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Bishoujo Sailor Moon: Crystal episode 5

 photo sailormoonepisode57_zps54f5342a.png
A wild friend has appeared!
Post number 3 today! And it is Sailor Moon. I went to my sister (in laws) birthday the other day and found a Moonie fan among the party goers. I mean my friends are Moonies too but it was so nice talking to someone new about the shoulder pads/floppy disk of doom and whether or not Tuxedo Mask is a creeper or not. Ah Sailor Moon...the memories. New and old. Right now here is episode 5 of this new rebooted series. Spoilers for lovely lunches and questionable relationships.
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Gosh why can't you be the right kind of Scout?! Did you not read all my material on the subject?
Episode Summary: Usagi and Luna are walking to school and apparently Usagi needs to get her act together because she is yawning. How dare she. Usagi is told to be more aware of her surroundings and is nearly run over by a car in response. A tall girl with rose earrings saves Usagi from being a pancake and keeps on moving like it was no big deal. Back in her lair of not getting much done Queen Beryl is losing her mind that they haven’t found the crystal or gathered enough energy for their lord Mr. Lazy. Nephrite is like dude I got a new plan. It is called…love. Something useless the humans do a lot. This plan is approved of and off he goes. Usagi gets to school and talks with Naru and the other friend who will probably go off into the BeforeAdventureFriendZone. Naru wore her cousin’s wedding dress recently as the girl couldn’t meet a sizing appointment. This makes all the 14 years swoon over the thought of getting married. Umino tries to come by and talk about some ghost bride and a shop that makes grooms disappear. The girls ignore him and Usagi swoons into the tall girl with the rose earrings as she is at their school now. She is so tall the school uniform does not fit her. Everything thinks the girl is hard to approach while Usagi likes her. At lunch time all the girls run away from the girl as the boys gossip that she has super strength and was kicked out of her school for fighting. She pretends to not care and ends up somewhere alone for lunch. Usagi is skipping along also alone which is slightly weird but whatever when she spies the girl. The girl has the cutest lunch box and bag and when opened the best bento box ever. Usagi sneaks up on the girl and startles her with praise for the yummy looking meal. Usagi is nearly clocked in the head with a softball but the girl catches it and throws it back to the players, telling them to be more careful. The girl expects Usagi to leave but Usagi is like please let me eat all of your lunch. The girl is amused by Usagi and feeds her some of her food. Usagi is amazed to hear the girl made the lunch AND the bag. She is super fond of adorable things. They introduce themselves and we learn the girl is named Makoto. Makoto asks Usagi about the area, where the super market and arcade is. Usagi is like arcade, we are totally there after school.
 photo sailormoonepisode51_zps2ad27e91.png
I am glad changing schools in Japan is so easy...
After school the new friends go to the arcade and Makoto sits down and proceeds to kick butt at the Sailor V game. Ami is surprised to see Usagi there early and with a new friend. Ami smiles as that is just who Usagi is, making lots of friends. She also notes Makoto is great at the game. Makoto dies though when she is introduced to Motoki. He is cute like her ex-boyfriend and Usagi starts handing out nicknames. Motoki mentions he has heard about the ghost bride and missing grooms at the nearby shop so the girls decide it would be fun to go there. X___X The girls joke about what kind of dresses they would want and stuff. Usagi declares Makoto girly. They make their way to Rei’s shrine who immediately has her sensors on about Makoto. Makoto looks around while the other girls talk about all the shady business that has been happening lately. Makoto bids everyone goodnight as she leaves. Rei and Luna are like…we shall be gathered together soon. Motoki is seen later closing up shop but a bride in the shadows gets his attention. You know, because there is no danger in town or anything. He follows her and TADA now he is brainwashed. Makoto must be taking the LOOOOONG way home as it is dark and she stops by the bridal shop. Motoki walks up saying he has been looking for her. Mamoru sees all this going down and decides something is wrong. Usagi is at home dreaming of Tuxedo Mask trying to make her go somewhere when suddenly..she wakes up and Tuxedo Mask is on her window sill wanting to take her somewhere. Luna wakes up as Usagi takes off and she calls the less impulsive Scouts. Usagi follows Tuxedo Mask until she reaches the shop and sees Makoto being held hostage along with Motoki being weird. The ghost bride is revealed and Rei and Ami arrive so they can transform and yell at the enemy together. Nephrite also shows up and talks about his evil plan to use fake love to gather energy. Makoto was awake enough to hear this and gets super sad that Motoki wasn’t in love with her. Rei is the only one who attacks the entire time but it isn’t enough to win. Just as everyone is down for the count Makoto wakes up and is all sad panda, no one will love me. Usagi tells Makoto she believes in love and someone out there is meant for her. Makoto realizes it is Usagi and doesn’t seem to question when Luna tosses her a pen. She transforms immediately into Sailor Jupiter and starts attacking. Nephrite is slightly injured and feels as if he knows Makoto. He escapes and Tuxedo Mask leaves as he is useless. Makoto then tells the other girls she fell in love with an older classmate and he ended up getting a girlfriend and she legit changed schools because of that. But now she sees she was meant to come here for Sailor Scout and friend reasons. Luna makes a magical wand appear and gives it to Usagi as she is now leader of the Sailor Scouts. THE END!
 photo sailormoonepisode514_zpsc8ea0b88.png
Okay so this isn't a pic of me but...I had the same walk. Like I will cut you!
This was me last week. -___________-. Me and my friend because Sailor Moon was not on. I was under the impression that Sailor Moon was going to come on every other week which still made me a sad panda. Then when I woke up Saturday and there was no new episode my heart was sad. After a bit of research I realized…it is the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. THAT IS A DIFFERENCE! So yeah there was a bit of rage against the machine last weekend. Maybe the rage is what killed Lappy. Oh Sailor Moon. Why such a stupid viewing schedule?
 photo sailormoonepisode53_zpse27531fb.png
Maybe you shouldn't distract her Luna GOSH!
Luna probably needs to give Usagi a break. School starts early. Well Usagi and the others are in junior high. That school time started later for us in the US. So maybe it isn’t quite so early….still at least Usagi is up and on her way to school. And since she isn’t running we can assume that Usagi isn’t late. Let’s forgive Usagi for yawning into your face Luna. Not everything can be linked to Usagi not taking her Sailor Scout issues seriously. Protect the Princess and find the crystal. She gots it. But this entire conversation had to happen so Usagi could be told she doesn’t pay attention and deny this while not paying attention to traffic. Kinda hard to find the crystal if you’re dead right? Good thing girls with rose earrings are there to save Sailor Scouts. Chick must be strong. Now I am sure this girl was just passing through and will never been seen again. Onward to school Usagi.
 photo sailormoonepisode54_zps3ce557a8.png
Queen Beryl needs to do something!!! Unless she is a manager in which yelling at people is considered a job.
Queen Beryl is useless. She isn’t in charge of the baddies. More like the General. There is a ruler, then her, then the Kings, then their made up minions. So why isn’t she hitting the pavement? Or coming up with better ideas to complete their task? Because sitting around and doing absolutely nothing really isn’t working. Perhaps she could send all 4 kings out at once. Since you know…they aren’t dying like they are supposed to. Each King doing their own thing since the Scouts can’t be everywhere at once. But I guess Jadeite is busy licking his wound so it is Nephrite’s turn to prove himself. He is ready with a new plan. Love. What is it good for? Collecting energy that’s what.
 photo sailormoonepisode55_zps4752d9d1.png
He literally walked up to them and almost didn't stop to give the viewers this piece of knowledge.
Cut to Naru wearing a wedding dress. Since this show isn’t going by the original anime but the manga we are not going to get a Naru/Nephrite romance. Nope. Naru was all in a wedding dress because her cousin couldn’t make it to a fitting. Yeah that sounds like something no bride in the history of weddings would do/say. But we got to get the plan of the week going. So thus a wedding shop is going to be the enemy’s plan of attack. Umino does a drive by Uminoing to talk about this town’s current danger. Are the cops doing nothing in this area? Are new stations not asking why the sudden increase in crimes in this town? No of course not. Umino is like there is a ghost bride on the loose kidnapping grooms. Super dangerous times. Usagi and the other girls don’t care though. Because brides. Who cares about ghosts, pretty dresses. Oh and marriage.
 photo sailormoonepisode56_zpsedc3e227.png
Instead of asking her to join any clubs we should totally shun her instead!
What is that? While Usagi is talking weddings with her friends she bumps into rose girl from this morning. What are the odds?! It’s not like everyone Usagi meets becomes super important to the plot or anything. How dare they surprise us like that, what with the girl wearing a different school uniform. According to Umino the walking know it all this girl is a transfer student. Since rose girl is like tall for a United States 14 year old of course they don’t have any uniforms in her size. Spoiler alert: They will never have a uniform in her size. 2 years til high school isn’t that bad…. This new girl, Makoto…no one wants anything to do with her. Some gossip has gotten around that she was kicked out of her old school for fighting. That she is super strong and not too be messed with. Gossipy boys indeed. The girls may nor may not be avoiding Makoto for the same reason but I think it’s mainly her size that throws the females off. Like the girls can’t relate to her or so they think. Since no one is very quiet about their gossiping Makoto hears this all. She pretends not to care but it is obvious she does. She will never have a friend at this school ever.
 photo sailormoonepisode58_zps28673900.png
Surely we should be best friends because you can make adorable things!
Oh wait. Usagi goes to this school. Never mind. False alarm. For some reason Usagi was prancing around lunch time without her friends in tow. This is not normal at all but for the plot to proceed Usagi needed to be alone so her spidey sense could work. Oh snap a cute young girl appears to be friendless? I must investigate for I am Usagi, befriender of the lonely. Luna should be proud of Usagi’s ninja skills, sneaking up on Makoto. No yawning this time. Makoto was briefly startled but pulled it together pretty fast to save Usagi from a rogue softball. Makoto jus reacted out of instincts and warned people to be more careful from now on. Then she instantly regretted that as she knows it will only prove she is super strong with a temper, someone to be feared. Much to Makoto’s delight Usagi doesn’t feel that way. Perhaps that is just another cool thing Makoto can do. In Usagi’s eyes (and stomach) Makoto is nothing but cute. I am sure Makoto doesn’t get that a lot. Tall girls aren’t all about being a tomboy. That is what people assume she will be based on her looks and natural strength. But Makoto is great at cooking and sewing. She likes cute accessories. Just super girly and cute…at 5 feet 7 inches. XD I am sure Makoto is so touched by this she is overlooking the fact that Usagi just met her and is already nomming her lunch. Who needs rice rolls when Makoto finally has a friend.
 photo sailormoonepisode59_zpsa12d0e60.png
Fighting real life baddies is like a video game woohoo! Does that mean I am really a Pokemon Master??!!?!
As Makoto watches her lunch be devoured she asks Usagi about her new home. I sorta wonder why Usagi didn’t ask about Makoto living alone as Usagi isn’t known for her tactfulness. Instead Makoto talks about how she wants to know about local supermarkets, stores, and arcades. Arcades? That Usagi knows about. Onward to her arcade and to play Sailor V with her new friend. Naru who? Makoto is of course amazing at this Sailor V game. This is how Luna tests new Scouts. If they can beat this game they are in. No one else in town plays it. Ami is shocked to see Usagi with a new friend at their “scout meeting place”. Usagi of course introduces the two girls happily because YAY FRIENDS! Instead of being jealous that she keeps being replaced by more and more new people Ami thinks highly of Usagi for making new friends. Also she notes that Makoto is really, really good at the Sailor V game.
 photo sailormoonepisode510_zps1c65a5b3.png
You should totally marry her right now Motoki!
Well Makoto WAS good at that. Until arcade worker and Usagi friend Motoki came by to make polite conversations. Luna has two people to lecture about now. Makoto is easily distracted by cute guys. Ah the days of Sailor Moon original anime. You look just like my ex-boyfriend. In the original versions Usagi was all over any cute boy including Motoki. Which is fine since she met Tuxedo Mask later in life so she isn’t really cheating on anyone. Just a crazy love sick girl. But in this version it has been toned down. Usagi seems to think Motoki is cute but she is on team Tuxedo Mask. Makoto will be on team anyone cute. Usagi brings up Makoto’s good points but Motoki just thinks they are cute little girls and chances the subject to the bride store. Apparently the Umino gossip has made it to his shop. People going missing after said shop, ect ect.
 photo sailormoonepisode511_zps235b02bc.png
Gossiping about wedding dresses to make light of the missing situation HAHAHA!
Suddenly Motoki’s words turn into a field trip. Plus Ami is getting the hang of this Sailor Scout thing. Anything new in town is the enemy. For some reason Makoto tags along too. Like yes I would love to see the sights of my new town, starting with a place that people go missing. The investigation part of the trip was low though. Because girls and wedding dresses. Sure people are gossiping about it being dangerous. But white wedding dresses. I like how Ami and Usagi make Makoto feel part of the conversation. Of course the tall girl feels funny about how she looks. But Makoto has hopes and dreams that she will be a pretty bride.
 photo sailormoonepisode512_zps93b7b1ff.png
Thanks for your input Rei. I am sure it will help us defeat the baddies in no time.
The grocery store Makoto asked about will just have to wait. 14 year olds living on her own indeed. Next stop time to see Rei and talk almost Sailor Scout business in front of Makoto. Of course Rei had a sense that Makoto was special but still. I guess it could be taken as town gossip about disappearing men and a ghost bride. I would be nervous too. Makoto looked around a bit then left. This is all nice and lovely but I am the new girl, I got things to go. Lets watch her leave, Luna and Rei are on alert.
 photo sailormoonepisode513_zpsad30480b.png
Luna...is this not worrisome to you?
Makoto and her slow walking self ends up in front of the bridal shop. This is super helpful as the second Motoki closed up his shop he gets brainwashed by the ghost bride. Which sorta makes no sense that he goes after Makoto because as we saw at Rei’s temple the womenz end up being okay during this attack. Why switch it up now? Oh because we got to get this new girl involved? I see now. Mamoru sees this all because this town only has one road and all the main characters are constantly on it. He must take FOREVER to get to Usagi or she instantly transported home and went to bed in the time it took Makoto to not get home. Oh yes did I say Usagi? Because Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask knows she be Sailor Moon due to her transforming all over the place, leaving crap with her name on it, and Luna calling out her name. At no time in the episode did Luna act that upset about this new knowledge nor did Usagi worry. Because Tuxedo Mask is here with her and that is all that matters.
 photo sailormoonepisode515_zpsc2bcb315.png
How can someone I exchanged 5 words with not be in love with me?!
All the girls get to the bridal shop at the same time because. They need to sync up their transformations or that will take half the episode. Then it was time for Nephrite to appear and explain his evil plan. Well and do a little bit of attacking so Rei could attack. Ami is the most useless Scout ever. But Nephrite’s plan involved fake love and HAHA Makoto fell for it. Isn’t that great? You humans suck so much it isn’t even funny. So this is the part of the episode where there is a bit of eyerolling. Makoto was awake enough to hear Nephrite making fun of her assuming Motoki liked her. Perhaps it was the word fake that triggered her but still. My eyes be rolling again all over the place. Makoto met this guy about 2 hours ago and she assumes it is love? Of course this is the girl who confesses to the girls at the end of the episode she left her old school because her crush got a girlfriend. So maybe she lives alone because she ran away from home and is crazy. I am going to assume that now. So yeah folks….Makoto being that upset about Motoki had me a bit HMMM.
 photo sailormoonepisode516_zps11ea159a.png
Don't pay attention to the fact that you are in danger. LOVE! Believe in it and maybe don't fall in love so quickly next time?
Instead of trying to fight or running away or anything useful Usagi was like no Makoto. I don’t know you at all because clearly I am Sailor Moon right now but you can’t give up on love. Ignore Rei and her man bashing self. Love is love and is great. I should know I love a complete stranger who appears at my bed at night and no one really questions it at all. I know you are a kind and cute girl who will find someone one day. Did I mention I am not Sailor Moon? Nephrite this probably would have been a great time to attack, during this very passionate speech where somehow Makoto figures out Sailor Moon is Usagi.
 photo sailormoonepisode517_zps13c67e9f.png
There might have been some derpy moments in the anime thus far but this scene was amazing.
As we get more Scouts they spend less and less time questioning talking cats and magical powers. Like damn just let me throw this baddie out of the way so I can Sailor Jupiter myself. How did she even know the planet? Um because she is awesome. Just like she knew her attack. I really loved the random flower one. The manga has the girls make up attacks on the fly so I appreciate that carrying over now. Nephrite is all HMMMM this girl looks familiar, like Jadeite did with Rei. He was supposed to go splat in this episode, Nephrite was, but since we must be saving that for the final battle as well as these maybe love interests he gets away. Not before Makoto really kicks some ass though.
 photo sailormoonepisode518_zpsa0f42c29.png
Does the leader actually get to know the plan and stuff?
After Nephrite gets away because now he is outnumbers Makoto explains everything to the girls because she realizes she has eyes and can see who they are. Tuxedo Mask did nothing but listen to Usagi talk about liking him. Makoto has decided that part of the reason she left her old school was to join up with these guys. It was her destiny. That sounds a whole lot better than just randomly leaving a school because one thing didn’t go your way. Now that there are 4 Scouts Luna makes a magic wand magically appear out of nowhere and gives it to Usagi because she is the leader. I am not sure why Usagi looked shocked as Luna told this to her before though right? Now it is back on the find the crystal and protect the princess train. Yeah no kidding…but we still don’t know who she is so how is that helpful? Crazy talking cat. Til…well 2 weeks. :(


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I liked this series so far, but I understand the feeling of being a bit angry about the 1st and 3rd week of showing. I know.

About the previous episode, the animators are getting better. Episode 5 was very beautiful, and episode 4 was a vast improvement over episode 2 & 3. I have a good feeling that the quality of animation will get better.

I liked this episode, but Rei's comment about disliking men ruined it for me. My response to her narrow prejudice of men is that both genders are capable of deception, not just men. That comment really didn't contribute anything to the episode other than making Rei sound prejudice. I don't know. That's just my thoughts. I guess that comment is just as worse as those pretentious, hippy shows blaming humanity, when those hippy creatures act worse than those they condemned. Damn hypocrites if you ask me. Both the characters and writers.

Sorry for the mini-rant.

Anyways, I still get the feeling that you don't somewhat enjoy the fact the anime is following the manga closely. I'm just a bit confused about your comments.

I hope you please take the time to response. We miss your responses. :(

That's all.

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