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DRAMAtical Murder episode 8: Empty

 photo dramaticalmurderepisode813_zps405155cd.jpg
Getting my hopes here folks. :( It is all a lie.
Two posts in a row? You must be some lucky readers. Or..patient...obviously. XD But yes folks we can finally post Dramatical Murder episode 8 now that the episode 7 screenies were rescreeniefied. Not the best quality but I am so behind download the same episodes again would put me further behind. At least in my mind. Anyway have episode 8 folks. Spoilers for confusion on why I should care about certain things.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode8_zpsc33e9d10.jpg
Thanks for the help Koujaku. But I guess you did go through a lot....
Episode Summary: Scrap Aoba is talking to Aoba as the kid tries to sleep. Something about you know the truth, embrace your powers. Perhaps he watched the Frozen special on TV as well and wants him to let it go. Aoba wakes up from this experience with a headache. He notices Ren is not in the room and panics. He fails to wake up Koujaku now or the entire episode so the man just sleeps in what looks like a very loud fashion. Aoba makes it downstairs and finds Noiz working on Ren. In a struggle to rescue Ren Noiz is cut by a screwdriver. Aoba is all worried about Ren who wakes up saying he is okay while Noiz thinks Aoba is overreacting to a machine. Aoba notices Noiz is bleeding and despite the man's protest Aoba bandaids the kid up. While doing so Aoba gets a little message/video game thing again. It is super unclear what it is representing this time but Noiz recognizes the style as a game he used to play. He doesn't know this scene and researches it. It comes up with a bunch of random data and unknown sender. Somehow Aoba knows this is from Toue and will speak of things to come. Oh I see. Noiz explains why he is here, that he got an invitation from Toue even though he could break in if he wanted to. In his tower of craziness Toue and his Assistant are talking about how the tattoo thing was a success. Now they want to activate Noiz around Aoba? Yeah something like that. Aoba goes to bed with Ren, leaving Noiz on the couch. Aoba asks Ren what the heck Noiz did to him and the answer seems to be....upgrade and debug Ren. OH NO! Aoba misjudged poor, creepy Noiz. He goes downstairs in the morning to make the hat wearing kid some tea. He wakes Noiz up and Noiz has an incident with the tea that causes him to burn his mouth and hand. He only notices his mouth while Aoba is like MOG YOUR HAND and sets to work mending the boy. Noiz doesn't think it is a big deal and Aoba apologizes about accusing him about hurting Ren. Noiz confesses he was trying to find out how Aoba won in Rhyme via Ren but then fixed the robot just because.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode811_zpsa2b33243.jpg
It's an Aobanado!
Things get a little up close and personal until Noiz is like...we need food and runs out. Aoba follows Noiz as the kid stops at every booth they can find. As they walk Aoba apologizes about the Rhyme thing, that apparently he did play a long time ago but he has memory problems since then. Noiz is like no big deal and the talk turns to food as Noiz has no idea what any of this is because he has only eaten delivery pizza and pasta his whole life. Then it turns into a mini date of sorts and it is weird. Aoba is older than Noiz and I guess that might have been cute if Mizuki's men/Morphine didn't show up with their brainwashed selves. They start throwing punches and at first Noiz is the one fighting back. Aoba gets involved but it is mostly Noiz who is being amazing. Eventually he is hit in the head with a pole and hits the ground. Before Noiz is really hurt Aoba uses his Scrap to demand everyone stop which makes them freeze and Noiz to kick the rest of their asses. Noiz is bleeding from the head and Aoba has to point it out because the kid didn't know it. Aoba realizes that Noiz can't feel pain. Noiz sorta elaborates that all his senses are dull but taste. It is hard for him to feel anything and he has always been like that. Before he can explain more he sees someone...and takes off after them, like Koujaku did. Noiz finds the man first and the dude brainwashes him. Aoba comes across Noiz who is sporting Mizuki type eyes now. Noiz punches Aoba a few times and Scrap Aoba demands Aoba use his power. So TADA into Noiz's brain Aoba goes. There is some sort of wind that hurts Aoba and a memory of a sick looking Noiz in bed with parents basically saying he brings shame and shouldn't have been born. Aoba overcomes the obstacles trying to stop him and finds real Noiz chained to the ground. Noiz explains (sorta) that he thinks the world abandoned him. Since he couldn't feel pain and other things it was hard for him to relate to other humans. His family viewed him as a monster and kept him inside all his life. He decided to never count on anyone ever and be dependent. Noiz just wants to give up now. He liked playing Rhyme because it could make him feel, even if it was pain. Aoba hugs Noiz and says Noiz really just wanted to be around people and that is why he played Rhyme. That if Noiz died Aoba would miss him forever and he is going to destroy Noiz's sad past. POOF they are back in the real world and Noiz is now feeling the pain from his injuries earlier. Like Aoba was able to heal ALL of him. He acts like he is upset but he is really happy. Aoba is happy too and starts carrying the kid back to the hotel. Aoba starts hearing the Scrap Aoba again wanting to take control. Aoba's head starts to hurt but he lies to Noiz and says he is okay. THE END!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode810_zps5bd8f628.jpg
Are we going to stop Toue soon or something......
Well wasn't that super fun and special. Not as confusing as...out of left feel and void of emotions. Maybe in the game there is more time with all the characters, more explanation of what is going on. But in this show...yeah Noiz seems like a stranger to Aoba and why does he care. Scrap crap. Who needs an explanation folks. Not us!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode85_zps0d773715.jpg
Toue sees EVERYTHING!!!!
Last episode Aoba walked down the stairs and was like halt who goes there. This episode starts off backing up a bit. Aoba actually woke up because he has headaches every second of his life now thanks to Grams not being able to get him his meds. That is when he noticed that Ren was gone and down the stairs he went. Maybe in the game where you pick one person's arc and stick with it Aoba would have been in Koujaku's bed and not wearing clothes but in this episode he was in a different room sleeping in a very loud way. Koujaku did not wake up AT ALL during any of this episode. Granted he had been through a lot in his own mind and maybe he was recovering but still. Koujaku was not there to do anything with the boys. You know, so Aoba and Noiz could have their own moment together or what not. I am sure Koujaku wouldn't have approved. Wonder what he will do when he finds out.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode82_zps318e2d50.jpg
Ren is my precious friend!
Aoba goes downstairs to find Ren and he sees that Noiz is here. Um how did you get here apparent Dear Friend? And look there is Ren. In my new friend's hands. Unconscious and tons of computery things on, screwdriver in hand. Yeah Aoba. I am on team you. Because if I had saw my little friend being treated like that I would take back my computer and ask questions later. It is not like Noiz is Koujaku and they have a long history. This is a man that Aoba has seen 3 times in the past and one of them involved threats to little Ren himself. So snatch that Ren out of his hand, screwdriver be damn. Get cut because I don't care. Obviously Aoba did the right thing as Noiz doesn't see Ren as any other than a machine. A fact that is mentioned briefly and disgusts Aoba but it never mentioned again the rest of the episode. Which probably means it won't be mentioned the rest of the series. I see now.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode84_zps71cc89ef.jpg
All the pics on the internet are making a lot more sense now....
Aoba acts like some abused puppy or child. Like people will do very horrible things to him or at the least very questionable things and he gets mad...but 5 seconds later he is like okay I am sorry I really shouldn't be angry please forget that and forgive me. Sorta like Zach from Big Brother. Because yeah still in denial about that one. So...Aoba is all upset about Noiz for one second but then is all let me bandaid your injury that I caused you when I assumed that you were hurting Ren. Poor Noiz. He seems confused on how to be human and Aoba is not a good example of a healthy relationship. I would have been haha bitch that is what you get, bleed for hurting my little Ren! Instead Aoba is sending out super uke vibes and everyone is taking care advantage of that. Or they probably are in the game. In this show Koujaku is SLEEPING!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode83_zpsa74fb594.jpg
Um because Ren is ADORABLE?!
In between bandaging up Noiz and not asking why Noiz is so not loving your Allmate like a human being Aoba gets a message on his little wrist phone. It is another stupid little computer game type deal. In the style I like mind you. Ah fond memories of Final Fantasy and what not. This time...it just looks like someone sitting somewhere. Not much of a hint for this blogger anyway. Noiz recognizes the game and not the scene. Where Aoba is all forgiving Noiz is ready to forget and move on. Like sure you cut me but now I will use my computer hacking skills to see what kind of game this is and why it was sent to you. Go Noiz and his magical hacking/researching abilities. Nothing comes up in the end and Aoba guesses correctly that Toue is probably behind it but that is the thought that counts. Time for sleep. Sorta anyway. Why doesn't Noiz have a bed? Where are the other people in the inn?
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode86_zps187e385e.jpg
How dare I not trust this untrustworthy boy!
While the boys sleep Toue and his Assistant are briefly talking. Yes folks the tattoos where his idea, to control people in different ways. And since that was a success (the tattoos and Aoba being able to get someone back with his Scrap power I suppose) it is time for the next phase of the plan...Noiz. So is everyone in Aoba's life brainwashed or something? A different thing that Aoba could cure with his Scrap power? Or destroy since that seems to be Toue's MO. Looks like it folks. So we will have Clear next, then Minks, THEN we can go find Toue? Sounds awesome. For now Aoba is going to have a talk with Ren and learn that Noiz was not breaking Ren but in fact fixing him. Great now Aoba is going to be more upset and sorry, more than usual. Bring on the tea and wake up your sweetie who is still fast asleep on the couch.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode87_zpscaf6ae4a.jpg
Err....which one?
The tea barely made it into Noiz's mouth before he spilled it all over the place. Perhaps he was hurt more with the screwdriver than he thought? This was concerning as Noiz burnt his mouth and his hand and only seemed to register it on his lips. Aoba is like MOG burnt hand fix this this now. All this drama lead to Aoba rewrapping Noiz's already wrapped hands and seeing a series of scars on them, old and new alike. I am going to guess that his other hand looks like that too. So...this dude is full of piercings, has scars, and is having weirdness when it comes to pain. RUN AOBA! If your route with Noiz ends badly you are certainly going to be in a world of pain. Heck even if this ends okay for you...you still might be in a world of pain if Noiz keeps up this weird act and detached behavior.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode88_zpsa8e6d636.jpg
More hopes, more dreams. Smashed. On the ground.
While helping Noiz with his burnt self Aoba apologizes to Noiz as clearly he was only helping Ren with the bug and all. Noiz and his lack of human skills is like...well I only helped Ren as a secondary task. I was really trying to find out how you beat me in Rhyme. Yay honesty. Aoba doesn't really get mad at this at all. Like leave Ren alone from now on. I wonder what Noiz thought he was going to find. But since Aoba has super special Scrap power I guess that is how he won and Noiz doesn't know about it. Noiz changes the subject in a blink of an eye and suddenly are you hungry Aoba? Noiz has to stay this while holding Aoba's hands and getting in his face. Then poof out the door. Um Aoba are you ever going to ask that guy why there was kissing? Because yeah....there is seriously a lack of yaoi in this anime that had yaoi as the main sell point in the game. Did it not? I thought it did.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode818_zpsd66fc910.jpg
Maybe if Aoba had ran a little faster this wouldn't have happened?
Aoba needs to learn to run faster. Noiz gets a head start and Aoba is acting like he had to run a mile. Not that Noiz got very far because he had to stop at every single food station and buy...well everything. I thought for some reason that Platinum Jail would have some different kind of currency or payment method. I don't know what I thought actually. But it is all done by computer nowadays so I guess it doesn't matter. Noiz was running around to each booth buying tons of food while Aoba just watched. They have time to do this you know. They had to run as fast as they could to Platinum Jail to see what Toue wanted with this obvious trap but now we have time to sleep in inns and buy lots of food and do this all in the opening. Because Toue is not practicing brainwashing or anything that could turn everyone in this area into Toue's eyes and ears. Nope folks. We got all the time in the world.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode89_zps3fb9eb88.jpg
One whole sentence about Aoba playing Rhyme and forgetting.
This is the part of the episode where Noiz and Aoba bond and become the bestest of friends. Because I am beginning to think since EVERYONE is running around with Aoba and being friendly less things are going to be explained. Maybe in one timeline Aoba only went to Platinum Jail with Koujaku. Another Noiz. And so on and so forth. So everyone potential rapist/lover got tons of time and backstory so it made sense/was sad when things happened. For now...yeah we barely get any time with the characters. We get Aoba apologizing for not remembering playing Rhyme and we don't even get a flashback of that time, maybe a younger Noiz being impressed with Aoba. Oh yeah that was talked about too, that Aoba thinks it is cute that Noiz is younger than him. Because of all their long interactions together. But mostly they stood around and ate food since food seems to be new to Noiz. One can survive on pizza and delivery pasta alone it seems. Instead of questioning that Aoba just fed Noiz food. AWWWW FOLKS! Here is the one moment of cuteness out of the 5 interactions they have had so far.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode812_zps8fea8e38.jpg
What...where...where did that come from?!
This one loving moment was cut short by Morphine/maybe some of Mizuki's men coming to beat them up. There we go Toue, that is what you should be doing. But I guess if you are planning out things 20 years in advanced and brain washing people just to see how Aoba fixes them later...who knows what the plan is. But yeah Morphine is here to kick ass and Aoba doesn't want to fight, probably because they have a lot of good food to eat. Noiz is in the mood to fight though as he has his little gloves or what not to beat people's ass. He isn't as good at fighting as Minks...plus he was outnumbered. This caused him to be slightly bashed in the head and Aoba to use Scrap to pause the fight. Then as quickly as the fight started it was over and Aoba put 2 and apples together and got goat. Seriously he was like MOG you don't feel pain. Since Aoba and Noiz are acting like the best friends ever I thought maybe Noiz could have elaborated more. But people like to throw out 2 sentences now and explain later. So Noiz was like...yeah I can't feel anything. All my senses are dulled except for eating which doesn't matter because all I eat are pizza and pastas. This is literally all Noiz says before he sees someone and runs off. HMMMM does that sound familiar.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode814_zps8f925aca.jpg
Wait not my best friend Noiz!!!!! I care so much for him!
Unless I missed something or blinked we don't even find out who this random person is. Noiz is like they are here and takes off after the creepy dude. At least with Koujaku we get some back story. So next week we will see Clear's not dead Grandfather and the week after that we will actually see Toue as I think he killed Mink's family. For now the creepy dude does something to Noiz, brainwashes him or activates the brainwashing. Then poof...time to hit Aoba when the kid finally catches up. Noiz either has a bad sense of direction or is a slow runner. It is not shown what Noiz is being brainwashed into doing. Like hmmm Aoba is here so punch him? That sounds like a great plan. Since Aoba is pro at using Scrap now he wastes no time listening to the evil Aoba in his head and jumping into Noiz's brain. I am sure it will end well.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode816_zps0e957e98.jpg
In Rhyme I am not a freak. Everywhere else my family hates me.
This is where things get special. Well everything before now was special but this is where everything is rushed and making less sense than usual. I understand that Aoba has to fight his way to the person's consciousness so that is okay. But....what exactly was Noiz's problem? He was born (or made by Toue) to have super dull emotions and somehow that made his parents...lock him in the house forever because he was a freaky monster? I can get the part where Noiz had a hard time relating to some things due to this condition but why were his parents so angry? Wouldn't they be sad that their son had to suffer like this? I am sure it would be freaky as a child to see another kid bleeding and acting like it was no big deal. I don't know...I guess I could see the outside world not really understanding Noiz but for his parents to do this seems really out of place.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode815_zps55f9a9c9.jpg
Accept...what?! You don't even know his last name!!!
The reason why Noiz plays Rhyme sorta makes sense. I mean...no one who can feel pain wants to feel pain. But by doing so we know our body's limit or to stop doing something or you know...that life sucks. Plus I am going to read in between the lines that weren't really there and guess he can't feel...pleasure. That could be as simple as a hug or as complicated as sex. So yeah all of us other humans have that in common and here he is not really understanding. At least in the game he could feel something even if it was negative. He went on and on to Aoba how he wanted to avoid the world and people called him names and he didn't want to rely on them. But Rhyme is a team sorta game and it forced him to interact with others.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode817_zps2da84de9.jpg
And with barely any warning. Be gentle next time!
Aoba....fixes Noiz. And this is where the empty part of the episode comes into play. When Koujaku was crying about things that Aoba didn't know about...it mattered. Really mattered. These two were really good friends. Aoba cared for Koujaku and Koujaku loves Aoba probably. But Noiz? Yeah I am being generous when I say episode 1 was a week ago. Aoba has known about Noiz's existence for a week and for most of that week it hasn't been good times. Attack here and stolen kiss there and breaking into my room all over the place. Noiz and Aoba are not friends and they barely know each other. Noiz can't even help save Aoba's Grams without making it into a favor, one that Aoba doesn't really want to do. But.....somehow....Aoba is like Noiz if you die I will be sad. Here let me hug you and embrace you, like you are precious to me. Like...when did this happen? Was there more blinking? And why does Noiz care about Aoba? I guess if Aoba hit his head I can see him caring about everyone but Noiz...this dude who has spent his whole life being alone and not caring about someone is all healed after Aoba spends 5 seconds convincing him life is worth living? Yeah folks. Just yeah. All I felt was empty during this interaction when my yaoi colored glasses should have been experiencing a disco party. I am sure if this was just a Noiz and Aoba show there would have been enough time and moments for this to add up into....well more than what it was. Which was odd and out of place.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode819_zps25ee38b7.jpg
Err....how about no?
Perhaps more magical than Aoba and Noiz becoming best friends in 5 seconds is....Aoba healed Noiz's mind AND his senses. He said all of his senses but taste were messed up. Which you know would make him blind but I guess that would be picky of me. But....how the hell did Aoba heal that? Did Toue really plan this so in advanced that Noiz not feeling anything was actually brain washing? I don't know what was wrong with Noiz. Maybe it was all in his head and now that his mind is heal WOOHOO the rest of his body is too? But now it's all better folks. Noiz can feel warm tea and hugs and sex and all the injuries he got earlier in the day. THANKS AOBA. I would be passed out if I was him but Noiz just pretends to be mad when really he is happy to have a friend in Aoba. Cue the sappy music. Aoba will be there forever for Noiz. Hopefully anyway. Because Scrap Aoba is all telling Aoba to embrace the dark side and what not. LET ME OUT! I think Aoba just thinks he has headaches or he is in denial because he keeps saying he is okay. Err so what happens when Aoba loses his mind? Who is going to go into Aoba's mind to save him? HMMM? One of his new best friends? Guess we will have to find out next time......XD

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