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DRAMAtical Murder episode 12 FINAL EPISODE!

Clearly watching reality TV shows did not help my productivity tonight. X___X Well maybe it did. But then I saw FrootLoop Dingus Zach and I lost my train of thought. He didn't win America's Favorite player but as long as someone else didn't win I guess it is okay. Big Brother is over for the summer. What am I going to do with all my free time? Keep up on animes in a timely manner? HAHAHA!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1222_zpsb62871bc.png
What? Wait what? Is it taking clothes off time? WOOHOO! Spoiler's not woohoo time. :(
So here is my 6th post of the day? Sailor Moon is sorta done but probably won't get done tonight. Maybe tomorrow but I probably should use that day to clean my house since I didn't anything today. X____X But this isn't a Sailor Moon post. It is the last episode of DRAMAtical Murder. Because this season clearly I picked animes that ended on a super rushed note and could have had another episode to flesh things out better. Or not run stupid recaps for no reason. But yes. Episode 12 of DRAMAtical Murder. Spoilers for no murders, no kisses, no sense making, ect ect. Ren who? Oh yeah lets give that character 5 minutes. But then move on.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1219_zps4ec35950.png
...This was the most touching of all season folks. Robbed.
Episode Summary: When we last saw our hero Aoba had been bitten by a crazy looking Ren. Where is the cute and adorable tongue?! Memories flow into Aoba and he realizes they are Ren and somehow Ren is inside him now. So to save Ren Aoba uses Scrap on himself because folks. Since they are technically inside Aoba’s brain everything is a lot calmer. There is a beach and Ren isn’t tied up. He is though falling apart which freaks Aoba out. Freaks him out so much he doesn’t even question the sexiness of the shirtless Ren situation. Ren says he wants to disappear since he is no use to Aoba anymore and that is clearly not okay with Aoba. Ren’s issue is two fold. One he is an older Allmate and he is worried that he is no longer able to serve Aoba correctly. Two…he is Aoba. Once upon a time Aoba was just Aoba. Then his power AKA Desire Aoba started to take control and did bad things. This caused the creation of Constraint Aoba AKA Ren to be created to protect Aoba. But when Desire Aoba came out more and more and did shitty things Ren knew he had do something and could no longer control the body. So when Aoba found a broken Allmate in the trash Ren put himself into the body so he could better serve Aoba. Things were okay for a while until Desire Aoba went too far in Rhyme one day and caused Virus and Trip to mess with Aoba’s memories. Since Ren used to be Aoba this caused his memories to be changed too and he forgot his mission. Now that he is infected with a virus he realizes who he is and why he is now bad for Aoba. I am sure the real conversation was I can’t serve you right because all I want to do is put my penis in you every single day but what was said was something along the lines of Ren wants to stay with Aoba together which clouds his judgment. So with all that said it would be much better if Ren and his hottie self just disappeared. Aoba is like oh hell no. Now that I know who you are and what you have done for me I want your penis even more. Or you know…that didn’t happen and Aoba gives Ren a sexy hug and says he wants to be with Ren forever too and he would never ever want Ren to leave him ever. EVER! After the sexy hug Aoba wakes up to Allmate Ren smiling and being all better. Everything is awesome!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1226_zps3f05edae.png
Don't mind us. We will just protect your asses and such.
Ren and Aoba continue on and find Toue alone in some fancy Titanic like dining room. Mr. Peanut Wannebee then explains his master plan of world domination and for some reason Aoba acts like this is news to him and he didn’t know all this garbage to begin with. Toue is under the impression that he is a good baddie because usually when people want to take over the world they do a lot of killing and what not. Here he just wants to control everyone in a way they are happy to serve him. Aoba is pretty pissed that Toue used all his friends (before Toue even know they were his friends) for his evil plot and he needs to….go to the corner or something. I don’t know. Toue decides that they need to prove who is more of a badass with a Rhyme battle since that plot device has really been left in the mud. Plus I don’t think Toue’s Scrap works on Aoba and he needs to do something else to get the kid? I have no idea what the point was really when kidnapping all of Aoba’s friends who are currently fighting all the soldiers would have been an easier way to control Aoba. So they enter Rhyme and it turns out that Usui is Toue’s Allmate and he is based on Sei. Actually Sei has a habit of randomly putting his consciousness into other objects because that is fun. Ren starts off as sexy Ren but then has his other Allmate form. Aoba doesn’t want to battle and it looks like they might lose since this is like the second time Aoba has played Rhyme that he can remember. But then he realizes that Sei might be in Usui and Ren stalls for time as Aoba uses Scrap to talk to Sei. It appears that Sei responds and uses all the bullets/missiles on Usui which causes Toue to lose the battle spectacularly. Despite the safety being off in the battle Toue is okay, just pissed that he wasn’t the winner. But since he is a gentlemen he will accept defeat and tells Aoba that Sei is in the room ahead. Toue then blows his brains out because he is a loser.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1224_zpsd0517f25.png
Yeah I can see the resemblance....
Aoba finds Sei in a room full of toys not moving a lot. Dude looking bad. The second Aoba touches Sei they end up going into his mind, Scrap like. Ren joins them too because he has barely gotten any time. Sei is looking weird, like his grown up baby mode instead of what he looks like now. He is happy to meet Aoba but sad because that means it is time for him to die. Aoba makes a half hearted attempt to ask if he can save Sei which the answer is no. Sei’s heart is going to fail no matter what. Sei thanks Ren for his hard work protecting Aoba but Sei asks Aoba to accept HIM too. Him being desire. Ren has been protecting Aoba from Desire Aoba all along but Sei wants them to all get along, that Desire Aoba isn’t a baddie. While Aoba has a heart to heart with all himselves Sei is going destroy Toue’s plans as he thinks he is responsible. Partial anyway. He needs Aoba to break him before that can happen. Aoba is a little against that because they are twins but Sei begs him too so it is Scrap time. Sei is set free and begins to infect all the computers and electronics in Platinum Jail. While that is going on Aoba tells Desire Aoba he was scared of his Scrap power and thought it was like killing people and that is why he rejected him. But now Aoba is under the delusional impression that Desire Aoba was trying to talk nicely to him all along and he apologizes for misunderstanding. Desire Aoba says thank you and they touch hands. Desire Aoba glows as if Aoba is accepting him. Ren seems surprised but then accepts that Aoba accepts Desire Aoba too and glows. Both disappear leaving Aoba alone. The tower starts to fall apart and Aoba wakes up to see Minks’ motorcycle being driven by his Allmate to rescue him. Aoba leaves the Tower and Sei’s body behind. Everyone leaves and Aoba wakes up on the ground surrounded by Clear, Koujaku, and Noiz. Minks is nearby but is busy being stoic somewhere else. The barrier that was surrounding the area is breaking down revealing it is all over. Aoba goes to take Ren out of his bag and…it is just the Allmate personality, not Ren. Aoba is heartbroken obviously. Aoba then tells us that it has been one year since the incident happened and everyone is in lala land about what really happened. They just think it was terrorist. While Toue and some of his people are missing (dead) everyone else made it out alive so yay! Everything is back to normal in Aoba land. Grams is doing great. Mizuki magically got better. Noiz disappeared for a while but came back a smooth gentleman. Minks really has disappeared but Aoba thinks he is okay. Koujaku is the same cutting hair. Clear has been fixed and often visits with Aoba. The only thing that is sad is Ren is gone. The Allmate works but Ren is not in it. Woe is Aoba. One day Aoba gets a call from someone mysterious (Trip and Virus) that his family member is in the hospital and maybe Aoba can come visit him. Aoba immediately thinks Sei and rushes there. It is Sei but when the boy wakes up it is Ren who inside the body. Aoba cries tears of happiness. THE END!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1225_zps6d053439.png
If? Oh okay. You are just misunderstood too. Everyone is misunderstood. Misunderstanding for you and you and you!
I don’t even know where to start with this hot mess folks. Clearly someone ran out of time and decided to cram three episodes worth of information into one episode. Would it really have broken the bank to have a 13 episode so Ren could get his moment in the spotlight and everything could get wrapped up in a neat bow and nicely wrapped present instead of a random Target bag? I guess so folks. I GUESS SO!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1216_zps514dde5b.png
So Ren is the true path in the game? I WANT TO SEE THAT HAPPY ENDING!
And you know what folks? Where the heck was the yaoi? I understand that DRAMAtical Murder is not listed as a yaoi anime. However I know it is based on a yaoi video game. I know this because before I picked up this show I went online to look at art and pics of the show as I usually do for new shows. And holy crap the pics. The good and the bad. Everyone main got a good ending with Aoba and everyone got a HAPPY, full of positive sex ending. Several happy sex endings for some characters. So while I know that main stream anime isn’t going to go all naked on me. Especially in a show where there are multiple pairings and the main character gives each potential rapist/boyfriend equal time. But what the heck did we get? One random kiss that was never explained by Noiz and that was it. NO SEXUAL TENSION AT ALL! Unless Minks thinks hitting Aoba a few times is foreplay. NOTHING folks. Aoba was giving us all these emotions with each boy, like I must heal you and accept you…but then nothing. Friendship hugs folks. That is it. I feel robbed. Like I wanted the guys to be fighting for Aoba’s attention in the end. Like glares that Aoba is friendly with the other and trying to get Aoba to pick them. Especially now that Ren is a contender and not a pipe dream. I know I wasn’t promised anything but I feel as if….this kind of show could have done with more romance if Aoba was going to act the way he did with each boy while Scraping them.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1217_zps43d566f0.png
I'm sorry what? There is crazy coming out of your mouth and you're shirtless. It is hard to concentrate.
So let us get to Ren. He seriously got 6 minutes of time. THAT IS IT!!!! There was no opening or ending song due to how much time had to be crammed in this episode so I guess we are lucky we got those 6 minutes. It could have been worse. But really Ren probably needed more time. Well he did until I realized what he was. Here I thought he was AI robot boy and it turns out not to be the case. But putting aside who/what he is there is no denying Aoba has been the most affectionate with Ren the Allmate. So many cute head butts and just by his size Ren has to be carried. Aoba is always worried about people hurting his little friend and what not. Basically Ren has always been there for Aoba. Maybe even more than Koujaku. So it sorta pisses me off that Ren didn’t get more of an episode. Maybe it was supposed to be built up all along? Like Ren and Aoba were the main couple and every arc was supposed to have them in it. I just feel as if Ren really got the short end of the stick when…in reality…he should have gotten the sexiest stick of all.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1214_zpsc82f4a6e.png
So all that DRAMAtics from last episode was just that. Memories are not viruses. I see.
When we last saw our heroes Minks has allowed Aoba to go off alone because nothing bad happens to Aoba when he is alone. Ren has been suffering from some worm thing that has to make it obvious that Ren is infected. Like really we needed those random screens dancing in front of Ren’s eyes or else we would be totally lost folks. Anyway infected Ren bites Aoba and Aoba dramatically ended the last episode by acting like something poisonous was flowing into him and he was going to fall on the ground and probably get raped again. At least in the game.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1215_zpscc8b9605.png
Whoa there buddy. Back up there. It's just a virus. Don't get all DRAMAtical on me and leave!!!
Instead it is shown at the beginning of this episode that what was flowing through Aoba was Ren’s memories. All the memories that he had shared with Aoba. It is shown later that the Allmate Ren had a previous owner but since we know who/what Ren is now that doesn’t matter. All Ren has ever known is Aoba and for some reason seeing all these memories makes Aoba worry. It makes little sense to me. Like he feels as if Ren is in super danger and since Ren has already lied or covered up the fact that he was injected Aoba can only assume the worse. Ren is not acting Ren like and he needs to save him. And since Clear is a robot with a soul and Aoba was able to use Scrap on him Aoba can use Scrap on Ren. Because folks. Since the memories are flowing into him that means Ren is now in Aoba so all Aoba needs to do is use Scrap on himself. This….just….I don’t even know folks.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1218_zps308a0d16.png
So....Aoba subconsciously denying his power made another personality that was evil which caused another personality to form to protect Aoba from evil personality and wanted to do his job so much he jumped into the body of a dog Allmate? WHAT!?
If I think that is insane well…..what happened next was just…I don’t even know. Makes me super question this…hot pairing. Ren’s mind is a beach and he isn’t really hiding or restrained. Not like the others have been. He is falling apart though, like he a computer graphic disappearing or something. One would think this is because of the worm and Aoba just needs to convince the Allmate that no matter what he will always be with Ren. Apparently it is more obvious in the game but Ren really is concerned about being replaced as he is an older model (that Aoba found in the trash). That is why Aoba is always worried about him because the parts are becoming hard to find and what not. So Ren has all these insecurities and now that he has been infected again he just wants to go quietly into that Allmate heaven in the sky as he has gained AI from being around Aoba so long. He is a burden and will only slow Aoba down. Please Aoba let me go. Break me. Like literally take a hammer to my little Allmate body and break me.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1220_zpsea35e20e.png
Having romantic feelings for Aoba means you can't protect him from Desire Aoba?! What?!
Or or folks…..Ren did not magically gain AI from being around Aoba. Ren….IS Aoba. Please folks. Just please. So you know how there is an evil Aoba that wants to Scrap everyone and the normal Aoba that wants to date everyone and live in butterfly land? Well apparently at one time there were three Aobas. They all have names too. Well more like what they were in charge of in Aoba’s brain/heart. Evil Aoba is Desire Aoba and Ren was Restraint Aoba. I guess that Grams needed to give Aoba his medicine way sooner than she thought because he has been having problems for a while. Aoba is 20 right? Since Noiz is 19 and Aoba is like MOG I am older he is probably 20. So it is possible that Aoba has had issues since he was 14/15? That would make a little more sense but not some little kid in the hospital kinda accident. But high school Aoba was an asshole doing asshole things. And it wasn’t even all about Scrap either. I don’t know what Desire Aoba’s problem was but he was acting like a kid that didn’t get enough hugs as a child. Normal Aoba was losing control from Desire Aoba so a new part of Aoba was made. One to protect him. And that was Constraint Aoba. Are we keeping track of all of this folks? Ren is Aoba, a part of Aoba that was created because Aoba knew deep down he could use Scrap but since he wasn’t doing it himself this other Aoba was created and lost his mind. So another Aoba was made to go against the newly made Aoba.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1221_zpse1dc3ead.png
Why can't this be dirty?!
To make things even more special Constraint Aoba decided that he was losing control and couldn’t protect Regular Aoba enough so he jumped ship. Literally left the body and took control of the Allmate Regular Aoba found in the trash. So this is the reason why Ren is more lifelike compared to other Allmates. Aoba didn’t know it but maybe he left it inside. That Ren was different and he cared for Ren more and that is why he always defended the little pup or treated him better than the others treat their Allmates. Or Aoba is just weird. But for some reason now Ren is having a moment and just wants this new virus or Aoba to take him out. I think this line of thinking is dumb. Now that Desire Aoba is playing more of a role in things wouldn’t this be the time to stick around? The time Aoba needs you the most? I am not sure how Ren wanting to have sex…I mean be with Aoba all the time would make things worse. Perhaps things were just watered down despite me going on about 538473 paragraphs about ¼ of the episode but Ren was really getting upset over things he thought Aoba would do but knew Aoba wouldn’t do? So yeah. Aoba was not down for Ren leaving him despite how bizarre it is that Ren is him. Like please don’t leave me! It’s like you are the best part of me! Here have a hug because we really need to move on before people find out passed out on the floor. Because that would be dangerous and be detrimental to me Ren. Silly boy. Must have been jealous of Aoba making lots and lots of new rapist friends.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1223_zps4bb4e915.png
See folks? Different kind of villain. Giving the hero a chance and all.
Instantly Aoba and Ren are okay and moving right along. Who cares that Aoba’s Allmate is himself and is in love with him. We got to find Toue. Oh wait there is Toue right there. Good thing that Toue waited patiently for Aoba and didn’t kidnap the boy right then and there to make his evil villain plans actually happen. No folks Toue is way too classy for that. HE sees himself as a villain above villains. Anyone else in his position would brainwash people off a cliff. Create crazy people that run around and rape young boys with interesting hair cuts. Not Toue. Toue is different. He is going to give people a lifetime of happiness. Or what they think will be happiness. Brainwashing with a smile. So is he really that evil? He could just kill them. My gosh he should be thanked at this point!!! Also close that mouth Aoba, flies are…flying in. You knew all this stuff. And yes Toue made all of your friends suffer just so he could get his hands on you. Because Toue knew you were alive like one week ago. This must have been some master plan.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode121_zps6d12331e.png
The whole battle. TADA!
So Aoba and the gang broke into Platinum Jail to take down Toue. If I thought Ren got a rushed story well…Toue. Just Toue. This battle between the battle was quick. I didn’t think it was going to be Namek taking 483843 hours to blow up but I thought it would last longer than 5 seconds. I don’t even know why there was a battle really but if there was going to be one it should have been longer. Instead Usui is Toue’s Allmate and for some reason Sei likes to put himself in different things. I thought this kid was dying for power overuse? Maybe Toue made him do it. I don’t know. Ren and Aoba were in danger for about 5 seconds until they realized that Aoba could Scrap to Sei and make the boy help them since that is what the kid wanted anyway. Then it was byebye Usui and Toue just gave up. Seriously the battle ends and Toue is okay…but since he is a different kind of villain, one with honor…he is going to throw away 20 years of work because Aoba was able to convince Sei to turn against Toue. Nothing to do with how strong Aoba was…just that Aoba has stronger connections with people and thus won? Like yeah I am totally going to give up my dreams because I am a gentleman. Just go on ahead to your dying twin as I pull out my gun and kill myself, denying anyone the pleasure of killing me themselves. Just….is this real life?
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode125_zps09f34856.png
After you break me into pieces of course.
So Aoba goes on ahead without even bating an eye. I would still be looking around every corner and making sure Toue doesn’t go HAHA you believed me loser and fills Aoba and his crew full of lead. But Toue was telling the truth which is good since Aoba has no sense of danger. He finds Sei in his room with plushies and not looking so great. Aoba barely has 5 seconds to take in the sight of his brother before they automatically go into Scrap/brain land. Each encounter there is less and less effort for Aoba to use his powers. Like I am going in your brain now to I am already in your brain. Because this show is insane the Sei that Aoba sees inside their brain is not the Sei we have seen the entire series. For some reason he is the same coloring as the baby Sei and Aoba in the story that Virus and Trip told. Just because folks. Everything needs to be interesting or there would be no point.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode124_zpsd1e45323.png waited your entire life to meet me but you are more concerned about the insane person in my head? I see.
The amount of time spent on Sei was like a fraction of the time that was spent on Ren. So really it was nothing. Basically it was Sei saying hey I am sick and dying and I need you to destroy me. I was going to assume that Sei was alive inside this dying body and only Aoba could save him but given the end of the episode…that really doesn’t seem to be the case. I know that Aoba found out 5 seconds ago his brother existed but can’t this Sei kid get a little more of a send off. Twin brothers, one tortured and the other living free? Sei doesn’t seem bitter and plans on taking out Toue himself. He really just wanted to see Aoba once in his life and make sure he lives for the both of them. And to do that he wants to make sure all the Aobas are okay and happy.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode126_zps258fb696.png
Talked? When did this talking take place?
Yes folks. That’s right. Sei barely has any time with Aoba and with what time he has he spends it making sure Aoba is okay with Desire Aoba and Ren. I am surprised that Sei knew about them both as Aoba was off living somewhere else but I guess Sei everything. So after Aoba did his do I have to do this speech he set his brother free. So while Sei was infected every single computer in Platinum Jail Aoba was having a conversation with himself. Which I found funny because Sei was like you need to listen to what Desire Aoba has to say and the kid said two words. It was just Aoba doing all the talking. And history was really revisted folks. Since this entire series takes place in the span of one week it isn’t like Aoba has time to be confused. But now Aoba is basically apologizing to Desire Aoba for misunderstanding him all this time. Because now Desire Aoba was just helping Regular Aoba? Is this real life? All Desire Aoba was doing was saying destroy over and over again, against people he cared about and otherwise. This dude would take over regular Aoba and punch people in the throat. But now it is just a big misunderstanding. HAHA folks Aoba should have just tried a little harder to understand why there was another personality in his head who looked super pissed all the time and was using some kind of power on his friends, basically hurting Mizuki and what not. Surely it is Aoba’s fault for not understanding. Since I was watching a different show I am rolling my eyes a little at the idea this is Aoba’s fault. I mean…maybe if he had known his powers the entire time random personalities wouldn’t have popped up but this is almost too much to choke down. Even Ren was like WTF I was protecting you from this guy and now it is group hug time? Well fine give me one too!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode129_zpsdfedac85.png
But...but...where is Ren?!
While all this hugs and kisses and apologizes were going on Sei was doing all the work. Basically Aoba just came to beat Toue at a game and Sei hacked into all the computers and broke everything and anything in his sights. I am surprised that no one really got hurt since they were brainwashed but maybe once things started breaking down the brainwashing was poof gone. I wouldn’t want that to be the case though if Toue really had world domination on the mind. So disappointed. But good job Sei. Your reward is for Aoba to leave your body behind while Aoba escapes on Minks’ motorcycle operated by his Allmates. I mean I guess at this point Aoba has to save himself and Sei is gone, broken. I like that the boys were concerned about Aoba. Well at least Noiz, Koujaku, and Clear were. Minks was off setting bombs. But I guess since e sent the motorcycle he knew he was safe. The point is everyone got out safely as the tower collapsed. Yay Aoba. Hurry up and hug all your harem members. Everyone is alive and you saved the world. HUGS!!!! Or or…Aoba will open his bag and realize that during that hug with all the Aobas Ren…disappeared. All that is left in the Allmate is the Allmates personality. There is no Ren personality. X___X Where is he? Did they all go back into Aoba, so he is a complete person? So rewind that victory because without Ren everything sucks. :( Aoba was so sad…he loved whatever that little guy was with all his heart and now he is gone. Well he should never have existed but now he is gone and Aoba is devastated. :(
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1211_zpsb353e0e7.png
See awesome. Everything. Everything is awesome. No need for tears. Even Clear is okay.
And then folks…THAT IS IT! Everything is awesome. No literally everything is awesome. The tower fell and no one bothered to be too upset over the terrorist act or the fact that the original inhabitants of this island were mistreated. No one in Platinum Jail was like MOG we were there for years and we didn’t even know what was going on. What happened?! Nope nothing. Just lalala the place blew up and life moved on. It’s a year later and everyone is good. Exactly what part of this show was DRAMAtical Murder? Because Koujaku was drugged and killed his drugger but that was about it folks. Not really that dramatical or a murder. Instead everyone is okay. Even Mizuki. You know the guy that Desire Aoba broke into a million pieces? AOkay with no word on how it happened. Clear is fine too even though he is a robot that can’t fix himself anymore and the person who made him killed himself. Just dang skippy. I am not sure where Noiz went but now he has a suit and no piercings because he can feel again? I am sure it was important. And I like how all Aoba could say about Koujaku was the man is still cutting hair. Minks is no longer dreads but he is out there being mysterious or what not. NO SEXUAL TENSION AT ALL. Where were my glares from the boys trying to be Aoba’s number one? No glares. No nothing. So ripped off.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1213_zpsb1e16869.png
This is it?! Like this is seriously it?!
But wait. There is one more minute left of the show so we need to have a heart felt moment smashed into it. Seriously one minute to go and Virus and Trip call Aoba up to rape him over the phone or something. I mean they did get out and know where Aoba lives so I am not sure why they didn’t go over there and do horrible things to him. Instead what they did was take Sei’s body while the tower was crashing down and place him in a hospital for a year. Then called Aoba. Not the day after it happened but a year later. But I guess since Sei didn’t wake up until that very moment it doesn’t matter. Only…it wasn’t Sei. It was his body but when he woke up and looked at Aoba it was clear it was Ren. So…..yeah folks. Anime magic. I thought that Sei’s body was breaking down and his mind was trapped in there and only Aoba could save him. Turns out the body must have been fine enough for Ren to jump into (because that is what he does) and Sei must have just been tired? I don’t know, the kid said he was dying. Maybe he saw how close Aoba and his other self Ren were and wanting to stop his own pain and give someone else a chance. The point is Aoba has spent the entire year with a pretend smile on his face but was sad that Ren had to pass away for the world to be saved and literally the second he finds out Ren is alive the show ends. No kisses, no nothing. Okay they did their head touching thing which is important to the two of them but still. The last second of this show and that’s all Ren gets. He was so robbed. I wanted more, to see how they are going to work things out now that Ren is in Sei’s body but was really Aoba at one point.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode1210_zpse59e684e.png
Yeah I got better folks. Don't question it.
But….it was not to be. None of this show was to be. Everything was rushed at the end, there was no real relationships formed with the new people that Aoba met, and things got really, really weird. Like super weird. Too much weird to handle. I know I wasn’t promised yaoi but I was expecting something. Instead we got Aoba just accepting all the crazy that came his way and apologizing to everyone who did him wrong. I am sure if Virus and Trip showed up again he would hug them for bring him Ren, not call the insane cops for them doing what they did to him and all his friends. This show was just…full of promise and couldn’t even deliver on the title, let alone with content. Le sigh folks. Le sigh indeed. This is Tenchi signing out. OH MY GOSH Zach didn’t win America’s player on Big Brother. Eff this crap. :(

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