Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Super Fun (sorta) Birthday Adventures Part 3

 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014294_zpsc400e499.jpg
I think this is too heavy for me to lift mom!
Are you ready for our third day of Disney fun in celebration of mom's birthday? Well here are a bunch of pictures from our Food and Wine Festival day. It only sprinkled for a few minutes today but it was super hot. Mom and the other humans didn't dress up today so they were ready for some walking. And eating. Lots of eating. X____X
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014299_zpsa760baf3.jpg
We had to pack the car up before we got to Epcot. So we didn't get to the park until after 10. Then all the moms lost their minds over cute pins and dad had to buy some. Cute pins are something they really love. But after buying pins we ran to Test Track before our fast passes ran out.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014309_zps99a3a9ef.jpg
Test Track feels faster than when dad drives but it isn't. We survived that trip and went over to the Festival Area to get our little passport books. I got my own book this time!
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014315_zpsea86b151.jpg
Inside the center were these cool statues made of chocolate. And they were handing chocos too only they were Duffy sized. Just for me!
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014316_zpsae736de0.jpg
Close up of my choco. Also a close up of the pin everyone got. We are annual passholders so we got to buy the pass holder pins yes?
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014318_zpse83397ba.jpg
With our books in hand it was time to start eating. Mom brought B.D Duffy along as we were celebrating her "birthday". His hat is so festive. This food is fake crab crab cake and the drink is mushed watermelon. Mom is going to starve today isn't she?
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014322_zpsbda661f5.jpg
Mom tried to be Mexican for a minute and got a beef enchilada. Dad ate the rest of it.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014325_zps754a6656.jpg
Dad got some sausage thing and Scruffy's mom got something from the sea. Mom ran over to meet the Big Duffy. He was happy to see me and B.D Duffy.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014331_zps95a7499f.jpg
There weren't many chairs again for eating the food so there was a lot of standing. This tasted like space food and mom only liked the cookie part. XD
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014335_zps9da68f13.jpg
Mom made sure that we had fast passes for this ride today. It was supposed to close down before our trip but it stayed open for us I think! They are putting Frozen stuff in this ride which is silly. Frozen is a movie, not a real country. But this last ride was fun.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014339_zps6663e1e3.jpg
B.D Duffy had never ridden the ride before so he was pretty happy.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014340_zpsdd2da050.jpg
Will they get rid of this nice little village for the Frozen stuff?
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014341_zps69e8a1ce.jpg
Don't leave B.D Duffy behind. I need all my friends please.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014343_zpsd2c11fe8.jpg
Dad got a potsticker. That means bread wrapped about meat and veggies.
 photo ChristinasBirthdayTrip2014351_zpsecc42a1a.jpg
XO Look at all this yogurt. Most of the food today was sample sized but not this yogurt. It was super hot outside so everyone enjoyed this treat. Must finish all the noms. But if we get too full we will need to take a break from eating. Better get a post 4 ready if we are going to eat all of this!