Friday, September 12, 2014

What? Nendoroids? Where?! Nendoroid Marika Kato finally getting to shine.

I feel as if it has been forever since I did a nendoroid post. Like hello Tenchi we know you love Duffy and his millions of outfits but what about your love of tiny pieces of expensive plastic? The ones your husband likes to gift you with for holidays and such? Have you forgotten about us?! Certainly not. In fact I have 3 still in boxes that need to have their pictures taken. Now that Lappy is dead and there needs to be computer sharing time...sounds like I can make time to take some pics!
 photo nendoroidpirate2_zpse633efde.jpg
The dinning room table is currently covered in Magic cards so you will have to excuse the new spot if it is a bit odd.
This nendoroid here I don't really have too much knowledge about. I know she is cute though so that is all that matters right? Time to adjust my current cabinet to make room for the cutest pirate ever. Well after Orlando Bloom of course.
 photo nendoroidpirate3_zps2977868e.jpg
Backside of the box. As the title tells ya this is Pirate Marika Kato. She comes from an anime that came out not too long ago titled Bodacious Space Pirates. I remember reading about it when making selections that particular year but didn't want it. From the sounds of it it was a comedy anime. Unless high school girls dream of being pirates now or something. XD
 photo nendoroidpirate4_zps7c3733b7.jpg
The husband knows that I like cute things and that is how he makes his decisions on what nendoroids to get me. That and Madoka is a clear selection. There are two light weight presents that have been wrapped since august 15th that just scream Madoka to me so hopefully I am right. For is pirate time!
 photo nendoroidpirate5_zps2e9e1418.jpg
Basic pose. The hat is rather large and makes her a bit top heavy. It is sorta just perched there and could fall off if there was sudden movement.
 photo nendoroidpirate6_zpsba99d618.jpg
Come with me if you want to live pose. I wanted to kill the cape the entire time I was taking pictures. There are actually two capes but the dramatic one stayed on a bit better than this one. This cape was such a pain. It wouldn't fix to the nendoroid's back completely so it was sorta just hanging there. Waiting for me to breath and fall off. Then her legs would go and an arm would fall off and I tried to remind myself while I even liked nendoroids. X___X
 photo nendoroidpirate7_zpsd3270028.jpg
Time for more poses even if the cape hates my soul. Smile, I got a run!!!! What a happy little pirate she is!
 photo nendoroidpirate8_zpseb733b89.jpg
Marika is full of weapons. A gun and a sword?! She is going to slice and dice you with a smile on her face. Also here is a close up view of the cape of evilness.
 photo nendoroidpirate9_zps3d7620b0.jpg
Here is the better cape. Marika is able to hold it so maybe that is why I hate it less. Looks rather cute with that dreamy expression on her face.
 photo nendoroidpirate10_zps5a0d4134.jpg
Not familiar with the anime but maybe Marika closes her eyes and looks peaceful a lot. Like let me find my moment of zen?
 photo nendoroidpirate11_zpsbf3dca6d.jpg
Trying to match all the pics on the box. I like her better wearing the hat.
 photo nendoroidpirate12_zpsa90c6f10.jpg
Oh snap the moment of zen is over. Marika is ready for battle. Man the cannons! Space cannons of course!
 photo nendoroidpirate13_zpsbc2baa41.jpg
Both Merida and Marika have something to yell about.
 photo nendoroidpirate14_zps62c5152a.jpg
Battle pose with the sword. Will you join Marika's side?
 photo nendoroidpirate16_zps5a9dec98.jpg
Oh okay that face is much more pleasant. Yes Marika. We will happily join your pirate ship and be part of the crew. Part of the ship part of the crew indeed. Sorry it took me so long to get to you little nendoroid. Has a good time in the slightly cramp quarters with my other preciouses.

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