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Tokyo Ghoul episode 10: New characters all over the place!

 photo tokyoghoulepisode101_zps9da7f88b.png
Yeah. Spoilers for THAT happening.
Happy Friday to you all. Unless it is Saturday where you are. Then Happy Saturday. It is officially two weeks til my super early birthday celebrates at Disney woohoo!!!! So excited. But before I get my autograph on at Walt Disney World I need to get some anime posts pumped out so I can start fresh with the new Fall season yes? So what is up now? Tokyo Ghoul episode 10. Spoilers for tripling the cast!!!! X____X
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Yeah you are basically toast dude.
Episode Summary: All the Doves at the 11th ward are under attack, dying all over the place by the hands of some mysterious Ghouls. One escapes long enough to call the main branch but is killed while he was talking on the phone with Head Honcho Marude. One of the Ghouls gets on the phone and pisses Marude off. After he gets off the phone this Ghoul heads to the roof to talk to another Ghoul covered in Bandaids and they get ready to leave. They refer to themselves as Tatara and Eto. Yomo and Yoshimura head to the scene and Yomo explains that this group is called the Aogiri Tree. At the café Toka and Kaneki are manning things but with all this chaos going on there are no customers. The bell rings and Kaneki goes to greet the guest but the man grabs him by the throat and demands to see the manager. Toka defuses the situation by making this man Banjou order tea. Apparently him and his power ranger team are looking for Rize. Banjou loses his mind and thinks he smells Rize on Kaneki. He starts manhandling Kaneki again but Kaneki accidentally knocks him out. Oppies. Meanwhile Amon has made it to this super secret meeting of Doves and he goes on and on in his head about the higher ups in the room. It is like a parade of names. Mr. Head Honcho walks in to talk about Ward 11 which the survival rate was zero. Excellent. Banjou wakes up on the café floor and learns Kaneki is not Rize’s man and apologizes a million times. Toka and Kaneki make it sound like Rize is still alive, just not here. Banjou is like I have come to tell her to run. That there is a group called Aogiri Tree that came to the 11th ward and are running things now whether anyone likes it or not and now their eyes are set on Rize. Banjou suggests everyone runs. Then Toka’s little brother Ayato flies through the window and scare the crap out of Banjou, like his hand was caught in the cookie jar. He kicks Banjou around for a bit until Toka gets all glarey. Kaneki realizes they are siblings as they trade insults. Dad apparently is dead and Toka is just as peace loving and wimpy as him while Toka thinks Ayato is insane.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode107_zps76818cd6.png
I don't even know what this is supposed to mean....
While they are trading insults….Jason and his freaky looking friend Nico walk in. Ayato and Banjou look scared. Outside the police station is that odd looking girl with the tattoos. Well it turns out those are stitches that the character likes to play with and she is a boy, looking for the police station. Inside the police station Marude is giving probably the worst pep talk in the history of pep talks. This Aogiri Tree group is like 200 members strong and Ghouls have never band together like this before so even more Ghouls are going to join and it is war time that no one is allowed to quit. Like thanks dude. During this speech the weird boy comes in and it turns out he is a Dove, not a Ghoul. X___X Back at the café Jason and his knuckle cracking self are making everyone nervous. Oh he followed Banjou and not Ayato….oh well he did that. Then Jason decides it stinks and starts throwing Kaneki all over the place. Blood splashes everywhere. They plan on kidnapping him but apparently kidnapping also means try to kill Kaneki and smash his brains on the ground. Kaneki tries fighting and exposes to everyone he is a half Ghoul. The beating continues. Toka tries to help Kaneki but her brother Ayato corners her and kicks her ass instead. Banjou tries to get Jason to calm down and leave. The response is to break windows with Kaneki’s face. Nice suggests stopping as well and is stabbed in the stomach. Jason kills for fun, not to eat apparently. Toka tries to attack at Jason but Ayato hits her out of the way to protect her. They leave with Kaneki and Toka lays broken on the ground. Yomo and Yoshimura get to back to the café and find it a mess. They confirm with Toka that Kaneki has been kidnapped and that they need to contact the others. At the police office Marude explains the plan to everyone while this new creepy Dove boy Juuzou picks at his…stitches. It is decided that they will evacuate ward 11 and move in to stop the Ghouls. Then Marude basically hits on Juuzou which is gross. Mr. beady eye and Amon try to talk about work. Amon is going to get one of Mado’s old weapons and they might go up against Jason. Thinking about Jason triggers a memory with Amon about a Ghoul or a family member who turns out to be a Ghoul eating someone. Hide is at home upset that Kaneki hasn’t answered his calls and it looks like his apartment is conspiracy theory headquarters. Yoshimura gathers everyone up and basically tells them they are not going to go rescue Kaneki. Nishiki at first is the most upset but explains Aogiri Tree is dangerous and when the Doves storm the place…they might die. So byebye Kaneki. Toka is like well I am going to go get him. Hinami and Nishiki agree to help and Yoshimura is like oh haha I was just testing you to make sure you know the risks, here is the plan. But first…their great friend Shu arrives for reinforcements WOOHOO THE END!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode108_zpsd40a2fbf.png
I should have titled this post the episode of demotivating speeches.
So….my brain pretty much melted in this episode. Like okay about 75845 new characters that I probably should learn their names and not much is making sense hurray. On top of that the husband got the desktop from 2007 up and running so now I am trying to blog on this. Downloading anime will have to take place on the other desktop as this computer can barely handle the graphics on Facebook. Downloading and watching an episode might kill it or something.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1012_zps70572fea.png
But back to this episode. My brain melted. We first start off with a bunch of ward 11 people. I am 99.9 percent sure I am not going to have to learn their names as they are all super dead now. All of them. I guess this group of Ghouls waited until no one was on patrol or something and attack? And what an attack it was. It looks Jason might have been there (who is from the 13th ward not like the 11th ward like I thought earlier) kicking some ass. It was especially upsetting for one Dove who tried to call in this horrific attack. I mean he had to know that there was nothing on Earth that could save him. Maybe instant teleportation could have but since that doesn’t exist he was truly screwed. It was just a last ditch effort to warn people and give notice, maybe some information that could help others. Nothing that was given on the phone as he was killed mid-sentence and the call to Mr. Head Honcho was taken over by a Ghoul on the scene. I don’t know who this dude Tatara is or why his partner Eto is covered in bandaids. We didn’t see them the rest of the episode so who knows who important they are going to be. SO MANY NAMES!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1013_zpsa267bfb3.png
The real question is do any of them need tea?
Yoshimura and Yomo decided to make their way over to the massacre. I am not sure why they would do that. Well it looks like they didn’t go to the building of the Doves as that would be stupid but they went to the other site, the attack that happened outside. I am pretty sure that didn’t happen in ward 20 but since I have no idea what is going I could be wrong. I guess I was just confused on why Yomo and Yoshimura were concerning themselves with this matter. Like….didn’t Yoshimura just say not to kill Doves and bring attention to themselves? I didn’t see Yoshimura wearing a mask either. I don’t know, I just wonder why they were there or what they thought they were going to find. Dead Doves, blood, Ghouls probably did it. I guess this scene existed so Yomo could tell Yoshimura about the group Aogiri Tree and how they are a bunch of insane Ghouls that are causing problems. We already know this but now they have a name. Names are important.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1015_zps59cded83.png
Flashbacks of people telling me they pay my salary and I need to do what they want.
While Yomo and Yoshimura are on their field trip Toka and Kaneki are actually running the place. WOOHOO Toka has made it back to work everyone have a party. Not that it matters as they aren’t getting many customers as the Ghouls are staying indoors due to the recent attacks and dramas. That’s okay, Toka and Kaneki are Japanese so they will stay productive and busy. And look, here are some customers now. A man named Banjou and his merry men of Power Rangers. Oh yes they came looking for Rize last episode and it appears they are working with Toka’s brother Ayato. I am sure this will all go very well yes?
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1016_zps670ca51e.png
Err see that is a funny story.....
Guess what? XD It doesn’t go well. Banjou walks in like he owns the place with his entourage and starts to act like a jerk. Because that is what people do in this world. Ghouls don’t have enough problems in this world with limited food sources that often get them killed. No no, we got to fight against people who understand our plight and could be potential allies. Because that makes sense. Banjou wants to know where Rize is and why Kaneki smells like her. When answers are not quick enough it is time for Banjou to start throwing punches. The man must have a crush on the dead Ghoul but he was sent here on a mission or so I thought. This….moment of anger was something of his own doing, personally being upset that Kaneki might have tapped that. Since Kaneki has been taking badass classes with Yomo he was able to hold his own and knock out Banjou. No one really got involved with the fight. Toka was like stop…please….stop and the rest of the Power Ranger crew was like yeah boss you are a moron. They did help make Banjou comfortable on the ground though.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1018_zps750782fb.png
See? Just a big teddy bear.
Once Banjou wakes up things calm down. Like false alarm, this isn’t the person you should be scared of going forward. Banjou just had a moment when he thought Kaneki was hitting that in regards to Rize. I am sure Kaneki was trying not throw up and cry at the same time. Rize has taken a back seat though with talking to Kaneki which makes me a sad panda. Might have been fun to see her smirking. But I guess that part of Kaneki was a bit exaggerated in the prior episodes, to show the viewers how unstable the kid was. Maybe Rize’s consciousness was never there and Kaneki was having a moment. Anyway once Banjou found out he was wrong about Kaneki he basically turned into a giant kitten and was very apologetic. He was here to protect Rize. Turns out he is a part of Aogiri but it doesn’t seem willing on this part. He explains this organization is 200 Ghouls strong and they are overtaking other Ghouls and Doves. Their eye is set on Rize now and Banjou and his crush are here to warn his lady love. For some reason Toka and Kaneki don’t tell the man the truth. Not sure why as it wasn’t like he could super tell what happened with Kaneki. He smells like Rize but I doubt he could put two and two together. And Toka and Kaneki didn’t kill Rize so why scared of the consequences? Don’t give Banjou false hope, tell him the truth.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1019_zps62429c8f.png
5 seconds after Banjou is revealed to not be the big bad bully and he is wants to protect Rize from Aogiri…..some of Aogiri crashes into the café. More specifically Toka’s little brother Ayato. Who really doesn’t look his age and it bothers me so. Unless junior high aged boys in Japan look like 22 male models and living in the United States all my life has blinded me to this fact. Toka at least looks her age. Ghouls age isn’t that interesting? But yeah right when Banjou gets his story out Ayato comes in to throw his weight around and make Banjou act on edge. Before he got too cocky Toka made her presence known and Kaneki was like oh snap here is the brother. I would have assumed by Toka’s aloneness at the café that her entire family was dead but I guess he more assumed that there was a falling out. Not sure when this happened though as the kids aren’t even that old. Perhaps the parents died and they argued at what direction to take next. Seems odd as they should have been leaning on each other. But it all depends on what circumstances their parents died of. Ayato is in the camp of stop being a human huger and join the dark side. Toka seems to straddle the line but moreso leans to I want to live and so do humans. Such tension…sure this kid is here to mess people’s faces up.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1020_zpsc620bac3.png
No I'm the father!!!!
5 seconds after Ayato walks in….Jason and not Shu walk in. OH. So these are the baddies to fear as Banjou AND Ayato are shaking in fear. It’s like some crazy soap opera episode. People are going to keep walking in the door and being the super baddie until someone else walks in. Until the oldest Ghoul alive and the father of all Ghouls walks in and everyone has peed themselves. Cue the dramatic prairie dog gif. That is how ridiculous things were getting folks. But I think this might be it. Unless the pair from earlier are more amazing than Jason. Rize seemed to be top of her game and a steel beam took her out. So maybe the buck stops at Jason. And his not Shu friend Nico. He made me want to stab my eyes out obviously.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1014_zps229bb848.png
I think there is someone worse than Jason X____X
So to make this complicated story simple Rize left 11 a long time ago but had friends still in the area. Banjou was forced to join this large group call Aogiri Tree. Once he got word Rize was targeted he went to warn Rize she was next but might have played it up as going to get info on Rize. Ayato is higher on the totem pole and followed Banjou to where he knew his sister and Rize (if she was still alive) would be. From there Jason and Nice followed Ayato as he is a loyal little puppy. And Jason is the one who is looking for Rize and probably has been since the first episode when he tried to hurt Rize and he lost his original weapon. Despite Ayato acting like an asshole he and Banjou both seem equally as upset at Jason’s arrival and don’t do anything to help the situation out. Well Ayato hits Toka so she doesn’t get even more hurt from Jason but that is about it.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode105_zps7c52365b.png
Begging your pardon governor but maybe we can keep the bait alive? Otherwise it doesn't really work?
Jason has figured that if Rize was anywhere she would be here, at Peaceful Café. It isn’t like Jason took a lot of time asking where the woman was or where Yoshimura was. Unless his plan was to kidnap someone from the café while Yoshimura was out so he could have some leverage. Because Rize is the kind of Ghoul who cares about others yes? No? Okay. So yeah…things got bloody. And they got bloody just because as Mado or someone says. A Ghoul that kills for the fun of it, not the hunger. So while Jason doesn’t kill Banjou for maybe being a traitor Nico gets stabbed for suggesting that Jason not completely kill Kaneki. He has priorities you know.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode104_zps3e557680.png
And this was the manageable part of the pain!
Kaneki? That giant blob of blood and probably guts? Yeah he is still alive but I am not sure how. Characters in animes often have triple the amount of blood in their body compared to their human counterparts. Jason wanting to take a hostage means…beat said hostage an inch from death. But since Nishiki and Shu are still alive despite having massive holes in their body maybe Kaneki would have been okay if his skull really had been crushed. Because I thought it had been at one point. Jason saw the one Ghoul eye and went to town, as if to show people what he was all about. Good job big man, picking on someone who is a new Ghoul…not that he knows that. Toka did attempt to protect Kaneki but that just resulted in her butt getting kicked and more broken furniture around the joint. No one else did anything out of fear and probably for good reason. If Nice the friend isn’t safe no one is. Why is Rize so important?
 photo tokyoghoulepisode106_zpsa4643a82.png
This would be Yoshimura being broken up about all that has gone down.
Kaneki the bleeding was kidnapped. Yoshimura and Yomo got home later that day to find the entire café in shambles. Is there a reason why no one owns a cellphone? Like maybe some nearby Ghoul might have noticed the mess and called Yoshimura to let him know what is up? No? Fine. He and Yomo were slightly calm about the entire thing which was a bit eye rolling to me. I know he is supposed to be the mature old man who takes care of everyone but a little bit emotion at kidnapped Kaneki and very hurt Toka would have been nice. No one would have judged him. Instead the old man gathers up the three other café employees and Hinami to talk about how they aren’t going to rescue Kaneki because the Doves are surely going to attack Aogiri with everything they have. And anyone count in the cross fire is going down so yeah…we are not going to save Kaneki. He said this to make Toka, Nishiki, and Hinami to get all up in arms saying they would risk their lives to save Kaneki. Because obviously that is what Yoshimura wanted, for them to come to that conclusion…then lead them into battle and rescue. Oh snap aren’t you so sneaky old man?!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode102_zps27bb9784.png
They make take our lives but they will never take our freedom!!!! RARW SUGAR TITS!
While all this drama is going on the humans have not been idle. After the shock of all the 11th ward Doves dying warnings had to be issued. Not too warning like though because panicking people when it is the perfect time to panic would cause a panic. From there it is Mado entering this special force area and talking about all the higher ups he has heard of. I really, really hope I don’t have to remember all those names. Because it was a lot. It was mainly Mado just saying how important these people were and what not. Then there was talk about how they were going to strike the Ghouls in one week (you know, give them time to organize) and how Aogiri Tree is a massive group. Well rounded. But what do they want?! I don’t know, I guess we need to figure out Blue’s Clues and figure out why the Ghouls are so angry.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode103_zps7432423c.png
Can you just send them via mail next time because YOU'RE CREEPY!
During this meeting and Mado fawning all over people we see the creepy person who pick pocketed Kaneki last episode. The fact that this person (Juuzou) does not have tattoos and those are stitches and he PICKS at them and they move almost made me lose my panda yummys. Or whatever they are. Already took the trash out. Oh I guess the fact that this person is not a Ghoul and is a Dove is a shocker too. Unless they are an undercover Ghoul. Word on the street is Juuzou isn’t ranked very high but there must be a reason why they are here. I am going to ignore Head Honcho hitting on Juuzou because I don’t want to barf. I will just focus on Mr. Beady Eye and Amon having some words. Mado left Amon his weapons which makes sense since they probably belong to the police force and they are hard to come by. This Aogiri tree is run by a Ghoul with one Ghoul eye and Mado was looking for that Ghoul HMMM. Not sure at all why this connected to Amon in terms of a flashback of his childhood. I figured he had a run in with Ghouls but this flashback meant nothing to me. Yet. We shall see.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1010_zps7b1368ae.png
I often eat my best friends too people.
The episode ends with Yoshimura implying that they are going go after Kaneki. The old man wasn’t too shock that Kaneki was kidnapped. Perhaps they want more one eyed Ghouls in their army? That this one eye Ghoul is a bit lonely and wants a friend? Yes that must be it. Friends. And speaking of friends who walked in to help save Kaneki? Why it is Shu? This will surely work out amazingly now that they have a giant meat shield. XD Until next time!


Eternia said...

I am posting to show that your old reader is still here. It's kind of sad that you no longer reply to comments, tenchi.
I know it's confusing. This anime suddenly turns into shounen shit by episode 10. You will see.
Baddies were on standby as they're shot by an unprotected old man. Kid riding motorbike flew into second floor as the baddies watched him and did nothing. Bleh.

Anonymous said...

Please ready the Manga, the anime is butcher this T_T!!!

Yes, and this is the Anonymous who love to give you more info, but the anime is just SOOOOOOO bad, please, please ready the manga.

Wong Max said...

I greatly enjoyed this manga and its art (especially the masks!), so I'm seriously looking forward to the anime! It actually reminds me a little of Deadman Wonderland. However, I have a dilemma as this is the sort of series that I would prefer to wait out and enjoy completely at one go, yet I would like to watch it as soon as it airs…

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