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DRAMAtical Murder episode 4

Sometimes I wonder how the tourism industry stays alive here in Florida. Maybe by lies that we are the Sunshine State? Because it is either raining cats and dogs or melting the skin off your face kind of weather here. XD People flock here for summer vacation and they arrive to find all the outdoor rides under water. Water they will soon wish for when the sun tries to bake them from the inside. XD
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode413_zps8b9f811d.jpg
Story of my life right there.
As I hide inside my house from the thunderstorms and rays of the sun I shall get more anime up and posted before the husband makes his way home. Up now is DRAMAtical Murder episode 4. Spoilers for a lot of things going on and very little explanation.
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Okay Mr. Dreads dude. Keep on being cryptic.
Episode Summary: Grams continues to be all sulky in the car with Toue's assistant. He is surprised HE is alive (Aoba) and that Grams is with him as she abandoned him before. She is quick to say he must be confused but looks guilty and angry all at the same time. Inside Aoba is watching a news program about Toue and why he created Platinum Jail. NOW it is a city, the perfect city that all the people inside experience no worries or problems. He hopes that one day other places are built like Platinum Jail and everyone can experience complete happiness. Aoba tells Ren he is not impressed since no one in the displaced city is allowed to live there. Grams comes back inside which surprises Aoba since he thought she was in bed. She makes some excuse for being outside and then goes to bed. Aoba shrugs it off like he always does and goes to lay down. We see Mr. Dreads and his gang (whom I think is actually Morphine but who knows in this crazy show) planning something and Mr. Dreads says he will get IT no matter what. In Platinum Jail AKA the Capitol Toue bids some of his admires/investors goodnight as his assistant comes to pick him up. Assistant seems impressed with Toue's lies and ass kissing. Toue asks how the situation AKA Grams went and Assistant says as expected. In his bed Aoba looks pensive so Ren asks if his head hurts again. Aoba says Grams medicine is working well and that he is actually thinking about Toue and Platinum Jail. Before he can explain himself too much he hears singing and investigates his balcony. He finds Clear sitting there singing about jelly fish. Clear claims to have heard Aoba talking about happiness and came to talk. Aoba tries to ask Clear to not call him Master but Master is Master kinda business. Clear starts talking about jellyfish and how he used to sing about jelly fish to his Grandfather who is now “sleeping”. He asks Aoba why people are so focused on happiness and Aoba explains his thoughts on the matter. It is basically he doesn't know but people are just doing the best they can do and maybe want to leave their mark on the world before they die. Clear is beyond touched by Aoba's perfect words and will repay him by singing another song to him. Apparently his Grandfather liked him singing. Aoba requests a lullaby and happily goes to bed. Meanwhile Mizuki and his “team” are standing around all upset like because their area got tagged by Morphine.
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode416_zps17f6e8d6.jpg
Gotta protect the Ren!
The next morning Koujaku is outside cutting hair because I guess he just works in the street when someone from his “team” runs up and says something has happened to Mizuki and gang. Koujaku and I guess his number 2 go to Mizuki's spot and there is no one to be seen. They call Aoba who just got off of work. He rushes over and then they all split up looking for their friend and the rest of the “team” by asking random strangers on the street. When that turns up no one they meet back at Mizuki's place that has been tagged by Morphine and oh look a pool of blood by the steps. Before Aoba has time to panic Virus and Trip appear as they claim this area is theirs. They are talking about something else as Koujaku identifies them as yakuza. Because that is different than their “teams” and Rhyme groups. While Koujaku and Virus/Trip have a penis waving contest on why this is different my brain explodes. Once they stop being jerks to each other Virus and Trip say this Morphine business is bad news for EVERYONE and they are a bit confused on what is going on too. They warn Aoba to be careful as they walk away and Koujaku has a slight eye twitch from the experience. Seriously 5 seconds later Noiz and his Rhyme team appears demanding that Aoba play together with them. Koujaku and his eye twitch has a super jealous attack and tells Noiz to take a hike. Noiz says in this day in age it is stupid to settle things with fists and Koujaku is too old fashion. So naturally he puts on some metal looking gloves and has at Koujaku when he charges. Aoba sorta stands by and goes DERP about the whole thing. It doesn't last very long as the crazy police guy comes and threatens to kill everyone. They all disperse with Koujaku promising to stop by Aoba's later to tell him something important. This world obviously has no texting. Aoba makes it to a main street and takes a deep breath. On his communicator whatever device he keeps receiving what he thinks is junk email about saving the Princess. He tries to delete it and when that doesn't work he asks Ren to deal with it. Ren scans it and suggests Aoba opens it. Turns out it is another part of that random video game he got a few episodes back. It is basically someone in blue watching someone in pink get carried away. At first Aoba doesn't think it means anything but then starts to worry about Grams. He tries calling her but she doesn't pick up. He runs home to find the lights off and things laying around. He tucks Ren safely in his bag and goes around the house. He finds several random people who might be Mizuki's people laying on the ground either dead or unconscious. Mr. Dreads appear in the darkness with the rest of his crew and Aoba demands his Grams. Mr. Dreads responds by punching Aoba in the stomach causing him to pass pit. THE END!
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Oh look a random puddle of blood.....
Err...I probably shouldn't have waited so long to blog this episode. Like you know...finish one thing at a time and then start a new episode. I say that and next week I will do the same thing. Because I never learn. I see what happens and go yep that sucked....lets do it again. Yay insanity.
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode4_zps4450e348.jpg
She might be small but I don't want to mess with that. X___X
Good thing the summary is something I kept up on. Like watch the episode and get the summary and screenies done before I watch another episode. Writing the entire post would make the most sense but if I can't do that at least I have done the best thing you know? XD So I will just read it over and remind myself what has happened. Ah yes Grams. She was hanging out with Toue's Assistant....why? Of course over Aoba. Everything is over Aoba. Aoba Aoba Aoba. If they don't want to do him they want to kill him. So Mr. Assistant makes it sound like Aoba is supposed to be dead and Grams allowed that to happen and she is a bad person. When clearly that is not what happened as Aoba is not dead. Maybe she abandoned him and left him for dead but rescued him later? Like that was part of her plan? Either way she does have a tinge of guilt on her face but mainly she wants to punch these losers in the face. She is not pleased with Toue and his random Assistant.
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode42_zps471a828d.jpg
So...are these people even awake or is this a virtual reality world?
Since Aoba had to carry Grams home he assumes she is still inside and taking a nap. So he is going to be the young buck and spend all night watching TV. Only this TV show was boring and Aoba should have kept on clicking that remote. It was a special on Platinum Jail and Toue. So far this show has done a really bad job in explaining what Platinum Jail was until this episode. At first I thought it was a housing area. But then I was like oh so this is where Rhyme is really played. Then I was like oh a JAIL for real. Then it was said it was an Amusement park. I am not making these things up, they said Amusement Park. Now it is where the rich live and life is amazing. Like everything your heart desires, no worries, and stupid looking clothing. It is the Hunger Games all over again people. At least I know what it is now even if it makes less sense than usual.
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode43_zpsddd14368.jpg
So they aren't allowed in the Jail and they aren't allowed to leave the island. Does mainland Japan know about this?!
Aoba for one is not impressed with this Platinum Jail. Mainly because they just came in and pushed everyone out into the slums to make this amazing place. Why not build somewhere else and have people flock there? Especially if this is a small island. Not much to it if you aren't on the mainland. So the locals got screwed and now they can't leave the island? The alarms in my head are sounding. I am sure many people on the outside aren't pleased with this place including Mr. Dreads as his bad memories seem to stem from people being forced to leave their homes and fire. That is related to Toue too right? Before Aoba can really tell Ren how he feels about Platinum Jail Grams comes in and acts shady. Like I am fine, taking out the trash don't mind this old woman. HMMMM says Aoba. Elsewhere Mr. Dreads is with his own “group” being all upset about Platinum Jail and how he is going to do it/get it no matter what. So he will be the hero who will do villainous things to save people. I see now.
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode45_zps09048210.jpg
His face is just full of smiles and dreams.
After this TV show Toue is seen leaving the studio and is approached by several people. Either people who are making tons of money in Platinum Jail or true believers. They aren't decked out in stupid outfits so I am going to go with business men who might believe in the message of no stress. The second Toue gets in the car and talks with his Mr. Assistant his mood changes. Like stupid fools all of them. The Hunger Games are just a distraction for something else DUH! Toue asks about Grams and apparently things went according to plan. Well what I saw was Grams being upset and nothing else happening. This must be a slow plan. Still it seems good enough for Toue who goes to his palace in the sky to stare at that drugged out looking teenager again. I think said teenager is the host of all these Rhyme games and he is constantly stuck in them thus he isn't “awake”. I guess he is important but we don't know why...yet.
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode46_zpse05fc5c5.jpg
Aoba has a really...unique hairstyle going on there.
After Aoba caught Grams being weird he went upstairs to lay down with his talking robot dog Ren. Like here are the reasons why I hate Platinum Jail. And before he can explain himself...there is singing outside about a jellyfish. What? More crazy people outside my house? I need to get an alarm system or something. He goes outside to find Clear and his gas mask wearing self. Did he always have the jellyfish plushie because CUTE!!! Aoba should really be asking more obvious questions on like why are you here and how can you hear me when all I am doing is THINKING and why are you wearing a gas mask. Instead he does sorta ask why Clear calls him Master which I guess is important too. The answer was....Master is Master and the subject was then dropped but still he asked.
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode48_zps29638c03.jpg
Or an explanation? Just saying.
Aoba tries to figure out why the jellyfish song is important. And maybe there is no importance to it at all, just the fact that Clear used to sing it to his Grandfather and Grandfather is now sleeping. :( Sadness. Aoba seems to really feel for people even though they barely know each other and they seem pretty sketchy at best. Clear doesn't stick on this subject long which is weird but since he doesn't acknowledge the Grandfather is dead maybe he doesn't think like that. He heard Aoba thinking about happiness earlier and wants to know what the man was talking about. Instead of asking how Clear heard his thoughts Aoba just talked about Platinum Jail instead. Like that all seems like fake happiness. That basically no one really knows what happiness is and why we seek it and we just do the best we can do. Really it was just a jumble of simplified thoughts but Clear thought it was golden. Like let me sing you to bed time of gold. Fine with Aoba who really should be relocating from the crazies.
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode49_zps61cb1bd8.jpg
THEN POOF no more Mizuki.
Since Koujaku is the best hairdresser in the world he does his hair cutting on the streets. Because folks. The light is better out there. He is just cutting along when his second banana runs up and says something has happened to Mizuki. My question is...why does he care? Aren't they rival gangs with territory close to each other? Maybe they have a truce because they both love Aoba and help each other by having each other's back? Like we can protect twice as much land if we work together. Still it is odd they are keeping tabs on each other. Like the minute something happens everyone knows. In this instance it is Mizuki and his entire gang are gone and his area has been tagged over by Morphine. Have they been spirited away? Maybe Koujaku has selfish reasons for caring too, that his team might be next.
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode410_zps7735d14d.jpg
Hurry lets split up and look for him!
Whatever the reason Aoba and his blue outfit are dually noted of the situation. Aoba runs over to meet up with Koujaku just to break up into smaller groups to look for Mizuki and the others. Thought that was rather humorous, could have saved some time by telling Aoba where to look while he was on the side of town but whatever. It was a bit special that when everyone met up again at Mizuki's gang know the place with one chair, there was a giant puddle of blood. Like did you not see that the first time you were here? Going to the police was not an option because the first episode showed us the police were no good. Maybe before Platinum Jail showed up this was a nice place to live but now there are tons of youth with no jobs and too much free time and the police have given up too.
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode412_zps8a690cbb.jpg
What the hell is the difference between you and them?!
Almost like it was a video game Trip and Virus show up. Like um we need to show up now with a random piece of the puzzle so all the clues add up. Only what mostly happened was Koujaku was showing his ass again. In his defense he does seem like he does care for Aoba the most and has known him the longest. An actual friend he feels protective over. got kinda crazy. Especially when Koujaku is like oh they are yakuza they are SCUM. Like hello what is the different between your TEAM and the yakuza. Aren't you all gangs? I am so confused. Maybe there is a difference but Virus and Trip don't seem to think so. Koujaku looks a bit old school but that would make more sense if he was the yakuza part of the puzzle. Aoba sorta just stood by and watched them try to fight it out before it broke up and the two nontwins left. I guess Virus and Trip were nervous as they are....nefarious types and maybe this could affect them too. And if they don't know something it might be trouble. Beware. And bye cutie Aoba.
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode414_zps11bd88f8.jpg
Or else you are going to threaten me until I join your team? Sounds good.
As if by magic Virus and Trip pass Noiz in the alleyway. I am sure they high fived each other. Like okay dude it is your turn to mess with Koujaku. Go steal Aoba away from that jerk. It was comical. I am surprise that Koujaku's head didn't explode. Like boy I am not in the mood for you and your friend stealing/hurting ways. We got a real emergency here. I think if Noiz knew about Aoba's friend...he still wouldn't have cared and would have asked Aoba to join his team for a Rhyme battle. He seems to be that kind of person. Like I see that your dog is dead and your Grams is in the hospital and your house burnt down but I really need you to play Rhyme because you did so a long time ago with me. Koujaku was not going to take dinner for an answer this time around and was ready to fight. Noiz might look like a little punk who can only hide behind a computer but damn he was ready. Got those knuckle things on and everything. Aoba once again was like guys...guys...come on guys don't fight over me. This time the cops came and broke things up but come on....Mizuki really is missing and no one seems to be taking this seriously.
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode415_zps7bc7131f.jpg
HMMM it's like the video game is showing Aoba's life....
Aoba gets away from the cops and their insane kill now and never ask questions tactics and takes a moment to breath in the streets. Mizuki is still missing and with the cops not on their side and no one really wanting to get involved I am not sure what else Aoba could have done anyway. He starts to make his way home when he gets a notice on his little phone thingy. It looks like spam or a virus and maybe Aoba should have involved Ren from the start then deleting it 102 times then asking the robot dog for help. But eventually Ren runs a test and it doesn't seem to be anything bad. The kid keeps calling this a game but really it is just...a video. Maybe a scene from a video game but nothing happens. Aoba just watches. Anyway the little clip is of someone in pink (the princess) being taken away by birds while the character in blue watches. HMMMM who has pink hair and who always has blue clothes on? Aoba starts to worry about his Grams and when she doesn't pick up the phone...he tries to calm himself down. He was already heading home anyways but now there is a pep in his step. Don't know why, it's not like someone randomly broke into their house just a few days ago....
 photo Dramaticalmurderepisode418_zps0773313a.jpg
This probably won't end well.
I am not sure why Aoba hasn't gotten a weapon for the house but maybe he should get one. Or put a lazer beam on top of Ren's head. Because yeah walking into a dark house when your Grams didn't answer the phone and things are out of place is a giant no no. Maybe you should have walked your happy self back outside and thought for help to get Clear there. At least then you have a gas mask. But Grams was in danger so into the darkness he went. And what he found was...odd. It appears he has found most of the members of Mizuki's team. I didn't see Mizuki and I don't know if they are alive. I am going to assume they are alive since the teams that went missing before were alive just out of it. Before Aoba could wonder what the heck was going on Dreads and his gang are there looking rather gangy. Aoba is like where is Grams and...well it was lights out for Aoba. He was out numbers and clearly something serious is going on. Mr. Dreads seems rather serious about something and doesn't care about the chaos he has caused. He has a plan folks and for some reason this plan involves Aoba? Why? Why is this kid so important to so many people? Guess I will find out next time I have time to watch an episode. Which at this rate is never? I r so crazy right? XD

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