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DRAMAtical Murder episode 10

Having half a post on one computer and half on another is not the best way to blog. X___X I try to be fair and give my husband the good desktop when he comes home from a hard days work. So I mainly do the summaries and screenies on the good desktop and all the meat of the post on Dated. So then I have to transfer things over via this blog to combine post. This would probably be less confusing if I hadn't gotten so behind on blogging but you know....I am special.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1013_zpsebe2911d.png
X___________________________X Err what do you mean Noiz?
So what is up now on this Postapolza? Lets knock some DRAMAtical Murder episodes out. Sounds good right? Post two is DRAMAtical Murder episode 10. Spoilers for Minks having a turn with Aoba. That sounds wrong...and it basically is. :(
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1011_zpse0b7f45b.png
I hurt everyone I love. Even though they hurt me first and bring it upon themselves most of the time. Woe is me.
Episode Summary: Aoba is sitting very sad on the couch at the end. Everything is his fault apparently. He starts to get another headache so he heads to the kitchen for a glass of water. He thinks to himself (as if we needed flashbacks at this point) about how his voice affects people and that he can use his Scrap power to go into their minds. Grams talking about his powers and that Toue is after him. It is all his fault. Noiz appears to shut the water off from a distracted Aoba. Aoba asks how a NOT dead Clear is doing and apparently Noiz did his best but real repairs are going to have to happen when they get back home. Aoba feels bad that has happened to Clear. Koujaku appears and says he is feeling…well okay. Not 100 percent but he is doing better. Aoba still feels guilty. He has decided that this invitation from Toue is suspicious. Like…this all could have been a trap! Say it ain’t so. He ends up doing some more flashbacking to explain to Noiz and Koujaku (who don’t know yet) that he has a Scrap power and can control people by his voice. It never dawned on Noiz and Koujaku to ask why Aoba was in their brains having a moment. Aoba has some moments himself thinking about the state of mind they were in when he found them, all broken and sad. But he has realized that Toue is brainwashing everyone (duh) and this anniversary event must be a way to brainwash the entire island. And everyone else needs to stay behind at the inn while Aoba goes alone because Toue only wants him and everyone else has been hurt because they were with him. Noiz and Koujaku don’t seem to buy that logic and want to stop Toue and his evil plans. Mink is seen elsewhere with his weapons still. Life in Platinum Jail continues as Aoba thinks to himself. He does go to visit a sleeping Clear so he can feel guilty about that. He lays on his bed alone with Ren trying to think what to do when Mink calls him. Koujaku and Noiz are sleeping so Aoba follows orders and sneaks out alone with just Ren.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode106_zpsf3c384b5.png
I am not sure this kid sees much of anything....
Mink is outside alone with his motorcycle. He says they are going to break into the tower now and Aoba needs to put this program on Ren so Ren can’t be activated as a weapon by the tower. He says he doesn’t know if there will be side effects to the program so Aoba refuses. Minks doesn’t understand why Aoba has attachment to a piece of machine that can be replaced and junked at a moment’s notice. Aoba does his speak again about how he loves his Ren and the Allmate is not replaceable. He stands his ground when Minks demands the program be installed. Minks then decides it is punching Aoba in the face time as he is not listening. Ren gets the program and asks Aoba to install it so he will be fine. Aoba does so and Ren thinks he is fine. If he isn’t he knows Aoba will fix him because they are best friends forever. Minks then tells Aoba to get on the back of the bike as they ride straight to a tower. No more guards here. One of Noiz’s Allmates follows them. They go to the tower and it is a series of breaking in doors and crawling through impossible air vents. Jumping around and what not. Please note that Minks has a huge gun and Aoba has…Ren. They make it to the control room where there is no one else at all because Toue is made of stupid. Minks tells Aoba to use Ren to download or upload something onto the computer. Aoba does so and Minks seems to be satisfied. Ren says he is okay but Aoba notices some lingering computer thingys in his eye. They carry on with Aoba briefly mentioning he wants to stop Toue from taking over the island. As they walk they are cornered by the insane cop and some of his minions. Aoba is all we are so going to die as Minks pulls out some smoke grenade and his gun. He tells Aoba to stay close and a shooting and running they go. They find a room to hide in but this won’t last for long. Minks tries to give Aoba a handgun because clearly that will make it a more even battle. Aoba doesn’t want to use a weapon which makes Minks mad and beat him a bit more. He seems to know about Aoba’s power and is trying to draw it out of him. He keeps on forcing the issues as they are surrounded. Crazy Captain says not to shoot Aoba but the other one is fair game. Suddenly Aoba becomes Scrap Aoba, musing that this is what Minks wanted. He then looks at the others and tells them all to leave. While doing this Scrap Aoba decided to go inside Minks to figure him out. Because he cares. Aoba ends up in Minks mind which is flooded and gross looking. He tries to find Minks but sees a vision of the past instead. It is full of people Aoba knows as if to make this memory easier to understand. Minks’ people had the power to control people’s mind through a certain smell and of course Toue heard about it and came asking for it. When the answer was not yes it was shooting and burning down the village time leaving Minks alone with the secret. So revenge is his game. Aoba finds Minks tied up and realizes the man means to die after the revenge. Minks refuses to allow Aoba to help him and forces the kid out of his mind. Aoba wakes up on the ground and Minks tells them to carry on with the mission. The he and Aoba are the same, that they carry the smell of death. Aoba tells Minks that he has to live though…THE END!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode108_zps1a854dd4.png
Minks and his people got 5 seconds. Because flashbacks.
HMMM folks. HMMM! How much did I not care for this episode. Let me count the ways. There was time wasted on recaps that we didn’t need, Toue was once again seen doing barely anything (thus he gets no mention in the summary of longness), and it was about Minks, the worst boyfriend/partner in the series.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1012_zps7151acdf.png
...we already knew all of this.
Yes folks. The first part of the episode revolved around Aoba thinking to himself about the whole Scrap thing. That Grams told him about this power and he has gone into his friends and what not. All his fault. Like we just saw Clear’s yesterday and in the anime episode Koujaku and Noiz had their moments less than 24 hours ago. WE DO NOT NEED FLASHBACKS! Then there are even more flashbacks later as Noiz and Koujaku wake up and one realizes that Aoba has not told them of his Scrap power yet. He only had that convo with Clear because Clear already knew. Because this stuff only happened a few days ago. Of course they didn’t know. So at least 5 minutes of the episode were spent of Aoba thinking about his power and the guys going OH WOW so that is what you have…and then not being concerned about it.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1014_zps0703010e.png
Didn't you all know this was an obvious trap?!
The reason that Aoba is thinking about this over and over again instead of focusing on the mission of stopping Toue…because he has the guilts. Aoba has the guilts about a lot of things. Aoba also put two and apple together and got purple. He now realized that…getting the invitation to Platinum Jail was suspicious. He just NOW thought that folks. Um Toue is the one trying to brainwash the island and the world and you think getting an invitation to his park is odd now? Oh Aoba. Oh everyone Aoba knows. So Aoba has decided that since all Toue does is brainwash people that this special event in two weeks must be something special. He will take over the entire island!! How dare he! I am sorta wondering though….is Toue has the power to brainwash all these people in Platinum Jail and has the power to brainwash the entire island does he really need Aoba whose voice can only affect those who see it? Or is Toue’s plan contingent on getting Aoba? That would be poor planning since Toue hasn’t really gathered up Aoba yet. Does any of this make sense? X____X
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1017_zpsd8382664.png
Is this real life? Why are we wasting words on obvious things?!
But yeah folks. Aoba is talking because he has the guilts. Toue is only after him but everyone around him is getting hurt. :( He is the worst person ever. Um you aren’t the one hurting your friends? You actually were going to go alone and they tagged along? Sure some of them tried to protect you…but they mostly got hurt from their own actions. Noiz running off alone, Clear stabbing himself in the head, and Koujaku…well he and Noiz were brainwashed but still. Aoba didn’t hurt anyone. Maybe he should feel guilty about going into their deep personal brains without permission but it was done to save them. But deep down the guilts is really about Mizuki and how Aoba didn’t know what he was doing…because he didn’t know what he was doing. This is all about him and he has dragged others along, his deep friends of a million years. Noiz and Koujaku aren’t down for Aoba’s train of thought, the one that has him fighting Toue alone. Like nope, we must stay up all night, sleep in shifts, make sure that Aoba doesn’t sneak off alone. Sounds like a plan.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1020_zpse50ee8cb.png
Hello there not dead Clear. Nice to see not dead.
Or Noiz and Koujaku are feeling like crap still and need some sleep. Even though they know that Aoba is up to no good they can’t guard him all the time. They won’t be any good to him if they aren’t in top form. So…they went to bed. Aoba went to visit a sleep/healing Clear. While I know Clear was protecting Aoba and it isn’t/shouldn’t matter what he looks like I am glad his eye is covered up. It was kinda gross. After Aoba takes the time to look at his new best friend being all healed Aoba took a moment to think more about how everything sucks. We haven’t gotten a video game update in a while but that was not to be I suppose since the next thing that happens in Minks calling Aoba. I guess the video game thing was more for the viewer’s benefit anyway right?
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode101_zps2909c8c0.png
...And this seems to be the GOOD arc for Minks.
Remember Minks and his minions loading up tons of weapons on vehicles? Well….I don’t see them. Maybe they will show at the end, when everyone leaves the area and mows down Toue, the cop, and the security guard as they run for their lives. For now Minks has a motorcycle, two guns, and his lovely personality. He seems to think that Aoba owes him and it is time to collect. Since Aoba wants to take down Toue he would have agreed anyway but since Minks has to do everything the hard way he manages to tick off the boy who wants to befriend everyone. A pretty hard feat to do. Or maybe he just likes punching Aoba in the face. Minks is making Noiz look like an angel more and more after each encounter.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1021_zps84a114e8.png
Ren is my bro!!!! I would never hurt him!
Why was Minks punching Aoba in the face this time? Because they are going to break into Toue’s tower and Allmates will automatically be triggered to turn against them. A program needs to be added to Ren’s memory so he won’t go all postal on them. Where is Minks’ Allmate? I don’t know, didn’t see him. And why not just leave Ren at home? Later Ren does do something to a computer inside the tower but that could have been done by Noiz if they bothered to drag the kid along. I guess we need that part of the plot so Ren can have his boyfriend moment too. Oh yes folks there is going to be a Ren boyfriend moment despite being a dog. Maybe in Rhyme which hasn’t been mentioned in forever. But anyway Minks doesn’t know how safe this program is and frankly doesn’t care. Because he borrowed a page from Noiz’s book and thinks these are just robots that talk. Replaceable. Since Aoba has already had this conversation we knew his stance on the subject. Minks really wasn’t in the mood for listening to Aoba talk about his little buddy Ren so he punched Aoba in the face a few times. Because they have a loving relationship. The punching stops when Ren agrees to the program to help Aoba. Would have liked Ren to look a little upset over this. You know, put the tongue back in or glare. Something.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode102_zpsf65e8e9e.png
....How did they fit through this?
After Aoba gets punched in the face he willingly gets on a motorcycle with Minks to go to Toue’s tower of notmanness. I think what happened was Toue told people to move out as the police were in the building. Because it was rather easy for Minks and Aoba to pull off their secret agent moves to break in. I had to laugh a bit at one of their moves, like hello I don’t think I could fit through that hole and you expect me to believe those two men did? Yeah okay let me roll my eyes in the back of my head. Also I thought it was a bit odd that Aoba almost whispered his intent to Minks. Like um excuse me sir, can I have some more please? But it was more like if it is not too much of a bother I would like to stop Toue’s anniversary party of brainwashingness. It is just funny as I makes me wonder what Aoba thinks Minks plan is or why he would go with Minks without knowing his plan or why he thinks that Minks would object to the plan after Grams had that meeting. It was just odd.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode103_zps757ad4b4.png
Um you okay there Aoba?!
Once they break in they make it to the control room to find no one. Because Toue has plans. Well find but maybe hire more than two Alphas or robots to man the place. Minks and Aoba could have done anything to place. I would have placed explosive but that is just me. I am crazy and what not. Instead all Minks and Aoba do at the moment is download a program from Ren to the main computer. I am not sure why Minks couldn’t just bring the flashdrive and do it directly……because that would make sense….and make Aoba less angry. But there needs to be more plot folks. Ren will succeed with whatever the mission is but something has been done to him. A virus. I bet….a brainwashing virus! So Aoba can go into his little doggie mind. Aoba things that something is up but doesn’t stop to really ask questions. We got drama to get to now, it is Minks’ turn!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode104_zps9391f519.png
Did I give you permission to breath in the gas? Fire randomly in their direction!
I am not sure what was going to happen next according to Minks’ plan but whatever it was it got thrown out the window when CrazyCopMan and his army of idiots rounded the corner to pump them full of lead. Toue does want Aoba back alive right? Maybe hiring CrazyCopMan wasn’t the best idea if getting Aoba back in one piece was the objective. Because he was ready to take down anyone and everyone. Unless all this was for Minks. Knowing what we know now and then about Minks though I don’t think he would have pulled a Koujaku or Clear to protect the kid so this was still risky. But since this is anime Minks and his limited weapons were able to hold their own against ALL THE PEOPLEZ. Long enough to run away and hide for a few more moments. Oh and to hit Aoba some more.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode105_zpsc0900767.png
Does Aoba concentrate better when being hit? Because you know...
Why is there more Aoba hitting? Does Minks think this is a turn on? Well it turns out that Minks brought himself an uzi and a tiny little handgun just in case for Aoba. It might have been pink and had a sparkle holster too. One might wonder why Minks didn’t give this to Aoba before they went into the dangerous place of could be killness, I mean I doubt Aoba would have shot him for all the hitting and I would want my allies armed you protect my ass. But none of this matters because Aoba is all like we shouldn’t be fighting at all! …What was Aoba’s plan on taking out Toue? Use harsh language? Send him to the corner? The man kidnapped your Grams. Brainwashed Mizuki. Hurt Koujaku. Plans to take over the world. What more does he have to do for you to want to put a bullet in his head for the greater good? I get that Aoba is supposed to be pure and what not, like good hearted kid who wants everyone to get along and have picnics. But….maybe I would have smacked him in the head too. Take the damn gun.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode107_zps84429101.png
Scrap Aoba doesn't like being hit a million times in the face. Time for payback.
It is revealed that Minks took Aoba along on this mission of dumb because he knows that Aoba has Scrap power and can control people. I don’t know how he knows. Wait didn’t Minks tell Koujaku this two days ago? WHY WAS KOUJAKU SHOCKED?! Hot damn. But yeah that is why Aoba was important to this mission. Of course the best way to bring out this softer side of Aoba was to rough him up a bit. USE YOUR POWER! Then poof Scrap power was released and out he came to tell all the cops to leave. Which…they didn’t if you noticed. They all just stood around like statues. This Scrap power is rather special. Minks apparently hasn’t been paying attention though because he didn’t know that Aoba could go into the mind of others. I think that Scrap Aoba could care less about other people’s problems but he wanted to know what Minks’ plan was since he was dragged into it. Makes sense to me. Minks probably didn’t know that but then again I wouldn’t force a reaction from someone unless I was sure of the outcome.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode109_zps153c83e9.png
But I want to rescue you!!!
Even though Scrap Aoba did the…Scraping Aoba is the one who woke up in the bog that is Minks mind. If I was Aoba I wouldn’t give to figs about this loser but that is not who Aoba is. Onward Aoba goes to solve problems while they are in mortal danger. I am not sure why the people in Minks’ memories looked like people Aoba knew but I don’t think that matters. Since this show revolves around brainwashing and what not Toue hurt Minks in that way as well. Dreads equal…something like Native Americans I guess. And at his tribe or what not there was a certain smell that they could use to control people. It appears that Minks has learned his violent ways from Toue. Toue decided the best way to extract information was to shoot up the place and ask the survivors about this scent. Then when they didn’t cough up the answers burn the entire thing to the ground. Of course Minks is the only one who made it out with his life and the secret of the scent brainwashing and he wants revenge. REVENGE!!!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1010_zps665b632d.png
After being hit a million times Aoba still cares about Minks. I see now.
But as Aoba finds out….Minks also wants to die. All the people who died that day weigh heavily on his heart and revenge is probably the only thing that is keeping him alive right now. Once the revenge is complete he will have no reason to live. Aoba tries to free Minks from the chains inside his head but he has found out that Minks wants to be tied up, he wants to die. Minks doesn’t allow the “healing” to take place and forced Aoba out of his brain. But he isn’t a vegetable like Mizuki. He simply did not want Aoba’s help. For some reason he throws around a cryptic phrase, we both smell like death, to make him and Aoba seem like…not peas in a pod but similar. OH that must be why he punches the kid ever second he gets. I get it now. Only I don’t. And for some reason Aoba feels bad for Minks. I mean I guess you should in general if someone went through that much pain and suffering. But Aoba is the one guy who would open his arms wide for you, to help you. But Minks is still a hater. That is probably understandable as well but it goes back to the whole being hurt by someone so you hurt an innocent instead mentality. So…even though Minks like to bash Aoba in the face Aoba is still like…please live Minks. I don’t think he was Scraping right then so it might not count but I am sure if Clear can survive killing himself Aoba can save Minks. Onward to getting Ren involved in this craziness. Or…seeing what that quiet boy is up to. Something anyway. Until next time!!

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