Friday, September 5, 2014

Rest in peace Lappy the Laptop

 photo Sept2014Lappypics010_zps3f4231fb.jpg
My little blue laptop...never to turn on again...
:( So...yeah. my long time companion and partner in blogging crime has died today. Technically it died yesterday and I was in denial, thinking that I would let it rest overnight and magically Tinkerbell was going to sprinkle pixie dust on the stupid thing and it would come back to life. This was clearly not t be and 3 sad attempts later it is clear the laptop is in a deep coma. One that would probably require pumping a lot of money into the IV to make it turn on again. Thus....goodbye Lappy.
 photo Sept2014Lappypics011_zpsa96e27c9.jpg
Hard to tell in this pic but Lappy was super loved.
I am not quite sure how old the laptop is. I know some of the very first blog posts I made on this Tenchi's Thoughts were on my husband's old desktop. We had a desktop at our apartment and then the husband upgraded and the old one became primarly mine. Once the new laptop was paid off we got the new laptop and after that was paid off we got ANOTHER new desktop. So as I write this I realize if I really wanted my own computer at this moment we could put the old desktop back together until we win the lottery and I can get a new Lappy 2.0. HMMMM didn't think about that until I started typing. Will have to ask the husband when he gets home.
 photo Sept2014Lappypics012_zpsac029d1e.jpg
One last attempt to turn Lappy on. Duffy is here for moral support.
So yeah Lappy was sorta old. It was having a lot of problems. The graphics would randomly go out on it, especially when watching pretty cool anime. It was hard to play internet games as well as download anime episodes due to how SLOW it was to download anything. The battery died a while ago. Some of the keys would stick. The right clickly thing was pretty clicked out. While I am sure Lappy can be fixed it might cost way too much given how old it is. Sorta like how I haven't driven since June since my car decided it no longer wanted to go. It just seems like the last 12 months half the things in our house wanted to break. Except my cellphone which I think is the first cellphone in the exist of cellphones.
 photo c8cf3440-00de-4ae0-88fd-2a2ceae3e232_zps22d69279.jpg
Now it is so broken it won't even go to the HEY I am broken screen. Goodbye Lappy.
Where does this all leave me? Um in not so fun land. The desktop DOES work and is pretty fast but I hate the keys on it. I am so used to the laptop typing this is taking forever. Thankfully I had a vision of Lappy's death about two weeks ago so I saved all my pics onto CDs (which I have now been told is lame and I should have used a...whatever they said I should have used). In terms of anime posts I actually saved one of my undone posts here the night before so the only thing that was super lost forever was the half finished Glasslip episode 5 post and some screenies not on Photobucket yet. Still very bummed. All my favorites, my links. Things I enjoyed in terms of set up on my computer...gone forever. :( Sad Tenchi is sad. I still have access to this desktop so I can still post. Just might take longer since this is my husband's main computer and since the man puts up with me and has a hard job he should get first dibs when he comes home from work. I guess we will see how the older desktop is doing and maybe things won't be quite as sad. Just...goodbye Lappy. You will be missed. :(


Alison Henderson said...

I can sympathize with you on losing your laptop. It made me remember when I had to give up my first one, which was giving up on me, despite the fixing up I've done. I've always known it to be reliable, despite being slow. I've bought a new one and I've been loving it since, although I do remember from time to time, the great moments in gaming I had with my first laptop. Anyway, I hope you can get a new one soon. There are a lot of great PCs out in the market. Though, in the meantime, I hope your old desktop can do some good for you, still. Thanks for sharing! I wish you all the best!

Alison Henderson @ Scorpion Computers

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