Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Super Fun (sorta) Birthday Adventures Part 4

 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014355_zps877708a9.jpg
Mom was LIED to. There were onions in this. She didn't taste them but she was LIED to.
Hello there lovers of food and tiny bears who celebrate birthdays early. When we last left you all the humans had bought tons of yogurt (which looks like ice cream to me) and were struggling to finish it all. Good thing it was a million degrees outside because it was a nice cool down treat. But then it was time to move on. We had 38 (36?) stamps to get and we barely had started! Will we make it to the end before dad has to drive us home? Time to find out.
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Yay mom got some more food. Dad was eating a lot of different things and mom was eating...choco and beef. This burger came with other things but mom got hers plain. Because she is mom.
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Can't stop by Japan without getting something from one of the booths. Dad said his Spicy Hand Roll was very spicy.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014363_zpsb1f76af9.jpg
Inside the Morocco restaurant waiting for the humans to use the potty. This chair looks Duffy size doesn't it?
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014364_zps0dfb881d.jpg
This is one of the strangest lamps ever isn't it?
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014365_zpsdb92375f.jpg
Mom brought her huge autograph book with her so we went to see some characters. We waited for Mulan and now we are waiting for Aladdin and Jasmine.
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While waiting in line some girls started to sing all the Aladdin songs. Mom got sad at the Genie song because the man that was the Genie died recently.
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It was almost our turn! They were very...different than other meet and greets mom said. In a fun way.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014377_zps97185ede.jpg
Everyone had been waiting for waffles all day. I can see why, they look very tasty.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014378_zpse36eaa9f.jpg
France had more food that mom liked, not just desserts. She had this last year too. We walked the other way though so we had this earlier in the day last year.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014391_zps3cb8b0af.jpg
It got very dark so we didn't get pictures of the last two things mom tried. Dad really got this cake called flan but mom tried it and said it was pretty good.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014392_zps7f9e7546.jpg
This was a very delicious steak that mom saw online and thought about eating before the trip. It had mushrooms on it but she pushed them off and ate all the steak. I think dad had one bite. She said it was very good.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014384_zps70545f57.jpg
:( Now it is Monday and we are all home from the trip. Next year we might have to leave earlier than we did this time to get to the human's work next time. But we still had a good time. Very busy with all the events though. Time to see what kind of candy we got at the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.
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Look at all this candy!!! Mom and dad heard some lady complaining (very loud) that her kids barely got any candy. How is this barely any candy? It is so much candy I don't even know what to do with it all!
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014385_zps4b23301a.jpg
Here are all the things mom got at the Halloween party. They were so busy doing other things mom didn't get her candy corn cotton corn but she did get her Halloween Stitch pin. So happy.
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Frozen Summer Fun was fun! Mom found an Olaf fan at Epcot while they were leaving which was good for her since no one had a fan from the actual Frozen Summer Fun/Dapper Day.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014387_zps939309f9.jpg
All our stuff from the Food and Wine Festival day. Scruffy's mom and Muffy's mom bought 13 packs of pin bags!!! X___X Like ALL OF THEM at one store. It was crazy. Dad got mom three Food and Wine festival pins. XD Two have recipes on them.
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Not too much pin trading this time. We were super busy! But we still had fun looking.
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Mom went to get a fan because she was so hot. She wasn't going to ask anyone to write on the Duffy fan at all. But the lady at the first booth wrote Happy Birthday in Spanish on it so mom decided to get all the countries. Besides Norway everyone signed it in their language. Look at the panda!
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014393_zps3f66f89c.jpg
Muffy's mom gave mom her present early. I wonder what it could be.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014394_zpsca63188e.jpg
Beauty and the Beast vinylmations! Mom really loved these last year but it turns out they were limited edition and she only got one box. What a nice present!
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The Tsum Tsums are multiplying!
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014396_zps3262215d.jpg
Mom is so happy they stopped by this other Disney Store. Now she has enough Tsum Tsums to take over the world! Or at least the house.
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That is about it for mom's birthday trip. We got to go to the Halloween Party, Dapper Day, and the Food and Wine festival. We got to see a lot of characters and eat a lot of food. We had a super fun time and I can't wait to go back to Disney again. Until then I will just play with all of mom's Tsum Tsums friends! Bye!!!