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Tokyo Ghoul episode 11

 photo tokyoghoulepisode118_zps53472e0d.png
Things are looking really bad for Kaneki. Like super bad.
What post number am I on tonight? Let me go back and see. I am trying to keep focused but there are some jerks on Survivor that apparently need my attention. But I am on post 4 for tonight. See folks? I did have things to post. XD I just needed to finish them. Up now though is Tokyo Ghoul episode 11. Spoilers for everyone fighting everyone else?
 photo tokyoghoulepisode117_zpscb601a7c.png
We can do this people but only through your good thoughts. And bullets. Lots and lots of bullets.
Episode Summary: Amon is kicking butt in a new outfit and weapon while Kaneki is off being tortured. Err did I miss something? Let’s rewind to the end of episode 10 before people get even more confused okay there Tokyo Ghoul. Toka is letting anyone who will listen that Shu does not really care for and shouldn’t even be alive to be invited on this mission. Apparently after Toka kicked his ass and left him for dead Shu ate himself to stay alive and has declared himself tasty. Yoshimura points out that they need numbers of their side and Shu is willing to help. It is decided that they will rescue Kaneki when the Doves use their giant numbers to attack Aogiri Tree. In some giant dome like place of an apparent mall Kaneki is being held captive. And tortured. Blood is everywhere, he appears to be missing all his nails, and the censors are blocking any idea of what is really happening. Jason says that Mr. Tatara didn’t need Kaneki so Jason gets to play with him now. Turns out there is a chemical that you can give Ghouls that makes their kagune unable to work but the only want to inject it is through the eye and then I blacked out for like 5 hours because me and eyes don’t mix. It is through the eye and then I blacked out for like 5 hours because me and eyes don’t mix. Amon is sitting in a meeting with other Doves and they are being told how the civilians have been evacuated and that this mall has been taken over by Ghouls for 2 months and over the last week the Aogiri Tree have grown in numbers. He is only half listening though as earlier in the week (day?) he was given one of Mado’s weapons. He was told that this weapon was to be given to him in the event of Mado’s death so he is all like I will treasure it fondly. So then the Doves start to move in on a million buses while all the Ghouls at this mall just watch, as if to wait until it is a gentlemen’s match to start fighting. While the battle is getting started we see Kaneki. He has been tied into a chair somewhere nearby. Jason is doing something to Kaneki that is terrible. Blood is all over the floor and Kaneki is screaming. Jason smirks and says he will return when Kaneki has healed. Banjou is ordered to mop up the mess. He tries to tell Kaneki that help will come and not to give up. Kaneki is not looking too good though so hopefully help comes soon. Banjou also tells Kaneki that he knows Rize is dead and that Kaneki was keeping that a secret to spare his feelings. At the café everyone is looking stoic as the rest are gathered up for battle. On the way to the Ghoul Mall Amon is asked about Jason since he fought the Ghoul and lived to tell the tale. There is talk about why Jason is the way he was. He was captured once and instead of being killed he was tortured and created another personality within himself to deal with the torture. Thus he is an asshole now.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1115_zps4471bcd0.png
I think more Doves are dying but there were more of them be begin with so I guess it is even?
The Doves start to arrive at the mall whereas Aogiri Tree is on the roof and talking all their main gang stuff. They seem pissed that Jason is not there yet. As soon as everyone is in place the gun shots start to ring out. The Ghouls use their kagune to protect themselves so more Doves die at first. Things turn for the better when Juuzou steals Head Honcho’s motorcycle and crashes into a wall and kills all the snipers. GOOOOOOOAL! Then there is a bunch of battles between Ghouls and Doves. Amon’s friend Mr. Beady Eyes goes to the roof with some people for a specific goal. Kaneki is seen being taken care of by some of Banjou’s friends. He is still not doing great but they promise to rescue him. Toka is slicing through Doves and Ghouls looking for her man. Amon sees Toka and decides it is avenging Mado time. There is one freaky looking Ghoul who is Resident Evil like and kicking ass. Outside the random worker girl and Hinami are still hiding with Yoshimura. The girl is able to hear things and Yoshimura decides he needs to do something to buy the rest of the group more time. Amon does catch up with Toka and she slowly realizes he is looking for revenge in regards to Mado. Two other Ghouls, some special Brothers from Aogiri Tree start fighting Amon instead which allows Toka to escape. Uta and Shu end up fighting against the weird looking Resident Evil Ghoul. While Amon is fighting he realizes he is disadvantaged against these tag teaming brothers. He thinks back to what Mado first taught him about Ghouls. That no matter what Ghouls are stronger and faster than humans so humans have to fight differently if they want to win. Being wily. That Mado has a lot of weapons in his collection and if he dies he will give the perfect one to Amon. So Amon then reveals he had two weapons this entire time and kicks the brothers’ asses. Toka has made it to another part of the building but is nearly taken out by some flying kagune. Nishiki takes the blast for her because they are best friends now. Turns out her brother is the one who did the attacking. Before we can care about that Mr. Beady Eye has made it to the roof with his men when…some giant Ghoul who looks like an Owl has made it there. Apparently he is the baddest of the bad and Head Honcho knows they are all going to die. Amon has made it to the roof but it still doesn’t look good for them. Kaneki is seen in the torture room with white and THE END!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1118_zpscc8386f6.png
By the way these two are best friends now. In case you blinked.
I think we SAW all the new people from last episode. It just really didn’t matter with bullets flying and censors covering up what really was going on. Because yeah folks…too many names. Too many names and not enough episodes for me to try and remember them all. I mean I am still lazy with calling the Doves Doves when that isn’t officially their names. XD
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1117_zpsf3773756.png
Wait this happens at the end of the episode? I SEE NOW!
Also can this show stop with the false starts? The ones that happen in the middle or end of the episodes? It makes me all confused. Like whoa did I miss another episode and I am super behind? What is going on? Why is Amon kicking butt? Where did he get that weapon and outfit from? I have to pause the episode and make sure I am on the right one. You would think since this happens all the time I would be used to it and just go with the flow but nope. Not me. Gotta make sure I am not totally confused.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode112_zps2026bb74.png
I hope it hasn't been two months of torture. :( Poor Kaneki.
Let’s rewind now folks. Rewind to make what the heck is going on and how much time has passed since Kaneki has been kidnapped. It was slightly confusing to me when Head Honcho was talking about the Aogiri Tree group taking over the mall 2 months ago and Toka yelling at Shu for being there. I know that time can pass and we don’t have to be spoon fed information but then when the Ghouls were going off to battle and waiting the entire café was still covered in Kaneki’s blood. So I am going to go out on a limb that something either got lost in translation or I am confused and lost. Perhaps this mall was taken over 2 months ago was abandoned? Am I thinking way too much into this? I rather Kaneki not be kidnapped for 2 months but the idea t hat he was tortured that much in a short period of time is also awful yes? So yeah folks. We got the good Ghouls acting like this just happened and the Doves are all confusing me. I am going to operate under the impression that this is a right away thing and ignore Head Honcho. I am sure he is used to that.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1111_zpsc14be74b.png
Thanks for reminding us why you suck so much.
Back to Toka not being down for team Shu. She let everyone and their mother know her opinion on the matter. Like um this is not Kaneki’s best friend. In case anyone forgot that Shu tried to eat Kaneki. I think that Yoshimura has gotten that memo. But since the number of Aogiri Tree members has increased to 300 and they are like 8 strong with Hinami the tiny in the ranks…they need more help. There are a lot of scared Ghouls out there and the jerks have joined the baddies. So beggars can’t be choosers. Plus…if Shu wants to eat Kaneki he very well will want to save him from being eaten by someone else you know? That is my tasty snack! I probably could have done without the info that Shu ate himself to stay alive. Like…thanks. Do not want.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode114_zps2638055f.png
Wait two months? I am so confused.
We see much of what is going on at Doves central through Amon’s eyes. As it should be. I think his friend Mr. Beady Eyes is going to die and Head Honcho will probably live. Given what Juuzou did this episode I think he might live as well. There was a lot of technical stuff going on. Assembling all the buses in Tokyo and getting all the citizens out of Ward 11. I am not sure why there weren’t more attacks during this time. Like nope we should not let the Doves assemble, keep on attacking. I might have put bombs in the buses but that is just me. Also where the heck did they get all those Doves from? Is every other Ward out of workers right now? Did they randomly give normal police officers that title? Super fast training. Because dear goodness that is a lot of Doves. A lot of Doves all over the place. X____X
 photo tokyoghoulepisode116_zps10534f06.png
Onward to the bus of memory lane and death. Probably.
Amon is still thinking about Mado. They worked together for years so I guess that is going to happen despite the fact the viewers hate him and the notsoevil Ghouls despise him. So as long as we have Amon we are going to have flashbacks of Mado. That other dude died too you know. :( In this episode we got the whole Mado told Amon about a weapon he was going to leave him if he died. I found this odd as it wasn’t either one of the weapons Mado previously had. And his third one (first one) broke. So at the least Mado had 4 weapons. Is this Riddick or something? You keep what you kill? I would think it would be a better system to give one weapon per Dove. You can only have a weapon if you kill a Ghoul so it’s not like you can mass produce these things. Hoarders! And if Mado wanted Amon to be the very best, like no one ever was, why not give him the spare weapon to start with? Slightly stupid. But Mado’s super secret tip on beating Ghouls…play dirty.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1110_zps4f9d8d6b.png
This is probably not a good pep talk......
Before the big mission to use all the Doves and buses in the world to take out Aogiri Tree there was a bit of talk among Amon and his buddy about Jason. Amon fought against the Ghoul and lived to tell the tale so that makes him a bit of a legend. Okay that might be stretching the truth as Amon was nearly pancakes and Mado lost his weapon. Jason was just not in the mood to kill them that day thus they are still alive. Amon neglects to say that. Well some older Doves on the force have a thing or two to say about Jason. He used to go by a different name back then and instead of being killed right away he was held in a detention center of some kind? I suppose there has to be some awful experimentation going on so they can learn more about Ghouls. No matter how much sugar coating is used there is no way around the fact that Jason was tortured. Like was there another Mado out there or something? Kill the Ghouls and save the humans. But apparently someone got it in their brain that torturing Jason would be a great idea. The Ghoul developed a split personality (probably brought on by the cracking of his fingers) to protect himself and that person turned out to be stronger. Jason escaped and now everyone is screwed because the Doves created some really pissed off Ghoul.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode115_zps4fa9b3e2.png
Yeah I didn't need to see the rest of this. Thanks for the censors.
The best part of this Jason story is he isn’t even in charge of the Aogiri Tree. So that means there someone who is bigger and baddier than him. Joy. I get that train of thought because Jason was allowed to have Kaneki. Like…what the point of kidnapping him if he wasn’t bait and the head dude didn’t want Kaneki for his one eye? I am beginning to think there wasn’t a point to that. But you know all that torture that Jason experienced as a Ghoul is captivity. Well now he has snapped all over the place and gives it out tenfold…to other Ghouls. I believe if Rize was still alive she would have received the same treatment as well. So to Kaneki…I am so sorry that you are being tortured at the hands of this mad man for no reason. You have no info and he probably doesn’t even plan to eat you afterwards. You were not the one who hurt and torture him but I guess that is like with bullies and molesters, they never go after the ones who hurt them but other weaker individuals who would never dream of doing things like this. I usually get on about censors covering up too much of the actions and not painting me a clear picture of what is going on. But this time…thanks. I don’t think I needed to see that. Was Kaneki missing all his nails?!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode119_zpsdd3ad164.png
So many people were saying this I am starting to think something bad is going to happen.
Jason really had everything planned out didn’t he? I don’t think I understand still what the big deal is with this Ghoul weapon but now there is a drug that makes Ghouls unable to use their kagune. You know, so they don’t fight back. Poor Kaneki just suffered and suffered, started to count like Jason did when he was captured. The torture took part throughout the entire episode so I really hope it was just a matter of hours that Kaneki was kidnapped and not the 2 months. Still while Kaneki be the same after this? We did see Hide being all worried since he knows what is up but still…..this is too much for my little heart to bear. Banjou and his loyal power rangers were the ones tending to the bleeding mass that was Kaneki and were really upset at his treatment. They would have broke him out eventually but others are coming to the rescue it seems. I hope in the cross fire they aren’t killed by Toka and company. They shouldn’t since their expressions were obvious last time. Also Banjou knows Rize is dead but doesn’t know she is in Kaneki. Because that is lost upon the group that Kaneki is super powerful and him being kidnapped and tortured is just a coincidence on the matter. Also I like how this major assault is going on or about to happen and Jason and his minions are allowed to not be in position. Like lala hurting Kaneki is more important instead.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1114_zpsb5cb10ef.png
They don't want to be in Aogiri Tree either. Wonder how many other innocent Ghouls are caught up in this.
Since Jason isn’t in charge and Ayato is not in charge I am going to assume that Tatara is the one in charge. I don’t think he was the giant owl one eyed Ghoul at the end though. I mean it could have been him but now I am thinking that was Yoshimura might be that badass. He did say he was going to create a distraction. But in regards to Aogiri Tree Tatara is the one telling what the other Ghouls what to do. And gathering up all the weapons I see. So does that mean there is going to be showdown after showdown? We got a lot of heavy hitters on this Ghoul team and Hinami on the other. I wonder why Ayato is even in this group as he seems….not okay with taking orders. Guess if he hates humans enough joining a group that is going to kill him sounds good to him, even if they are assholes.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1112_zpsce069d82.png
Because they all have super powers?
So it is time for the battle folks. And it is done old school style. Like everyone assemble in two lines and we shall have a gentlemen’s fight. Okay it wasn’t quite like that but it wasn’t terribly sneaky either. The Ghouls of Aogiri Tree stayed in their mall fortress while the Doves drove up and were allowed to assemble without being attacked. That is of course what I would do. And the Doves were only in one spot it seems and didn’t surround the building like I would have as the Good Ghouls (team Kaneki) were able to have their own spot. You know what…is there a reason why Japan didn’t just…oh I don’t know…bomb the entire area? The Ghouls are centrally located and all the residents were safe? Wouldn’t it be safer for the citizens to lose a few buildings and what not if hundreds of Ghouls were taken out? Like bomb the building and then send in the special weapons? No? This is insanity? Carry on again.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1113_zps58110675.png
So why is he ranked so low again?
This did not happen because that would make too much sense and Japan and bombs probably wouldn’t go over well anyway. Instead everyone was firing guns at each other for a while. Just…normal bullets. Some Ghouls had used their kagune as sort of shields but just plain bullets. Back and forth firing. I am sure could have taken awhile. That is until Juuzou (who according to the internet is Amon’s new partner…) decides that they are made of steel and are going to save the day. The idea was to take out the snipers and instead of a large group trying to do this Juuzou steals Head Honcho’s motorcycle and basically Resident Evil it into the sniper group of Ghouls without taking a single hit and killing all the Ghouls in that area like a ninja. So…is there a reason why this Juuzou is a lower ranking Dove? Are we sure they are not a Ghoul? Why are they so amazing? While Head Honcho cries over his motorcycle the rest of the group moves towards the building while Juuzou is seen fighting alone and looking creepy. Because he is creepy.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode111_zpse10728bb.png
I got this Mado, I will make you proud!
From there the episode really…well goes all over the place and it was hard to blog. Especially from memory when the actual episode was on the other computer. Kaneki was being tortured in torture land. Toka was making her way independently to Kaneki when Amon sees her. They have a brief moment because Amon still wants to avenge his Pride Mado. How am I able to type that with a straight face I have no idea. Toka I think would have been okay with Amon killing her as long as Kaneki was safe because she has the feels now because she killed a man with a family and what not. But two people in the Aogiri Tree group appear and don’t want to take out Toka. Or don’t realize until she bounces away she is not part of them. Amon was slightly ticked. Earlier in the episode these brothers were portrayed as some top notch Ghouls so I thought this was going to spell trouble for Amon. I think there is still hope for Amon to bring the two groups of people together. Well that is really supposed to be Kaneki’s job but maybe Amon could see things in a different point of view. I have faith he is a good person and just needs to see it from the Ghoul’s point of view. But for now he is dealing with unreasonable Ghouls. While there was a moment where things looked back for Amon he pulls out a win in the end. Mainly Mado did because he was packing so many weapons. I am not sure why Mado didn’t just give Amon this weapon while he was alive. It is not like he can fight with three weapons at one time and if the weapon matched Amon’s fighting style why not make your partner stronger? Because it is insane in Mado’s head. Amon doesn’t think like that and accepts that Mado has gifted him with a super weapon. Flawless victory.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1119_zps73b24e53.png
I am leaning towards Yoshimura....
After the Amon battle then things got a bit jumble and there wasn’t anything long enough to devote a paragraph to. Uta and Shu are fighting the super creepy looking Ghoul. Kaneki has white hair while being tortured now. Someone at the café has super abilities that work far away thus they aren’t in the battle but protecting Hinami. Nishiki and Toka are going to take on her brother who looks like a jerk. Seriously I think this kid would go out of his way to kill Toka even if he was assigned a different mission. It is personal because Toka doesn’t want to fight all the time? Yeah I feel bad when Toka has to kill him. Amon and his beady eye friend meet with some red shirts on the roof when some GIANT looking Ghoul comes in. He is called an Owl or something and he looks like it. I don’t know why he would look so different from the rest of the Ghouls but it is either Tatara or Yoshimura. It is a toss up. Yoshimura did say he had to make a distraction for the others but Tatara is the leader of the Aogiri Tree so it would make more sense if he was some big tough Ghoul you know? So….yeah folks. Everyone is running around having all these battles and it is dark and confusing. Will any mains die? Will Kaneki be rescued? If Shu accidentally dies I don’t think anyone will cry that many tears but you know…..I guess we will find out next time on this special show!


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