing to let the kid know that he is the new kid in town and they are his sempais. Amon gets assigned to Amon right off the bat and even his seniors are like damn life is tough for you kid X_X That is meaning something there. Also Mado’s death is going to be made just the sadder(MOG THIS SENTENCE) Amon and Mado have been together since Amon joined. Not some random pairing or meeting later. Let me go find my tissue box for Mado being dead. Nope still don’t care. Maybe he started off like Amon but saw too many awful things and just morphed into someone that enjoyed killing creatures that look and sound like him just…aren’t him. Maybe he turned from someone who wanted to protect humans to someone who thought the hunt was amazing and using your colleagues as bait is just part of the fun. Mado has been pulling this trick for a while. The flashback that Amon experienced was the first case he and Mado worked on together. Someone was going around eating people (obviously) and Mado decided it was this little old lady. Amon being fresh from the academy thought he knew it all and brushed Mado off as a crazy old man. Probably not a good thing to do to your elders in Japan. Amon spoke his mind while Mado played a game he has probably played many times before. Amon decided he would treat the woman nice who Mado insulted and poof Amon ended up nearly dead after helping the woman drag a body a way. Old lady was pretty amazing to have that act down pat. Dragging around her little old lady luggage like a human. Amon was almost toast on a relatively easy Ghoul. Thank goodness Mado was there…you know, in the shadows using Amon as bait. From there on out Amon looked up to the older man and probably never questioned him again. Lead me sempai.
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Yeah you look totally upset Mr. Creepy eyes.
So yeah folks. Amon and Mado worked together for a very long time and Amon probably adapted some of his ideology from the man. Not with the same intensity but Amon was willing to overlook Mado’s…enthusiasm for the hunt. Not mentioned in this episode was if Amon knew what Mado was after, the one eyed Ghoul. He is not talking about Kaneki so this must be another half Ghoul causing problems. It might be rare and apparently it is even a rumor among other Ghouls. Mado thought it was true but Amon didn’t mention it, saying he was going to take up this task for him fallen comrade. Instead he is seen taking flowers to Mado’s grave. Well first he was stopped by someone he knew from the main branch but nothing happened yet with that interaction. So onward to the grave so Amon can pass a creepy looking person walking towards Mado’s grave too? The Wife? Doubtful as they seemed rather young. Unless Mado aged horribly and still managed to get a hottie. Hmm the one eye Ghoul maybe?
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I literally have no screenies of Hinami so have some impending doom and no bird.
While Amon is off having a cry over Mado (which still boggles my mind) we got to see what is happening with café de Ghoul. Since it has been a month and a half since both parents were killed Hinami has been doing much better. I would be crying into my ice cream every night because my whole family is gone and the life of a Ghoul is a sad and often short one. But maybe since Ghoul life is hard and terrible they are able to bounce back quicker from awful events? I don’t want to say Ghouls are desensitized to death but…I guess that is basically what I am saying. Hinami has bounced back a little due to the fact she found an injured bird. Via flashback we learn this. This is an episode of flashbacks/ While it appears Hinami doesn’t really care about her family……she is really putting her focus on the bird. It was something she could put her effort into, her attention on. Hinami is trying to create a new family.
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See guys, everyone is okay and happy. Good thing Mado didn't take a pic of Toka and send it will she was being stabbed or something.
Despite the fact everyone raked Toka over the coals for even suggesting they kill Doves….nothing really happened. No one is really mad or talking about the consequences of Toka’s actions. Like lala Doves are dead, everything is awesome because we got a pet bird. Toka is slightly…ungrateful towards Kaneki. The kid saved her life by being a Ghoul punching bag yet she is like die, I hate you. Toka is so loving. This love is extended to Nishiki. Toka and Nishiki decided to have some words on the café floor. Just for no reason. Or maybe there is a reason. They might have had some beef before Kaneki showed up. The little fattie that works there as well tries to talk and calm them down. Between his words and important news program going on in the background it is more important to say the world moron 100 more times.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode917_zps019ba055.png
Add Hide to the list of people who pretend to be happy but are conflicted on the inside.
Things might be jovial on the outside but on the inside things are still sad. Yomo took Hinami out to get the bird a cage and of course they had to pass the alley. Tokyo might be big but if you live in a certain place you will pass some spots on a daily basis. So Hinami might experience some sadness for quite a while. Like this was the street where the cool crepe store is but now all I can see is my mom being beheaded. She didn’t cry, just took a moment to be sad. Toka was upset about killing Mado. I know, this is such a shocker. X____X Color me surprised. To be fair Toka seems to be more upset that she killed a man with a family. Perhaps this wife was blinded by how awful Mado was and is innocent. So Toka has the guilt for doing the same thing she accuses Doves of doing, hurting innocent people. Woe is some of these people.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode913_zps251d7115.png
...That's it? That's ALL you have for me?!
At some point in this episode Kaneki goes to visit Itori. He needs to talk about some things and he figures Itori and her bar keeper self might have some info. Can Ghouls even have liquor? If not I guess loose lips can’t sink ships. But the last time Kaneki saw Itori she acted like she knew Rize. That it was a mystery on who killed her. Despite the fact that Rize was making life harder for Ghouls no one was really thinking about taking her out. Anyway Kaneki is concerned about Rize taking over his body , especially this last time when he said Rize please take control of my body. He wants to know more about the person who lives in his head. So fess up Itori. So…yeah Itori knew nothing. Just that Rize came to town one day. Just poof here I am to eat your humans. Itori knows absolutely nothing and suggests Kaneki go visit Rize’s hometown of ward 11. Just reinforcing the idea that ward 11 is dangerous. So thanks for nothing Itori. Acting like she knows things and gives Kaneki hazardous advice. Oh Rize, what a dangerous and mysterious Ghoul whom everyone wants apparently.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode919_zps5ad0d18a.png
And that mess is now coming you way woohoo!
In between all of this there is talk about issues that are going on in the 11th ward. This is called Tokyo Ghoul so obviously it is taking place in Tokyo ad Tokyo is giant so it is dividing into sections, like for voting. I am sure people who live there are familiar with distances and what each ward is known for. In this show I feel as if the 11th ward is known for violence, for humans and Ghouls alike. Jason seems like he is from the 11th ward as well as the former bad boys Dead Doc and Yomo. So yeah…11th seems to be full of problems this a lot of Doves go there. A warning to Toka not to cause problems. But now we got a dead Mado here and more dead Doves in 11. So while the 20th ward used to be nice and quiet things are about to change. More Doves to 11 and 20 stat. Stepping back to move forward when Kaneki was walking home from Itori’s he was robbed. Pick pocketed. This person had weird tattoos and looks like they could have been the person that was visiting dead Mado. Nothing happened with that so far so we will just move on. Perhaps that will be more important later. For now Kaneki is telling Hide his story of woe. Nishiki is there too calling Kaneki a dumbass but he blended into the background quickly. Hide was compassionate but he soon changes the subject to the news. Because Hide is actually watching the TV at Ghoul café. It was the same stuff I mentioned earlier, dead Doves and a crackdown in wards in 11 and 20. He doesn’t talk about ward 11 very much, confirming the fact everyone thinks this place is bad news. Instead he basically plays Kaneki. Plays a game that most people are familiar with.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode916_zps0072f776.png
You wouldn't know anything about that right Kaneki??!?!?!
Hide knows Kaneki is a Ghoul. Now Kaneki is working at a brand new place and poof so is Nishiki. Ward 20 seems rather safe to him. So logically if there are Ghouls everywhere but this section of the city is safe something must be up. These Ghouls want to live in peace and to do that a large group is keeping everyone else in line. Sound familiar Kaneki? I am not sure what Hide was trying to do though. Let Kaneki know if he (Kaneki) is part of the good Ghouls Hide will understand. Planting the seeds though as Hide played it off as comical and dropped it. As Kaneki had a heart attack Hide leaves and looks…stoic. Because he knows. Will Kaneki ever know that Hide actually supports him, you know, before something bad happens?
 photo tokyoghoulepisode91_zps2fa09d5c.png
:( Ghouls are so human like...why can't anyone think of an idea that doesn't involve death?
Kaneki has his moment and goes to see Toka. Because Toka isn’t in the business of killing humans who know Ghoul secrets. Toka said she hated the bird earlier but now it is revealed the bird just reminds her of happier times. Happy times that must have ended badly. Toka is thinking of families in general, Mado, and then Kaneki’s. Kaneki was a bit removed from this conversation. He did say that his parents died when he was young. I would assume he was very sad when it happened but it’s been so long it’s like he can’t remember a time with family. I think Toka was trying to make a point. Everyone has a family and everyone cries when they lose a part of that family. Kaneki just has a different kind of family now. Toka was lost in her own thoughts about family, at what hers was. Enter Toka’s flashback. Toka was a cute and happy child. That sure explains why she is so angry right now. Or…you know…the family is dead thus she is living alone at the café. Her family seemed happy. We didn’t see mom but dad was attentive and her little brother was adorable. Oh and they rescued a bird. Thus Toka hates birds. Toka’s flashback was to show Ghouls are people too, not hungry beasts that are to be feared all the time.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode918_zps57066a36.png
As long as I get my revenge that is all that matters to me!
After Amon was done grieving and visiting the grave it was time to get down to business. Mado needs revenging. So onward to work. Amon goes to meet his new teammates or temporary workers. His beady eye friend is there to make the introductions even though one wasn’t necessary. Hello there old friend and new person who is strangely adoring me. Glad to have you aboard. Come let me show you around. Wait….these people are to replace the dead ones and I am being taken back to the main office for a super secret mission?....Then why did you bother introducing me? Shouldn’t the remaining man meet these people? Just…it was a lot of special.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode93_zpsc7dddbb4.png
MOG did they steal Clear's gas mask?!
The end of the episode was a hodgepodge of events and craziness. Hide is sitting around thinking about Kaneki being a Ghoul and drinking coffee when a not dead Shu and Jason walk up. X___X If they were in a hunting mood right now Hide would be dead. Super dead. But Hide has put things together and knows Rize is dead and Kaneki is a Ghoul. On snap time to fear. Nearby some….hooded people appear. They are from ward 11 and are looking for Rize. Perhaps they need to check their copy of Ghoul daily because she has been dead for a while now. But why are they looking for her? A binge eater is that important? Part of the group remained in the 11th ward to kill some Doves. Because they are bad Ghouls. What is the surprise is who is either the leader/part this group. Toka and her happy family…not all of them are dead. Dear sweet brother (who is giant but at most 15) is all grown up now. And he is not on team human. In fact he thinks ward 20 and his remaining family member are full of whimpiness. Whimpy Ghouls who just lay down and take it. So it sounds like he might take a visit himself to the area. To get Rize and see his sister. How will this turn out? Guess we will find out next time. Maybe. Why is Rize so important?!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode94_zps588727b9.png
Time to visit my dear sister too.

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