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Dramatical Murder episode 7

Le sigh folks. Le sign indeed. If I was behind before all snuggled on the couch what is going to happen now with this odd desktop and weird updated programs? I literally had to wait for my husband to come home to understand why paint is different on this computer. Why is there change?! Why can't things be exactly how I want them to be so my life is predictable and easy?
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode711_zps9cd379a8.png
Spoiler alert. Koujaku hates lamps!
While I whine about life have some anime posts. It is weird sharing a computer with someone again. Something about being fair and what not? Gosh do they want me to go outside and play!? Up now is Dramatical Murder episode 7. Spoilers for an actual death ya'll!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode713_zpsba500c16.png
Oh snap, that sounds hot Aoba.
Episode Summary: Baby Aoba is swinging on a swing crying his chibi eyes out. Koujaku is pushing him and tell him not to cry, that Grams will be off work soon. Aoba tries to tell him he is not crying with tears in his eyes. Eventually Koujaku agrees because Aoba is so cute. Koujaku tells Aoba to never lose (losing=tears) and to be strong for their Grams and Mom. That they need to always try for those ladies. Aoba smiles and tells Koujaku to not lose either. Back in the present Koujaku is giving Aoba the eye for attempting to go to Platinum Jail alone. Aoba pretends to apologize and Koujaku is like remember we are “friends” forever. They enter the...entrance to said Platinum Jail and are greeted by a computer avatar asking for their invites. They had them over and Koujaku NOW thinks the situation is sketchy. They enter the amusement park as I roll my eyes and they are greeted by fancy people looking out of it in their weird clothes. Before they can even walk 5 feet Toue appears over all the screens/poof screens to tell everyone how lovely it is to have them at his park and he hopes to continue to make them happy. It is coming up on 10 years since he built this place and there will be something super special coming up to celebrate this occasion. For now have some fireworks. Everyone watches the tiny explosions in the sky all high like a kite. Aoba realizes what is happening (brainwashing) and Ren confirms it. Koujaku seems to be under the spell and Aoba gets him out of the area before anything bad can happen. Koujaku seems super upset that he was taken in so fast but Aoba reminds him it is Toue and his brainwashing self. Before they can decide what to do next (not that they had a plan to begin with) Koujaku seems some blond with skulls around his neck enter a building. Koujaku freaks out and chases after the dude. Aoba is like wait for me....stands there for a while....oh and then chases after Koujaku. Koujaku seems to have entered a club like place and once again all the people are looking coked out as they dance the same around the room. They stare at Aoba like he is the different one. Aoba starts to feel a little woozy and Ren realizes that he is slowly being drugged. Aoba tries to make it out of the place but succumbs to the air and falls on the blond hair skull wearing man. When Aoba wakes up he is on his stomach with his back partial exposed. Aoba is super used to be kidnapped by now and waits for his capture to talk to him. The man is named Ryuho and is a tattoo artist. He asks how Mizuki is doing which pisses Aoba off. The kid must be full of drugs though as he makes no effort to move. Ryuho seems to know that Aoba is special but maybe not understanding how special. Aoba focuses on the tattoo part of Ryuho's evilness so that makes Ryuho bring out the creepy factor. He starts talking about how he puts his soul into tattooing and flowers and what not. Basically it is sounding like the worse kind of tattooing ever and Ryuho gets off on the pain. He is going to do something bad to Aoba and out comes to the needle.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode716_zpsa2cfd6c2.png
Best pairing I bet of this series. GO KOUJAKU!
Before anything happens Koujaku runs in and starts screaming at Ryuho to stop. Wait you know him? Koujaku gestures his face and implies that all the tattoos on him or some of them anyway were doing by Ryuho against his will. Ryuho says that Koujaku was his greatest project and asks if Aoba knows Koujaku is a mom killer. Aoba is like X___x and Koujaku gets more and more upset. He takes off some of his upper clothes and reveals another series of tattoos that seems to glow as Koujaku gets angry. Apparently Ryuho did this, made it so that Koujaku would get taken over during rage moments. Ryuho continues to egg Koujaku on with the dead momma talk and Koujaku slices through the man. Ryuho is happy the experiment is now complete as Koujaku totally loses himself to crazy land and has devil eyes. He starts to attack Aoba who can move by now and kills all the furniture in the room including a lamp that catches things on fire. Aoba is shocked that Koujaku has lost it when Scrap Aoba is like...you know the only way to save him right? Aoba decides that this is the best idea ever and Aoba informs Koujaku he is going into his brain. WHOOSH Aoba is in Koujaku's brain. He is in an old fashion house with tattoos that are on the ground chasing him. He keeps running in and out of the same room as he hears Koujaku moaning in pain. He finally finds Koujaku shirtless laying on the ground covered in blood. Aoba sees people getting sliced and diced outside as Koujaku is covered in the scary evil tattoos. Ryuho's shadow appears and starts talking about how he did this to Koujaku and blah blah. Aoba fights to get Koujaku free from the tattoos and to get him out of the place when Koujaku all better appears to tell his sad tale. He did live with Aoba on the island. Up until his father requested him and his mistress come to the main house as the wife couldn't have kids. Koujaku was forced to get a tattoo as the next head of the house and the pain was unbearable. Koujaku tried to endure for his mother but during the last session he passed out and woke up with a bloody sword in hand and everyone in the house dead. Koujaku tried to kill himself but eventually thought of Aoba and came back to the island. Koujaku still feels controlled by the tattoos and doesn't know why he goes on. He looks beyond upset. Aoba tells him that he will just have to live with what he has done and not lose. Don't leave him behind. Koujaku thinks back to baby Aoba says as they are both covered in the mean tattoos. Suddenly everything is okay now that Koujaku has Aoba. Aoba wakes up in the burning down room with Koujaku okay enough to carry the kid out. Ryuho lives long enough to call Toue and tell him the experiment was a success. He then dies alone in an alley. Koujaku gets Aoba to an inn where Aoba is laid on the couch and they both look at each other very romantic like. Koujaku will get through this with Aoba and Aoba cares for his friend forever. They then...don't have sex which is a sad panda experience. Later that night Aoba wakes up and realizes someone is in the inn with them. He looks all suspicious but the hat sorta gives it away. THE END!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode718_zps6de1ecec.png
Um could we not forget about me next time? Thanks.
I was going to write about how confusing this episode, to make reference to how will there be sense making on this sense making tour (Jurassic Park style)? Going on and on about how I am confused and this sucks blah blah.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode7_zps1a4eefc3.png
MOG THIS FACE! I can't even!
But then I saw baby Aoba and my head exploded into a million pieces. I am pretty sure that is the point. Like oh snap I can't make a good point on something have a cute baby kitten picture. That is how I feel about over the top Chibi Aoba. Don't pay attention to the crazy plot behind the current. Look at Aoba and his adorable self (in different clothes I think!) crying and swinging on a swing. And this will only happen with Koujaku. We might see more baby Aoba later as he played Rhyme and that game hasn't been around forever and Platinum Jail showed up 10 years ago. So maybe when Koujaku left the island to do his horrible thing Aoba had the Rhyme attack. So we might see more of baby Aoba then. For now we get a nice memory of Aoba and Koujaku. Aoba missed his Grams and Koujaku being the older of the children took care of Aoba. Told him not to lose. This sounds strangely like boys don't cry but it made Aoba smile so that's all that matters.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode73_zpsbc525b44.png
I think it has been from the start but okay...
Then poof folks. Really it was POOF Koujaku is yelling at Aoba in front of Platinum Jail. Um last I saw Aoba was running from the cops. The crazy cops of insanity. While I can appreciate an anime trying to fast forward through boring parts...I am pretty sure this was important. Like Aoba just jumped on the roofs and POOF he was there at the entrance of Platinum Jail. This super exclusive area that you need an invite to get into. I saw that once inside there was a gate keeper checking for tickets but what about the outside? I mean I guess they don't want things to look super sketchy....more than they already are. But yeah some real people guarding the gates would be nice, especially if they want to keep out the rift-raft from the old town. Plus the whole Koujaku and Aoba happen to get there at the same time magical moment. I thought we were going to see EVERYONE making it there and meeting up. But when it is just Aoba and Koujaku it seems off. Like woohoo we ran and avoided the POPO and here we are. I like how Koujaku wants to yell at Aoba for going alone. Like dude what were you going to do, go in Platinum Jail by yourself? Silly man.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode74_zps098c2162.png
Please hold as we load our brainwashing program.
Once we got the glares at Aoba out of the way it was time to give up the invitations and go in. I like how the avatar greeting was the sketchy part to Koujaku, not the fact that they got invites after learning that Toue is a super evil genius. Then it is time for...Platinum Jail! Since this show is light on details and heavy on confusion I have been back and forth what I thought Platinum Jail was. At first I thought it was an amusement park. Then when I saw the inside of it for a few minutes I thought it was a super amazing place to live...and get brainwashed. Now it is back to amusement park....for extend stays. Like staying at Disney World and there are hotels nearby. These people are just...there forever because things are super shady there. Literally the minute Aoba and Koujaku enter the joint a message plays for everyone to see and hear. Since everyone looks high as a kite ( a different high from Mizuki last episode though) they look on to get their daily dose of brainwashing. Like look it is the 10th anniversary of Platinum Jail, have some pre celebration fireworks. Even though Aoba and Koujaku just got there Koujaku was already under the spell of whatever is going on. Guess you don't need to be experimented on for this to take affect. Ren kept Aoba in check and together they get Koujaku out of the area as he was starting to feel a little woozy.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode75_zps350db95d.png
Thanks for sticking together there Koujaku....Great plan.
Koujaku thanks Aoba for keeping him from being brainwashed. See maybe if they didn't run to Platinum Jail with no plan they could have been better equipped for such a situation. But no now they are going to have to sleep in shifts. Not that is betters as they were invited by the crazy man. To pay Aoba back for helping him out Koujaku immediately runs off to get into more danger. He recognizes someone and just takes off. Aoba...why did you pause so long before you went after him. Like seriously folks what is wrong with this kid?! Also I need to add that this person is not Noiz. When I first started watching this show Mizuki was all woohoo this famous tattoo person and this guy LOOKED like Noiz. I thought he was leaving a double life without all the piercings and what not. Piercings and tattoos go hand in hand sometimes. So I thought they were the same person and blah blah. Clearly that is not the case.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode76_zps1632a508.png
I am sure he fell on someone super helpful.
Aoba loses track of Koujaku after that 5 second period of breakage. So by the time Aoba gets into the club Koujaku is long gone. A room full of drugged out people who love Platinum Jail and think Aoba looks funny. I wonder how they knew he was different. Because of the way he was dressed? If Toue is controlling everyone and doing brainwashing crap. Maybe he can control people in such a way he can see through their eyes and what not. Slither that movie yes? Aoba doesn't really get a chance to look for Koujaku as almost he is almost immediately taken over by the drugs that are filling the room. Ren seems to have noticed it right away as well but he really didn't have a chance to help Aoba. He is a rather small dog. So Toue is experimenting with all sorts of drugs. Mind control and breathing in drugs. Soon we will find out another way Toue is trying to control people but first Aoba has to pass out on the man wearing skulls for necklaces. Surely he will be a good guy that will help out right?
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode79_zpse8302ed6.png
Do these magical tattoos cost more or something?
Wrong. Of course that is wrongo. Aoba wakes up with his shirt pulled up which immediately got this blogger worried about all the pictures she saw on the internets. Oh crap is Aoba about to have really bad things happen to him. Well the not Noiz man turns out to be a tattoo artist named Ryuho. And he is not a good person. Duh right? Instead of wanting to be part of Aoba's harem Ryuho wants to tattoo some crap on Aoba because he is creepy and evil. Plus there seems to be a brainwashing technique that involves tattoos. It is not explained much and I doubt much is on the way since this episode seems to nicely end the saga that is Koujaku and his tattoos. But yeah....Ryuho went on and on about his tattoos and how they are flowers and skin is flowers and blah. He said a lot of things and the basic message was just be scared of me because I am creepy.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode78_zps5c3db719.png
Stop molesting my Aoba!
Enter to the Koujaku. I have no idea how the man found Aoba and Creepy but he did. Since Koujaku was easily brainwashed before how was he able to fight it off in the club to find Aoba in a place he has never been before? Because anime magic. Koujaku is already hot and heavy because he knew the dude but now Aoba is danger. Super man. I am not sure if this Ryuho did all the tattoos on Koujaku. I would think not since Mizuki is a tattoo person and Koujaku was acting like that man did some for him. But if Koujaku did suffer like he did would he really want another tattoo willingly? Probably not. But it makes sense why Koujaku covers up part of his face. So how did this all come about? Why did Koujaku throw away their nonexistent plan to take down Toue to get revenge on this guy? I am thinking that tattoo thing was bad enough but now there is talk about a dead mom? What is going on here?
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode710_zpsd02fc76c.png
And what exactly did you win here buddy?
Aoba and his sense of danger sorta just watches this all go down. Watches the tattoos glow on Koujaku. Like um what trickery is this? Why are you glowing? Can someone explain this to me? I guess since he has a special power suddenly appearing tattoos that glow doesn't seem totally out of the realm of possibilities. Like oh okay Toue can make tattoos glow and control people now. Ryuho kept taunting Koujaku about the dead mom and losing control until the point where Koujaku lost control. Ryuho you win! And guess what your prize is? A fatal wound to the gut. GO YOU! This went exactly as planned. No seriously I think he said that. Koujaku then turns into a rabbit looking raccoon and attacks the entire room because it was looking at him funny. EFF YOU LAMP! Koujaku must have really lost his mind because he attacked he lovely Aoba too. Good thing the kid found the energy to move this time or he would have a nice prize as well.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode712_zps36a25bfe.png
Do you not see his evil smirk? Stop listening to him!
As Koujaku redecorated the room with his sword Aoba had a conversation with himself. Since he has not used his Scrap power in so long it has developed its own personality and talks to in control Aoba. So that means he is not crazy when he talks to himself I suppose. Scrap Aoba is like look at Koujaku, he is out of control. The only way to save him is to use Scrap. I like how Aoba doesn't even think twice about it. Like Grams told me that Mizuki is a vegetable and it's my fault because I didn't use my powers that I didn't know I had correctly. Surely this time will turn out differently due to all the practice with my powers I have had in the 2 hours since Grams told me I had them. Yeah folks..Aoba just dove into Koujaku's brain. At some point I am sure they will make it to Toue's and take him out but for now I think it is going to be an episode about one of the harem men and Aoba using Scrap to save them. Or not save them and LALA rape time.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode714_zps75588d24.png
Not the best idea Aoba has ever had....
Aoba enters Koujaku's mind and it has a certain level of creep factor to it. Obviously all these brains are going to be like this from now on. Koujaku's are not being able to be found in a big empty house and killer tattoos that try to take over a person. Aoba has to avoid both to find Koujaku laying in a pool of his own blood while people are being killed outside. Super fun times I am sure. Aoba seems to not take action in these dreams. Like run over to Koujaku and hug him. Throw up over all the blood. Get pissed when Ryuho is all HAHA I did this to Koujaku and he is a killer. Look at the tattoos I gave him HAHAHA! Koujaku is nearly overtaken by tattoos but Aoba is there to rip them off even though it causes damage to himself too. Anything for a friend.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode715_zps1caa7355.png
Super brainwashing tattoos I see. X___X
Eventually Koujaku is freed enough to explain his sad story to Aoba. Which is slightly longer than the sad story that Mizuki told him. Koujaku's mom was a mistress. Seems to be common theme in animes. Mom lived with Koujaku on the island and probably would have stayed that way if his dad's wife was able to have kids. But she wasn't so Koujaku and mom were brought to the mainland to the main house so all the main people could be unhappy. Like look at how horrible the situation is YAY MENZ! Dad was like...you know what would make this even worse....if I made my young son get a tattoo. It is hard to tell what age this happened to Koujaku. We know that he spent some time away from Aoba as he didn't know Aoba was friends with Virus and Trip and this Rhyme game that Aoba apparently played. But it looked like Koujaku was a bit more adultist before he was forced into this fun role of tattoo land. Like really Koujaku...I would have just run away with mom in the middle of the night. This dude is a douchebag your dad.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode717_zps7bfcb994.png
Aoba tells him not to cry and POOF it is all better. I see now.
So I am not sure if the dad knew about what the tattoos really do. I would assume not since all of the men in his family have them. But this man Ryuho was working with Toue to make brainwashing tattoos and of course it was in their grand plan to randomly brainwash Koujaku. Because folks. Maybe they wanted this family out of the way. The point is Koujaku was taken over by rage and pain and when he woke up all were dead including his mother. And Koujaku has been living with this horrible truth ever since. Did Aoba really not ask his friend all this time about his mom? Like hey how is your mom doing on the mainland? What happened with your dad? Apparently not. You bad friend Aoba. Now...Aoba hears this all and agrees it is terrible. But he doesn't tell Koujaku it isn't his fault. X___X Yeah that never comes up. Aoba is like well you need to live with this and think of me, you can't just die. Remember our promise when we were cute little kids? Don't lose. Don't let this defeat you. :( I wish Aoba would have said this wasn't Koujaku's fault and focused more on how horrible this was. Aoba's weak words were enough to heal Koujaku which I guess is all that matters.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode719_zpsdd9462e5.png
.......No kisses? I feel so robbed/
POOF! Aoba is awake and not looking so hot. Good think Koujaku has recovered enough from his crazy moment to drag Aoba out of the burning building. I was going to have a heart attack or scream at the computer when I heard no mention of Ren but there the little dog was carrying the bag and Aoba's puffy coat. Out the boys go into a place they don't know. I know they were invited to Platinum Jail but what form of money do they have? Or is this invite all inclusive? In any event they are at an inn and taking turns looking at each other and making sure they are okay from the awful things they went through. I notice that Koujaku really didn't ask about Aoba being in his mind. Like um dude how were you able to do that because don't do it again. Instead Koujaku took care of Aoba like he always has and it was full of lovely dovey time. Minus the actual act of lovely dovey.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode720_zps0310cf40.png
Stupid Lappy and all my downloads lost. :( But yeah that is Noiz ya'll.
And that is about it for our current (well my current) episode of DRAMAtical Murder. We do see Ryuho die and I am sure no one cares about that. He lives long enough to tell Toue everything worked out perfectly. Because I am sure dying was in his plans. Noiz seems to have made it to Platinum Jail as Aoba finds him in the inn. And Toue is twisting his hands and go aha everything is going according to plan. I predict this plan will be full of fail. Out of Aoba's harem Koujaku is looking like the cuteness option so hopefully it works out that way. But since there was no kiss this episode and Noiz already stole one maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up right?

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