Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: New Mickey outfit

 photo DapperDayWeekend2013001_zps1f91251d.jpg
XO Must be special, the clothes are in a box.
Hello there Duffy lovers! It is I the Dashing Duffy. A while back mom bought me this outfit on one of her trips to Disney World. She really wanted the Peter Pan outfit but she only saw that outfit once in January. Never again. Well more like a year later but still. So now when mom sees an outfit she gets it because it might not be there later!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013002_zpsa56c692c.jpg
The box outfits cost more than the other ones. Good thing mom has an annual pass and can get some discounts.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013003_zps62262cc0.jpg
Finally out of the box. Does this mean I have to take off my Sulley outfit?
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013004_zps3ab71eb6.jpg
This outfit has a prop. Hello there little Pluto!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013005_zpsc6be617d.jpg
Got the ears on. Make them stay up!!! They could be a little stiffer.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013006_zpsb56f5188.jpg
The whole outfit on despite mom fighting with the camera.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013007_zpsbaff0a37.jpg
The shoes are very, very, very loose. Mom put me in her bag and both of my shoes fell off. :( Imagine if she was carrying me around the park. Disney is not used to making shoes clearly. We need to pin them together before we go out....The same thing with the gloves.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013008_zpsd8ac4d91.jpg
Pluto and his silly tongue.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013009_zps52e13d33.jpg
Um where is the strap?! How am I suppose to carry Pluto!!!! I think mom needs to buy lots of safety pins for this outfit...
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013010_zpsfed08100.jpg
Even though it is a bit big it looks cute on me. We has to change a few things before I can walk around the park first. For now I will wear it in the house and snuggle with Pluto. The box outfit is nice but Disney needs to do a little better with other pieces, not just the suit itself.

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