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Tokyo Ghoul episode 6

It's Friday Friday....err...I don't really remember the rest of that horrible song. But I am sure I did enough to make the awfulness stuck in your head. XD But yes folks it is Friday and a holiday weekend for a lot of people. Since I am currently working as a stay at home wife (IE super cleaner) this means little to me but a lot for the husband as he is Mine Crafting the weekend away. I keep looking over to his computer and I think I see aliens. That game is so weird.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode65_zps9e36212c.jpg
Which part....?
So while it is alien time for the husband it is cleaning, Tsum Tsum playing, and anime blogging time for me. XD You know every day for me. What is up first on the catch up list? I will go with Tokyo Ghoul episode 6. Spoilers for Toka liking to save the day and then make everything worse weeee!
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Because Ghouls and zombies are different. DUH!
Episode Summary: Toka takes a bite out of Kaneki's shoulder and she is able to summon up her massively cool kagune. She attacks Shu and he takes damage. He doesn't act too broken up about it as he is happy to see the return of strong Toka. Kaneki sorta stands there in awe of Toka being amazing. Shu senses he needs more power so he runs to take a bite out of Kimi. The barely alive Nishiki grabs Shu trying to save Kimi. Kimi starts to wake up as Nishiki gets his head stomped on a million more times. Before Nishiki is killed Toka jumps out of nowhere and I am assuming slices him in half starting at his head. He is like oh this will take a long time for me to heal, maybe I should eat you now Kaneki...and flops on the ground. Toka advises Shu should eat himself while Nishiki crawls up to a now awake Kimi. Toka then is like OH so she knows you and Nishiki are Ghouls I will kill her now. Nishiki looks rather..pensive while Kaneki tries to tell Toka that Kimi is his version of Hide and Yoriko. Toka attacks anyway and Nishiki uses his body as a shied. Kimi then sees Toka for the first time and calls her pretty. Toka runs off all upset at a human finding her pretty in that state. Kimi cries because Nishiki is okay (?) and Kaneki is acting like he doesn't have giant holes in his tummy. Hide comes to the cafe soon after and is surprised to find Nishiki working there. Turns out that he is working there to earn “food” since it wouldn't be good for Nishiki to hunt and date a human. Hide and Nishiki sorta talk about Toka for a bit who is not feeling well and isn't working there today. Hinami and her mother had been sitting nearby and Hinami gets upset that she can't see her dad and takes off upstairs. Hide questions what is going on while Nishiki tries to advert the attention off them. Kaneki sits down and basically the Mom is like woe is me being a single mom is sad. She worries about her husband and the situation he is in. Back at the “clinic” Dad is startled as Jason shows up and starts playing with Hinami's artwork. Dad gives Jason this weapon and wants to move on peacefully in life. Jason cracks his knuckles and decides that is not going to happen as the clinic fills with blood. At the cafe Mom explains to Kaneki how her husband used to be a Ghoul on the wrong side of the tracks but he changed his ways when Hinami came around. How lovely. Mom says she will handle this because she is the mom.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode613_zps27e555d6.jpg
This interesting way to investigate and look for suspects.
At the clinic Jason leaves the broken clinic to see crazy looking Mado and plain looking Amon waiting for him. Mado is especially thrilled to see such a top Ghoul. They transform their suitcases into some special kind of weapon that is personalized to each of them. They fight against Jason and Mado acts like he has a chance but really Jason is way too strong. Amon almost dies and Mado's weapon is completely broken. Jason walks away and promises more fun next time. Dad Doc has crawled out of the clinic clutching Hinami's picture. Mado bends down and calls Dad scum. Dad tries to use his kagune but he is killed. While all of this is going down Mom goes upstairs to talk to Hinami. Hinami is a kid and says some hateful things but eventually both of them cry it out as they just miss Dad. Mado and Amon see that Dad is holding a pic of the family and decide to use these arts as way to find other Ghouls. Kaneki sees the Mom and daughter make up and goes to see Toka. She refuses to open the door and Kaneki talks to her about how families make up and made Nishiki and Kimi can show everyone how humans and Ghouls can be together. He apologizes for bringing up Toka's friend but still feels as if the situation is the same in regards to Hide. Kaneki spends some time with Hinami helping her learn words and what not. He leaves so she can spend more time with her Mom. They decide to go out and get a new book to give to Dad later when things calm down. On the streets there are Doves holding Hinami's artwork and pics of her clothes comparing them to other mom and kids on the street. Hinami dances around after buying the new book for her dad while Mom notices all this funny business going down. She tries to get Hinami to walk away but then Hinami takes off as she think she smells her Dad. They end up in alley with Mado, Amon, and the two other Doves. Mado talks his crap and Mom uses her kagune like flower petals to pull Hinami close. She tells Hinami to run and she will join her later. Hinami cries but eventually leaves as mom turns full Ghoul. Mado says some crap about them not really being mom and daughter as Mom gets ticked. Hinami runs through the streets asking for help as Kaneki is seen walking maybe nearby? THE END!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode616_zpsa64122d2.jpg
Mother will be right behind you....right. Say goodbye forever kid.
That obviously went a bit different than I thought it was going to go. I thought the battle was going to take all episode when in reality it was all taken over before the (late) opening song took place. I see indeed.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode63_zps437bd290.jpg
Really? I can't tell so I will have to take your word for it.
Or maybe I don't see. Because you know censors. Censors over here and censors over there. Got to have a reason to make people buy Dvds and suchies. I am used to such censors here in the United States, especially if you watch Final Destination movies on cable. So I know Japan has cracked down on things recently and things are going to end up looking....well not sure how cause obviously I didn't see what it looked like. I guess I could look it up online, to see if the manga follows the anime pretty closely but I can use my imagination. Hope on the Figment ride and just use my other senses to understand what is going on.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode6_zps73b94cca.jpg
Here is Toka kicking some ass. This we can see.
What went on was Toka kicked ass. Lots of ass indeed. This kagune is different from Ghoul to Ghoul. But just a little bite from blood/skin from Kaneki and Toka was kicking a lot of ass. Shu almost had a minute to fight back. He got hit and tried to regenerate and it really didn't help him. Maybe less talking and more attacking would have been better. Or or...he could have taken a bit out of Kimi then since Toko had backed off at the moment. Doesn't matter though as they only flittered around for a few more moments. Nishiki is a good boyfriend and....grabs Shu's leg. While Shu was going to town on Nishiki's head Toka did the final move and sliced Shu in half. Ghouls must be made of something magical though because this guy is still talking! I assume he is still alive as Nishiki is still alive after Kaneki's amazingness. Still that attack looked awful and I am sure no one is really running to make sure he glues himself back to life. I am sure they left him in the church so maybe a human will come and call Doves first. Or Shu will eat them. All we know is Shu and his ugly clothes had something massive happen to his body and he is currently down for the count.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode64_zps4d686bbf.jpg
Wait!!! We shouldn't be fighting at all!
Since Shu is basically dead all is well and everyone can go home and get some suicide meat. Or or....Toka can decide the body count needs to increase. Kimi is wearing a blindfold and is way too calm about this situation. I am going to assume she was woozy and knocked out for most of the battle but I would still wake up alarmed hearing this things and not knowing what is going on. Since Kimi knows about them being Ghouls it is time for her to die. For their own good, to protect them all. At this point Nishiki is really just done trying. He has nothing left in him so all he can is stare at Toka. Kaneki who apparently only have a broken arm and no holes at him at this point is like wait this is Nishiki's special friend. We have special friends Toka so you can't kill her. Toka is like no I want to protect our special friends from this knowledge and this Kimi is dangerous. Nishiki has enough energy to protect Kimi from the blasts Toka lets out and he finally....doesn't die. What the heck is Nishiki made out of?! During the attack Kimi's blindfold is cut and she is able to see Toka. Toka and her full on Ghoul/kagune self and declares her pretty. Pretty? Toka has issues with being a Ghoul so this throws her off enough to run away and let Kaneki, Nishiki, and Kimi all live. In various states of what the heck?! 

Despite the fact that Toka has been given Kaneki a lot of crap about being a Ghoul and that he has a lot of things to learn Toka herself has hung ups about the whole Ghoul thing too. I am not seeing many Ghoul parents so I am guessing the life span of these creatures isn't long. You know with humans being afraid of them and all. Plus....they do look pretty messed up when they are transformed. In other shows with different creatures that are sorta human they find their appearance okay/better than humans. Toka doesn't share that thinking. Like no I look gross. Maybe Toka wants to be human. She is Ghoul and not proud. It probably took a lot in her to even attack the girl and then to stop because of the word pretty. Toka is going through a lot and needs some time to think about this all. How dare Kaneki come in and make Toka think about having a relationship with a human being and all this nonsense. Toka can take all the time in the world to think as I appreciate the fact she took a bit out of Kaneki and didn't lose her mind.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode66_zpsc67dc908.jpg
Best friends forever weee!
So while Toka is upstairs pondering about life and her role as a Ghoul Hide has come to visit his two friends at the cafe. And since Toka upstairs who is this other friend? Of course it is Nishiki. Of course it is guys. He has redemption now. He has a girlfriend whom he realized 5 minutes ago matters. Kaneki helping him touched his heart. Hide's head what? So yeah...Ghoul relationships seem to be a bit off since there are so few of them. They can't stay mad for long as they have to stick together against the humans. That is what I see happening. Since Nishiki and Toka didn't interact this episode it is hard to tell if things are 100 with them. I guess Kaneki is the one who needs to forgive more. Yay for Nishiki working there and Hide not asking many questions. So what did he overhear in the room that day?
 photo tokyoghoulepisode67_zps15287e75.jpg
Because moms suck duh!
Maybe Nishiki would have talked to Kaneki more but Hinami and her mom decided to have a fight in the middle of the cafe and have a scene. Hello you are in Japan, you can't be acting like this! But yeah Hinami wants to see her dad and despite not being a toddler/old enough to understand why she can't...she needs to blame her mom and say hateful things to this woman. Now Hinami's mom does come across a bit as a pushover who is all lala clouds and rainbows what is mean? I am sure she is not like that as she is a Ghoul and have seen some horrible things in life but that is how she comes across. Instead of chasing after Hinami first Kaneki stays with the mom to talk about her side of the story. How the woman feels useless and is also worried for her husband who has been mixed up with some bad Ghouls in the past but changed when Hinami was born. Not when he was boning her or other things, just when the kid came around. Mom is worried and Kaneki really can't do anything about it.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode68_zps4e73e4fc.jpg
Thanks for the product but Jason is still not happy.
While mom is talking about how worried she is about the dad...well things are going down at the clinic the man works at. I am guessing he did some unpleasant things prior in his life and regrets it. Regrets it majorly. I am going to guess he makes these Ghoul hunting tools (as I think that is what they are) for Jason and all the other Ghouls thought he was a bit of a turn coat. But one can't quit Jason and apparently it takes a while to make these tools. That or Hinami really needs to get over the fact she hasn't seen her dad in 3 days. But Jason has returned to get his tool so all will be well soon. The family can be reunited and they can go on getting their food from the cafe and not hurting humans. Or....Jason can feel slighted from Dad turning his back on him and what not and decide to beat the man into pieces. Not to death as Ghoul on Ghoul death seems to be rare since everyone regenerates. But yeah Jason beat the Dad Doc pretty good.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode69_zps8ddc6685.jpg
And now the suitcases look a whole lot cooler. Makes more sense now.
Then...TADA Mado and Amon are there. Amon reminds me of the heroes from CLAMP stories. Just without the personality. Well some of the personality as some of them are stoic. Stoic is still a personality trait to me. Amon seems to be a newbie. Someone who sees the Ghouls as an evil and tries to not get connected to the fact that they look and act human. Demons that must be destroyed but that is it. No pleasure in the fighting or what not. Mado on the other hand...he is 15 kinds of crazy. All over the place. Like woohoo I took this job not to protect people but because I want to hurt people. Sorta like how some people in the military really don't belong there at all. So during this Mado/Amon verses Jason fight Mado was really having fun while Amon was trying not to die. Jason seems to be pretty powerful and was just playing with the pair. Like lala let me toy with you Doves. During this battle we got to see what the suitcases actually did. Which was good because I was the Doves are hitting Ghouls in the head with a suitcase and that is how they die. Nopers. They are made of some special material and they turn into a weapon of choice. They are actually really pretty cool. So both the Ghouls and Doves have access to this special metal. I see I see. I also see Jason tearing Mado's weapon up like it was nothing so maybe Dove better run away for now? If Jason was in a mood he could have taken them out like nothing. Probably should have but not today.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode610_zpsf0c2cafc.jpg
I don't have a pic of Dad dying so have Jason kicking more ass.
Maybe Jason did that on purpose though, so Dad Doc would die. He left the man on the ground suffering and if the Doves killed him...well it wasn't Jason technically. I don't think he really has to worry about people going after him for revenge anyway but he can say that he really didn't kill the man. Mado and Amon did. Dad didn't really go down without a fight though. His kagune made him look like that baddie from Spiderman. Not a good look. But they didn't prolong his death. I mean....I don't think he would have killed them, just gotten away to be with his family. Maybe there can be an understanding with Ghouls and humans one day but this is not the day. They eat humans so Ghouls are the enemy. No sympathy for his dying self on the ground or the family he still has out there. Like lets go inside and find out how we can hunt down more Ghouls. It is clever thinking, how to get more “criminals”. One leads to another to a cell of them and poof promotions for everyone. But since we all know Ghouls have personalities and souls and what not it is a bit bitter sweet. Feel free though to throw around the plushies and drawings of the young girl. Feelings are for losers.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode611_zps792e8ba2.jpg
We understand each other now. Hug it out and cry!
So while all this sadness and suitcase bashing is going on mom and Hinami had a talk. They had to because Kaneki exists and he wants everyone to be happy. I think he was going to go help the family out anyway with his tea making but it worked itself out. Well after Hinami told her mom she hated her. I mean I guess I am being too hard on the kid? I doubt that but maybe I am putting her in an adult situation and expecting her to man up and handle it. She looks about 8 yes? I think 8 years old is old enough to realize that dad is in danger and we need to stay alive somewhere else. But I guess it was weighing on her and mom wasn't really looking worried. Maybe that was the real issue, mom needed to show that she was sad and missed dad too and wasn't a robot about the situation. So yeah they were having a moment and had to comfort each other, tell the other that things were going to be okay. All the while that dad was being killed. Bitter sweet moment. Like thanks for trolling me show.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode612_zpsfeb5b89a.jpg
This is Kaneki getting through to Toka. Can't you tell?
Before the show can get more sad and troll me more Kaneki and his coffee/tea handing out self decided to go see Toka first. Because she is still having weird feelings about sparing Kimi and Kimi calling her pretty and what not. Toka is a Ghoul but has no Ghoul pride. Kaneki is stuck in between both worlds. So while Kaneki's words might come across as a bit....what is the word I am looking for? How Kaneki is new to this situation and is trying to tell Toka how she should feel about the situation. I am sure that Nishiki and Kimi aren't the only ones who have trying to have a Ghoul/human relationship. But I am also going to guess that the ones who have tried in the past haven't done so well. I mean didn't Kaneki just get told of a half human/half Ghoul baby that didn't make it. So yeah this isn't some magical once in a lifetime relationship. Still Kaneki wants Toka to have faith and not feel so bad about having regrets and conflicting feelings about Kimi. Whatever Kaneki says seems to have worked but Toka isn't going to let him know that...yet. She does have her badass image to protect.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode614_zps75be9916.jpg
Stealth Hinami. You need to learn to have it. And quick.
After the mom and daughter have some bonding we understand each other time they venture out to get a present. For the dad. The super dead dad now. I think the Ghouls need to start a better system of communication. Like wow Doves are in town...and that seems to be all the information that anyone knows. Not um yeah Doc is dead warn the wife. I guess everyone running around alone is a better way to stay alive. Of course it was a bit eye rolling when the Doves were using childish drawings to profile people. Like oh we know we are in an anime and people wear the exact same clothes the entire time they are in the anime so surely these pictures represent exactly what the rest of this Ghoul family looks like right now. So that and no one contacting ANY Ghoul at the cafe in which the Doc's family is staying at is a bit eyerolling. So Hinami and her mom go out, all happy and cute trying to get a present for a Dad that was now gone.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode615_zps3a2b7d46.jpg
Thanks for that.....won't want a merciful death or anything.
Does this end well folks? Of course it doesn't. It never does. Ever. Doves are all over the place looking up and down any mom and kid combo. If only mom had gotten the book alone. Since we know what the suitcases are now and these police officers are pretty far away from the world stealth mom was able to get Hinami slightly away from the problem. I would think a Ghoul child would have more brains than Hinami though. Like mom I am going to bring more attention to us with my questions and what not. When you are being hunted by humans and you live among them maybe you should develop some sorta of system. Like eyebrow raise, run away. Mom does her best but of course they end up being cornered after Hinami takes off running because she thinks she smells her Dad. Turns out mom and her old lady clothes help her kagune out? That is what it looked like to me anyway. She is sorta like a crazy ass flower. She enveloped her kid and told Hinami to run, that she will be along later. HAHA yeah right. Hinami eventually does run but it isn't looking good for her or momma Ghoul who is being taunted for “pretending” to be a mother. Hinami is running and begging for help and the viewers see Kaneki walking along...but we don't know where. I am going to go out on a limb and say the mom is toast but Hinami? This show hasn't shy-ed away from violence yet so is this going to be the first kid death? Something that shakes Kaneki to his core? Guess we will find out next time!

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