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Tokyo Ghoul episode 12 FINAL EPISODE!

I decided it would be a great idea to hit random keys on the keyboard and it caused this entire post to go to the right and I was like X____X. The poor husband. He figured out how to fix it but since I didn't know how I did it I wasn't too helpful in fixing it. Computers and I get along super great folks.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1217_zps5c9cd6d9.png
Is this going to end well for no one? I am going to guess no.....
I am not sure how everything will look when I hit the publish key but here's hoping everything looks decent. Otherwise post 5 of the night might be a little special. So up now is the final episode of Tokyo Ghoul. Spoilers for everything from the last episode not getting resolved in this episode. No serious folks no idea how everyone else turns out. Just Kaneki. X___X
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1215_zps191d06f5.png
Oh I forgot about that. Probably for good reason too.
Episode Summary: While Doves, Aogiri Tree, and Café de Ghoul are fighting outside Kaneki is strapped to a chair. A chair he has been in for a few days. Jason is still torturing him. Part of the torture is counting backwards by 7 from 1,000 that we heard Kaneki doing earlier. This is something that was done to Jason during his torture. Kaneki tells himself this is the only thing that is keeping him sane, focusing on all the numbers. Jason comes and goes in the room, probably making Kaneki worry when the next round of torture is coming. It turns out that this tool that Rize got rid of and Jason sought to make a new one is…used to cut off Ghoul toes and fingers. Kaneki has been tortured in such a way and Jason is filling a bucket with toes and blood. Jason is fascinated by how quickly Kaneki can regenerate. During the episode Jason reveals it was he and the Doctor (not sure if it was the human one or not) that planned Rize’s death (maybe) so they could create a half Ghoul hybrid. So Jason has known all along that Rize was dead and Kaneki was her. It is not explained why Jason hated Rize so much but there is more knuckle cracking and hurting of Kaneki who just wants to die at t his point. Eventually Jason drags in the two Ghouls who were going to help Kaneki escape. Apparently they are a couple and Jason wants Kaneki to pick which one will be killed in front of him. Kaneki slowly loses his mind, thinking that picking would somehow make him the killer and he could never do such a thing. The boy Ghoul begs Kaneki to pick him to die and Kaneki says if someone has to die make it him. Jason just keeps going and going until he kills the girl first then the boy. Kaneki cries in anguish. After a while Jason comes in and says that his time with Kaneki is done, that he is to fight now and he is going to kill Kaneki. It is implied that Jason is going to eat Kaneki although that might not be the real purpose of creating Kaneki. As Jason approaches Kaneki he sees the boy has white hair.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1212_zpsf1cb0dca.png
Haven't I been tortured enough?! Why do you have to talk to me too?!
During this entire episode Kaneki was losing his marbles. Besides counting backwards Kaneki would retreat into his own mind that was full of white flowers. At one point he thought his mother had arrived to save him but it was Rize. How not fun. X___x. Kaneki is no longer safe in his own mind as Rize transforms all the flowers into red and has her own mindset on things. She basically thinks Kaneki is being weak and that he needs to stick up for himself. Or at least make some big boy decisions. When Kaneki fails to pick a survivor and both Ghouls die Rize is there to tell Kaneki it is his fault and he should have picked someone to live. Kaneki operates his life under the philosophy his mother taught him, it is better to be hurt than hurt. Rize wants to go down this memory lane. None of it includes dad as he was already dead. His mother worked like 3 jobs but still had time to help him read and learn harder words. He loved how kind his mother was and felt such sadness when she died, a sadness that only Hide could help fill. Rize keeps cutting into Kaneki as the episode goes on, starting off with the idea that his mother was not that kind. It is revealed that the mother would give money to her younger freeloading sister all the time instead of saying no and eventually the mom died from over working. Rize forces Kaneki to realize he was pissed that his mother didn’t choose him in life. He is eventually able to vocalize that he was upset enough to wish his aunt dead. Rize tries to take it further, that life is all suffering and to be okay Kaneki has to hurt others and what not. Kaneki doesn’t go that far but decides to stop being a pushover when Rize brings up that Jason will probably go on to kill his friends after he is dead, including Hide whom he has lied to. So when Jason approaches Kaneki he has accepted Rize into him soul thus the white hair? I don’t know. Suddenly Kaneki turns into a zombie ninja Ghoul and is able to escape the chair. He breaks his own leg to get away from Jason’s attack and receives several serious blows. Kaneki is like…do you think that could hurt me after all you have done to me and continues fighting. Jason gets more and more upset and loses his mind, saying he is going to eat Kaneki. Kaneki starts acting like Jason, finger cracking and what not and proceeds to use his own kagune to defeat Jason so he can help his friends. The series ends with Kaneki pinning Jason to the ground, demanding his start counting backwards while he eats Jason. THE END!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1211_zps1f4ca65d.png
So…that was a fun 24 minutes. And by fun I mean scarred for life. That was 24 minutes of torture, both physical and psychological on poor Kaneki. Then poof…he snaps and becomes mini Jason and the episode ends. Ends for a while. It has been confirmed there will be a second season but still. Cliff hanger is very cliff hangery and not….well…you know…positive. I know animes are not all rainbows and kittens like American cartoons but just…my eyes.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode127_zpse99fc2e4.png
So it wasn't the nails that were was all the toes. I see.
Did I mention I was eating while this was all going on? I am usually okay with those kinds of things, as long as it doesn’t involve eyes or needles. And maybe there is a disclaimer played in Japan before the actual episode. But I can see how people might be running and puking like Kaneki did when he was in Ghoul denial. So while I have complained about censors before…I think it was okay in this episode. Because just imagining things was okay enough for me. I could just imagine buckets full of blood and the floor covered in Kaneki fingers and toes. My brain folks.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode129_zps04cb8557.png
Making a half Ghoul sounds like FUN!
Oh yes folks. While there wasn’t much…material covered in this episode we did find out what the weapon was that Jason lost to Rize and had Dad Doc make before assisting in his demise. It is a Ghoul toe and finger cutter offer. Because folks…I don’t even know. I am pretty sure metal went through Rize pretty well with those steel beams and what not. Kaneki’s head went through glass. I am not sure why so much was put on this magical tool that Mado needed to understand when it looked like something you could find at any car repair place. But yes folks. We know what the weapon is used for. Oh my lunch.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1216_zpsc3422857.png
But before Kaneki's life got all horrible because of Ghouls he had to a pretty asshole Aunt. Yay family!
Most of the episode had to do with Jason and Rize. Jason was beating the shit out of Kaneki and cutting off his fingers and toes. Because Kaneki has a grand rate of regeneration. How much fun for Jason as he confirms that Kaneki has been kidnapped for a few days and not a few months like I feared in the last episode. Jason was also being a bit of an unreliable villain when he was sending people to look for Rize when he knew good and well that Rize was dead. Since this show just ended at an odd point we don’t know for certain is Jason was the one who killed Rize. We could assume that since Jason was after her before (for reasons unknown also) he might have caught up with her during her dinner date with Kaneki. What makes no sense at all is why Jason and this (what I also assume) human doctor decided to use Ghoul parts in a human. I am not sure what would be gained from that since half Ghouls are stronger than regular Ghouls. I would believe more in this storyline if we saw follow up visits with this doctor and some shady behavior. This is out of nowhere but might explain why the organs weren’t checked and what not. My poor logic.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1210_zps9950c779.png
Thanks for the numbers?
None of this explains why Jason wants to kill Kaneki now. He went through all this trouble to create Kaneki and allowed him to get involved with peace loving Ghouls only to be kidnapped, tortured, and eventually eaten? Jason seems to hate binge eaters and gourmet Ghouls so why would he go to the trouble of making such a tasty Kaneki to eat? Maybe I am thinking about this way too much. Too much braining and trying to figure out why a crazy person is doing something crazy. Jason does seem to have a split personality so maybe part of him wanted a half Ghoul minion and the other half is like KILL EVERYTHING BECAUSE I AM OFF MY ROCKER!!!! Oh my soul.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1218_zps7a94e23a.png
:( Kaneki don't feel too bad. Jason was going to kill them both anyway.
While Rize did most of the mental torture this episode Jason wasn’t left out of that department. Kaneki took the time to mention that Jason taught him a technique to deal with the torture. One that he had done to him when he was captured by Doves but I doubt Kaneki knows that. Like Kaneki….stop trying to find the good in everything. Talking about the numbers being the only thing that was keeping him sane. Thanks torturer. But Jason ups the odds by bringing in two of his minions (or really Banjou’s minions but whatever). Like look I sent these two Ghouls in and I knew they wanted to break you out because I am not made of stupid. Now you will pick which one will live. Or die. Whatever makes it easier to make your decision. Seeing the kind of person Kaneki is Jason knew exactly what he was doing to the boy. Making him into a killer in his eyes. Also Jason was going to kill both of them anyway. And if he did spare one that survivor was going to attack Jason and get killed. So either way both Ghouls were dead and Jason was going to kill them. Jason just made it torturous for Kaneki mentally. Who do I pick?! Will the other forgive me? Will the other be upset with survivor guilt? Kill me instead!!!! So yeah..Jason and his increasingly poorly drawn face knows how to affect a prisoner in all ways. Oh my poor heart.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode128_zps865c412d.png
A few months but you are dead.
Rize had her torture as well but all of it mental as she is dead. Super dead. First episode dead. I am sure whatever she is thought she was also helping Kaneki but yeah…not really. Take the two dead Ghouls. I think it is easy to blame Kaneki for not picking. Like all you had to do is say a name and one person could live. Why couldn’t you do it?! Well Kaneki did offer himself up as a dead Ghoul if someone had to die. And yes he did make it partial about himself, that he couldn’t do that and become a killer by proxy. But that was the point of that torture. Plus like I already said Jason was going to kill both anyway. But Rize and her dead self watering the white flowers red made it sound like Kaneki was weak and rather be hurt than be hurt and it was all his fault. Like there was a chance one of the other Ghouls was going to live. Yeah right Rize. Oh my poor ears.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1214_zps3c1c9d4c.png might want to change that way of thinking.
Maybe Rize isn’t even there. As we see in this episode Kaneki has some deep anger issues. Maybe Kaneki has two sides of him. And not a Ghoul or human side but more like angry Kaneki and good Kaneki. A boy who thought he had to be good. And the reality side/angry side of Kaneki just took on the form of Rize to get him to confront his fears and what not. Or she really could be in there as Ghouls have not been explained at all and she lives in his soul now. Kaneki must have been escaping into his brain as counting numbers really can’t block out all that torture. His white flower field is probably how he wanted to live his life, pure and not hurting others. Rize and her red growing flowers were all about rage, revenge, and death. Marketed as being strong and not being pushed around of course. Kaneki had some issues early on with Rize talking but near the end he decided to be him, a combo of her and Rize. But that took some work. Oh my poor fingers typing all this crazy.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1213_zps6549372f.png
:( Kaneki hasn't gotten many breaks in life has he?
Even without Jason doing his demonstration with the two friend Ghouls Rize had more than enough material to torture Kaneki with. It almost turned into A Christmas Carol up in this place. The past, present, and future if Kaneki doesn’t get his act straight. Lets start with the mom. When Toka was talking about families the other day Kaneki was hush hush about things. Like oh my parents died before I could really get to know them. Well apparently he is a giant liar. Or just didn’t want to admit things as he and Toka have a weird relationship. His dad did die early in life but Kaneki was old enough to remember his mother. Shame on Rize for doing this. I mean…obviously she is evil but come on. This is a dead woman and Kaneki obviously wants to remember things in rose colored glasses kinda of way. Let the boy has his delusions. Oh my poor mommy issues.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1219_zpsed124843.png
Thanks for all this support Rize. But what can we expect from a person who tried to eat Kaneki....
But Rize had to go there. Because it was Kaneki’s mother who taught him to be like this. I don’t see them being the same person. Kaneki’s mom was a push over, a punching bag. She had a child to look after. Kaneki wanting to put others above himself and not hurt anyone doesn’t really hurt anyone but him. Yeah the people left behind will be sad but none of them are really his immediate responsibility. He is not leaving behind people who are counting on him, just people that like him. Does that make sense? And he is not going out of his way to die. Since he is being tortured right now him dying for others would be okay in his book. And when they are in battle Kaneki isn’t throwing himself on swords. He is trying to do what is best for everyone and if he dies during battle and someone else is saved that is okay. Oh my poor ability to be useful in the zombie apocalypse.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode1220_zpsb85bb159.png
That doesn't make Kaneki a bad person. :( Just a nice guy who gave his mother some slack.
His mother…..was a single mom. Dad died and I am not sure how the support system works in Japan. I am sure if she was careful with her money they could have had ends meet if she had 1.5 jobs. But apparently mom had a real loser sister who thought taking money from her young nephew was an okay thing to do. How can one person be so cruel? This lady already lost her husband. Now she has no social life and barely sees her son because she has to work THREE jobs so her dumbass greedy sister can get money for clothes and make-up. I mean….how deplorable is this girl? While the mother is dumb for doing all of this the real villain is the sister. The aunt. After the mom died where did Kaneki go to live? He said he had nowhere to go. So I am going to assume the grandparents were dead and this stellar human being didn’t take in her nephew. Scum. Oh my poor ability to articulate things in a clear manner. Rize’s point down this memory lane of sadness was to show Kaneki things were not as they remember them. The mom was hard working and loved Kaneki. But Kaneki grew up alone. The mother barely had any time for him and died from overworking. She told Kaneki it was better to hurt than be hurt. That doesn’t mean be a doormat. Sometimes in life you have to be selfish and think of yourself. Or in the case your son. Kaneki tried to suck it up all these years but Rize and her creepy red flowers point out that Kaneki is really resentful. That he wishes his mom had made better decisions. What about him?!?!?! Oh my poor little Kaneki.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode122_zps665d621b.png
So if people die it's his fault for being tortured to death? Thanks Rize.
But Rize takes it too far. Way too far. I am not sure how him being tortured by Jason means all those around him will die (present and future times now). He is the newest Ghoul and while he might have the most potential he doesn’t know how to use his powers properly. And even though he has been healing….he keeps getting his toes and fingers cut off!!! Like give the kid a break. Other people killing Hinami and Toka isn’t due to anything Kaneki doesn’t do (wait what) and if Hide dies how is that Kaneki’s fault?! I mean…..Kaneki not telling Hide about being a Ghoul is to keep both of them safe. Rize was making a lot of wild accusations. Twisting things and making Kaneki sound like a weak person. Kaneki wanted his mom to take care of him. He didn’t want his aunt to die. Rize was making it all black and white. Or red and white. If Kaneki doesn’t want to hurt he has to hurt. Embrace the darkside because there is no other way to be. Oh my poor Zach on Big Brother this season. I sorta just felt like saying that so…
 photo tokyoghoulepisode121_zpsdd232e4a.png
I will become badass but not lose myself in the hatred like you did. I think.
Kaneki takes his all in….and decides that he is going to be him. He is going to acknowledge his past was horrible, that Hide probably deserves the truth, and that if he doesn’t pull through Jason will just keep on killing. But he is not going to take a ride on the crazy train to Rize land. Sometimes there is a third option. The world might be a messed up place but you don’t have to hurt people. Kaneki doesn’t have to go out of his way to hurt people like Jason does. Kaneki can collect suicide people and eat them and protect his friends when they are in danger. So Kaneki decides to accept his Ghoul side but won’t accept Rize’s view on life. A bit disappointing for her as she probably wanted to take over him completely and live her life again. I think. But as long as Kaneki goes out of his mind some of the time I guess that is good enough for her. Oh my poor nose of imagining how gross those red flowers smelled.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode124_zpsf1a1f45e.png
That would be Kaneki and his foot twisting a million times.
So you know how Kaneki made it a big deal that he wasn’t going to be like Rize? Well…I am not sure what happened from then to 5 seconds in the future but Kaneki turned into a mini Jason. Which is probably a lot worse than Rize. I didn’t see her killing fellow Ghouls and there were some Ghouls that liked her. I know that deep down Kaneki has really tortured from days and he broke inside. Anyone would break inside if they reached the point where they asked to die and had to watch others die instead of him. So DEEP down I know that Kaneki probably should…be expected to act a little insane. I think I wouldn’t have minded the savage beast attacking. Like I am going to mess you up and turned into a spider monkey. But him morphin into Jason what with the finger cracking and other mannerisms scared me. Jason turned into a torturer after being tortured and I don’t want Kaneki to turn into the same thing. Had there been another episode we could see that Kaneki had lost his mind only for 5 minutes and will be back to Kaneki.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode125_zps482595f2.png
And Kaneki broke into tiny little pieces.++
Well sorta anyway. I don’t think it would be easy to come back from that. Especially now that Kaneki has embraced the kill or be killed side. Not totally Rize but not pushover Kaneki. So Kaneki will have some changes in him. I just don’t want his core to be gone. He can still care about people but put more effort in being proactive. I don’t want him picking up toe and finger cutting tools and going to town. Also when Kaneki is seriously hurt in battle I want him to react in such a way that he acknowledges the pain. That he still feels things and isn’t a monster. Because when he broke away from Jason and twisted his leg like a piece of string I was worried. Like um who you be Kaneki? Also…he sorta just morphed into someone who could fight really well. You can have the fire and desire to kick ass but that doesn’t mean you have the experience to do so. It just seemed like a giant leap to me. Not every single pep talk results in…well those results. Oh my poor late blogging self.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode126_zps433934d5.png
Um...can we have the other Kaneki...just slightly less doormaty?
So in the end Kaneki is able to take down Jason without killing himself. Jason seems to be in slight denial about the whole thing, especially when visions of Rize dance in his head. Kaneki completes this circle of torture by focusing the counting back by 7 thing deal while Kaneki….eats Jason. You are what you eat after all. Again I am not sure I was okay with Kaneki doing that but the man did hurt him and Ghouls do get stronger if they eat strong things. I just don’t want to lose Kaneki to the dark side. He is doing all of this to protect his friends (yay Hide surviving this season!) but I don’t think they would want him to become a horrible person for them. Kaneki has been through a lot though and maybe he needs time to recover and put himself back together. Find a good spot between crazy Rize and push over Kaneki. But since the episode and season just ENDS at this point….of course I am a bit worried for poor little Kaneki. Does that mean the eye patch days are gone? No more lessons with Yomo since he is an ass kicker? But after the battle is done is Kaneki going to have a good cry over what has happened and feel guilty? The old Kaneki might have felt guilty but maybe the new Kaneki will cry a bit and realize tough things have to be done to protect what is yours. With a second season shortly on the way I guess my answers will come. Eventually. But until then…. Oh my poor self having to wait all that time!


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