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Tokyo Ghoul episode 8

 photo tokyoghoulepisode811_zpsd18d524a.png
We should make shirts of this.
TADA! Here I am in the wee morning hours as promised to deliver you more anime posts. As promised. I am fading fast though and almost put this off til morning but... I said I was going to do this after the husband got off the computer so here I am. Up now is Tokyo Ghoul episode 8. Spoilers for WE SHOULDN'T BE FIGHTING AT ALL!!!!
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Sometimes us old men need a lot of luggage okay?!
Episode Summary: Amon and Mado are making plans to take out what they think is Rabbit (Toka) and Hinami at the same time. Mado promises both will show up and doesn’t tell Amon what is in his new bag of tricks. Toka was near her sewer area looking at how she thinks things will go down and makes her way back to the café. Kaneki asks where she has been and she goes back to being cold, like the kid didn’t offer to help her last episode. They hear a noise from the room Hinami stays in. Turns out Hinami smelled her mother and went out the window to find her. Toka and Kaneki search everywhere including the spot Mom was killed. Hinami zombies herself to the area where she smells her mom and finds a bag in the sewer. I am going to assume it is the head. She screams and Toka and Kaneki are close enough to hear her. Toka takes off running and Kaneki sees Amon take off after Toka. Kaneki decides he will stop Amon from going after Toka and confronts him with his special mask on. Amon tells Kaneki he isn’t the target and to move which isn’t going to happen. Toka makes it to Hinami who is holding Bag Mom and talking about if Ghouls deserve to live. Hinami has decided being with mom is a better option. Mado and his creepy self comes up and wants to make that happen. He talks about how Mom is dead and soon they will be too as Amon gets ready to fight against a Kaneki who seems set on only dodging his blows. Mado pulls out his weapon, the kagune from Hinami’s Dad and starts going at it with Toka who is really holding her own and being awesome. The area is not really set for Mado to use this kind of weapon so Toka smirks for a while. Amon starts to ask Kaneki why their kind is allowed to exist, to make others sad and children orphans. Why is this world so unfair? Inside the sewer Toka is say the same thing to Mado. That the Doves kill their friends when all they are trying to do is live. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to live? Both Amon and Toka keep on attacking. Kaneki keeps taking it while Mado smiles like a freak. The reason why Mado is smirking is because he had two suitcases…and the other one had Hinami’s mother’s kagune inside. YAY upset faces. Toka is quickly overwhelmed but still talks about how Ghouls have feelings and have to eat people or they would die. Would humans just give up and die if it was the other way around? She is trapped and eventually stabbed by Mado.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode84_zpse4441eeb.png
Hinami reaction to bag o mom. Kid is going to need some therapy after this.
Outside Kaneki realizes he is the only one to bridge the gap between Ghouls and humans. He tries talking to Amon, saying both sides are to blame and both sides have good and bad people on them. He then allows Amon to bash him over and over again with the weapon as if to show Amon he doesn’t want to fight. Mado is like no we are fighting as you are wrong and I am right. Kaneki decides that there is only one way to win this fight and that is to let Rize out. So Kaneki gives her permission and poof Amon has a nice bite mark in his shoulder now. Amon and Kaneki then start fighting for real. Only Amon notices that Kaneki isn’t hitting him but the weapon. Kaneki takes a few more hits but eventually destroys the weapon. Kaneki is slowly losing his marbles with Rize trying to taking over and tells Amon to run. Run before I eat you! Amon wants to die fighting but Kaneki ends up throwing him around while screaming run so Amon eventually gets his butt in gear and hobbles away slightly stabbed. Inside Toka is doing her best to show Mado that Ghouls are people too while Hinami is wrapped in her Dad’s kagune. The poof! Maybe poof because spoilers Mado’s hand is gone. Hinami is free and it turns out she has both types of kagune’s from her parents. Mado of course wants that and attacks Hinami. Her kagunes do the attacking for her and Mado ends up really hurt. Toka orders Hinami to do the death blow but she refuses. She doesn’t want revenge, she just wants to cry for her mom and dad. Mado goes to attack Hinami and Toka lands the killing blow. Mado talks about how he wants revenge against the one eye Ghoul and this can’t be happening…then dies. Toka takes off Mado’s glove because she is mad and is horrified to find out he is married. Outside Kaneki has been taken over by the need to feed and is losing his marbles. He attacks the nearest thing to him which turns out to be Yomo who has brought food and is interested in what kind of Ghoul Kaneki. They go inside to pick up the girls. Kaneki tells Hinami that her mother would want her to live Amon and his injured self wonders why Kaneki let him go and gets inside the sewer to find Mado all dead like. He cries over the situation and THE END!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode816_zps1f4e0b7e.png
What does this mean?!?!?!
Well slap me with a fish and color me surprised. With a fish. Because fishes are crayons or something. This really didn’t go down the way I expected. Amon is still alive and Mado is dead? With pieces of him missing? Some missing pieces, not sure because censors. Amon is still alive. Is there hope for Hide? Maybe because Kaneki doesn’t spend time anymore with the kid. Who knows people who knows.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode85_zps7ef6d99f.png
Kaneki and Toka didn't get to have a pow wow before the attack so Toka is maskless.
Amon and Mado having a little pow wow before the actual event made me think even more that Mado was trying to use Amon as bait. Like yep he isn’t going to cry at your funeral because he is going to be the one behind your death. Just go along like proper bait and don’t ask too many questions. What do you mean I have two suitcases and a normal bag? What do you mean this will make it hard for me to fight? No you just need to focus on justice and doing the right thing. On a side note I had no idea that Toka hurt Amon’s eye last time. I guess I totally missed that part of the episode or something. 

I am not sure what Toka was doing in the beginning of the episode. Hadn’t she already gone out and done the perimeter search with Kaneki? Why does she need to go out again and be all suspicious looking? Please do not be pushing your luck. Plus she was a jerk to Kaneki when he tried to talk to her. The kid JUST sad he was going to help her out. Not kill but help. Since Toka doesn’t have too many friends in regards to this revenge plan maybe she shouldn’t be biting the hand that wants to help you know?
 photo tokyoghoulepisode83_zpsf2fe539f.png
The red marker symbolize turmoil.
When I was watching this episode I was sorta pissed at Hinami. She was causing issues last episode with the Doves and not sensing the danger and not she is running into it. Like um I realize you smell your mom but you know she is dead so don’t go. Also why did Mado KNOW that Hinami was going to come? Does he know many unstable 8 years olds and they are prone to do stupid things even though logic is telling them RUN AWAY NOW?! Turns out he is right and it is hard for me to get mad at Hinami. Even if I did. She lost both of her parents (even if she is only mentioning her mom) and is probably next. Doves are out for her and her being at the café is dangerous for her friends. She is lost in grief and was taken over by the smell. So yeah…can’t really get mad at her for falling into the trap, especially when it is the old head in the bag trap. :(
 photo tokyoghoulepisode87_zps3a53bd60.png
And then Kaneki wore his mask and I have nightmares forever.
Kaneki and Toka realize Hinami is missing 30 seconds after she went out the window. But since they have no idea where she went they were unable to find her right away. Again I might have gotten more people to help in the search since this was a little girl missing and wasn’t part of Toka’s revenge plan. Or they didn’t know it so it doesn’t count. But since Toka decided to make her own plan close to the café hearing Hinami lose her marbles wasn’t a problem. Toka and her special Ghoul self makes it to Hinami first. Kaneki would have followed right behind her if he hadn’t seen Amon and his eyepatch out of the corner of his eye. Kaneki had to make a split decision on what to do. He wants to help Toka but he doesn’t want to kill anyone. He also doesn’t want to die himself as that will leave more people feeling sad. So what can he do against a Dove? Oh challenge him with his creepy mask on? I SEE NOW! What a great plan…really the only one so really I mean it. Great.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode810_zps7695dc6c.png
I promise you Mado said something mean, more than mother.
When Toka finds Hinami it is clear this is all a trap and gross with the head in a bag. Hinami is not in a good state of mind. I think that is obvious because her mom is in a bag and people should not be in bags. Hinami has given up. Why bother? Ghouls are just meant to be killed by humans because Ghouls eat them. Maybe Ghouls even deserve it. :( Poor Hinami. Mado appears as expected and has to be an ass about the situation. That is why Mado sucks more than Amon. Amon might be killing Ghouls too but Mado has to go that extra mile to kick puppies when they are down. Like haha I am going to kill you but first…I killed your parents I killed your parents and you are going to die next. He has to twist the knife in deeper, pour in some salt, and pee on them. Plus it doesn’t help that he is creepy and gross looking.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode89_zps7a77cefb.png
Amon's black and white world does not allow for Ghouls to be misunderstood.
From here two battles play out. Kaneki is outside with Amon and Mado is inside with Toka. I thought that Mado could have done more by threatening to kill Hinami. She was just standing there being all upset. But Mado had a plan so he couldn’t threaten Hinami just yet. Toka shifts into Amazing Toka mode and starts kicking ass. Because as she has figured out Mado won’t be able to use his weapons probably in this tight space. And since Mado is a newbie on the force he didn’t see through that childish idea. No idea at all. Outside Kaneki has decided to distract Amon while he thinks Toka is rescuing Hinami. And the best way to do this is to get hit over and over again by Amon’s giant weapon. I mean…Kaneki wasn’t even trying to hold the weapon or anything. I know he wants to not kill anyone but I don’t think he can protect his friends if he is a giant splat on the ground. Amon could do that…since it is his job and all.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode88_zps22bff968.png
Beware the derp!
While both the battles are going on they are basically having the same conversation. Amon is upset, thinking about the poor orphan kids of the world. Makes me think that Amon is a poor little orphan kid himself. He is so upset by what he has seen he can’t see…that Hinami is an orphan kid. Because Ghouls kill humans and we can’t think that the two are similar. The enemy is not human at all kinda mindset. Amon doesn’t want Ghouls to exist at all. Inside Toka is mirroring this sentiment but in her favor. Ghouls just want to live. And if they can only eat humans what can they do? Why is this all turning into such hatred? You kill us and we will you. But at least we are eating you while killing you you know? Toka was kicking ass at this time but still took the time to tell Mado her point of view, everyone’s point of view on the matter. I wonder if Hinami had anything to do with her gentle nature when Toka is mainly kill now and I hate you later kinda attitude. Everyone has feelings and want to live. Why can’t we get along?
 photo tokyoghoulepisode814_zps3634551c.png
Why so angry Mado?!
Because people like Mado exist. Did Toka not see the second case that Mado was sporting? Toka has eyes right? The things that glow red and creepy? Mado allowed his ass to get a little kicked and didn’t threaten Hinami right away because there was something behind door number 2 and it would be awesome to see Toka and her smirk look on in shock. I guess when Ghouls die people can still access their kagune. They probably die fighting so their kagune is out. So mom gets her head cut off and TADA it is Mado’s new weapon. This gets Hinami beyond worked up and Toka is at a disadvantage. She had been working so hard to take Mado out fast she was caught off guard. And Mado still has his other weapon. A mom and dad combo to kill you all. So Hinami cries more, Toka is stabbed, and Mado is like yes your tears are so tasty. Lovely.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode812_zps0e0376e9.png
I shall be the savior to I bleed to death on the ground.
Outside Kaneki has realized something. I am surprise he is still able to think due to all the blows he has taken in the last 5 minutes. But laying in the rain (because rain makes things more dramatic) Kaneki realizes he is the only one that can bridge the gap between Ghouls and humans as he is both. Perhaps he can make everyone see the light. Like guys…Ghouls need to eat people to live. How about we make it possible by letting them eat our criminals and stuff? I am sure people like Shu won’t be happy as their strength comes from the quality of people they eat but in return for their good while the Ghouls will take out and control anyone who doesn’t toe the line. Instead of saying any of that to Amon Kaneki holds his hands out in surrender. Because words are dumb. I know what he was trying to do but Amon needs things explained to him. Subtly is lost upon this kid. Kaneki was like look at me, we are not enemies and I will no fight you. I will take all the sins from all the Ghouls ever and try to make things better than way. Hit me.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode813_zps3ab252a6.png
Kaneki's plan B is not a good one for Amon's health.
Instead of responding like another anime that I watched before but the name escapes me right now where the person does hit but then backs off and understands what is going on…Amon keeps going to town on Kaneki. Maybe he would have reflected on this moment and realized what was going on…but since the episode ended the way it did I doubt it. Point is Kaneki’s plan of fail failed so it was time for plan B. Take a superficial bite out of Amon and destroy his weapon. I personally wouldn’t have told Rize to go to town as she likes to literally paint the town red but you know..Kaneki isn’t mentally ready to do that. He needs her power/consciousness to help out. Amon does have enough brains to realize that Kaneki was only attacking his weapon but that all went out the window when Kaneki succeeded and told the man to run. Suddenly Amon had some stupid man pride going on. Like no I am going to fight no matter what. I threw it on the ground!!!! Eventually Amon does escape as Kaneki gets more and more unable to handle himself but Amon could have handled things better and been less injured had he ran to fight another die. It wasn’t even about Mado at that point so you know..Amon needs to start thinking about things if he doesn’t want his entire team gone in one week.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode815_zps9ed6c03b.png
Surprise! I might grow up to be a cool Ghoul!
While Kaneki is having his super strong moment Toka was knocking on heaven’s door. Hinami had already given up on life so at first when she is strung up with her Dad’s kagune she does nothing. Like fine kill me. Toka kept on fighting the entire time. WE WANT TO LIVE! Trying to appeal to the goodness that is deep in Mado’s heart. This goodness resulted in Toka getting stabbed in the stomach. Since these are Ghouls I really don’t care about stabs anymore. They only seem to die when they have their censored heads cut off. So it seems anyway. But it mattered to Hinami. Mattered a whole lot. She cares a great deal for Toka and looks to her as a big sister (I know that it is a generic term used in Japan but I think Hinami means it) and she is the only family she has left. Hinami might not want to live anymore but she can’t stand to see Toka hurt. So…off with his hand!!!!!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode818_zps4a8a29c1.png
And then there was no Toka victory. :(
Hinami has been born with both her mom and dad’s kagune. Mado notes the good parts as he is unable to use his weapon to the fullest and Hinami is able to. Great take the asshole out who killed your parents Hinami. Or…or….much to Toka’s disappointment…Hinami can just stand there and cry. She doesn’t want revenge people. She just is sad because her parents are dead and she wants to protect the living Toka. Killing Mado won’t bring them back or some crap like that. Yeah I was rolling my eyes a bit. Hinami is supposed to be shown as the cute innocent girl with a heart of gold trying to bridge the gap between Ghouls and humans too. But it’s Mado. And she sucks. And now he knows what Toka looks like and while showing mercy is the humane thing to do Mado is just going to attack again the minute he gets a chance. And oh look that is exactly what he does the minute Hinami backs down. Good thing Toka still had some energy left or Hinami would have gotten her wish to rejoin her parents. In Mado’s last moments he mumbles about someone eyed Ghoul that can’t be Kaneki. If I were to guess me thinks that some other magical Ghoul with one eye (being half) did something bad to Mado in the past that lead him to the crazy Dove person he is today. So it is a cycle of pain and suffering I see. And instead of gloating in victory, that Toka got revenge for Hinami who didn’t want it, she had a moment. Upon finding out that someone actually liked Mado enough to marry him send the girl into a tailspin. Like oh snap he had a family and I was fighting for family…now I am heartbroken.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode817_zpsf375699d.png
What he almost accomplished was killing you but you know..guess you don't care....
While Hinami is finding her inner Ghoul inside the sewer Kaneki is letting his half Ghoul flag fly. Like take control Rize. I can’t mentally handle hurting a human being so I will let you do it and I can pretend it’s not me woo. Kaneki managed to hold off long enough to let Amon escape before losing his mind. I am not sure why Kaneki was like FLESH as I am sure he gets regular meat at the café. But Rize was a binge eater so maybe she was always hungry. Point is…Kaneki attacked someone and if that one someone hadn’t been Yomo Kaneki would have had to live with that guilt forever. I am sure he will regret hurting a man respects so much. Yomo acted like it was no big deal as if to help calm Kaneki down and lessen the guilt blow. Yomo comments that Kaneki is super interesting and wants to see more. So…please don’t stab me anymore. Lets go home now my tiny out of control friend.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode86_zps094c0ac3.png
Nope. Sorry kid. Not allowed to die. Mom's orders.
Yomo and Kaneki go inside to collect the two girls. There is a dead Mado, kagune Hinami, and distraught Toka. X____X why no happy dance Toka? Well you don’t have to smile but we have to leave now. I wonder what happened with the bag? They left Mado there but it might be seen as disrespectful to leave any part of a fallen comrade there. So onward they go despite Amon being nearby and this being the year 2014 and that he could have called for some backup to kill Kaneki want what not. The 4 team Ghoul squad walks home avoiding puddles and being quiet as they have all been through a lot. Toka and Yomo were slightly stabbed and Kaneki got the crap kicked out of him. They walk along until Kaneki tells Hinami that it is okay that she is alive. That her mom told her to live and she shouldn’t feel guilty about still being here or helping a friend to still be here. I am sure Hinami needed to hear that, especially from Kaneki who is stuck between both worlds.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode81_zps164e3481.png
What the hell is this face?!?!?!
The episode ends with Amon not calling for help/back-up. At all. Instead he crawls his slightly injured self into the tunnel. Because I guess he has a death wish too. He had no idea what was going on in there. Kaneki was stalling for time but Amon also knows that Rabbit (Toka) has limited energy. So maybe he thought that Mado won? But Mado would have walked out of the tunnel to help or find Amon. I really don’t think Amon expected to find what he found. Which is a very dead Mado and no dead Ghouls. The way Amon cried….X___X It was super creepy. Like Amon turned into a Ghoul himself. Just this pure moment of grief for a man that sorta…you know….was a douche and crazy person most of the time. A guy that didn’t go to someone’s funeral recently. Someone that probably wouldn’t have gone to his and used him as a meat shield. The fact that Amon lived and Mado was shocking to me and Amon. While Mado was a jerk he meant something to Amon and it was sad to see him sad. Also sad…Amon might lose his nice guy image and go insane revenging his slayed friend. Might take a while but I think it is coming folks. Until next time…..

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