Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Super Fun (sorta) Birthday Adventures Part 1

Hello there!!! It is me, Duffy the Disney Bear. I hope you haven't forgotten about me. Mom hasn't been going on many adventures lately but that doesn't mean she doesn't love me. Take pics of me around the house please mom!!!! Or..save up and take me to Disney World for 3 days, that's cool too.
 photo Sept25th2014028_zpsca38d473.jpg
Look at some of mom's birthday present. Aren't they cute?!
Dad works for the military and sometimes he has to work a lot. :( So it turns out he has to work on Mom's birthday and most of October. But mom wanted to go to Disney World for her birthday. What to do what to do?! Oh go super early in September so we can still attend fun events? Sounds like a plan to me!
 photo Sept25th2014033_zps460ac6b8.jpg
First things first though. Dad was afraid mom was going to want to buy these Tsum Tsums if they were at Disney World. Tsum Tsums are little plushies that are based on a game that mom loves to play. I think they come from Japan. So since we were going to Disney early mom got her present early.
 photo Sept25th2014034_zps759485f3.jpg
Tsum Tsums are very Duffy sized aren't they? But I am easily outnumbered!
 photo Sept25th2014036_zps85f91ff1.jpg
Tags all off. Super cute plushie army reporting for duty.
 photo Sept25th2014013_zpsecf5a647.jpg
Once mom opened her present it was time to pack for Disney World. Don't forget my Tsum Tsums friends.
 photo Sept25th2014014_zps2a24a063.jpg
What to wear what to wear.....
 photo Sept25th2014015_zps404eadc3.jpg
One of the events we are going to is called Dapper Day so I need to look my best.
 photo Sept25th2014016_zpsc358a69c.jpg
I think I have narrowed down a few choices. Scruffy is coming on the trip too so maybe I should bring some outfits for him.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014001_zps9d2512f6.jpg
We woke up bright and early Friday morning to head to Disney World. Sorta bright and early...mom is late a lot.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014003_zps72da236d.jpg
I brought my Tsum Tsums friends to keep me company. Aren't they cute?
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014005_zps3f46aa95.jpg
We stopped at the giant mall before you get to Disney. They have a big Disney Store and Build a Bear. Also they have an entire store full of M&Ms. It smelled very good in that store.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014006_zps6de50462.jpg
I am not sure how they got a car in this store but it is cool. That red guy doesn't look too happy though.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014008_zps539c13b9.jpg
This Disney Store had Tsums!! The one near our house did not. They had different sizes and kinds that dad didn't get mom for her birthday.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014009_zps0eff4a95.jpg
Time to eat our last nonDisney meal for a while. Mom always gets the same thing I think.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014011_zps11bff730.jpg
Dad decided to get the Tsums mom didn't have already. XO That is a lot of little presents isn't it? The day we came home from the trip the Disney Store released more. I think that our house might be overrun with Duffys, Hello Kittys, and Tsum Tsums now....
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014014_zpsce107f45.jpg
We stopped by a discount Disney store too before we went to Downtown Disney. The one near mom closed and that makes us sad because we like to trade pins.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014015_zps1ba7ef15.jpg
Scruffy's mom picked up a new Duffy. I think she named him Knuffy.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014018_zps2d4a9a71.jpg
We had to go pick up tickets for the Halloween Party tonight. We thought we could get them at Downtown Disney but it turns out we had to buy them at the Magic Kingdom.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014021_zpsfb623048.jpg
It is very messy at Downtown Disney now. Plus it is rainy. GO AWAY RAIN!
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014022_zps071d8121.jpg
We did activate Scruffy's mom's annual pass so I guess it wasn't a big waste of time.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014023_zpsced8164d.jpg
We only had a little bit of time before we needed to change so we quickly looked through the market space store. Much better than the sports store that used to be there.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014027_zps5ca0d075.jpg
Everyone got to the hotel and dressed super fast. Like really fast and ran to the Magic Kingdom. Mom and dad were dressed as Belle and Beast. I sorta look like the Beast right? I hope I don't scare Tinkerbell!
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014050_zps7db44043.jpg
It was sorta raining today and dark so there weren't too many pics of me. I did get to meet some nice characters, like a skeleton man and a pumpkin duck. We got super hungry and I ate all the food before mom could take a pic. XO Sorry mom. So that is about it for pics today. There are a lot more for tomorrow though. Saturday was Dapper Day so we better get to sleep so we can be up bright and early getting ready.

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