Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Love Stage episode 9

 photo lovestageepisode914_zps993037c3.png
Err what.....what could Izumi be talking about?!
Is this post number 4 today? I think it is. And I have two Tokyo Ghoul posts at different levels of almost doneness that will probably get posted after the husband goes to bed. It is only fair he get the computer after work yes? So yes just moving right along with this special laptop and keyboard. Although I am liking the double screens the husband has for gaming. Makes it a lot easier to multitask. XD So for post number 4 here is Love Stage episode 9. Spoilers for Izumi almost being on the same level as Kim kardashian. You know, minus the being peed on sex tape.
 photo lovestageepisode912_zps861062f7.png
Izumi: The Little Prince of Darkness is born.
Episode Summary: 2 days after the press conference and Izumi is still the talk of the town. Shougo and Ryouma get mentions but Izumi is the star. All the normal people in Japan are talking about this random new cutie. President and Assistant (of Ryouma) are happy they got out of this crises (even if President didn’t do much) and President thinks it is a good thing to be in debt to Rei and the others. HMMM! Ryouma is taking a shower because he is hot. When he exits he decides to watch some TV in his towel. Every single station seems to be about Izumi and his debut. People have different things to say about it. Some people talk about the family issues. Some people think he is cute. And some people think he is SUPER CUTE and want to take him out on a creepy dinner. Ryouma and his falling towel slowly realize that Izumi is now popular and people see how cute he is. This is bad for him. At the house Rei and the other two assistant people are super busy on the phone. Everyone wants to know and work with Izumi and everything is perfect for Rei. Well besides the fact that Izumi isn’t good at anything. When Izumi receives about the millionth package since his debut Rei starts to wonder what the kid is doing upstairs. He finds Izumi hunched over a computer doing some auction sites and that his entire room is full of Ryouma stuff. Even the shirt Izumi is wearing. Rei is like…do you like Ryouma? Blushing Izumi says of course not, this is all research. Rei says it is okay if Izumi likes Ryouma. Izumi gets confused while Rei is like YES date the current heartthrob of Japan and be more famous. Izumi is still confused on how he feels and Rei looks at him like a doting father before picking on him like an annoying big brother. Ryouma has made it to work but his mind is in the clouds as he runs into poles. During a break his coworkers and people on set approach him and ask about Izumi and if Ryouma can introduce them to the cutie. Ryouma starts to die inside as his worst nightmares are coming true. He decides that he will not introduce Izumi to anyone and pouts because Izumi is not his to steal away. 5 seconds later Rei and Izumi walk in. Rei is trying to introduce Izumi to new companies and what not. While everyone is happy to see Izumi Izumi is like RYOUMA and runs to him. Everyone then starts to flock to Izumi as Ryouma murders them in his mind. They want pics and answers and autographs from Izumi. It becomes too much from Ryouma and he runs out of the room dragging Izumi with him. Izumi demands to know what is going on as Ryouma shoves him in an empty room.
 photo lovestageepisode910_zps169953b6.png
Oh snap is Ryouma's elephant about to make an appearance?!
Ryouma gets upset that things are already this way and Izumi has barely blinked his eyes. He is jealous how Izumi was smiling at everyone but Izumi is like…Rei told me to? Ryouma gets emotional, saying he is upset and feels as if he will lose Izumi. But Izumi isn’t his so…Ryouma wants an answer, what are they? He embraces Izumi and…..passes out. X___X He is rushed to the hospital for exhaustion. Actual exhaustion, not drugged out behavior. He is resting comfortably at the hospital and the rest of his activities have been cancelled for the day. Izumi looks sad but eventually allows Rei to take him home. He thinks about why Ryouma was like that and perhaps the stress over them caused it. Rei thinks he pressures Ryouma with the press conference. Rei tries to go about his business but notices Izumi is getting more and more packages again. He goes up to talk to the boy and is met with a face that looks like death. Turns out that Izumi has been buying every single yaoi manga in the universe and is disturbed that he doesn’t have a clear answer on something. He asks with an earnest heart…if boy on boy sex hurts. Rei is like X____X but decides to take it maturely and says it depends on such and such. Izumi gets too adorable for this dumb desktop to handle and asks how Rei thinks Ryouma sex will be. Rei decides to be honest and thinks it will hurt a little. Izumi has a meltdown and Rei knows he probably cock blocked Ryouma. Rei tries to brighten the mood by saying Ryouma has been released from the hospital but is still tired and resting at home. Izumi brightens and says…okay I will go hang out with my manga club friends. Rei is like WHAT THE HELL?!?! Apparently they already had plans today and besides…Izumi needs to figure out his feelings for Ryouma before he sees him again. Rei is okay with that and onward Izumi goes. He thinks on the bus/train about Ryouma and his feelings and all he has done. The manga club slowly starts to gather and wait for Izumi. Well while Izumi was on his way someone knocked his glasses off and suddenly everyone wants a piece of the cutie. He takes off running and Takahiro, who is obviously not LalaLulu creator, notices Izumi and goes after the kid. Izumi hides in a construction site waiting for everyone to give up looking for him. He looks for another way out and happens upon some thugs robbing a dude. They recognize Izumi and decide he would be more fun to play with. As Takahiro looks for Izumi the men start talking about finding out if Izumi is a girl or a boy. THE END! Oh lord I hate this desktop. HATES IT! How am I going to type on this thing? Everything looks and feels different. Change is horrible. Change is bad.  Lappy come back to me. MOG I tried to make a sad face and it turned into an actual face. HATES THIS!
 photo lovestageepisode917_zpsf16df30e.png
I guess my life could be worse right now if someone stepped on my glasses....
Even word hates me. SAD FACE. But I guess I need to talk about this anime episode and not complain the rest of my life…you know…because Lappy is gone. How did this episode go? Not the way I thought it was going to go obviously. Because my name is Tenchi. I thought at one point Izumi was going to have to do some showbiz work you know….since he is in show biz now. But right now he is busy being famous for nothing. I think that is being infamous but who is splitting hairs here?
 photo lovestageepisode92_zpsd948521d.png
As the President rubs his hands together in evil glee.
Well….if I was going to be fair Izumi has been in two commercials. But other than that…he is what Ryouma hates. Someone who is riding coattails of famous relatives. This is a 3rd generation coattail going on now although the grandparents are rarely mentioned. The hype is alive, like Japan was ready for something exciting. Ryouma and the mystery girl was juicy but now this adorable kid rolls up and is related to all these people Japan already loves? It is time to rush the presses and get every pic we have of this kid out there. Izumi is the topic of the moment. Manager and his Assistant seems pleased. I guess if they wanted to they could have left Ryouma dangling in trouble over this girl but Rei used this to help Izumi….and Ryouma. Manager seems to think that this is a good thing that they are in debt to Izumi’s family so clearly something is up yes?
 photo lovestageepisode98_zps65d6cdab.png
Put your glasses back on Izumi and only be cute for me!
Ryouma actually has a body you guys. Up until now it is has been Izumi losing his clothes left and right. But Ryouma does possess a body. Nice one too you know….He has to be deep in thought about Izumi while he is showering and since the audience hasn’t gotten any action yet we have to get some eye candy or we would riot in the streets. We almost got an eyeful when Ryouma dropped his towel on the ground out of shock. See as cute as Izumi was during the press conference and as happy as he is that Izumi took this step…Izumi took this step. Now the entire world has seen how gorgeous Izumi is. It’s like many classic animes and real life movies. Someone takes off their glasses and TADA they are gorgeous. Maybe the two other members of the manga club should take off their glasses. But yeah Izumi hasn’t really done anything yet but catch some flowers and run down an aisle and he is a total heartthrob. With everyone. Even older pervy men on TV. So no one is like OH Izumi is a boy how taboo. Izumi seems to have broken that rule or at least become the exception. Like usually we don’t approve but…Izumi. That or maybe it is 2014? Who knows. All I know is Ryouma is in shock that everyone in the universe is talking about his Izumi and realizes…it is not his Izumi. :( What if…someone takes him away?!
 photo lovestageepisode95_zps57a644a8.png
Even gravity is your rival!
While Ryouma is regretting helping Izumi come out as a perfect pop star Rei is like WOOHOO! Oh and now I know who those other two randoms that are…randomly in the house. The agency is run out of the house so they are other helpers. I guess Rei can’t be expected to do it alone. Especially now that they have 4 famous people in this family. Keep on ringing phone, we are in business. Show business. Sorta I should say. It seems like it was mainly people calling to congrads the family and see what is up. Rei kept saying Izumi’s schedule was full but since he has no jobs yet I am not sure how this is possible. Does the kid have to drop out of college now? Because Ryouma seems awfully busy with no school…..Yeah it was a lot of phone calls and suchies for maybe roles. Seems premature because no one has seen anything from Izumi besides his cuteness but that sells in Japan. Well in American too. Obviously.
 photo lovestageepisode96_zpse57d919f.png
I am going to go with nothing for the win?
There has to be a rain though. A rain on Rei’s parade. Can this computer please stop trying to correct my grammar? LEAVE ME BE! Let me be me! You can’t even help me spell words that I spell beyond wrong, I don’t care about my falling apart sentences. I would think that Rei would have noticed before this newest package that Izumi hasn’t left his room since the announcement. Like hmmmm now I actually have to make this talentless kid DO work and that might be the hard part. What if I bring great shame to the family now? Now I am not going to lie. I thought that Izumi was holed up in his room with his LalaLulu pillow having a moment. A long moment. All the lights and questions and attention was too much for him. He gives up show business. He is just too Izumiy and he is going to stay in his room forever. He is going to devote his life to LalaLulu. His brother will no longer be able to bribe him with merchandise if he buys it all first right? Brilliant plan Izumi. Your family can afford it, you don’t need worry yourself.
 photo lovestageepisode97_zpsa6cf88e8.png
My Ryouma shirt? It is so I can sleep in it and absorb his awesome acting abilities. Duh.
So it turns out that Izumi was not buying LalaLulu merchandise. Or how to draw manga books. Instead he was buying every single piece of merchandise that had Ryouma on it. All of it. ALL OF IT! I am surprised Rei kept it together. Was it out of character for him to be…so honest though? I am mean he is honest but right off the bat? Like….err so you like Ryouma? Instead of asking Izumi questions and making Izumi see the truth himself Rei just flat out said it. I like that the boy lied though. I am doing research. Yes yes. I am new to the entertainment field and Ryouma is one of the best. Of course I need to study his work…and where shirts with his face on it…and plaster posters on the wall. I AM A SLAVE TO MY ART! Izumi really is a collector isn’t he?
 photo lovestageepisode99_zps052e5ebe.png
I saw him first!!!!!
While Rei was helping Izumi win more Ryouma auctions Ryouma was busy running into poles at work. I wonder if people who watch his drama notice that all the crimes take place around this one neighborhood always. ALWAYS. Ryouma is unable to concentrate because he is thinking about how fabulous Izumi is and how more people will notice the cuteness. I like that Ryouma doesn’t get yelled at for messing up but then he is trolled when all his co-workers immediately surround him and ask about Izumi. Like thanks guys, wouldn’t want my biggest concerns to come true or anything. I like how no one assumed they were together despite the fact Izumi has made gay couples less of a stigma by simply existing. I mean…Ryouma and Izumi were in a park together. Clearly they are either in love or Ryouma just knows him and we need to use our co-worker to meet this new famous guy who has no work whatsoever to speak of.
 photo lovestageepisode94_zps03b416e7.png
You have created a monster!!!!
Right as Ryouma wanted to stop living Izumi and Rei come in. Despite Izumi getting tons of calls and Rei saying they are super busy Izumi has the time to come to studios and sets he is not invited to to put his face out there. I see. No one important talks to Izumi either. Well someone with the power to actually give Izumi a job. More over Ryouma, there is a new hottie in town. I like that Ryouma doesn’t realize he probably should be jealous or angry about the situation for different reasons. Instead Ryouma gets upset that Izumi is smiling at people (more like groped) and runs out with the boy to create another headline scandal. At least Ryouma told Izumi right away his concerns, that everyone sees Izumi as cute and he is jealous but doesn’t have the right to be jealous. Like you aren’t even mine and this is eating me inside. Briefly eating, not weeks at a time that usually happens in shows like this. Ryouma wants to know before Izumi hits it big if they are ever going to be anything or not? Tell me if I have a chance or I should drown my own troubles in LalaLulu merchandise. Before Ryouma can get his answer or undress Izumi for a half done blow job the dude passes out.
 photo lovestageepisode911_zpsbce10d4e.png
Clearly Izum is to blame for all of this.
Exhaustion folks. Here in the United States we have lots of celebs who go to the hospital for exhaustion. Usually right before or after they are caught with drugs or underage hookers and experiencing a DUI. So it was odd to see someone actually in the hospital for being tired. Ryouma works all the time and has been pulling all nighters to help Izumi with his manga. Add in the fact that Ryouma is losing sleep over his love being a mega cutie all over the magazines and Ryouma has run himself ragged. So sleep he shall get. I sorta feel bad for him as the celebs who go in for exhaustion here are barely working anyway while Ryouma is striking while the iron is hot which means work all the time. Izumi decides that this is his fault as he has toyed with Ryouma’s feelings and left the kid stressed and hanging. Rei thinks this is his fault because of the press conference. Err the press conference was going to happen anyway, Rei just found a way to profit off of it and make Ryouma look decent in the meantime. Either way sad faces all around.
 photo lovestageepisode913_zps8683ba91.png
The mean streets of Tokyo are starting to look better aren't they Rei?
Izumi holes himself up in him room and soon more and more packages are arriving at the door. Now Izumi must be ordering every single LalaLulu piece of merchandise to drown his sorrows right? Rei is on it though, going to nip this in the bud. Or or…Izumi comes to his door looking like death and reveals he has in fact bought every single yaoi manga out there ever. All of it. For research. On the butt sex. Izumi worded it much nicer and cuter than that but yes….he has decided he needs to read up on very reliable and informative male on male relationships that are in yaoi mangas. And for some reason he has also decided to include Rei in on this discussion as he assumes Rei is gay or at least bi now. Anime and manga are all very lovely but most of the time not very realistic when it comes to actual human things. Like boobies sizes and how much blood the human body can handle. Or if a penis can go into a butt with little to no prep at all and the person doesn’t bleed out on the streets from that encounter. But I guess Izumi found SOME mangas that said first times were not the things of rainbows and cupcakes. Rei…well was really mature and clinical about his answer. You know, size and experience and what not. Then Izumi turned on the cute and asked how he (Rei) thought Ryouma was going to be. When Rei answered honestly, that it might hurt a little (a little) Izumi started to embrace the straight side again. Somewhere Ryouma is sharpening his knife for Rei.
 photo lovestageepisode915_zpsb35669e8.png
Where would you get a silly idea like that? Visiting Ryouma the man I want to have butt sex with....crazy!
Speaking of Ryouma…hommie is awake now. And out of the hospital. He is at home resting so Rei tells Izumi the good news. Clearly sex is off the table thanks to this amazing conversation but a visit would be nice. So color Rei surprised when Izumi smiles…and walks out the door to visit his manga club friends. Did that entire conversation not happen at all? Is Rei dreaming this all? Turns out Izumi already made plans with his hommies that he was probably going to skip due to his research but now Rei has made him feel more lifelike with his speech. Or unhelpful words. Plus…as Izumi blushes…he can’t just go see Ryouma now. Not when he doesn’t understand his feelings yet. So Izumi doesn’t know if he loves Ryouma but researched the butt sex just in case. I see now with my eyes. I would argue that Izumi should spend more time with Ryouma to get to know him as a person but I guess that would just be crazy talk or something.
 photo lovestageepisode916_zps5e14bacb.png
Oh yeah Mr. Famous. No one in this group asks questions or really knows each other.
Speaking of crazy…the last bits of the episode were a bit insane. I really don’t care about the other two people in the manga club and their real names and why they donate blood. They get to the meeting area first and Takahiro joins them later. It is necessary to point out that Takahiro came from the opposite direction of his house because he in an otaku and he should come from his house and not his LalaLulu making studio. Silly excuses are silly. The crazy part is that no one talked about Izumi’s debut at all. I know these are supposed to be typical otaku people who never watch real TV and read mangas/watch anime all the time but you would think one of them would accidentally have heard about their friend becoming famous over night. Guess Takahiro was too busy working on his manga or what not.
 photo lovestageepisode91_zps4048a26f.png
Err let me just put my glasses on....
It is a good thing that Takahiro is observant. Izumi was making his way to the meeting point worrying about Ryouma’s feelings and his feelings when someone knocks off his glasses. Instantly it is revealed he is Superman and not Clark Kent and he is surrounded by people who want to have their pics taken with a nonfamous person. So Izumi has to run like the wind and ends up hiding in a construction site. Which we know from other animes is a very dangerous place to hide. This time is no exception as a robbery was already taking place when Izumi gets there. Since Izumi is no longer wearing his glasses these thugs know he is famous and this situation is better than the other person they were robbing. Instead of holding Izumi as random though it is better to get our second attempted sexual assault done and out of the way. So Izumi can realize when Ryouma touched him without his permission it meant something whereas these guys will just come across mean and scary. I see….so this is the action that is going to send Izumi running towards Ryouma. I SEE INDEED! We see Takahiro looking for Izumi in the background so maybe he will run and save the day. I thought it might be Ryouma but the clips for next week make it look like Ryouma is still at his home. So maybe it is just Takahiro who saves the day? Shougo? Rei? Will we have time to talk about Takahiro being LalaLulu’s author or is it going to be pushed aside so Izumi can realize his love for Ryouma and take it really fast in their relationship? Guess we will have to wait to find out. Until then…peace out!


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