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Tokyo Ghoul episode 5

 photo tokyoghoulepisode54_zpsbc1c27d2.jpg
More insane behavior that makes me want to barf?
I think I am on post number 4 right now? I think anyway. Obviously I had plans to get more done this week while the husband was out of town but you know...zankie happened then exploded and I lose track of time. Since the husband's plane has just landed most of my anime list won't get done this week. At least the house looks nice though. Anyway anyway you are here for late anime posts yes? So here we go folks. Up now is Tokyo Ghoul episode 5. Spoilers for Kaneki not making very good decisions...again.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode52_zps663f50c9.jpg
Shu spends the entire episode being insane. Spoiler alert.
Episode Summary: Kaneki has survived his night with Shu but still has horrible nightmares about the event. He wakes up on a couch in a cold sweat at a thought of the man. At work other Ghoul customers are complaining because there are more Doves in town being Dovey and killing them. Kaneki is relieved from work but not by Toka. He is told she is sick and since she lives above the cafe maybe he should go see her. He walks up all awkward to see Hinami being dropped off by her mom. Toka is up and about and is pissed to see Kaneki wasting her time and being empty handed. When Kaneki offers to help Hinami with her homework Toka offers to make the only thing they can consume. In his mansion of insanity Shu is still upset that Kaneki has slipped through his insane fingers. Not sure how since....Kaneki was weak on the ground and surrounded but you know. Shu needs to eat Kaneki but how?! Suddenly it looks like he has a plan but he needs a third party person to help him. Back at her tiny apartment Toka is all X___X because her friend Yoriko has come to visit her. She opens the door but Kaneki doesn't take the hint and makes himself visible to the friend. Yoriko sees a boy and is like oh snap you go girl, hands the homemade stew to Toka, and takes off. Kaneki apologizes for sucking and realizes that Toka is “sick” because she has been eating Yoriko's food. Kaneki is touched by how Toka loves her friend. Some time after this lovely stew eating Kaneki is walking home thinking how Mr. Yomo needs to take it easier on him. While walking he sees three Ghouls beating the crap out of Nishiki who apparently survived his encounter with Kaneki. Kaneki is like good since you hurt me and Hide. But then the beating gets super serious and Kaneki steps up. The guys advise Kaneki to leave but he stands his ground. One Ghoul starts to attack Kaneki but Yomo's training has paid off, especially since this Ghoul is slow. Kaneki wins and helps Nishiki home who is pissed at the irony of the situation. When he opens the door a worried girl starts accusing Kaneki and being pissed. Nishiki is beyond starving and suffering. They get him in bed and go to a nearby park to talk. The girl Kimi (the lap girl from episode 2) is human and Kaneki can't wrap his mind around her being with a Ghoul. As long as Nishiki doesn't eat her family...she just wants to be with him and help him. But if he needs to eat now she doesn't think she can help. Kaneki tells Kimi he will handle it. She runs off relieved to buy more coffee. Shu appears and kidnaps Kimi as she leaves the store.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode56_zps10132e14.jpg
Bish you better step off Kaneki. He didn't do anything. Either time!
Kaneki goes to the cafe to find the flesh but it is locked up. Before he can ask for help a note and rose arrive at the back porch. Obviously the note is from Shu and it is about Kimi. Panic city. Nishiki has made his way to the cafe for some reason and is pissed that Kimi is in trouble. Together they go to the place Shu is. Shu is upset that Nishiki is there but no matter. Shu wants Kaneki to eat Kimi and Shu will eat Kaneki while he is doing that. In Shu's mind that will make him taste the ultimate amazingness. Nishiki and Kaneki are no insane person and go to attack. Nishiki is flung away and Kaneki...well he tries. Shu is just playing with him. It isn't until Toka does a flying kick does Shu take some damage. But heals in 10 seconds. Shu is upset as Toka used to be amazing and now she is a shell of her former self. Toka is like whatever I am just getting warmed up. They spar for a bit but then it becomes apparent that even three on one Nishiki is stronger. Kaneki gets a broken arm and Shu stabs him so he can sample a bit of his blood. Apparently he is magically delicious. Toka also gets stabbed for her troubles. Shu goes to get Kimi ready for dinner and notices an ugly scar on her shoulder. Nishiki slowly starts to get up as memories come flooding back to him. His parents must have died when he was younger but his older sister took care of him, killing people and getting jobs to support them. She seems to fall in love with her manager at work as they get older which causes her to die. He turns her into the doves and as the sister dies she urges Nishiki to live on. He grows cold and distrustful, first killing the manager dude and then not caring about anyone. He came across Kimi one day when she was looking rather sad at school. He thought that he could use her one day and become friendly with her in school. Extra naked friendly. Then one day Kaneki beat the crap out of Shu and he was struggling at home to recover, unable to feed himself. Kimi came over and realized that Nishiki was a Ghoul. She offers herself up to Nishiki as she had been close to killing herself over the recent death of her family. So she will die for Nishiki. He starts to bite her...then realizes it is okay to trust her. Back in the present Nishiki has found the strength to fight Shu. Over and over again he is stabbed but keeps trying to save Kimi. Shu seems amused and tells everyone he is stronger because of his diet. Toka confirms to Kaneki that diet does affect the strength of a Ghoul and since she ate human food recently. She says if she ate probably she be equal to Shu. Maybe. So...Kaneki tells Toka to eat him. They direct Shu's attention off of nearly dead Nishiki and Kimi and Toka takes a bite out of Kaneki. Shu is devastated his meal has been tainted and Toka starts to look like a badass again. THE END!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode58_zpsb900c1e4.jpg
I should go alone instead of asking for help! That is surely a great idea!
Kaneki...Kaneki...boy I know you are in college. You are a smart kid. A confused and scared kid but a smart one. Maybe just should be telling people what is going on in your life. Open that mouth of yours. Just....Kaneki...sometimes he makes me frustrated with all the decisions or lack of decisions he makes. Poor dumb Kaneki.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode5_zpsb1c6cb46.jpg
Nightmares forever!!!
It looks like Kaneki did not tell anyone about his adventures with Shu. I would hope if he had he would be given a room at the cafe and not allowed to walk around alone and what not. Since he was walking home after work I am assuming he kept his mouth shut. I don't know if Shu would have been punished as Ghoul rules seem to be different. Like yeah we have a bunch of assholes in our midst but what can you do about it kinda attitude. Still I think Kaneki would have been given some sorta advice on how to not get eaten. know...Shu let Kaneki go out of the mansion. Why did Shu do that? Just take Kaneki in the back and eat him later. So both men made stupid decisions.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode512_zps0ec22b61.jpg
Where does he get such horrible clothes? I mean he is insane but then the haircut and the clothes too?
Shu isn't going to make that mistake again. Or maybe he had to let Kaneki go so not to look greedy. He had to bide his time and I guess people might come looking for Kaneki if he went missing for so long. I guess Shu got lucky that Kaneki kept his mouth shut. Shu decided to hole up in his giant library and speak in French while he thought about the delicious Kaneki. SO DELICIOUS! There were a few more let me stab my eyes out moments. He is really getting off on just how Kaneki smells. Wouldn't it make more sense to keep Kaneki alive and just drink his blood sometimes? Have a tasty meal forever? I guess not and I am creepy for thinking that. He has thought of something though. Something that will make Kaneki taste amazing. Ah eating. When your options are limited apparently you go crazy.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode53_zps26b8d1d0.jpg
This is true friendship. Toka is in denial that she is a good "Ghoul".
Kaneki is going about his normal day, trying to not have nightmares over creepy people named Shu. When he is relieved from work he is surprised it is not Toka. Does this girl not have a day off? Well apparently she is sick and up he goes to have awkward conversations with the girl. I am sure she appreciated him being there even if she didn't look that sick at all. But I guess it was the kind of sick that matters. Sometimes when I am yucky I look okay still. But it became obvious to Kaneki that Toka pretends to be strong sometimes. Toka missed school and her friend Yoriko came by with stew. Get well stew. I think Yoriko was going to stay and help Toka feel better but saw a boy and did the right (or wrong) thing by giving space. I think Toka was slightly special in eating the stew to prove her friendship to Yoriko. The girl is never going to know and since Toka can't describe the flavor anyway what is the point? Especially with what Toka says later in the episode. I guess Toka wants to be a good friend even when no one is looking know....more throwing up for her.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode55_zps8475fc19.jpg
Kaneki having a moral dilemma of his own.
Kaneki takes in all this wonderful information about Toka and makes his way home. But since his name is Kaneki something has to go wrong. This time it is a chance encounter with Nishiki. Well him and a few other Ghouls who want to kill Nishiki. He is the kind of guy who makes friends really fast. Also how many Ghouls are in the area. It just seems like there are so many of them. Especially at Shu's party. How are there that many Ghouls and not more murders? This takes place in Japan not Chicago. Anyway Nishiki is getting beat up and instead of walking away like he should Kaneki stops and defends the person who was going to EAT Hide and tried to kill Kaneki. That is just what he does for some reason. Keeps around someone who threatened to eat his friend. Kaneki and his work outs with Yomo helped Kaneki out in his three against one battle which is surprising since Kaneki was tired from the work out and he is new at being Ghoul. Maybe these three Ghouls didn't care enough to really fight?
 photo tokyoghoulepisode57_zps2eb1507e.jpg
Since she just found out about this I will give her a pass at being morally confused on the subject.
For whatever reason Kaneki gets a very sick looking Nishiki home. He is greeted by the worried girlfriend Kimi who takes her anger first out on Kaneki. It might have something to do with the fact that Kaneki put a rather large hole in Nishiki's stomach last time they saw each other. Kimi hasn't really been told the whole story and judging by how Kaneki likes to leave out details she still doesn't know that Nishiki started it. Turns out that since Kaneki blasted a hole in his Nishiki hasn't really been eating. Oh and this girlfriend is human. We had to talk about that first while Nishiki was wasting away into nothing of course. I wish they had spent more time talking about their relationship and how complicated it must be for her to accept things. Things were moving around quite fast in this episode so we got just the basics. I wonder if there are more couples out there like that....Ghoul and human. Probably since they look the same. Kimi doesn't gather the food and I guess she thought Nishiki was killing just the criminals and baddies of the world. She is worried for him and doesn't know how to go about getting food for him. Since Kaneki is best friends with Nishiki he will get the human flesh for his buddy. He'll be right back.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode59_zps8fd487d1.jpg
Terrible is the fact that you need Kaneki to help you out, after you did all the horrible things to him and Hide.
So things turn out really, really bad in a short amount of time. Kimi goes to fetch more coffee as that is the only thing Nishiki can consume. Since Shu is insane he must have been following his dinner Kaneki around and saw his interaction with Kimi. I might have stolen Hide for maximum assurance that Kaneki would show up but since Kaneki likes everyone I guess it doesn't matter. Instead of waking anyone up that lives at the cafe or calling someone to open the cabinets for him...or to even break the cabinets himself Kaneki is like oh well no meat for Nishiki. Like how was that even trying? In the 5 seconds that Kaneki was at the cafe Shu was able to drop a note off to Kaneki stating they had a dinner date and to show up or else Kimi will be dined on alone. Also in the 5 seconds Kaneki gave up looking for meat Nishiki himself shows up at the cafe. He was so weak he needed help home but now even weaker he was able to make it to the cafe by himself. Good thing Kaneki didn't call anyone for help as Kaneki is on their crap list right? If I were Nishiki I might have waited a little longer before assuming the worse but I guess he was right in the end. Kimi is in danger, time to send in the rescue party.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode510_zps4420f3a5.jpg
Yep...this is insanity.
The rescue part of course was only Kaneki and a half dead Nishiki. I could see Kaneki trying to keep things hush hush when it was just a bit of food but now that Shu has gone to crazy town maybe call in a few folks. Yomo maybe? No? It is better to go in this with just Kaneki the new Ghoul and Nishiki the Ghoul who hasn't eaten for a long time? Surely this will end well. Wake me up when it doesn't. Wow that was a fast nap there folks. Shu and his awful wearing clothes greet the boys warmly and explain his plan. For some reason he has decided that Kaneki will taste better if he is eaten while eating himself. OH I SEE FOLKS! This is what insanity looks like. Maybe I would believe this insanity if Shu actually researched the best tasting meal for Kaneki to eat so he can be at his maximum tastiness. Instead he is just picks a girl that Kaneki is talking to. Good thing once again Kaneki has a good heart or he would have been like peace out random girl.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode511_zpsf55850a9.jpg
Even Toka didn't do a great job battling Shu.
While Shu's plan might have been insane he had the power to back it up. A lot of power. A LOT! I think we knew that Nishiki wasn't going to be much help. Like okay he will be a meat shield and die saving Kimi, sorta like redemption. Then I was while Nishiki distracts Shu Kaneki is going to morph into his super Ghoul self? HAHAHA I guess I am delusional. Kaneki was able to do that once before when Hide was on the line but I don't think Rize is going to appear each and every time Kaneki has a bad moment. There are probably going to be certain triggers. Although Rize did hate Shu....Anyway Kaneki and Nishiki were doomed because they didn't invite someone like Toka along to help...oh wait there's Toka! I am going to assume that she was invited or heard all the noise they made downstairs and still knew which makes Kaneki and Nishiki exponentially smarter than I gave them credit for. However...turns out you are what you eat in the Ghoul world. Wish Shu sampling Kaneki the Super Ghoul and Toka being sick off human food...they are back to boned. Nishiki and his empty tummy can only watch as everyone takes their turns getting stabbed nearly to death.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode513_zpsc38dd3eb.jpg
He did start off as a cute little Ghoul kid...
While Kaneki and Toka examine the rather large holes in their stomachs and Shu prepares Kimi to be a salad for Kaneki Nishiki decides now is the time to.....sit there and have a walk down memory lane. He might die next episode so I guess we need to learn about him so when he does splat we will feel bad for him and not remember the fact he threw up and stomped on Hide's head. It was a lot of walking down memory lane surprisingly. Started with Nishiki being a tiny little Ghoul not wanting to kill people. Good thing he had an older sister to take care of him. I am sure they had parents and Doves took them out. This older sister was pretty amazing too, Nishiki's whole world. She did everything for her little brother. So clearly she had to fall in love with a human and he had her killed by Doves in front of Nishiki. This started the young man down a road of I hate everyone and no one can be trusted and people who?! I guess that makes sense but then......
 photo tokyoghoulepisode515_zps7970421b.jpg
Now that Kimi means something to Nishiki it is time to...die?
Yeah folks. Apparently Nishiki met Kimi the day her family was all killed in an accident. He didn't know about the accident, just saw a girl all alone and decided that maybe he could use her. And use her for a long, long time. In the bed and what not. So to be clear he was STILL an asshole when Kaneki kicked his ass, an asshole to Kimi. It wasn't like he learned to love her before that. I am sure once Nishiki got better he was going to kill Hide and Kaneki. The fact that Kimi actually loved him and once she found out he was a Ghoul changed him. She was like eat me since my life is yours anyway. AND HE DID IT FOLKS!!!! Like oh what a tasty shoulder you have there. But then Nishiki's heart grew 5 sizes that day, with his mouth full of blood. That might not be a big deal though, like Nishiki has a half a heart now. So yeah...three days ago Nishiki decided he liked Kimi and maybe was going to change his evil ways. Since he hasn't left bed since then we really don't know how much of his behavior would have actually changed.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode516_zpsb21c08e5.jpg
And then Shu loses his mind. Well more than usual.
Nishiki had the will to fight against super Shu but...yeah the body wasn't willing. Nishiki got stabbed about a million more times and left for dead as he tried to save Kimi. This is when Shu decided to brag about having stronger power because of what he eats and Toka agrees with the crazy. So Kaneki does the only logical thing...allow Toka to have a bite out of him. I would have just told her to lick the pooling blood on the ground as that seemed to power up Shu but that wouldn't have been as dramatic. Toka had to bite Kaneki so Shu could have another freak out moment. I am sure Kaneki can just wear a shirt all the time and cover up that wound. Maybe Toka was super careful with how she bit him. Or since everyone was about to die anyway maybe a slight wound doesn't matter anyway. Toka is super powered now folks and is about to kick some ass. A lot of ass hopefully. I guess we will find out next time how many body bags are needed. Til then peace out!

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