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Love Stage episode 3

 photo lovestageepisode318_zps898a40f6.jpg
Shougo needs to put this brother complex to good work at the end of the episode!
Anime post number 6 tonight! All my followers (you know the ones that have stuck around despite the fact that I can't blog on time let alone respond to comments...) will wake up and go what the heck happened?! A Christmas miracle. Or maybe everyone else is a night owl like me too and are reading as we speak. Who knows. What I do know it is Love Stage episode 3 time. Spoilers for elephants and close encounters with insane people and parents who DO NOT CARE!
 photo lovestageepisode36_zpsca819e3f.jpg
Not the elephants!
Episode Summary: Rei is trying his best to get Izumi up and to school. Not even the annoying LalaLulu alarm clock can wake the boy from his sleep. Eventually Rei throws the boy some clothes while yelling at him for oversleeping. Izumi states he has had long nights working on his amazing manga. Pretending not to hear Rei asks about a marble the housekeeper found in the laundry. Izumi realizes he never gave Ryouma back his good luck charm and after things ended after the commercial he thinks that personally returning it would be bad. They notice a crack in the marble which leads Izumi to panic and break the marble even more. Rei is like...well now you have to be an adult and find a new marble that looks just like this. Izumi is scared by adulthood as Rei wonders about this good luck charm and how Izumi has natural talent in his awkward otaku body. Ryouma is in his apartment having a lovely dream about baby Izumi growing up into beautiful bride Izumi who then turns out to have a penis. I mean an elephant. Suddenly Ryouma is surrounded by elephants and wakes up scarred for life. Izumi goes around to different stores trying to find a replacement marble but it is a no go. While walking to school his commercial plays on a big screen nearby. He hears people whispering about Ryouma being cute and who is that new girl? Izumi had been worried people would realize it was him in the commercial...but yeah not so much. That is fine with him though. He is going to work on his manga and enter an amateur contest that is coming up soon. He shall win and this all will be in the past. His club members watch in mild interest as he cackles as an evil person. At work Ryouma is introduced to his co-workers for the day. He is working on a crime drama and there is a little girl in the scene that looks like baby Izumi. This distracts him from his work and he keeps messing up. The scene is eventually changed but Ryouma is upset with himself for letting it go that far. As his manager drives him home Ryouma thinks again about baby Izumi and bride Izumi. Ryouma almost gets caught up in the moment, having to remind himself of the elephant and that Izumi is a liar pervert face. His manager is like um we are home now which makes Ryouma think. HMMMM.
 photo lovestageepisode314_zpsa9c77ec7.jpg
This is probably not going to end well.
Elsewhere Izumi's Mom and Dad are getting ready to go out for the night, a party of some kind. As Rei gets them to the door they find Ryouma ringing the bell. He tells them all that Izumi borrowed his good luck charm and has come to retrieve it. The parents tell Ryouma they are going out for the night but Izumi will be back from school soon so Ryouma can wait alone if he would like. Rei tries to salvage this situation but he is forced to text Izumi to come home early from school. Izumi was busy drawing his awful manga anyway so I guess it doesn't matter. He hurries home as Ryouma smirks on the couch. He is going to get his mind off of Izumi no matter and be free from this 10 year long crush. Yet when he hears the door open Ryouma still gets mildly excited which frustrates himself. Izumi rushes in and immediately apologizes for the broken marble and Ryouma is like....who are you? Ryouma realizes that Izumi is HIS Izumi and melts on the ground. How can his crush be this nerdy kid? Izumi starts to look concerned when Ryouma is like...take off your clothes. Izumi then freaks out and runs around everywhere as Ryouma chases him and slowly strips him. Ryouma seems to think he needs to burn in his mind that Izumi is a boy and that will help kill his crush. Only once Izumi is under Ryouma with just his shirt on..something clicks in Ryouma. Izumi is all naked and has tears in his eyes, begging Ryouma to stop. But Ryouma blushes and starts kissing all over Izumi, hands wandering. Right before it is blow job time Shougo arrives to knock Ryouma in the head. Izumi is then freaked out by Shougo offering to do the boy on boy action in place of his brother. Ryouma wakes up, relieved that all of this was a dream. Only...according to the owie on his head it was no dream. Rei and Shougo are talking about music work one day when Rei finds the good luck marble on the ground. Shougo is like oh yeah Izumi got assaulted by Ryouma the other day, didn't want to tell you and get him all upset again. Rei seems to take the news...well and notes that Izumi hasn't left his room in days. Shougo is so upset that Ryouma would touch the most adorable little brother on the face of the planet he vows to get revenge the next time he sees the man. Rei casually mentions Shougo is doing a commercial with Ryouma the next day and there will be no revenge. Shougo is pissed but then vows to out cool Ryouma tomorrow. He arrives on set being fabulous, ready to rub it in Ryouma's face. Only Ryouma arrives on set looking like death. He starts to cry and hugs Shougo, calling him big brother and begging for help. Elsewhere Izumi is in his room looking very sad and miserable. THE END!
 photo lovestageepisode317_zps9379e6ce.jpg
The amount of caring is so overwhelming where do I begin?
Oh I see. I SEE INDEED! The cute little anime of yaoiness that was to counter balance the maybe aggressive (and also forgotten) DRAMAtical Murder is drawing first blood. First blood being super sketchy and side eye behavior. You know, attempted rape with flowers. Because everyone WANTS it right? Le sigh. I guess Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi was similar.....Still folks still....can't we start with unwanted kisses and stop there? As much as us with yaoi colored glasses want to see some action I want to see some consensual action. Is that too much to ask for?!
 photo lovestageepisode3_zps669cd2aa.jpg
Maybe...maybe you could do something else?
I guess we should go in order of what happened in the episode. I thought that Izumi was keeping to himself in his room because of what Ryouma said. I know that at the end of episode 2 he was okay with Ryouma and his fit. Not okay but are saying mean things to me but I don't care about you and I will never see you again so who cares. But maybe when he started thinking about it he got really upset, especially about the kiss. It was bad enough he was in a dress. It was bad enough he looked great in the dress. But to lose his first kiss to a guy who is really a jerk...that might be pretty upsetting. So yeah Izumi has a lot of reasons to be sad in his room. Alas that was not what was going on. Izumi is all tired and staying up late drawing his mangas. Yeah folks....just...that is a tragic issue. Especially since he is trying so hard. I mean...I guess Rei is upset already that Izumi won't follow the family business. But it is especially upsetting since Izumi SUCKS at drawing. I don't think any amount of practice will fix that. Go to bed early Izumi.
 photo lovestageepisode32_zps2cab7856.jpg
That would be the marble breaking....
Izumi doesn't stay on the topic of manga for long which I am sure makes Rei grateful. Destroying people's hopes and dreams is never fun right? Especially when they are that delusional. But yes Izumi is like broke the famous Ryouma's lucky charm and it is no longer magically delicious. And since you are the manger for our family and I am a giant nobody in the entertainment field can you please return it to him? I would have asked him too since Izumi is technically not an adult and the dude did call him awful things the last time they were together. But then Rei had a point...Izumi probably does need to man up, be an adult. He broke it and he needs to take responsibility. Put on that brave Japanese face and talk to someone you really despise. You can do it Izumi. Then Rei totally throws the responsible adult out the window and tells Izumi to buy a new marble and pass it off as the old one. Well Izumi thinks that Rei threw the responsible adult thing out the window. The rest of us adults in the world nod their heads at Rei. That is the proper response to this situation. XD
 photo lovestageepisode37_zps3aac0609.jpg
Izumi slowly losing color and fading into the background.
Despite being super late to school Izumi looks for the marble replacement before he goes to college. He is taking this adult thing rather seriously. I guess if he had waited until after school we wouldn't have gotten to see Izumi's reaction to the commercial as he was hurrying home to the disaster that is his life. So yeah onward to marble land and standing at crosswalks where his new wedding commercial plays. Which is super cute despite the kiss not being included. just feels weird without it and I am surprised the director changed things so fast. Poor Izumi was so worried about being recognized and was all embarrassed that he would be teased being a girl. Then he listened to people watching the commercial and it was clear no one was going to recognized him. I guess...that is worse? Maybe it would be worse for me? Like I am sure plain and of course no one would think I would be capable of being that gorgeous WOE IS ME. But I guess for Izumi that is going over his head or maybe he is okay with how he looks. He can look sexy under all his clothes and glasses. This is him and he is in it for the manga, not the looks? So I guess we can acknowledge it is ironically sad that Izumi is happy about not being recognized?
 photo lovestageepisode35_zps2cab7856.jpg
Rei dreaming of all the penises of the world.
Somewhere probably nearby Ryouma is at work. And he is not happy. See he has been having a hard time sleeping and getting up in the morning as well. But he is not drawing very...special manga pictures and being delusional enough to think they are works of art. No no no. He is busy dreaming of Izumi. Which I can get. He has thought about what he believed to be a pretty girl for the past 10 years. A first crush. The girl with the pretty eyes. And luck came around and basically dropped her in his lap. He didn't know that Izumi was forced to do the commercial, he just though this was his chance and he wasn't going to let it slip away again. So....his dreams sorta reflect that. That and the fact that he has discovered Izumi is a boy. Penises in Japan look like elephants ya'll. Poor straight Ryouma is dreaming of a girl that has an elephant and he is scarred for life. Was Izumi not wearing underwear or was the underwear...revealing? Haha XD
 photo lovestageepisode39_zps482b46ab.jpg
Must stop thinking of Izumi!
So yeah Ryouma is at work with elephants on the brain. Since Ryouma is the most famous person ever he has plenty of things to do and film. Strike while the pan is hot. Ryouma is randomly shooting a detective scene today and it involves trailing a perp as he makes his way home. At home is a little girl and TADA the little girl looks like baby girl Izumi. Ryouma is clearly distracted by pigtails and elephant dongs and ends up almost knocking himself unconscious trying to complete the scene. Again things are changed at a drop of a hat for the actor involved which I guess means Ryouma just had to stare creepy like at the kid. Since he was thinking of Izumi it wasn't hard to do. While this job ended well he might not be as lucky next time. He needs to get this Izumi out of his system and fast. How can he go about doing this while remaining professional?
 photo lovestageepisode311_zpsb58091c0.jpg
Rei needs to try a little harder to save the day next time.
In case you wondering there was no professional way to get Izumi out of his system. He put on a good act though, playing the part of a past co-worker coming to retrieve something that actually belonged to him. Thank goodness for that good luck charm. Mom and Dad were happy to see Ryouma. Just normal happy. If they had not been going to a party I think Mom would have lost her mind at the thought of Ryouma in her house. But they had to go out and decided that since Ryouma is a famous actor who is cute it would be okay to leave him alone in their house until Izumi arrived home. On what planet does that make sense? Like hello stranger. Let me show you the fridge and the valuables, have fun waiting for our impressionable son. I think Rei had the right idea in trying to make this happen at a different time but I think he fell short when he didn't stay home waiting for Izumi. I think Mom and Dad could have handled a party on their own you know?
 photo lovestageepisode313_zpsa6dda74e.jpg
Glasses hide a person's hotness.
So because bad manners are awesome Ryouma found himself alone in the house waiting for Izumi. Being all sneak faced and cunning. Almost like a little kid. I have tricked them with my adorable actor face into letting me have access to their son. I will be able to get Izumi the cross dresser out of mind and I will be free to love all the honeys of the world. Because in my mind crazy and sleep deprived Ryouma says the word honeys. He is probably already in denial as he starts primpin when he hears Izumi enter the house. Sure you want to be over him. We see indeed. Izumi tried to keep things...normal. Despite the man calling him names last time Izumi seems to understand that Ryouma isn't too bad of a guy and it must have been startling, to see his elephant and have his dreams crushed into tiny pieces on the ground. Plus Ryouma did help out with his good luck charm and Izumi did break said charm. So Izumi did everything he could to smooth over the situation. There wasn't anything he could have done differently that would have made things...well turn out differently.
 photo lovestageepisode315_zps558313cf.jpg
Because men can't control themselves folks. Ever.
Ryouma has decided that the last time he saw Izumi and his elephant he didn't see it long enough. Does this mean through the underwear or Izumi was rocking that wedding dress commando? What a naughty bride! But yes Ryouma's grand idea to get Izumi off his mind is to burn the image of Izumi's penis into his brain so it will get through to him. IZUMI=BOY! Yeah Izumi was really not down for getting naked and fought tooth and nail. Well maybe not that much fighting but I would have been scared too. Like look, man nipples leave me be!!! That wasn't good enough for Ryouma and soon Izumi was under Ryouma without any pants. And instead of calling the boy names like last was sparkle time folks!!! Like oh wow I see that you are a boy and I am usually attracted to girls I feel things. I am assuming everyone out there watching Big Brother this season hopes that Zack also magically has a sparkle moment too, where a straight boy sees a naked...well other boy and ends up gay. As if this torture wasn't enough for Izumi Ryouma was like oh I can't help myself. I am a wild animal and I want him. I know he is a boy because I am about 5 inches away from his penis and it is going to end up in my mouth. X___X It got hot and steamy folks. Like super hot and steaming...OH WAIT Izumi was crying the whole time. Yeah that was....not so nice. Because I guess trying to cater to the yaoi glasses fan girls means we need to have sexy times as quick as possible and we can't do that if one of the parties isn't in love yet. And waiting would be silly. So silly indeed. So with force and tears and what would usually end in a restraining order. Surely Izumi will fall in love with a man who would call him names one day then strip and molest him the next. In real life...all of this is horrible. But in anime and manga we are to suspend some parts of human morality and focus on the hotness I suppose.
 photo lovestageepisode316_zps6e46afa0.jpg
KILL HIM! Beat the asshole out of him!
Before Ryouma could actually.....well lets not sugar coat it. Before Ryouma could give Izumi a blow job Shougo arrives and clocks Ryouma in the head. Now if this was a real life event Ryouma would be in the hospital or in the ground. But since this is an anime show that makes no sense...Ryouma is allowed to live to see another day. Why is that? I mean....Shougo has shown us he loves his little brother. Like deeply LOVES his brother. Maybe loves his brother a bit too much. So when the worst thing that has ever happened to his brother happens before Shougo's eyes I expect a bit more than one whacking. Instead Shougo turns it into a joke, like oh you like boys now Ryouma? You want me instead? Yeah I was not impressed with his attitude and how he handled things. Do not like at all. Beat the shit out of Ryouma and we will end this series with 3 episodes tada!!!!
 photo lovestageepisode319_zps318a41b7.jpg
So....what is this and why isn't Shougo killing him?
Izumi apparently holes up in his room and refuses to come out. No drawing manga late at night for him. Can you blame the kid? I would be pissed, upset, and filing charges. Or you know..moving away because everyone I know is a douchebag. Shougo casually tells Rei of the situation and Rei responds in his own casual way. Like what the hell??!?! I know Ryouma is a grand famous person in Japan and they tend to make things hush and also Japan and also how victims of assault sometimes don't want it out there. But at least in private threaten the kid or something. Like I will rip his eyes out and show him what is what. But no. Just no. Rei acts like Ryouma took Izumi's LalaLulu hug pillow and we need to be calm about the situation. Shougo started talking a good game about how he wanted to get back at Ryouma the next time he saw him but Rei put an axe to that really quick. Because surprise Shougo has a commercial or something to shoot with Ryouma...tomorrow. And we got to play nice. Play nice with a guy who tried to have his way with a crying Izumi? Oh okay.
 photo lovestageepisode320_zpsa310aa2e.jpg
He needs a hug and the police.
The episode ends with Izumi being upset and alone in his room. Sad that no one has his back. Shougo decides to go into the commercial being hot. If he can't punch Ryouma in the face he can at least he can out shine him, hit him where it might hurt. I guess I can understand that sorta logic but I rather have a punch in the face. So Shougo comes in being sparkly and handsome trying to outshine Ryouma and Ryouma rolls in looking like death. Like maybe someone had tried to rape him the night before. What the heck happened to the kid? And why is he clinging to Shougo calling him big brother? What the heck happened and why is Ryouma acting like a tiny lost lamb? Did I miss why Ryouma is so sad? Remorse for hurting Izumi? Sad that he dreamt about elephants? I guess we will find out next episode but I am still side eyeing this loser. Am not impressed with you there Ryouma. You and your ways...

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