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Love Stage Episode 10 FINAL EPISODE!

Well then...I am slightly behind aren't I? It is the same story of course. I am actually caught up on every single anime this season but Glasslip. Obviously since most of then ended this week. But I would almost finish one episode then hop on over to another episode. I actually thought this was already posted. Then I could find the summary. Clearly duel work on Dated and the good laptop is messing with my ability to finish things (as Dated cannot download anything bigger than a pic it seems).
 photo lovestageepisode1015_zps02180265.png
X___X Kisses...from Izumi? In season 1? Ryouma is floored.
So I need to buckle down and get all these half finished things done. There is a large block of reality TV shows that I am addicted to (go team Zach) on tonight so maybe I can double task. I seem to get things done faster when I have something to watch on TV. So without further adieu here is the last episode of Love Stage! Spoilers for.....well a happy ending? Literally.
 photo lovestageepisode102_zps5311f1d5.png
Curse these glasses!!!!!
Episode Summary: Izumi is trying to run away from the thugs that are threatening him. He puts up a valiant effort but is eventually cornered as he is outnumbered. He is pushed to the ground so the three thugs can see if Izumi is a boy or a girl. A quick shirt check reveals Izumi is all boy but suddenly he starts to cry and the thugs get flowers in their eyes. Izumi….is cute even when he is a boy?! So now they all want a turn at him and start touching him. Izumi sorta just lays back and gives up as he feels defeated. The men start touching him and all he can think about is Ryouma and how when Ryouma touches him it feels good. Suddenly Izumi only wants Izumi and can't allow this to happen. He kicks the main gang member in the elephant and manages to escape the other two by whacking and leaving part of his clothes behind. He runs out of the area and finds Takahiro who was nearby looking for him. They get him to a bathroom and there is a scene with the other two manga club members. They are pissed Izumi is late and now Takahiro is gone. It is hot outside and waiting it boring blah blah. Then one of the boys reveals that he has an otaku friend who is a girl which is clearly against Big Bang Rules. The angry otaku texts Takahiro who probably wishes he had stayed home that day. Izumi gets himself cleaned up and declines to talk about what just happened to him. Takahiro warns Izumi about wearing his glasses from now on because of his famous status. Izumi seems to be confused that Takahiro knows he is famous now as Takahiro is is obvious. Takahiro tries to bring up examples, like Ryouma wasn't his cousin and what not. Takahiro realizes the way he knows Ryouma (besides opening his eyes and looking on the TV) will expose his secret but he goes for it. He works as an assistant for the writer on LalaLulu. Izumi basically loses his mind like Takahiro thought he would and all the assault melts out of his mind. Takahiro gets Izumi back on track and tells him that Ryouma and his super bowing self showed up at the studio the other day and begged for a favor for a friend, to review this manga sample as this friend just got some pretty devastating news. The writer tries to explain that they are busy but Ryouma bows and says how he is so concerned for his friend's future and this would mean so much. The words touch the artist/writer and gives Ryouma a chance. Izumi starts to cry because Ryouma had told him it was easy to get this review. Takahiro smiles and says that Ryouma must be a really good friend. Izumi realizes how good Ryouma has been to him and that he needs to make a decision on how he feels about the man now, not to lead him on anymore. Izumi tells Takahiro he has to leave now and find Ryouma. Takahiro smiles and gives him his glasses so no one would recognize him again. Izumi then takes off running to Ryouma's place because there is no taxi in this universe.
 photo lovestageepisode106_zps540a80f8.png
Anime is for boobies, not elephants. Duh.
As Izumi runs for his little life we the viewers see the parents. And since I don't care about the parents.....they are just basically sitting there talking about how Izumi started off...weird in life but they have faith in him. That he will be a good entertainer despite the fact he almost melted on the sidewalk at the idea of appearing in front of people. GO PARENTS! Izumi keeps on running down that street thinking of all the times Ryouma has helped him or been there for him. Sure there was a bit of snag when Ryouma called him a drag queen or tried to molest him. But all the stuff he has done for him thus far....that is love. And Izumi doesn't want to hurt the man anymore. As Izumi runs he has his little Izumi dream where he can talk to LalaLulu. It is like they are going to say goodbye, that Izumi is moving on with his life. Izumi thanks LalaLulu for her help and she smiles, saying she will see him again one day. Run on Izumi. Meanwhile at his home Ryouma has lost his little mind. He is so embarrassed with how he told Izumi his feelings, that he was jealous of his new popularity and was afraid he was going to lose him. Ryouma is upset with himself as he promised he would never do that to Izumi again and clearly he is a liar. Ryouma tries to put his big boy panties on and call Izumi since Izumi hasn't called him. Suddenly Izumi is at the door and Ryouma is confused. He is more confused when Izumi starts kissing him. And then his brain explodes when Izumi says lets have sex. Like what the heck?! Instead of asking questions Ryouma tells Izumi if they start to take off their clothes there will be no stopping his elephant. Izumi agrees and to the bed they go to start taking off their clothes and kissing more. Ryouma starts to get visibly nervous and Izumi finds it cute. But soon both boys find their courage and a little bit of foreplay takes place (almost off camera) and Izumi is all embarrassed. Suddenly Shougo's coffee mug breaks and he takes it as a sign that something is wrong with Izumi. He begs Rei to find Izumi and due to tracking Rei finds that Izumi is at Ryouma's. Rei distracts Shougo so Izumi can have his moment. Well that moment ends in pain as Ryouma is running Izumi a bath as he pouts on bed. Ryouma then gets worried NOW Izumi just had pity sex with him. Izumi is like X____X oh yeah I didn't tell you the most important thing I came to tell you. I love you. Izumi gushes a bit and sees that Ryouma is crying because he is so happy. They have come a long way and have realized how much they really care for each other. They hug each other and POOF it is now in the future. Izumi realizes the door to his future might be a mystery but he found Ryouma behind one of those doors. He has started his career doing commercials and what not and someone sketchy looking is glancing at a billboard with a smile on his face. But for now Izumi is happy, cute, and has a boyfriend. YAY FUTURE...and LalaLulu. THE END!
 photo lovestageepisode1019_zps8c962ba5.png
Was it fast for you too Izumi? XD
Ten episodes?! That’s it?! I mean I knew that going into this show but still. The ending was a bit up in the air. Perhaps that means there is a second season in the works already but why not fluff the ending up a little so it’s not so….I don’t know. Like bam, have some sex and goodnight. I bought the girl dinner, what more do you want kinda attitude. Yeah I know I am weird. So when we last saw Izumi he was surrounded by three thugs. They were robbing someone else at the time but without his glasses on all interest turned to this kid and how hot he was without glasses. It makes me smile to know that I could be as pretty as a Disney Princess once I remove my glasses. Izumi panicked but managed to somewhat get away. He put up a fight anyway. He dodged and ran but there were 3 of them and they look like experienced thugs. Plus Izumi isn’t wearing his glasses. True both Izumi and Takahiro were able to function without their glasses but I am sure it wasn’t fun. Blurriness and what not. So it is no surprise that Izumi got recaptured and pushed to the ground. Time to see what Izumi is working with in his pants as the thugs are convinced he is too pretty to be a boy.
 photo lovestageepisode104_zps6d12f574.png
Yeah not a joke so not liking this scene....
I wasn’t really impressed with how things turned out. Of course they realized Izumi was a boy….but then it almost took a comical turn. Like the thugs suddenly became blushy and cute over how CUTE Izumi was. Like oh can I have a turn even though he is a boy? Yeah rape isn’t flowerly and it shouldn’t turn into a joke. Wait Ryouma, did you do that too? Yeah I am talking out of both sides of my mouth but these people clearly had ill intentions. Like oh snap Izumi is so cute he makes innocent men into rapists. Just not liking this message. I know this is supposed to be a fluffy show but we can still keep the gritty parts gritty. No need to make the rapist seem anything human or normal. Still ugly creatures and Izumi doesn’t deserve this treatment.
 photo lovestageepisode105_zps6b824b53.png
It's Ryouma or nothing. But save yourself first!
Izumi of course was upset at the handling and impending sexual assault. He just got tears in his eyes and assumed the position of why the heck does this keep happening to me, no longer care pose. Poor Izumi. Why does this keep happening?! As the men pawed at him he did what I thought he was going to do, compare it to Ryouma. Ryouma touches hi m and most of the time it is unwelcomed or at the very least a surprised set of touches. But still this is a happy/cute anime and doesn’t want to focus on reality. Izumi has started to feel things about Ryouma and his touches are positive. These people are hurting him and the idea of them having his first…well any times is awful. It should be Ryouma doing those things he read about in all those yaoi mangas. So…it was surprising to me that Izumi saved himself. I really thought Ryouma was going to end up there by some phone call or person informing him. Or that maybe Takahiro stepped up to the plate because he has feelings for Izumi too and needs to prove himself. But it was Izumi landing kicks and using quick tactics to get away. GO IZUMI!!!!
 photo lovestageepisode107_zps1323567a.png
Why are even on these people....
Once Izumi got away and found Takahiro there were tears. Izumi had focused on the moment and when things were safe enough he deserved to have a moment. While Takahiro was taking care of Izumi in a nearby bathroom (or as much as a man can take care of another man while they are both being DUDEZ about the situation) we got to see what was up with the two other manga club members. You know, the people no one cares about, not even the creators because they couldn’t be bothered to give them real facial features. More like DERP Izumi and Takahiro are too hot to be normal otaku so we need to have some okatus that fit the typical stereotype. Since neither of them did much and weren’t too nice to Izumi (more DUDEZ moments) I really don’t care about them. I don’t know why we had to waste time on them. None of their tiny scenes really added anything to the show. One of them is better off than the other though as he has a girl who is a friend as an otaku buddy and is going to help them sell stuff or whatever. She wasn’t a beauty queen but wasn’t a “stereotype” either so I guess there is a middle ground between hottie Takahiro and these two. So…complain on that Izumi is late. Because no one is going to tell you the truth on what really happened.
 photo lovestageepisode1010_zps32f8d3a0.png
What rape?! I love LalaLulu so that is of course more important.
After that boring and pointless scene it is back to Izumi and Takahiro. I don’t think Izumi told his friend exactly what happened. Like yo bro was almost raped and Takahiro was like yo bro that sucks. I think he just talked about thugs and Takahiro…still didn’t call the police because that is just silly business. Izumi even takes the time to apologize for getting Takahiro in trouble with the other friends as being late. Sorry my assault cost you minutes with those two dream boats. Then the conversation turned to Izumi and his lack of glasses and how that will lead to trouble because he is famous now. I’m Superman!!! No seriously I like how Izumi was shocked that Takahiro knew it was him and Takahiro was all duh. It isn’t like Izumi has a stage name and he looks totally different. It is a pair of glasses people. Honestly. The other two don’t know it is Izumi because they only watch anime but not Izumi is back to being embarrassed. But I guess that means all the kids at school won’t bother him at all. If he still goes.
 photo lovestageepisode1012_zps04d71978.png
No jealous Takahiro? LAME!
This seqways into Takahiro talking about how he knew that Izumi’s cousin was really the famous Ryouma and what not…and that Takahiro has a secret of his own. I wasn’t completely correct but close enough folks. Takahiro is an assistant for the LalaLulu manga. Izumi’s dream. All the memories of his assault have melted away. Now he wants to work there and meet the artist and basically everything that Takahiro thought the boy was going to say and do which is why he didn’t say anything. So why is he saying anything now? Because he was there when Ryouma the famous not cousin came by and did some impressive bowing to get the artist to review Izumi’s awful manga and write him a word of encouragement. Takahiro hid behind a door while the convo was going on. I like that it looked like Takahiro and the artist didn’t look dead as many manga and animes based on making mangas make deadlines appear to be the worse things in the world. We are all going to die. The artist actually did say no as the helpless assistant looked on. Like dude he bowed, I had to take him here to see you. But Ryouma tried to turn on the waterworks and really explained Izumi’s plight and situation. Please help my friend out as I don’t want his dream to die.
 photo lovestageepisode1011_zps0af02800.png
He....he did this for me?!
This news really brought tears to Izumi’s eyes. He was probably still emotional about what happened to him but this was all new news to him. Ryouma played this all off as being easy to do, to get the review and note. Now he knows that Ryouma begged in a serious manner and stuck his neck out for him. Touched. Super touched. I guess Takahiro doesn’t have any feelings for his friend as there was no bitterness in his voice when he said Ryouma was a great friend or when Izumi was like sorry I got to see Ryouma now. MOG can two boys just be friends in the universe I live in? But yeah Izumi was probably in no position to go have fun with his friends anyway. Should have just gone home. He was already thinking to himself that he needed to talk and figure things out with Ryouma and with this new information and the notion of touching…it is time to run. Go to him. Oh wait take my glasses before you go Clark Kent. Wouldn’t want to have another incident or something. I can totally see without them so it will be okay. Probably.
 photo lovestageepisode1013_zps3fe0aa75.png
Thanks for the memories LalaLulu. I will see you around.
Izumi and Takahiro have the same prescription of eyewear so Izumi is able to run the distance to Ryouma’s home. Getting in a taxi would make too much sense. Because this all represents a journey for Izumi. He is running away from the old him and onward to the new Izumi. One that has Ryouma. Izumi replays all the happy and not so happy moments he shared with Ryouma and knows how he feels for the man who has made him his everything. Ryouma is a great friend and loves him. After the initial…bad thing all Izumi has done is take from Ryouma. It is time to put the man’s mind at ease and run through these memories and into the future. Izumi also took a moment to say goodbye to LalaLulu in a sense. She has been his rock and probably reason for living for a long time. His goals were tied in her. He even imagined his first kiss with her. Unhealthy and realistic relationship. But now he can have a real relationship and it is time to say goodbye to her. Not forever mind you. Her role will now be different. She will share space on the self with all those yaoi mangas and Ryouma posters. Thank you for all you have done my friend. Go and do good.
 photo lovestageepisode1014_zps753d731f.png
HE KNOWS I CARE!!! What do I do?!
While Izumi is running as fast as his little otaku legs can take him Ryouma is laying in bed having a moment. So many moments. Since he is a dude he is having a meltdown over how…sincere and honest he was being at the studio. I am jealous, people are going to take you away from me are things Ryouma finds embarrassing to say even though he means them in his heart. How can he face Izumi now?! So embarrassed. Also there is the fact that Ryouma has already apologized once for being too physical with Izumi and here he is doing it again. So maybe Izumi is mad at him for being a liar and his life is useless. WOE IS HIM! I like that he has some self awareness. He should be taking the time to rest up and nap while he has a break from work but instead he is working up the courage to call Izumi.
 photo lovestageepisode1016_zps0a8c3849.png
Wait! I am still all excited about the kisses. Be still my heart!
Enter the Izumi. He literally flew into the apartment, grabbed Ryouma, and said take me now. Have your way with me. Take off my clothes and let us expose the elephants. What…what…Wait?! Don’t give Ryouma any false hope or make him die of a nosebleed. Also…where is the romance? Izumi did start to do some kisses but….but…I want more. Ryouma thought he had ruined things with Izumi and suddenly it has morphed into Izumi saying things that aren’t quite a love confession. In Izumi’s mind they were but Ryouma and his confused self heard I accept your feelings and now you can have sex with me. Don’t worry folks things will get set right before the end of the episode but…yeah. I am a romantic girl at heart and I would have liked the cemented I love yous before any insertion of body parts. But as I understand it sometimes in Japan saying I love you is too embarrassing anyway so….
 photo lovestageepisode1017_zps56d50953.png
It will be magical. Or more realistic. One of the two.
So anyway sex folks. Time to rip the clothes off and have at it. I thought we were going to get the see through love making scenes of floweriness. Like the ones that have happened before. Instead…it was sorta cute how they boys were trying to dude each other with taking off their shirts and pretending like they aren’t nervous. Even though they are. I was especially touched that Ryouma was nervous. He is the one on top and most of the time they are big and beefy and they got this. But Ryouma showed a more realistic side. Like a lot of pressure to perform well and not kill your partner. And Ryouma has been dreaming of this his entire life. What if it isn’t everything he dreamed it would be? And what if it was, then what? XD So…yeah being nervous was probably a normal reaction. And then…that was it!!!! We got robbed. We got a bit of Izumi moaning over his nipples and tada we need to see what the kitchen looks like. Robbed. SO ROBBED folks!
 photo lovestageepisode1018_zpsba4b8787.png
Poor broken Izumi? SAVE HIM REI!
I am guessing the minute Izumi was…deflowered is when Shougo’s coffee mug broke. And that is when his spider sense about his brother went off. Like my little brother is in pain I must go rescue him. Shougo might want to take his senses to the doctor as Izumi was in danger earlier today and he didn’t even know it. But where would the fun be in that? Shougo bugs Rei enough times to spy…I mean check up on Izumi. Because tracking people is fun. I wish we had gotten one more Rei face of…Ohness when he realized where Izumi was and what he was probably doing. Rei lied to Shougo and basically promised him candy to get him to do his work. Well come over for dinner which Shougo was super happy about. This is the closest we have come to a moment between those two which I think is weird. I thought there was going to be a side story about them being in love but maybe I am wrong. Or it is coming. So yeah…Rei is okay with Izumi being flowered because that is what Izumi wanted. That and Rei got his way when it come to Izumi joining the industry so you know…
 photo lovestageepisode1020_zps788840e1.png
AWWW! I love boys crying. Well showing emotions instead of being all big and bad.
So how was it Izumi? The whole lets do it attitude? Out the window it seems. Ryouma is running a bath for Izumi as the kid is laying in bed unable to move without experiencing pain. So the conclusion is…the yaoi mangas that said it hurts the first time are the correct ones. Duh. Especially since I am guessing Ryouma didn’t have…well lube. Like okay time to stick it in because I am an excited man child. Izumi was probably too nervous and tense and yeah…not a moment to remember. Poor sad Izumi. How dare you hurt me I love you. Ryouma is like say what?! This is when Izumi realizes he sorta just demanded sex and didn’t really say the actual words I love you. So he puts the pain aside for a moment to tell Ryouma that he loves him and Ryouma cries! It is so sweet, that Ryouma has cared about Izumi and accepts him in any form and finally the feeling is mutual. Would have liked that feeling to happen before the elephants but you happened. Izumi was touched and there was naked hugging . Yay love.
 photo lovestageepisode101_zpse11e5ce1.png
And then Izumi was famous. THE END.
Then….poof the series/season was over. Izumi watches Ryouma happily and talks about the doors to his future and how Ryouma was behind them. That he doesn’t know where he is going but Ryouma will help him out. We do see a few billboards with Izumi selling my products and a dude out front of a store looking a bit shady…but it is really up in the air what will happen next with Izumi. Oh also Izumi’s parents had a bit of a talk about Izumi but I really didn’t care since I feel as if Rei is the real parent. So yeah..that is it folks. Time to have sex and say I love as the series ends. The art was pretty great so I was happy about that. Could have been more realistic in terms of real world reactions to things but yeah…anime tends to not do that. So….will we get to see the rise of Izumi? Them having problems keeping their relationship hidden from the public? Possible new suitors? Izumi becoming an actual manga artist? I guess we will see one day…maybe. For now peace out!!!!

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