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Tokyo Ghoul episode 7

Thank goodness I have some anime posts waiting in the wing or this would be a sad way to start September. X___X Still super upset about Lappy and the loss of Glasslip episode 5 since it took me FOREVER to get where I was in the post and now I have nothing to show for it. RARW!!!! But yeah..I should be grateful we are a two computer family to begin with so I have something to do yes?
 photo tokyoghoulepisode77_zpsafbc8aea.jpg
Clearly Toka is the problem in this one else.
Lets get some anime posts up and done before the husband comes home. I have to PLAN things now X___X This is going to be a weird concept for me. Maybe this means I will wake up at a reasonable hour from now on or something. Probably not. But have Tokyo Ghoul episode 7 anyway. Spoilers for Toka being...well justified and everyone else being in lalala land.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode72_zps971b2b77.jpg
Kaneki has to make it in time he just has to!
Episode Summary: Hinami is still running and falling into people. She finds Kaneki and explains the situation to him. He takes her hand and they run towards the scene. The scene being Mom being confronted by Amon, Mado, and two other Doves. Mado is all haha you are pretending to be human and clearly you don't know how to fight with your kagune much. Mado pulls out his new weapon which is her husband's kagune. Instead of being full of rage she starts to cry. Kaneki makes it to the alley and sees how...well sucky the situation is. Hinami wants to help but Kaneki knows he can't do anything. All Kaneki can do is cover Hinami's eyes as her mom gets her head cut off. Toka arrives home from not working and such to find everyone at the cafe sitting in absolute silence and sadness. She is informed that Hinami's mother was killed by Doves and Hinami is currently crying her eyes out upstairs. Toka is super pissed, especially when it is suggest Hinami be moved to a different ward since her face was seen. Toka wants to take Yomo and the others and take out Doves. Yomo and Yoshimura explain if these Doves are killed Doves from other wards will come in and it will create a bigger mess. It is best if everyone just lies low. Toka gets mad that no one wants revenge and Yoshimura says the bigger insult is not to live your life to the fullest and blah blah. Toka runs out upset and Kaneki blames himself for not helping as Toka would have saved the day. Yoshimura tells him not to worry but Kaneki spends the night crying and Toka looking pissed at her mask. Mado calls a meeting with his team to talk about the Ghouls in this ward. Apparently interfering in another ward is bad and Jason's home base is not in their ward. The binge eaters and gourmets (Rize and Shu) are still a problem they think but Mado knows that since Mom and Dad were taken out things will die down. Amon says that means they will have to hit the pavement and hunt Ghouls the hard way. Mado seems to think this is all grand fun and tells him crew to rest up. He does give them some advice since the little girl (Hinami) did see them but one of the nonimportant people is like what can she do, she's a kid? While leaving the office Amon sees someone taking care of an orphan due to Ghoul activity. How dare those Ghouls do that to an innocent kid. Amon ends up at a noodle stand with his two colleagues who seem to be better friends with each other than Amon with how they act. They seem interested in Amon because he went through the academy and what not. They try to gossip if Amon hooked up with any girls there but the two girls in his squad or class have already died on duty. He seems rather stoic about that, that they were eager girls who died in the line of duty. They eat and things are rather quiet. Amon leaves separately from the other two. They seem to really look up to Amon and speak highly of him. They decide that they should have ended up in desk jobs and shouldn't really stick their necks out to do too much work or they might end up dead. Then Toka comes out of nowhere and cuts one of their heads off. She almost gets the second one but Amon runs up and gets his friend out of the way. Amon goes head to head with Toka but finds himself cornered and about to die.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode76_zps37632059.jpg
Because us walking around with our suitcases of death isn't obvious or anything.
Mado comes out of nowhere and tells Amon to take a break and watch a pro in action. Toka and her rabbit mask look amazing but Mado is moving fast too. He talks about how there are different classes of Ghouls and how Toka is moving she must be SUCH AND SUCH, one that relies on speed but has no stamina. She starts to slow down and Mado takes out his new weapon and whips it around. He pisses off Toka by bring up Hinami's mom but she is eventually is forced to flee when she is injured. Kaneki is making his rounds at the cafe and sees Hinami crying. He goes to another room and find Toka bleeding. Yoshimura comes in and Kaneki is like we have to help her! Yoshimura is like no. She went off on her own and attacked Doves so if she dies she dies. Toka runs out upset and Kaneki tries to play the middle man. Like you are right but I am Kaneki and I need to learn for myself as I have not seen enough as my Ghoul self yet. He goes outside to help patch Toka up and she is her usual sunshiny self. Kaneki tries to tell her he is half a Ghoul thus can see both sides sometimes. Toka is just pissed that nonfighters like Hinami's mom died when fighters like her are okay. Kaneki realizes that Toka knows she is to blame for what has happened. He tells her he would be sad if she died and he won't kill the Doves...but will help Toka. At headquarters the Doves are having a moment for their fallen comrade and blah blah. Afterwards one of the mangers takes Amon aside and points out that Mado is not there and won't care when Amon dies as well. Amon goes out with his remaining colleague who is really broken up about his friend. NotDeadMan tells Amon that the Dead Friend really looked up to him and what not. Amon responds in acting a way the DeadMan acted so the NotDeadMan can have a friend. Toka and Kaneki are then seen making maps or doing some sort of tracking in the sewers. Toka doesn't really explain things to Kaneki. Mado is busy trying to figure out how Toka (BunnyGirl) knows Hinami and what not. There is a call about a Hinami sighting near one of the sewers but it sounds like a prank. Due to the close quarters Mado knows this has to be a trap because he won't be able to fight effectively. He also concentrates on Hinami's sense of smell. Amon is seen working out like crazy and muttering about honor as Kaneki goes to pick up his mask which is the exact opposite of Toka's cute bunny one. THE END!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode711_zps4114cbe4.jpg
Ah Mado...what a giant douchebag of douchebagness.
A mix bag of feelings on this one right? Which I think is the point. Who you side with, Ghouls or humans? Is there much of a difference to pick a side? Not one side is totally evil and not one side is totally good. In fact both sides mostly look good and then there are issues like Mado and Shu. Things just seem too similar for there to be all this fighting. What to feel what to feel.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode73_zps75ca674d.jpg
Such a threat this woman yes?
Well...Ghouls eat humans. And I suppose there could be a way to make both sides happy and able to live. Child molester in jail? Have at it. Someone who is brain dead from a car accident and there is no hope they will wake up? We will make sure they feel no pain and you can have a buffet. But since humans feel attachment to the body even after the soul has gone on some people will always be upset at the idea of a Ghoul eating anyone. And there will always be a Ghoul who wants to hunt things down for themselves, the thrill of the chase. Since there is such animosity at this point coming to an understanding is going to be impossible. Especially when personalities like Mado exist. Amon was quiet during the Hinami mom situation. It was what it was. But Mado took pleasure in torturing the woman in front of him. Because he didn't see a woman despite the fact she was crying about her dead husband and worried about her daughter. Mado sees her as a demon beast who is pretending to be human. Something vile and no matter how many tears are in her eyes now it doesn't matter. Surely she has done awful things so kicking her while she is down and using her husband's kagune against her.....just joy. He gets joy on torturing creatures he doesn't care to understand. It is easier to hate Ghouls. Because Ghouls kill humans thus we hate them.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode718_zpsa134d0da.jpg
This is Amon and his JUSTICE face.
While Mom is smiling and looking Mado Hinami was running through the streets sobbing her eyes out. Dad is dead and Mom has been cornered by Doves. If they had any brains they would have gone after Hinami too as Mado is like super Dove while everyone else is Baby Dove. Instead Hinami is able to find Kaneki due to anime magic. Because folks everyone is always where you need them. Hinami explains the situation at the speed of fast and Kaneki decides to take Hinami BACK to the awful scene. I would have been like okay you hide here and I will go rescue your mom because I am Kaneki and I will make promises that there is no chance I can keep. But I guess Kaneki needed more directions and what if Hinami got caught when she was alone. So Kaneki makes it back...and then realizes what can he really do? Mado is Super Dove and he is Baby Ghoul. 4 against 1, never had a chance. Almost like he had to try and help her even though it was futile. Because if you don't help you will live the rest of your life full of what ifs. Sadly for Kaneki this also means that for the rest of his life he will see Hinami's mom losing her head over and over again in his nightmares. I assume that is what happened but you know censors.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode74_zpsd4992840.jpg
CRAZY TALK! How dare you suggest that!
Toka is the last one at the cafe to learn about this horrible news. She has been out being upset about Kimi and not killing her. Toka just needed a minute to think about this Ghoul business but I am guessing she was coming home today and was going to be back to her usual self. I don't think this news made her flip or made her more Ghoul like. Well maybe the more Ghoul like part but you know what I mean. She walks in and all the cafe people are there with the doors closed. Hinami's mom AND Dad are dead (sorta got glossed over by everyone didn't they?) by the hands of Doves. Yeah not a good time. Since I am not super familiar with Japanese geography nor do I know how many Ghouls there are in this universe I am not sure how big of a blow this is. Ghouls seem to be all over the place so I thought there was a lot of them. Enough for it be a close knit community in some areas and weary behavior in others.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode75_zps7ecb6d45.jpg
This seriously happened 5 minutes ago. How fast are we supposed to move on?!
I am not sure where that last paragraph was going but I will just say...I am mostly team Toka. I mean I do see Yoshimura's point. It is about numbers. Protect the ones that are left. There are way more humans than Ghouls. If we start to kill Doves they will send in more suitcase loving freaks and we will be taken out. It won't do Hinami's mother any good if we all die and no one is left to take of Hinami. Or you know....Toka's actions cause Hinami to die as well. There are good points in there but you would think the man being as old as he is would word things a little better. The woman just died. I think Toka is allowed to be mad without being told the bigger sin is not living your life to the fullest and blah blah. Like okay life can go week. Now we get pissed. In this room we get mad and then next week we will do nothing so we all can be protected.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode715_zps54ca1291.jpg
But Kaneki cares. Those others can kiss his ass.
But I am mostly on team Toka. Mostly. She came in and had the right amount of rage. I think Kaneki would have had rage too but he is too busy blaming himself for not being a better Ghoul able to fight 4 Doves on his own. Toka is a jerk most of the time so the fact that she likes Hinami says a lot. Like this kid just lost both of her parents and they weren't even fighters. Well the Dad isn't anymore. Are we just going to roll over and wait until we are all taken out? Because that is going to happen. Doves aren't just going to leave them alone if they stop causing problems. Even if there are no problems Ghouls will be hunted one by one. It is just a matter of all of them dying at once or getting picked off alone. So Toka being calm and keeping her head down will just result in more deaths. Storm the castle. Take out the Doves. That's the attitude she has because standing around and doing nothing will just cause more of them to die. Kaneki sees both points of view and spends the night crying in his shower over how unfair all of this is.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode714_zpseb2d25e2.jpg
I am thinking Kaneki wants to bridge the gap between humans and Ghouls...and will die for it? Maybe?
Because Kaneki is torn on this situation he currently finds himself it is only right that we see the other side of the coin, the human side. There are good Ghouls and bad ones even if we factor out the part they eat people. Shu is a very bad Ghoul. While there are some humans who are only in this job for the protection of others I am going to go out on a limb and say Mado is not one of them. Not one of them at all. Mado and his team are having a meeting about the Ghoul population and for a second he seems okay, seems slightly normal. He is talking about this issue in a very methodical manner. Jason is in a different district, we can't go there, and it will be hitting the pavement time from now on. Just like if they were talking about normal criminals. No over the top behavior here. Make you see why he got the job. It is just everyday people doing a job and talking about the best way to solve a problem in their city. It is a bit jarring of course since they just killed a mother and are talking about hunting down her kid and these monsters look rather human. Do people even know what Ghouls are? I mean I know I don't but do they know? What if they are just infected humans? So yeah...the talk and okayness of the situation is a bit odd when you think of it in those terms.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode78_zps544a716c.jpg
Apparently how to be super awesome.
It seems as if these Doves work in teams of 4. Mado is in charge but it is Amon that the other two men seem to really respect. They all go out to dinner which is something I don't think Amon does all the time. Maybe sometimes but Mado never does from the sounds of it. So this is time for the underlings to have a bit of bonding time. Which means they will die in this episode. Clearly. I thought for sure both of the ones I can't remember their names were going to die. Amon maybe but he seems a bit more valuable, to save for another death for later. For now it is noodling and showing us how the two underlings are close with each other. They want to know more about Amon since he went to Doves school or something whereas they didn't. Amon's stories weren't really that great considering two of his classmates have already died. That is the job they took on though. To uphold justice and protect people. Sometimes they die in the line of duty. Not them of course. They are going to live forever. They are just going to have a moment for Amon's old people.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode79_zps44a283af.jpg
And then his head exploded in a fountain of blood. I think.
Amon leaves for about 3 seconds as the other two walk home together. They are better friends after all and were probably on the same squad before Amon and Captain Crazy came into town. They talk about Amon being amazing and what not. I think Mado was mentioned too but Amon seems more relate able to the guys whereas they will never be like Mado. Nor should they want to. They decide that if people are dying on the job by going above and beyond well they will just do the bare minimum. Weird way of thinking about things but I guess they want to stay alive. If they help people okay but they seemed to want office jobs and not field work. How well will that wish work out for either of them? Well the one in the glasses gets half his face cut off and the other one nearly dies as Toka in her bunny mask has arrived.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode710_zps2638beff.jpg
Amon isn't going to give up. Well maybe some limbs but not his life.
Toka has decided to sit around and let her people get taken out one by one. It is time for revenge. I find it odd that Kaneki had to get his mask specially made by Mask Dude but Toka has a rabbit mask that you could get at a nearby festival. Interesting interesting. Even though Kaneki was the one who saw the murder Toka and her gloomy self staked out the Doves building. By that logic all Doves should be easy to find since Toka knows where the building is. Anyway she followed the group and waited until the weaker ones were separated. Then...head slicing time. The other one would have died if Amon hadn't had his spidey sense kick in. And his superman sense as he is able to push the man out of the way and fight Toka for a bit. Not too much but able to hold his own. To protect his friend. Had it not been for Mado though the entire team would have been taken out. 

Yes Mado, the man who didn't go to the dinner with the rest of the men shows up to handle things. Almost like he was using the other men as bait. Like oh time to get revenge on the woman I killed yesterday HAHA?! I wonder if the other men realized that is what Mado did? Probably especially given what Amon was told later and how Mado acted. For now I am sure they are just grateful since Mado is just amazing. At this point I doubt we are going to get an explanation on what the weapons really are. I am sure I could look it up but the point of shows are to explain the elements within them, not to rely on the internets to pick up the pieces. So I will just go with the fact that the Doves has special weapons from some super cool metal and Ghouls are just...whatever.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode712_zps65cf791d.jpg
So Toka has to kill her target right away or she dies. I see now.
Putting the weapons aside...Mado is just good. He is very knowledge yes but he is like a gymnast. I mean is he part Ghoul too? He moves like one. He has strength like one. And he looks like some crazy old man. I was just not expecting that much from him, for him to go toe to toe with Jason and now Toka and not die. Toka on the other hand was having problems. Since there are different kinds of Ghouls (like Pokemon) Toka has speed on her side but not stamina. It is weird because she is so strong and great at attacking. But due to this weakness and the fact that Mado is just so good at what he does she was forced to retreat. Not before Mado did some damage via the kagune he took from Dad Doctor. He is busy sprouting out facts to the others while taking on Toka like it is no big deal. He gots this folks.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode713_zps4e4e6acd.jpg
Then kick her out. Don't say crap like that and let her stay.
Toka wasn't hurt that bad as she was able to get away. Personally I am not understanding how these Ghouls heal. All of the Ghouls I have seen so far should be dead from their injuries and they are still alive. Shu and his cut in half self is probably still kicking. So I am not sure why Toka was in need of medical attention after a less than deadly cut. Shu kicked her ass worse. Maybe it has to deal with Toka not eating people and all. By the time Kaneki makes his rounds (Hinami the crying forever girl) to see Toka is busy being yelled at by Yoshimura. Like dude you are supposed to be the kindly old out. He is trying to make a point, that Toka made her bed and she has to lie in it bloody sheets and all. Personally I think Yoshimura should kick Toka out of the cafe if he feels that way. He can't half ass it. She is either with us or against us in his mind. She puts them in danger by being there. But if she still allowed to be there then he should take care of her. If that makes sense. Plus since these wounds do heal it is kinda him being a jerk for no reason.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode717_zps79bb074e.jpg
See? Super help Kaneki.....walking around the sewers.
Toka gets all pissy over Yoshimura being a douche and goes elsewhere to tend to her wounds. Kaneki is still torn and goes to talk to her after standing a respectful amount of time in front of Yoshimura. Yoshimura is in charge and their elder so he needs some respect. But Kaneki even says this to Toka later. Or sometime during the episode anyway. Kaneki has been a Ghoul for like a month. Maybe. Maybe a month at this point. He hasn't seen all points of view. He just knows certain humans and he knows certain Ghouls. He wants to patch Toka back together but he wants to keep the Ghouls safe that he knows. He doesn't want Toka to kill Hide if Hide finds out the secret (or reveals that he knows). He doesn't want to watch his friends die but he also doesn't want to kill Doves who (for the most part) are just trying to protect their families and other humans from what they think are monsters. However Kaneki has reached a point where he has to do something. So he will help Toka but...won't deal the killing blow against the Doves. That is what I gather I suppose.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode716_zps533e9ece.jpg
.....Just...stop talking and serve food. You are not helping at all.
Toka and Kaneki spend some time in the sewers doing something. I am guessing picking a spot to fight against Doves or maybe they are setting a plan in motion. Not really sure. While they are doing that we get to see what the Doves are doing. They are having a ceremony for their fallen comrade. Well all but Mado which is really bad form. I don't think Amon needs to be told that. It is quite obvious. Maybe this other Dove dude has been around long enough to see how many people Mado has worked through, used as meat shields and bait mind you. If it was that bad I would think someone would have fired his ass so something is up there yes? Amon is putting this out of his mind for now as he really is focused on his fallen comrade and the one that is left. That dude is in super bad shape missing his friend. I liked that Amon tried to make things better but damn noodle bowl guy. Read the mood. Amon spends the rest of the episode training and being all Wolverine like. He is going into the Hunger Games ya'll and it is time to go on and on about justice and fixing things that are right in the world. He sees things in black and white. He saw that little boy without a family but he doesn't seem to put together that Hinami has no parents either. Because monsters don't have parents. I wonder if he will get it before he dies.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode7_zps9d11df43.jpg
The menu tonight is obviously nightmares. Nightmares forever.
While Amon is pumping it up Mado is being creepy. Even when he is doing his job he does so in a way that makes me want to stab myself in the eyes. He is doing what needs to be done, protecting humans from Ghouls. He just puts that bit of extra in it that doesn't need to be there. Like I know where hamburgers come from. People don't need to take joy in the process though. Mado is all thinking about how Toka knows Hinami and Hinami having a keen sense of smell. I am not sure how that would make Hinami an awesome Ghoul but what do I know. So Mado is super fast and strong AND smart. He knows that Toka calling in about a Hinami sighting is all a lie but he is probably going to go in anyway. With a different weapon. I don't know how this is going to work out as Kaneki is stepping up to the plate with his.....mask. Um did you see that folks? The thing of nightmares. NIGHTMARES! The opposite of a bunny mask. So Mado is making super plans and Kaneki is going to help by wearing his new mask. And Amon is going to do a million sit ups. I am sure this will all end in more blood yes?

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