Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Super Fun (sorta) Birthday Adventures Part 2

 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014118_zps02616a42.jpg
Do you want to eat a snowman!?
Hello there! It is me, the Dapperest Duffy around. We already had a super fun day traveling to Disney World and going to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. We got to meet lots of characters and trick or treat. It rained a bit but everyone had fun. It was hard getting all the Duffy moms up in the morning but dad got them in gear so we could go to Hollywood Studios for Dapper Day. Dapper means you dress nice like they did back when Mr. Walt Disney was alive. Like going to church. Mom put Scrufy and me in nice outfits and onward we went to fun.
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We got to the park around lunch time and it started to rain. It was the only rain all day so that is a good thing. We decided to go eat first and then have fun. Here is mom's kids meal of course.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014121_zps3298ec45.jpg
Hi there Scruffy! You are looking so dapper today.
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After eating we went over to see Indiana Jones. We had to run to the Tower of Terror or all the humans would miss their Tower of Terror fast passes. It is hard for moms to run in fancy shoes.
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It was the last weekend of the Frozen Summer Fun event. Mom and Scruffy's mom were Disneybounding Dapper Anna and Elsa. Everyone started out with an Olaf fan but they soon got lost or left behind along the way. Nice outfits mean tiny purses I think.
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Mom picked this outfit for me. Sorta Frozen like yes?
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Only one side of the Tower of Terror was working today so if you didn't have a fast pass it was a long time. We had to wait a bit so mom got to take some pics.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014134_zpse7f993e5.jpg
It is very dusty inside this old building. We need some cast members cleaning in here.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014136_zps4a78b8de.jpg
Mom says this is a phone. It doesn't look like a phone to me though.
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Mom doesn't ride the Tower of Tower so we have to wait for the chicken exit near the broken elevator.
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Waiting for the other three to ride the ride. Even though it's a trip for mom she knows that everyone likes to ride scary rides. That just means they have to wait for her when it is character time.
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Picture if I would....a theme park full of Duffys.
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We did a lot of things today. One ride was closing down and it's last day was today. So all the Dapper people went to ride the Backlot Tour. Then we went to go watching some movie show about Frozen. It was very loud in that room. After that mom wanted to see the Muppets show before we went on our next ride. Got to get our 3D glasses first.
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All the Dapper people rode The Great Movie Ride together. There was a bunch of them but I didn't see any dapper Duffys. :( After the ride it was time to eat.
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Mom has never had a fancy Disney cupcake of bigness before so dad bought her the Anna one. Scruffy's mom and Muffy's mom shared the Elsa one. It was very good and the icing turned everyone's mouth blue.
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Mom doesn't ride scary rides but onward we marched to the roller coaster with a guitar on it. This chicken exit is easy to get out of though.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014288_zpscdc1926d.jpg
The singer of this band is rather scary.
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After the scary ride was done there was talk about going to the Magic Kingdom for more fun but everyone was tired from their shoes and stuff. So back to the hotel to eat candy and sleep for one more day of fun!